In Love With My Man (Birthday Special) ( 3shots)(mmz) shot -3

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Summary :- Vidya is still in Saral’s control. Rest 2 shots revise urself guys?

” Eat the food ….”. Saral forwarded the plate full of Vada and bowl of Rasam towards her.

Vidya looked at the plate. Her stomach groaned, she was really hungry and tired too. But to take something from Saral was not acceptable to her.

“Get out from my sight ..u douche. ..i really don’t know what i will do ..”. She said in a low dangerous voice , clearly warning him to not test her patience.

“Fine ..then remain hungry. …..i will also wait here and watch long you can avoid food my jaan”. He said dragging the last word ‘ jaan’ little and shifted on the couch.

Vidya was tired of his rantings. Her fists was clenched. She picked up the fork and throw it towards Saral.

The fork past Saral and fall when hit the wall.
“blo*dy hell …what the f**k ……have you lost your tiny brain”. He shouted, glaring her. Vidya moved her gaze from him and picked up the plate.

She tastes Rasam and smirked. ” i don’t want to use fork so …i threw it …..the things that are not important for me …deserves to go in a trash …and trust me you will also find soon yourself in some garbage” . Vidya’s words make Saral angry like hell . He kicked the trolley in which the food was kept.

” i am going for now ….and trust me will come back with that Rohan’s dead body”. He left the room banging the door behind.

Vidya looked at the food on the floor. She looked at her plate then. “Thank god this will be enough for me to survive today” .

She cleaned her plate , licking the spoon when she saw someone entering in her room with some dresses.

“Mam …try these outfits …..Rohan sir will love to see in you bridal dress. A tall man who entered in her room , said while keeping the dresses on bed.

“Get lost ….i will kill that saral”. She yelled . After a minute she turned with her mouth opened.
“You said Rohan ..if i am not wrong? “. She asked, moving towards him.

That man smiled and removed his fake beard.
“Arhaan …..Arhaan Raghuvanshi”. She smiled and hugged her college friend.

“What are you doing here you reached here”. She asked both the questions hastily, and Arhaan giggled.

” Well …..You know let me tell you something more scary ….Samarth is in kitchen and he is holding a butcher’s knife …..i really pity Saral now ….Samarth is Rohan’s bodyguard and his bestfriend too …..he is waiting for Rohan ….otherwise he would have chopped Saral ….. and after that he would have fed his body to Saral’s mens only. ..”. Arhaan said and Vidya chuckled.

“Samarth is in kitchen. .but why …and how come both of you are here but not getting me out of here” . Vidya asked him.
Arhaan nodded . He sighed . “Vidya …you are on the 3rd floor deep under the ground. …that means it is difficult for both of us …to save you from here without killing any goons …”. He replied calmly.

” huhh …..Arhaan …then how come Rohan will get me ….and Samarth ..i heard that he can kill thousands all alone”. She said, biting her nails thinking about Rohan.

” Arjun and Neil are with him ….we all will save you ….Arjun, Neil, Rohan , Samarth and Arhaan are together now ..we can defeat ten Saral’s too now”. He said and hugged her rubbing her back.

Samarth was holding knife. He looked at the all security cameras in the hall. He messaged Rohan .
“Sir Vidya Mam ….is on last floor …on the first floor ..all goons are specialists in distorting faces by punches …offcourse here all have guns …but you need to clear first floor in 3 minutes….i can hack cameras for 3.5 minutes only. “.

Rohan red the message on phone. He was watching the farm house from binoculars.
“Arhaan and Samarth are inside …..we had only 2 minutes to clear the first floor”. Rohan said while eyeing the 3 mins on the message.

“How we going to enter inside”. Neil asked him . Arjun smirked when he saw a trucks entering in the lawns.

After 10 minutes : –
Neil was holding a tray with juices. He was disguised as a waiter.
“Sir you are keeping eye outside for a long time’s too hot ….have some juice. “. He smiled sheepishly while passing one glass to one guard. Arjun and Rohan were keeping one unconscious goons inside the closet.
Samarth got the message of Rohan’s arrival on first floor. He looked at the knife and and one red button on it’s handle . When he pressed that button, Shiksha his girlfriend who was expert in hacking, make sure to play the last 10 minutes clip for futher 30 minutes.

In 3 mins the first floor was empty. Arjun and Neil looked at each other. Rohan opened the new message to read.

” Second floor ..are all experts in martial arts …here no camera needed because no one outsider can cross that floor”. Arhaan messaged Rohan and smiled at vidya who was pacing in the room here and there , all worried.

” is there any way to fight martial arts experts”. Rohan said to Arjun and neil. Neil chuckled and replied instantly ” to defeat a expert we need to become a teacher of them”.

Arjun rolled his eyes. Rohan glared Neil. Neil looked here and there to avoid their gazes.
“You are right”. Said Rohan after a minute.

“But how we will go to second floor “Neil asked. He moved little back when he found Arjun and Rohan smirking looking at him.

“Waiter will go”. They both said unanimously.

Neil gulped.

” Vidya …your Rohan is doing nothing ..see i am going alone to fight all ….”. Neil licked his dry lip and said in a shivering voice.

“Sir ..Arjun wala juice. ..”. He bite his tongue quickly and cleared his throat. ” Sir ..Apple juice”
He said , again giving a sheepish smile.

Rohan and Arjun Crawled in the ducts of Air conditioners . Rohan moved further when Arjun stopped him.

“That will take u in last floor”. He said .

Rohan smiled . “I know you will handle alone the second floor …i am going for my brother”. He snapped.

