Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 46)

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Kuch iss tarah 2


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Recap : Sparsh spilling beans badly. Everyone super excited about Swara’s pregnancy.


TWO MONTHS LATER (three and a half months of pregnancy)

The time was passing quickly. Swara had entered her second trimester now, and the things had turned uncomfortable for her. Initially, she rarely faced any difficulty buy now it was getting tougher. She was bearing severe morning sickness, which haunts her whole day. Sanskar, was worried seeing her, not because of her pregnancy sickness rather because of her overprotective behaviour towards Sparsh.


@8 PM


Sanskar was preparing his presentation on his laptop, when Swara came back from her interior designing studio, completely exhausted.

“So, how was the day Mumma maheshwari?” He asked without shifting his eyes from laptop screen.

“Tiring!” She said, while removing her sandels.

He felt the tiredness in her voice. He closed the laptop and moved towards her back to massage her shoulders and back.

“Why are you still doing this? I told you not to take any new projects till your delivery, then why are you stressing yourself?” He asked while gently massaging her back.

She closed her eyes in relaxation.

“Sanskar, Mr Mehra’s son is getting married next week. He wanted his house to get renovated according to his daughter-in-law’s wish. Moreover he is dad’s friend so I have to do this.”she said weakly.

“Still Swara you are already doing too much. Taking care of Sparsh and your studio isn’t an easy task.” He said in concern, while moving hands towards her lower back.

“Sparsh, never troubled me. So, it’s not a tough work.” She said smilingly.

“Achha, now go and fresh up, then we will have dinner. Okay?” He asked.

“No. Sanskar, I don’t feel like to have anything. I just want to sleep now.”she said pleadingly.

“Ya. I know. But if sparsh will come to you and ask you something all your tiredness will go away and you will run head over heels if he calls you.” He said.

“Nopes. I won’t.” Swara said confidently.

Before Sanskar Could speak anything, sparsh came to them.

“Mumma, I wanna have dinner at that Chinese restaurant. Can we go there? Please.” Sparsh asked cutely.

Without wasting any moment Swara agreed. “Ofcouse. Just go and tell dadi this, Mumma will come in two minutes.”

“Yayyy!! Thank-you Mumma, you are the best.” Sparsh Said kissing her cheek and ran towards Annapoorna.

“Swara, you were feeling tired. Weren’t you?” Sanskar, frowned angrily.

“Ya, I was. Now I’m fine so just go and get ready. Sparsh must be waiting for us.” She said with a puppy look.

“But look at yourself you are so much tired. I will tell him that we will have Chinese some other day.” Saying this he was about to move but Swara held his hand.

“Sanskar, please na. If he wants to eat chines then let’s go na. I don’t want him to feel ignored. Please.” She said in concerned tone.

Sanskar, left throwing his hands in anger.

Sparsh, enjoyed a lot while having the Chinese, while Swara hardly had anything, moreover Sanskar was angry on her first; for agreeing to have dinner out even when she was exhausted. Second; she didn’t have anything there also.

“Sparsh, go and sit in backseat. Don’t sit in mumma’s lap. She is already tired.” Sanskar said opening the backdoor of car while coming back to Maheshwari Mansion.

Sparsh face turned sad with this as he always sit in her lap. Always.

“Sanskar, no need. I will manage. I’m not tired. Sparsh, you can sit in mumma’s lap.” Swara said calling him towards the front seat. Sparsh, immediately closed the door and landed on her lap.

Sanskar was getting furious over her this act. He had been noticing her since 3 months, Swara had taken Sparsh’s works completely in her hands. She use to full fill his all demands, irrespective of time or her health. No wonder Sparsh had became more stubborn with her, but with Sanskar he stayed in limits. Undoubtedly today also she was having problem in sitting but her son’s wish came to the top, not really her son’s wish but her fear of becoming partial with him was forcing her in doing this.

“Swara, why are you doing this? I can clearly see that you are exhausted then why you came here? Moreover you had nothing and it’s 10 now. It’s not good for your health. Why aren’t you understanding this?” He asked as calmly as he could.

“Sanskar, I was tired but seeing his face all my tiredness flew away. I didn’t have anything as I feel nauseous with the smell of that Chinese food. I thought, not having anything is better option rather than to have something now and to puke everything later.” She explained her side to him.

