Swasan: stone face and the secret lover (Part 25)

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Hey guys.. remember me? If yes… then i m sure you people must be waiting with daggers to kill me. But listen to me first. I actually fell from my bike due to which i broke my right arm and as i said earlier my exams were also going on so i had to arrange a writter for myself. Just 5 days back i removed my plaster and today i got my laptop in my hand. So i m writting. So please do forgive me. And enjoy this last part. Hope you like it.
Recap: SwaSan love confession. Swara asking sanskar to propose her formally.
So lets start.
Swara goes back home.
Sharmista: what happened Swara? Did sanskar go?
Swara:no. I told him about my feelings.
Sharmista:so why did you not come back with him?
Swara:i told him until he doesnt propose me officially i won’t talk to him.
Sharmista:you also na Swara. .. poor guy.
Swara: not now ma. . He’s not poor.
Sharmista:fine. Handle your problems.
Swasan on the call.
Swara: why did you call me? Dont you understand i don’t want to talk to you.
Sanskar: listen na shona…. please forgive me i m sorry. I will never do that again.
Swara:till you don’t propose me officially. I will not talk to you.
Sanskar:atleast open the door. M waiting outside your room.
Swara: no i don’t want to see your face.
Sanskar:fine. Bye.

He cuts the call.
Swara: idiot. Stone face. If he had to speak for some more time i would have forgiven him. But no. He doesn’t want to talk to me only.
Sanskar comes through the window and back hugs her.
Sanskar:so you would have forgiven me if i spoke to you for some more time.
Swara:leave me. I will not until you propose me.
Sanskar: why you want the proposal? Is it not enough if we are together?
Swara:what will we tell our children about your proposal?
Sanskar:you are dreaming of our children also? You are indeed very fast.
Swara:shhh… now go from here. I don’t want to talk to you.
Sanskar:come now enough of your i don’t want to talk to you. You want your proposal right? Then be ready. I will make it so special that you will never forget it.
Swara:lets see… now leave me.
Sanskar pecks her cheek and goes quickly.
Swara smiles?:sanskar… you can use the door.
Sanskar:m use to your window. ?.
Next day.
Sharmista:hii sanskar.
Sanskar:hii aunty…. woh actually i came to seek your permission.
Sharmista:about what?
Sanskar: can i borrow your daughter for a day?
Sharmista:what if i say no?
Sanskar: i m sure you won’t say no.
Sharmista:you always have my permission. You don’t need to ask. Anyways Swara is in her room go meet her.
Sanskar: no … you just give her this. Rest she will do.
Sanskar hands over a gift and goes. Swara opens it and finds a letter.
“So many years… waited for this day and its finally here. Do come with your smile”
Swara:place he did not tell only. She starts eating the chocolates. And sees the name of the place attached to the wrappers.
Swara:looks intresting.

Swara goes to the place where sanskar was waiting. It was a pool side area decorated with alot of white and blue ballons. As soon as she enters the area she is greeted with soap bubbles which makes her smile all the more. The glow on her face iincreases as the bubbles touch her face. Sanskar face lits up by her smile. He moves forward and forwards his hand gesturing her to hold it and she does.
Sanskar:did you like this?
Swara:yes…. its really amazing.
Sanskar: from 4 years 3 months 13 days 15 minutes and 17 seconds i have been waiting for this moment. Your hand to be in mine. I love you so much.
Swara: 4 years?
Sanskar:yes… i love you since when i first saw you in Mumbai. But it took me time to come to you. But its better late than never.
Swara: why did you not tell me then? Why you kept fighting with me?
Sanskar:i wanted to enjoy every bit with youwhether it was our fight or those silent days. Everyday with you was so amazing. I would like to spend my days with you like this only. Will you like to spend your life with me?
Swara:ofcourse i would like too.
She hugs him.
Sanskar:don’t you think something us missing?
Sanskar:there’s a pool here, you are here, you like water and its there too but your hand looks empty your fingers look empty.
Swara: m not getting you…
Sanskar:do you trust me?
Swara:what kind of question os this? Ofcourse i trust you.
Sanskar:then take off your shoes and follow me.
Sanskar takes off his shoes and jumps inthe pool. Swara gets excited and follows him.
Underwater… sanskar gives Swara glasses and she puts them. Now she could see everything clearly. Under the pool it was decorated with some heavy things and a heart.
Stoneface loves Swara… and box was placed in a heart shaped design with a note hanging open me.
Swara opens it and finds a ring. On the ring SwaSan was written. Sanskar takes Swara’s hand and slides it in her finger.
(They come out the watet)
Swara: i never imagined this.
Sanskar:did you like it?
Swara: i did not like it. I love it.
Sanskar hugs her.
Swara:i love you sanskar.
Sanskar:i love you too.
Swara: you know you’re very cute.
Sanskar:urghhh not again. Swara yaar not again.
Swara smiles seeing him getting irritated.
Swara:waise its not Swara…. i love it when you call me sanki.
Swara:yes… sanki loves stoneface.
Sanskar:i love you my sanki.
Swara blushes. Sanskar kisses her forehead.
Swara pecks his cheek.

7 years later.
Swara is been taken to hospital by Sharmista.
Swara is yelling.
Sharmista: swara calm down. We are reaching there soon.
Swara:ma where is sanskar?
Sharmista:he’s on his way. You please keep calm.
Swara:ma tell him i want Belgium waffle.
Sharmista:what? You are getting labour pains and you want to eat waffles?
Swara: ma please na…
Sharmista:fine. She calls and tells sanskar.
Swara:ma tell him to get kulfi and rasgulle.
Sharmista: Shona i hope you know that weren’t going for a picnic.
Sanskar is on the speaker: ma .. i will get everything. Don’t worry. Shona you calm down.

Hospital sanskar is waiting near the reception when Sharmista and Swara come.
Swara:where are my waffles? Kulfi?
Sanskar:Swara. I sent nikhil he will get them. You come inside.
Swara:what?| why did you send him? What if he eats my things? He’s such a hogger. Dont you know when Kavita was expecting he ate her stuff.
Swara is taken to the labour room.
Sanskar: Swara…. calm down. He will get it. Don’t get angry.
Swara:shut up!
Doctor asks them to maintain silence. The doctor takes Swara inside. Meanwhile nikhil comes with her stuff.

Swara grabs it from his hand:if you had to come a minute late. I would surely kill you.
Nikhil: m sorry yaar. This Kavita she’s always late at taking things.
Kavita:shut up nikhil.
Swara:sanskar i want you also to come inside.
Sanskar looks at the doctor who nods positively.
After some hours doctor allows them to meet swara and the baby girl. All look at her and smile the baby also smiles at them. Nikhil holds the baby and the baby urinates on him.
Nikhil:m sure Swara must have told her to do so. She is surely Swara’s baby. First day only she made me wet.
Swara makes faces.
Sharmista:i don’t understand when will you guys grow up. Now atleast grow up. See my grand daughter is always smiling at your craziness.
Nikhil: thats good na aunty. She’s smiling at us. Oyr craziness brings smile on her face.
All smile at him. Sanskar hugs Swara and the baby.
Kavita:sanskar what is your baby’s name?
Nikhil:i will name the baby. After all m the chacha.
Kavita:its their baby. They will name her.
Sanskar looks at Swara and the baby and they name her Sanaira.
The end.
Hope you like it. Please do comment. Finally this ff got over. So how’s your journey reading this? Did you guys like it? Hope you liked it. A big thanks to all who supported and commented on this ff. Love you guys alot. ????????????????????????

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