“Saral will kill you ..the moment he will spot you there”. Arjun warned him..
Rohan gave him one of his ‘ Royal smirk’ . He moved left.

Arjun looked down from the opening. He banged his head seeing Neil makind weird faces. Arjun pulled his sleeves up .”Time to hunt …some hyenas”. He said and jumped down. Neil gasped and throw juice on the face of the goon standing near him.

Rohan was trying to unbolt the cover of the opening. He opened and found Saral playing video games.
He get down with a thud . Saral who was playing game didn’t stopped and neither looked back.

Rohan was perplexed now. He then look beside . Confusion and Anger coursed in his mind . The room was showing the best example of 3-d technology. Saral coming out of washroom, Saral playing video games all were fake.

“Find me big brother and welcome to Saral Rathore’s world. .welcome Mr Royal Rathore. …welcome to the king Rathore’s world.”. Saral’s words were echoing in the room. Rohan narrowed his eyes. He messaged Samarth.

Samarth got a message of a single dot . He smirked and looked at his knife. “Time to use you baby”. Arhaan got a message of a knife emoji. “Childish”. He muttered.

“Vidya close this door now and lock it from inside. …don’t come out …until you hear Rohan’s voice”. He said , moving out of the room ..leaving vidya baffled.

Nandini pushed Sam and Radhika . She rushed outside the house.

“Common Rohan …now …say three times hail Saral ….by sitting on your knees”. Rohan clenched his fists in anger. He yelled .” Come out you loser . Fight with me …like a man”.

Arjun and Neil both were fighting martial arts experts with foam spray. Neil brought them in his socks . That spray was saving them from goons.

Samarth winked at the woman who took all guns from goons. He kissed his knife and killed the butler’s hot assistant first. “I didn’t liked your haircut b*t*h”. He muttered. All the goons rushed at Samarth. Arhaan jumped from the stairs and dug a dagger on the head of one bald goon.

Saral was irked. He moved out of the closet with a dagger in his hand and stabbed Rohan’s shoulder from Behind.

“Vidya is mine”. He said in a harsh tone digging the dagger more in Rohan’s flesh . Rohan somehow lifted himself little up and used his elbow to attack Saral.

They both hold their necks , throttling it. Rohan kicked on Saral’s stomach. Saral stumbled and fell on the floor. Rohan’s anger was at peak. He landed more ten punches on Saral’s face . After making him half dead, Rohan dragged Saral outside, grasping his hair.

Samarth had already created a havoc. Arhaan was munching chocolate with a hot chick beside him . Samarth was beating, ripping the man or things that was coming in his way.

Nandini entered the house with a gun . She closed the door of the house quickly.

Arjun and Neil come down after making goons half dead . Neil saw Samarth punching one goon even that goon was dead.

Arjun looked at Arhaan weirdly and rolled his eyes when he found him smooching.

Rohan slapped saral . Nandini rushed downstairs.

After 3 minutes :-
Vidya heard a sound of gun shot. She quickly opened the door and rushed outside.
She saw Arjun groaning in pain, holding his right arm. Neil was holding Saral and Samarth was holding Nandini .

“TIGERRRRRR…….”. She screamed when found Rohan holding wounded Arjun.

“Bunny …”. Arjun mumbled and frowned looking at the cut on her hand.
“Tiger ….Arjun ….no ….pls don’t sleep …Rohan do something”. She yelled. Arhaan quickly took the stole of that hot chick who was standing nea him and wrapped around Arjun’s bleeding Arm .

“Calm down Sir …..nothing will happen to you ….vidya talk to him…don’t let him sleep”. He said while calling Sarika to come here quickly with ambulance.

Rohan scolded Arjun. ” what was the need for taking that bullet for me …..Arrogant lover. . .listen she is mine okay”. He said, with his eyes filled with tears. Arjun smiled .

“ARJUNNNNNN….” . Another loud voice startled everyone.
“God i will have ear bleed bcoz of this looney Arjun Mehra”? Samarth muttered. He was holding and glaring her. “Womam ..i think iam not leaving you so easliy… tried to kill somone who is important for me”.he said gritting his teeths.

Radhika rushed at Arjun. Arjun glared her for coming between Vidya and him . ” i love you Arjun Mehra ….i will kill myself if something will happens to you “. She said and Arjun blinked. His ears turned red and he blushed profusely. Vidya rolled her eyes. “Men will be Men .one gone another came”. She said .

After a week:-
Neil was rushing towards Sam with garland . Today was Rohan Vidya’s marriage and Nesam were practicing about the garland exchange ceremony. Radhika was sitting on Arjun’s lap and feeding him apple .Arjun was only drooling.

Vidya lookee at Rohan . He was on his knees. ” i love you my girl” .

” i love you my man ” . Vidya replied.

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    Im released im happy thank u wife thank u so much im so much happy… my man oh god wedding rings ha ha ha my fav tag line ha ha ha love u so much and am bad mouthing saral supposed to smash his face atleast one punch then only my atma ko shanthi milgayi ha ha ha but that doesnt mean he is saved from 2 states he will face more of my happiness in 2 states soon.. lol

    The whole gang are there to save me proud of myself and u…. im pouting with happy tears… lol this saral was punched by Rohan adra adra (smash smash) this is my fav looney Arjun ha ha ha it reminded me both the samrath and looney ronny rofl Armaan is such a sweet heart lol and neil was my fav vidya rohan is not doing anything but im doing it all.. ha ha ha oh god and saral in 3 d really does he really have those brain and how dare he stab that too back stabbing u r soo gone in my 2 states let me make u marry to tha tha then u will u seriously go mad… im released im so happy and there is a happily ever after card for the story which i love…

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