“Swara, still you should not fullfill his all demands. He has turned so stubborn with you. Maa told me that few days back he didn’t let you rest just because he wanted you to prepare sweet for him. “Sanskar said explaining what Annapoorna had told him.

“Sanskar, he loves my hand made sweet so he demanded that from me. Simple.” She said casually.

“Ya, and you fainted while preparing that, that is no where in count.” Sanskar frowned

“You are thinking unnecessarily.” She said in irritation.

“Swara, I know you are tensed because you are afraid of being partial with him, we have talked about this numerous times and my answer will be same. I know you won’t be partial.” He said trying to make her understand.

“Sanskar, I know how it feels when your parents neglect you or when they became partial with you. I have the worst childhood experience and I don’t want Sparsh to feel that.” She said with heavy tone.

Sanskar, stopped at this point thinking not to raise this topic any further.


“Swara, come and have food. It’s pretty late already.” He said to her while putting the plate on table.

She opened her mouth to deny but seeing Sanskar’s stern look she quitely had her dinner.

She was about to sleep when Sparsh came in their room holding his teddy with sleepy eyes.

“What happened to my baby?” Swara asked lifting him up in her arms.

“Mumma, can I sleep with you? I’m not getting sleep with Bua.” He said in sleepy tone.

Before Sanskar Could deny, Swara spoke…
“Ofcouse, you can beta.” Saying this she placed him on bed and in no time he again fell asleep.

Sanskar put pillow on his one side and he lied between Swara and Sparsh.

“Sanskar? Sparsh is supposed to sleep in between not you. What if he fall from bed.” Swara frowned.

“Swara, we both know that he throw hands and legs in sleep, what if he hit you unknowingly? I don’t want any risk there are already many complications in your pregnancy, I don’t want more.” Sanskar said in concern.

“Nothing will happen to me, and vese bhi sparsh is habitual of sleeping while cuddling onto me, he will get up in night otherwise, so please shift him here.” Swara ordered.

After a round of arguments, Swara won and Sanskar shifted Sparsh in between, hoping that he won’t hit Swara in sleep.



“Sanskar Maheshwari, you better give that box to me or else you will see my worst side.” Swara said trying to take a sweet box from him.

“No way! You are eating too much sweets. I won’t let you eat more, you can have anything sour but not sweet.” Sanskar said holding the box Higher.

“Sanskar, please. I want to eat that.” She pleaded him.

“Why don’t you eat anything sour?” He suggested her.

“I will kill you Sanskar, give those sweets to me. I want to eat sweet not sour. Give that to me or else I will complain to maa.” Swara said stamping her feet angrily.

“Then call maa, I won’t give that to you.” Sanskar said stubbornly.

Uttra, who was witnessing the whole scenario sat on the couch in their room comfortably and continued to watch their Tom n Jerry fight.

“Aahhannn… Maaa!!!! ” Swara shouted.

Annapurna and Durgaprasad, who were having their afternoon tea listened to her call, immediately rushed towards their room.

“Swara, what happened beta?” DP asked her in concerned tone.

“Dad, Sanskar is not giving me that sweet box.”Swara said on the verge of crying.

“Sanskar, what is this? Give that box to Swara. NOW!” DP said angrily.

“But dad–” sanskar tried to say but do glared him and he quitely passed that box to her.

“Beta, have sweets.” DP said caressing her hair.

“Sanskar, what is this? You should not stop Swara from eating whatever she wanted to. She is pregnant, you should take care of this. It’s your responsibility to provide her things for which she craves.” Annapoorna said calmly.

“Maa, he is forcing me to eat sour things.” Swara, said with mouth full of sweet.

Annanapurna gave confused look to her and uttra cleared her confusion.

“Maa, actually since when you have told bhai that you use to crave for sweet when you were pregnant with him and you use to eat sour when you were pregnant with me. Bhai started believing that, if bhabhi will eat sweet she will give birth to a boy but bhai wants a girl. So, he is being idiotically superstitious.” Uttra spoke.

“Have you gone nuts?” Annapurna asked him in disbelief.

“I want a baby girl maa.” Sanskar said innocently.

“You are so much desperate to have a baby girl! If you get a boy this time also, then you both can try again and again. We won’t mind this mansion full of small grandchildren crawling around.” Annapurna said teasingly.

Swara, was flushed in shyness while sanskar started to scratch his head with an idiot smile.

