SwaSan ss: OUR PAST (PART 1)

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I walked in the mansion built by my dad. Nikhil follwed me as i entered. I saw some people sitting in the livibg area and tried to ignorw them but my dad stopped me and i had to wait. Urghh.. irritating fact. I took off my hoodie to look at them. I glared at them and saw SWARA! We had a past. I knew my brother was dating kavita since a long period but never thought he was so serious about her to get married. Whatever why should i bother? Swara’s dad greeted me but by looking at Swara and Sirach my anger started boiling so i gave them a glare and ignored his greet and walked to my room. Nikhil followed me. Behind us came Ashu the servant withthe stuff i told him to get when i gave him a call. He gave usthe tray and i banged the door loudly behind me. I knew this would irritate my mom and dad so i did it purposely. I took the bandage and wrapped it around my knuckles which were bleeding after which i sat for a while on the couch. I knew the questionnaire would start from nikhil as he was looking at me to begin.
“Was she not Swara?”
Yea she was. Kavita’s younger sister.
“So you knew that Sahil and she were dating?”
Yea i knew but did not know sahil the playboy was serious about her. Now stop questioning me.
“Fine bro… we have earned quiet alot today”
“Looks enough for this month. Karma the street fighter have continuously won the matches of this week”
Shh… not here. So called high class people’s respect will drown if they here their son is a road side fighter.
Hearing this we both had a laugh. Yea.. i was a street fighter. It gave us enough money to enjoy our life. There was nothing less in our lives. We had our own apartment, a jeep, our own bikes and what else we needed? Both of us would sometimes even work on the sets of movies as stunt man. Gives enough money for our needs and we enjoyed our life. I was not expecting more from it. Its better to work for 7 days a month and enjoy my rest of the month rather than working for the entire month. I took my required stuff and packed it. I was going to shift to our apartment permanently.
“Bro are you not forgetting something?” Nikhil jumped after looking at his phone.
Umm…no i guess. We collected our amount after the fight, payed all the bills and transfered all the papers on our name. What’s remaining?
“Seriously bro? How can you forget this day?” He frowned at me.
Ohh shit. . I remember it was our video game night. Come lets go quickly i told him and we hurried out. Everyweek we played the video games at our home. I took my bag pack and we hurried out. “””
” after that fearful look in our eyes Sahil started questioning us so to avoid it i asked him to show me his mansion. So he started his talks about this mansion when it was built..which corner he painted and every silly thing about himself. Blah blah he went on. How could someone talk so much about himself? I asked him about sanskar. To ehich he answered that he never speaks to anyone the only time he talks when he gives them rude replies. If this blabber mouth stopped talking about himself then only he could hear what others were saying. Kavita has such weird choice i thought. We walked along the corridor when sanskar and the other guy walked towards us. Sahil stopped them.
“Hey guys…meet my fiance kavita and those are het siblings Sirach and Swara and guys this is sanskar and that’s nikhil”
Sanskar and nikhil tried to avoid him and started walking again but sahil stopped them.
“Sanskar atleast greet them. Dont you have manners?”
“No…i dont have. If you’re teaching me then also i m not ready to join your class so now get lost from my way” sanskar snapped back.
“Sanskar stop being rude. Just say hi atleast. They are our guest”
“So? Its my wish to say hi or not you can’t force me and if you’re done move your body from the way before i kick you out from my way. ” sanskar gave him a rude reply while sahil stood there itself. Sanskar pushed him and walked away.
He turned back and gave me and Sirach a death shot glare. He had become so rude. I never imagined my sanskar to be so rude to someone like this but he had reasons to be angry with us. After what we had done to him. I just need a chance to apologize to him. I excused myself from Sahil and others and went to my room. Opened my laptop and opened many compressed folders and there it was my sanskar’s pictures. The cute happy person i met there in delhi. Three years has passed for this incident but still i can’t forget it nor he has. “””
Next day
” we slept in the hall itself. Yesterday was a tiring day. I saw nikhil still holding the joystick and sleeping. We had played the whole night and god knows when we went back to sleep. I thought not to disturb him and went to the maheshwari mansion to get my stuff. I couldn’t get it as we were in hurry. As soon as i enter i see the bose family having their breakfast. Urghh this people yesterday i had an argument with sahil about the bose trio if dad knows sbout it questions are going to pour so its better for me to sneak in quickly and get my stuff before they finisg their breakfast.
“Sanskar!!”” Fate isn’t helping me. Dad!! I shook my head and tried to avoid but no he came infront of me. I didn’t want my day to start with arguments with him. My entire day would go a waste then but having no other option i had to.
“Where were you last night?'”
Why do you care?
“Its my right to know .. i m your father”
Wow! You realised that i too exist in this world apart from your movies and sahil? Great! Happy realisation day! I tried to walk away but this old man wants to argue more over it so let’s continue since it started only.
“Don’t forget you’re standing in my house…. i am the head of this family. I can throw you out of this luxurious life in no time”
Who wants to stay in your house? Get a life dad. I can handle my own life. I don’t need you or your luxurious life.
“Ohh really? First find your self a job. Don’t forget you’re good for nothing sanskar just nothing. ”
All the Bose family gathered as people gather when accident takes place where no one helps but just stare.
I really don’t need your opinion about my self. For your information i had come to take my stuff and leave this luxurious mansion.
I gave a last stare and walked to my room packing my stuff. I called nikhil and asked him to get the jeep and boxes to pack the stuff. Mom entered the room.
“Sanskar you don’t have to go. Its jUST that he’s little upset with you”
Look mom i was anyways suppose to go even if drama did not happen today. So please. I packed my stuff in a bag and opened the cupboard and threw all my certificates and trophies on the bed.
“Sanskar are all these yours?”
Unkown POV ~Best guitarist, athlete, gold medalist in kick boxing and martial arts, school topper, class topper, best chef. Infact he was best at everything.
“No i got them fake done from the University”sanskar answered.
“Sanskar you’re best everything then why you keep taking your dad’s scolding?”
Look mom you guys never had the time for me and now i dont have time to explain to you or should i say i don’t want to explain to you. Please go out from my room and stop touching my things.
Mom out! I asked her to get out. I packed the stuff along with nikhil’s help and left from the mansion. “””

How’s it? Please do comment. Thanks for reading the previous part and commenting. Please do comnent and share your thoughts about this one. Drop your comnents. Hope you liked it. Fingers crossed. ?☺☺☺

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  3. Read both parts today nd it’s Awsome…

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