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Episode 5;

Scene 1:Pareikh Mansion.

Avni woke up when the Sun rays fell on her face and she was surprised to see Neil sleeping beside her in an upright position holding her hand ,and then she remembered what happened yesterday,while she was lost in her thought Neil sensed some movement and woke up and was happy to see that Avni was normal.

Neil:Avni,are you fine .

Avni:Yeah Neil I am fine .

Neil:you go freshen up then we will talk,i will be here only.

After 1hr Avni and Neil freshened up ,had their breakfast and then Neil asked Avni:

Neil:Avni,how did you get such a bad Panick attack ,I mean something might have happened right?

Avni:Neil…S..see …

Avni showed Neil a video in which Ashish mehta was shouting on Dayawanti Mehta and saying ,you knew that I was not in my senses when I told you to kill Avni ,I never wanted her to die … that I wanted her to go through the same pain through which Ayesha had gone I wanted her to get hurt in an accident then I would have suffocated her like she suffocated my Ayesha suddenly Dayawanti’s phone beeped and Ashish thought it was his phone so he picked it up and what he saw shocked him so much that he stood like a statue and then he showed the phone to day Dayawanti Mehta and then held her throat and shouted you killed my Ayesha and then Avni because of you I thought that my Avni my Superstar killed my Ayesha because of you I lost my Avni and my Ayesha I will not leave you I will kill you ,he started choking Dayawanti and then Dayawanti shot him and said I am sorry Ashish but YOU WERE NOT LISTENING TO ME ,I HAD TO KILL THEM TO PROTECT YOU BUT SEE NOW I KILLED YOU,YOU KNOW WHY BECAUSE YOU CANT BE ALIVE WHEN I YOU KNOW THE TRUTH I AM REALLY SORRY after saying this she shot him again .

As the video ended Avni broke down and hugged Neil.

Avni:Neil,Ashish Mehta didn’t love me because of him Dayawanti shot me .

Neil:Avni,what if he didn’t love you,I…I LOVE YOU AVNI ,YEAH THIS IS TRUE I LOVE YOU. I love you more than my life.

Avni:Neil,what are you saying we are just friend .

Neil:Avni please marry me I love you,and if you need time I will give it to you ,I will wait for you till my last breath .

Avni:Neil.. I …(she thinks that whoever she loves goes away from her )don’t love you I don’t .And runs from there .

Neil sees Neela Ma standing at the door ,she says I will go behind her and before Neil could say anything she goes behind Avni.Neil follows her .Avni was walking on the road lost in her thoughts ,when suddenly she felt a forcefull push and she looked back see saw Neil standing on the other side and then when she shifted her gaze to the middle of the road she skipped a heartbeat she saw Neela Ma lying in a pool of blood then she realised that Neela Ma save her from an accident .She was so much shocked that she stood their like a statue ,hopefully Neil had called an Ambulance and it came and took Neela Ma while Neil took Avni to the hospital with him in his car.

Scene 2:Hospital .

Neil:Avni,are you ok.

Avni:……….(no response)


Avni:It happened because of you, you pushed her right.

Neil:No, I could never do that , believe me she was trying to save you .

Avni:Why am I even alive,I shoul have died when Dayawanti shot me .

She hugs Neil.

Doctor:you both can meet her .

Avni:Yeah ,has she regained her consciousness .

Doctor:No,but she might.

Inside the room.

Avni:Ma,are you fine ,why did you even tried to save me.

Neela:Are you mad if something would..(holds her head)

Neil:Neela ma we can talk later.

Neela:No, Neil please excuse us.

Neil:Ya sure.

Neela:Avni, do you love Neil .


Neela:Then marry him Baccha,he will keep you very happy.

Avni:But He will go away from me like everyone one goes.

Neela:See I didn’t and he won’t .

Avni hugs her and says ok .

She goes out .

And hugs Neil from behind.

Avni:Neil I love you,will you marry me.

Neil:Why not ,miss Ajooba.

Neil:So,I am going to call mom.


Neil:Hey,mom she agreed .

Avni:She knew it.

Neil:Everybody did except you .

Avni:Let’s go  ,Ma will get discharged soon then..

Neil:We will get engaged .

Precap:Avneil ‘s engagement.

Sorry for the short episode and bye.


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    It’s very nice episode I liked it very much

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