“Vese maa, even I don’t mind this mansion full of baby girls but I think we should ask Swara if she has any problem.” Sanskar winks towards the crimson Swara.

“Bhabhi, tell him that you have no problem. Right?” Uttra joined hands in teasing her.

“Maa, phone is ringing downstairs. Lemme receive that.” Swara excused herself and ran.

“Sanskar, I don’t want to listen this again that you are stopping my daughter from having anything which she wants.” DP said strictly and Sanskar nodded obediently.


ONE MONTH LATER (Four and a half months of pregnancy)

Swara was passing from corridor with files in her hands.

“Papa Maheshwari, your file.” Swara said passing a file to Sanskar.

“Oh god! From where did you get this file? I was searching this madly.” He said taking the file from her.

“It was on the table only. Your efforts weren’t pure papa Maheshwari.” Swara said with attitude.

“Let me show you my pure intensions.” Sanskar said, keeping the file aside.

He placed his one hand on her curvy belly and with other hand he supported her back.

“What are you doing?” She asked shyly.

“Trying to feel movement of my baby girl.” He said

“Your baby is resting now. Vese Sanskar, your baby troubles me alot whole day, he kept on moving. He never let me rest.” She pouted.

“Correction, Mumma Maheshwari! It’s my baby girl, if you keep her calling as boy then she will trouble you more.” Saying this he leaned towards her, as soon as distance between them was reducing her heart started pacing fastly.

They were about to kiss when DP called Sanskar and both startled.

“Coming dad!!” Sanskar shouted.

He immediately pecked her lips and left.


Swara was collecting Sparsh’s toys from whole Mansion.

“Bhabhi, don’t do this. I will do this afterwards.” Uttra said to her, while stopping Swara in doing the work.

“Nai uttra, I will manage.” Swara said and resumed her work.

While collecting Sparsh’s toys she found Sanskar’s tender file.

“Oh god! Sanskar must need this file now.” She thought.

She was thinking what to do when uttra came and told her that Sanskar is asking for this file. Swara thought to give that file to Sanskar personally.

She told Annapoorna and left for his office.


Swara reached Maheshwari industries. She was about to go into the office premises she heard someone talking on phone.

“Shaurya sir, I will meet you in 5 minutes.” Saying this the person moved towards the isolated place near the office premises.

Listening to Shaurya’s name she thought to follow and find out. She gave the file to guard and started following him.

He stopped at a distance. Swara hided herself behind the bush and soon another person came to meet him.
Swara was shocked to see both persons one was Amit, Sanskar’s most trustworthy employee and other was Shaurya Goenka. Then she patiently listened to their talks…

“Did you do that work?” Shaurya asked.

“Yes sir, I have planted drugs consignment into maheshwari factory and will inform police about this tomorrow.” Amit said.

“Good! Then I will kill Sanskar and you will frame that as a suicide. People will think that Sanskar Maheshwari committed suicide in guilt.” Shaurya said wickedly.

Swara was shocked to hear this.

“Yes sir, after that we can kill kartik too.” Amit said.

“Hmm… Sanskar was biggest hinderence for my business. Now I will finish my work which I left incomplete 5 years ago.” Shaurya said.

Listening to this Swara immediately rushed towards her home, in the flurry she dropped her phone there making Shaurya and Amit alert. She ran leaving the phone.

She rushed towards MM and in the meantime Shaurya found her phone and recognized that, he smiled wickedly.



Swara entered the mansion huffing and puffing. The mansion was drowned into darkness. She called everyone but no one has replied to her.

~2 hours later~

Sanskar reached home hurriedly and he too found everything dark.

“Swara? Maa? Where are you?” Sanskar called everyone.

Suddenly the light turned on and the sight caught him helplessly angry.

Everyone was tieing with ropes and Swara’s face was showing the brutal tourcher which she had faced. The slap marks were clearly visible on her face.
He immediately rushed towards her and caress her face.

“Who did this?” He asked clenching his fist.

“I did this!” A voice came from back.

Sanskar turned and found Shaurya there.

“How dare you touch Swara, I will kill you blo*dy bastard!” Sanskar roared in anger.

“Correction Mr Maheshwari, I will kill you and your family, the way I killed your first wife.” Shaurya said wickedly.

“Kavita!” Sanskar murmured.

“I thought when you all have to die why not tell you all truth. What say?” Shaurya said.

