swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 36)

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Episode 36

Swara’s POV…

It’s hurting now. Hurting a lot, Y? It happened with me. I loved him him from the core of my heart. I was ready to give myself to him. But I know God loves me that’s why he saved me. I always thought priya worng but she is the right girl. Who opened my eyes… I was dreaming my future with him. Moreover I was afraid that what if I were married or in a relation but, I was berserk for him. When I came out of sanskar’s cabin priya came.

Priya:”Swara, he is cheater. Don’t trust him!”

I:”what rubbish u r saying??”

Priya: “He is just using u. Like he used me. When he will fed up of u, then he will left u. Like he did with me.” But I slapped her.

I:”Mind ur language??, ur talking about my future husband.”

Priya:”Oh, so he also made u fool. U r not the first girl. He took u for shopping, then temple same late night boat ride. Then in sky sparkles with ur name. Come with me I’ll show u.”

I:”No, I’ll not. I trust him.”

Priya: “OK, if u trust him then come and proof me worng.”

I went with her. She took me inside the CCTV footage room. And showed me a clip when she came for interview. Sanskar said that he want to kiss her.

I:”May be he mistakenly said this.” I thought Sanskar wanted to say this to Shona.

Priya: “Swara u r so stupid. Ok fine this is old vedio clip. I’ll show today’s clip of Sanskar and Nikhil.”

I was confident that she would proved wrong. Stupid me. When she played it I was shocked to see all this. When I left cabin nikhil came and hugged him.

Nikhil: “Congrats bro. Finally u did it.”

Sanskar: “Ya nothing, is impossible for me. Because I’m Sanskar Maheshwari.”

Nikhil:”Yrr give me some tips, how can u manage to trap so many girl.”

Sanskar: “It’s so easy yrr. Girls easily comes in my Shona’s drama. Firstly I fooled Shona, then ragini, priya and many more now stupid Swara. Hahahahaahahahahah.??? she is so stupid.”

Nikhil:”but she really loves u sanky. ”

Sanskar: “oh man, this love is waste of time.”

Nikhil: “But u said u will marry her.”

Sanskar: “hahahah? marriage and me. It Just a matter of one night then I’ll leave that swara also like other girls.”

What he said, he need me only for a night. I reminded everything he said to me, what was that? ? his love or lust. He fooled me. I’m the biggest stupid. I’ll only love him till my whole life. But with this it is true now I’ll not forgive him for whatever he did with me. I ran from there. Priya too followed me. I was badly crying??. Priya hugged me.

I:”I love him. Priya he is my life.?? Sanskar Y u did this?”

Priya: “Relax, Swara. This also happened with me. He threw me off after spending one night with me.”

I:”Then, Y r u working in his company? Y u didn’t complaint against him?”

Priya:”He have some of mine personal photographs. I’m in his company because I’m good in working. U know when he proposed me. In Temple a lady warned me that Sanskar would cheat me, but I didn’t believed her.”

I:”that lady also met me. Who is she?”

Priya:”She is shona’s mother. When Sanskar Maheshwari cheated Shona she suicide. And her mother tries to save every girl from him. She became mad when Shona dead.”

I:”He is that much bad. I thought he really loves me.”

Priya: “Don’t cry come go to home.”

I:”I can’t go there. How can I?”

Priya:”Swara, he is a cheater but his family is good. Ok u can live with me. U r like my sister. Come tell them that u r leaving their house.”

I:”Thanks priya, I thought u r bad but u r soo good.”

But when I came to home, lucky was standing before me. He sit down in knees.

Lucky:”Swara, I know u don’t know ur past but I want to become ur future. I promise I’ll give u respect but being ur life partner I want to become ur friend with whom u can share everything.”

I:”lucky, I…”

Before I could say anything Priya held my hand.

Priya:”She needs some time.”

She took me inside the room.

I:”Y u bring me here.”

Priya:”Swara, say yes to lucky.”

I:”what r u saying I don’t love him.”

Priya:”Swara life is giving u second chance. Lucky is not like Sanskar. He respect woman. Trust me Swara. U have only two option one to cry for Sanskar Maheshwari or to live for yourself swara love happens again. Just give it a try crying for a man who doesn’t care for u is stupidity and I know my friend is not that much stupid. If u leave him only then that Sanskar Maheshwari will realise his mistake, he should know the what a girl can do.”

She left. I thought a lot she was right For whom I was crying? For person who wants my body for a night. But my heart say I still love him. After a long battle I came out. I saw Sanskar standing there, I said yess to lucky. I was in the room when he came.

Sanskar: “What is this Swara? This marriage.”

I:”Sanskar don’t disturb me. I’m want to look beautiful for my date. ”

He held my arms tightly: “Answer me Swara… We decided we both… Now this…”

He was behaving as if I’m his property.

I:”leave my hand Sanskar. It’s paining. I’m going to marry lucky don’t disturb me. Leave my way lucky is waiting for me.”

Sanskar “please, Swara. I know u r joking. It’s a lie… I know u love me. ”

I jerked him:”? I’m not a lair like u Mr Sanskar Maheshwari. U r a lair.”