“You killed Kavita !! Why!!!” Sanskar punched Shaurya in face.

Shaurya looked at him in rage and signalled something to his man, after seeing the Singal from Shaurya the man slapped Swara hard, Swara winced in pain.

“The more you touch me, the more my man will tourcher your pregnant wife. So be in your limits.” Shaurya warned him.

Sanskar gulped his anger.

“Ha toh kaha tha Mai? Haan. I was telling you your past. So now be a good boy and listen carefully. ” Shaurya said.

“So, I was doing many illegal businesses, drugs, smuggling and many more and besides that I was doing some legal works also, for a change, right. Your ex wife and her brother was following me in that drug case, so I simply killed her and her brother is in my prison since 6 years. I had destroyed your life 6 years ago and I will do that again.” Shaurya continued shamelessly.

“W-what enemity you have with me?” Sanskar asked clenching his fist.

“Ohh, do I need to tell that too?( Looked at Sanskar who was somehow controlling his anger) Haan to, you had complained police about my drugs business. Luckily for me and unluckily for you Kavita and Kartik were assigned this secret mission. The commissioner wanted to know about me and my partner, well you know my partner, Vikaram. Vikram Singhania your best friend’s little brother. The moment I got to know that you have lodged a complaint against me I decided to kill you!” Shaurya said in rage.

“Then kill me and finish this matter, but please don’t harm my family.” Sanskar pleaded helplessly.

“You know what? You and your wives has very bad habbit of poking nose In others’ matter. First you did that, then Kavita and now Swara.” Shaurya said breaking the vase kept nearby.

“Swara? What she did?” Sanskar asked.

“She recorded my confession. Now she has to pay for it.” Shaurya said signalling his man to untie Swara.

The moment he realead Swara, she sat on floor with a thud due to weakness.

“Swa–” before sanskar could complete a man hitted sanskar with a iron rod.

“Oh I forgot to tell you one thing, Kavita never filed any domestic violence case against you, it was her and Kartik’s plan to save you. When you got released I was the one who drove car over you, but you are shameless fellow. You didn’t die, but now you will witness your wife’s murder.” Saying this Shaurya held Swara’s arm and made her stand.

“Aahhh!!! Shaurya, leave me.” She tried to release herself.

“Not now swara baby, did you forget those two slaps? Lemme settle the score first.” Saying this Shaurya slapped Swara twice.

Sanskar tried to move towards her but Shaurya’s men kept holding him tightly.

“Shaurya, leave her. Kill me but leave Swara.” Sanskar roared.

“You know what Sanskar, I never understand this sacrifice and all. Killing Swara is extremely easy, I can kill her with my bare hands.” Saying this he pinned her on the pillar. While Swara winced in pain holding her stomach.

Sanskar saw something and smiled winningly.

“Your game is over Shaurya.” Sanskar said with a smile.

Before Shaurya could understand anything he was surrounded by many police officials.

“What you think? I’m idiot? I have already sent that video to Sanskar.” Swara said smiling weakly.

“I saw her message late because of meeting, if I would have seen her Messege before you won’t be able to touch my Swara and my family. It’s over Shaurya.” Sanskar said.

“Not so soon Sanskar, someone has to die today.” Shaurya said and strangled Swara.

“Shaurya, leave her” Sanskar shouted.

“Lo, I left her!” Saying this Shaurya pushed Swara hardly on floor.

“Aaahhh!! Sanskar!!” Swara flinched.

Sanskar, went near her and consoled her.

“I’m sorry Swara, but don’t worry I won’t let anything happen to you and to our baby.” Sanskar said with tears.

“T-take care of S-sp-arsh. I l-love y.o.u.” saying this she collapsed in his arms.

Soon police took Shaurya with them and Sanskar took Swara to hospital along with others.



Sanskar was panicking in tension, while the most traumatized member of the family was little Sparsh, he was just lifeless.

Ragini who got this news was crying in Laksh’s arms and Avni was taking care of everything at home. Adiraj noticed Sparsh and took him in his arms.

“Chachu, will Mumma also leave me like Kavita mumma.” Sparsh asked innocently with tears.

‘No beta, your Mumma will not go anywhere.” Adiraj said with heavy tone.

When the doctor came out Laksh asked about Swara as sanskar was not in state.

“Howz she doctor?” He asked.

“I’m sorry but–” doctor stopped in between…

To be continued…

Precap: second last part.

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