Sanskar: “What r u talking about swara?” He was behaving so innocent.

I:”I heard everything. U lied to me. U played with my feelings. When u took ragini’s name I thought it’s just by mistake. Now I know everything. Leave me. I hate u… Sanskar. ”

Sanskar: “I’m sorry Swara. I don’t want to loose u that’s why I lied.”

I:”No u did this because u r selfish. Now there is nothing left. Now I won’t allow you to play with my feelings. I’m done with u.”

He sit on his knee and held my hand.:”I’m sorry Swara?. Please? don’t do this. I’ll die without u…”

His fake tears also hurting me. I still love him. How could he act so real?

I:”again a lie. Huh?. If u want then die, but now ur any drama won’t affect me.”

I left. I know myself my heart is so much weak that I can’t see his tears. But he hurted me. I felt bad when I saw him hugging a girl.

I:”Lucky can u bring a coffee for me. ”

He left. And I followed him. But Y? Even I didn’t knew because I’m still jealous seeing him with any girl. They went inside a honeymoon sweet. I tried to knock the door then man came there.

Man:”Mam it’s a honeymoon moon sweet Mr Sanskar Maheshwari sir said not to disturb him. He is busy. ”

He left. I moved out I saw two waiters talking.

Man1:”Sanskar sir always came with new girl.”

Man2:”But, he came with Ragini twice…”

Man1:”lucky guy I wish I could be like him.”

How much cheap is he? I came back to home.

I:”lucky I’m feeling sleepy. ”

I directly ran towards the room. I cried a lot. How could u Sanskar. I madly loved u and u. How easily I believed his Shona’s drama. I was ready to give my everything to him but. I’ll not leave him. But I can’t send him behind the bars else he will defame priya or I can’t give him pain. Because I’m not cheater like him. Then whole night I cried ?. I wish God can kill me… I took his photo.

“Sanskar Y u did this? Ur sweetu loves u alot. Then Y? U know Sanku I was afraid what if my past come before me. But my present hurt me a lot. U know what Sanku I’m missing u.”

Only the flashes of our happy memories were coming before me, or I can say moment of my stupidity. Every night that we spend together. They way he kissed me.

“Y I’m missing him? He is a cheater. But it will end here Mr Sanskar Maheshwari now I became strong before u. I’m strong.”

I slept.

Swara’s POV ends.

Next morning?

Swara wakes up.

Lucky:”Good morning Swara. ”

Swara:”good morning but lucky Y r u here this time.”

Lucky:”I have surprise. Actually ur friend ragini came here. She told me that yesterday she saw us together also. Actually sanky bring her here. Go meet her.”

Swara(thinks):”Oh, this Sanskar Maheshwari bring Ragini here. Now I’ll see his new plan.”

She leaves.

Ragini comes to meet Sanskar.

Sanskar: “ragini r u ready na.”

Ragini(looks towards the door where swara is standing): “But Sanskar tell me what to say to Swara.”

Sanskar: “Yrr, I have already told u Last night.”

Ragini moves towards Sanskar and keeps her hand on his shoulder: “Oh, last night how can I forget last night.”

Swara(thinks):”chii how cheap is he?”

Ragini: “OK, Sanskar I’ll tell her that, in her past life she madly loves u. And u realised ur love so late. U hide truth from Swara as her fake parents wants to kill her. He is innocent forgive him. This much is OK na.”

Swara(thinks):”Oh, this is Sanskar’s plan. He thought me that much stupid. ”

Ragini hugs Sanskar: “Sanky, u don’t worry everything thing will be OK. Now Swara will believe us. And u can do want u want.”

Sanskar: “thanks ragini.”

Swara burns in jealousy: “?? I’ll not trap this time.” She leaves and ragini smiles?.

Ragini and Sanskar goes to meet Swara. She tells her everything.

Swara:”So, as u said Ragini Sanskar is innocent. I should forgive him.”


Swara:”ok then.”

Sanskar hugs her.?: ” I knew it. My Sweetu loves me a lot. I love too Swara.”

Swara jerks him.:”? Enough ur drama Mr Maheshwari. I heard everything u said to ragini. I’m not stupid. ”

Sanskar: “Swara I really love u.”

Swara:” don’t lie.”

DP comes from Dubai. And directly goes to Maheshwari mansion.

DP(angry): “???? Anapurna, lakshaya where r u all come out.”

Lucky:”dad u r here.”

AP:”ji, be clam.”

DP:”u shut up. Who the hell this Swara I can’t let this marriage happen. Call her. SWARA… Come out.”

Sanskar hears DP’s voice he becomes happy. ?(yeppi now bade papa came.):”Come down Swara bade papa I mean lucky Bhai’s father is calling u.”

DP: “I said come out. Where is she?”

As soon as Swara comes out DP becomes statue. He just stares her.

Swara:”I’m sorry uncle. If u don’t want I’ll not marry ur son. I don’t want to become any stone between father and son.”

Sanskar (thinks?):”I love u bade papa now, I know how to get my shona back.”

Swara holds her ears:”sorry.”?

DP removes her hand from ear and hugs her.:”Me too sorry beta.”

All becomes shocked.

DP: “I thought to broke this marriage but after seeing u. I changed my decision now u will be my daughter in law.”

Lucky hugs him:”Thanks dad.”

DP:”thanks to u to bring Swara here. I’m waiting for the moment when she will become my daughter in law.”

Sanskar dreams scattered into pieces. He leaves to meet Nikhil. DP also leaves to his room. He closed the door. And starts dancing.

DP:”finally, I got u Swara.( I takes her photo from the bag and starts kissing it.) I love my Swara. U know how much I carved for ur body but finally now, after marriage I will get u in my arms.”

AP comes.

DP:”how dare u to come in my room without knocking.?”

AP: “sorry ji. I came here to thank u.”

DP:”u… (Just then he sees swara passing through room he hugs AP) I’m joking anu dear.”

Swara looks towards them(how happy r they.)

DP:”Swara beti come inside. ”

Swara:”it’s OK uncle. I’m happy seeing u both like this.”

DP keeps his hand on AP’s shoulder.:”she is my wife my better half. I love her.”

AP(thinks):”Swara is so lucky for our family. After so many years he said that he loves me.”

Swara:”so sweet of u uncle.”

DP:”offo beta don’t make feel me like an old man. Call me only duggu. As we r friend.”


DP:”No but, let’s friends.”they shakes hand.

DP (how smooth is she? I can’t control my self.): ” offo Swara I made friend by hugging them.”

He hugs Swara and touches her back. (Ur touch make me feel so good Swara. Soon only u and me.) He smells her fragrance. Swara feels uncomfortable but ignores.

Swara:”now bye uncle. I mean duggu.” She leaves.

DP:”go bring a cup of tea with some fresh pakodas.”

AP leaves.

DP: “now plan is clear. After Swara and Lucky’s marriage. I’ll say lucky that I shifted my business in Bangalore. And we will shift there. And I’ll made lucky busy in his work. And I’ll give sleeping tablets to AP so that this old lady won’t disturb me.. And then I’ll give drugs to swara and made her mine, also clicked some picks of our love making then I’ll blackmail her. Then every night swara and me. Haha???”

As soon Swara passes through Ragini’s room. Ragini starts her drama.

Ragini: “Oh God what am I doing? But what to do? I love Sanskar very much. That I’m ready to lie to Swara but sanskar is trying to get her. He has my private pictures also. I have to follow his instructions. He doesn’t need Swara’s love he need to satisfy his lust. I’m sorry swara” She cries ?

Swara comes and keeps her hand :” u need not to say sorry.”

Ragini: “? Swara u. Woh…”

Swara:”u don’t worry ragini I’m with u. I know he is using u.”

Ragini hugs her.:”so sweet of u Swara. ( now my plan is successful.?)”

Sanskar goes to meet Nikhil. He tells him everything.

Sanskar: “? what is happening to me yrr? Now bade papa also…”

Nikhil:”yrr, this all happing with u is worng.”

Sanskar: “now what can I do? Help me bro. I’ll die without Swara. She is my everything.”

Nikhil: “Made her believe in ur love. Sanky prove ur love.”

Sanskar: “Yess I will. I’ll get her. Because she is only mine.”

Here Ragini and Priya meets shyam.

Ragini: “We done shyam. U r the best mimicry artist. U beautifully edit the CCTV recording” she gives him money.

Shyam:”Mam, this is my profession now I have to leave.” He leaves.

Priya:”What next di?”

Ragini: “now, swara should know her past. But not so soon. Let sanky like this for some days.”

Priya:”Di, don’t hurt him more. I mean he is a good person.”

Ragini: “where his goodness lost when he hurted my Shona. Priya u do as I said don’t argu.”

Preacp: Swara slaps Sanskar.

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      Okie dear soon swasan will meet

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      Okie I’ll try to post soon

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      1. Kakali

        Ladyyyyyy Gabbbarrrr !!! How dare u to ask me that question? how dare u..*hug.. !! I can’t ever forget u dear.. everrr.. Fit it in ur small brain.. !!
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      Thanks kakali….???

      And it’s OK Maryam

  5. Lifez_beautiful

    Ragini is teaching Sanky a lesson? Good! Serves him right for rejecting poor swthrt Shona twice! Hmmpf!? Now he will knw value of Shona’s love! XD ??

    N DP is scary!! ?

    Grt gng dear! Update soonish… I was missing this FF…


    1. NDSG

      Okie I’ll update soon… Dear?????

      New villain dp is arrived don’t know what he would do with swasan

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      Me too also don’t like this no worry soon. Swara will get to know the truth…

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    And i kept name duggu for my friend ,you know very well
    Bt twist was awesome, it was like maha episode

    1. NDSG

      Don’t worry Bhawna ji name mai kya rakha h apne friend k name change kar do… Ab kya kar sakte h Maine to duggu name use kr dia. But in my next story I’ll not use duggu okie.

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      Memory will also come back… Soon.

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