Something about you Part 7 (surprise)

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Heya friends i am back
So how was the episode
And haa one more thing
A/N : sanskar fell in love wid swara in the conference room when swara gave her opinion looking at him
And to know what will happen further stay tuned!!
Here is the link of all episodes

So lets start
After she goes
“How to say swara gadodia that i have fallen in love with you from the first day
This all was just to get close to you
I can’t stay away from you”
“The first time i saw those eyes talking to me so boldly ..i fell for you swara but i promise my love would never be a barrier for you.. you cannot imagine how used to you will make me of yourself that i can never wished to be apart from you
I just want to hear those three magical words from your mouth but i know its not possible consider me as your friend
But i will always love you ”
Sighing he goes from there
Next day
“Mr wesley make arrangements for that royal dinner and i don’t want any mistakes to be done
Invite our enemy countries too
Now the game begins .. someone said not to show your real intentions ..ohk so mr wesley you can leave”
“Heya srry i am late”swara says coming running
Sanskar was awestruck by her beauty as he had never seen her in open hairs though she looked breathe taking in a bun too but he wished to see her in open hairs
“Beautiful” he says
“Voh today i was late so i did not get time to tie them wait now i will tie them”swara replies
“Swara you know i got to see your witch avatar today”sanskar says
“Hahaa oh my god prince sanskar you are very funny huh”she says while doing acting
“Ohk ohk now lets go to our secret place then i have something to plan”
They get into the secret garden and as usual swara was dancing ,roaming everywhere
“Sanskar lets do dance here though i know little but please ” she says with puppy eyes
“Ohk and please not that look ” sighing he says (in mind) because this look of yours tempts me to touch your lips and kiss them and taste you
Sanskar goes to swara and places his hand on her waist and takes her another hand and holds it.sanskar sees swara being uncomfortable so he asks
“Swara if you are confident than lets dance .just look in my eyes ..i am your friend and trust me ”
Swara looked in his eyes and was lost
Sanskar started dancing with she moving according to his steps but not breaking the eye lock.. after 5 mins sanskar stops but swara is still in her own world
Sanskar comes near her ears and shouts bhoww
Swara gets afraid and runs after sanskar
“You wait prince !!”
Both were running but swara gets slip and falls in the pool created by the waterfall

Sanskar becomes tensed but he gets shicked hearing a laughing sound
Swara was laughing on her own antics ..indeed she was full wet due to falling
She came out and opened her hair to make them dry.she was facing her back to sanskar as she was drying her hair
“Sanskar “she said to sanskar but now its seems he was enchanted by her beauty
“Sanskarr”she again spoke
Now she turned towards sanskar and went towards him and closed his nose
Sanskar came to his senses??
“Welcome back prince to your garden now lets proceed”swara says like a guard
Sanskar glares her swara giggles
Afterwards both get settled on a bench
Sanskar asks
“Swara tell me more about yourself i mean about your boyfriend?”
” Sanskar I believe in true love these fake relationships don’t matter to me i just want a person to be my soulmate atleast he should be practical in these things …. I don’t know abiut compatibility but it should be understanding which he should possess towards me
And what about you?”she giggled asking this question
“What?do i look a joker or a cartoon or your cartoon favorite actor shahrukh khan?”
“Hey don’t talk anything about my srk or else i will put a tape on your mouth and you in that pool”
“Ohk ohk chill lady gabbar”
“Hmm better are haan i heard there is a grand dinner many princesses and king and queens are coming is this dinner related to marriage ?
“Yeah but i am least interested i don’t want to marry anyone because …btw why should i tell you…. You big lizard “and sanskar holds his miuth to stop himself from Laughin
“You can laugh” swara says twisting her lips
“Hahahaha “sanskar starts to laugh but swara too joins him ??
“Swara you know i love to travel and write stories about it
Travel stories and other is romantic ones but i can’t write either of them because now i have lost my confidence in writing
Swara thinks something

“Miss swara can you put your thoughts aside and tell me whats going on in your big lizard brain of yours?
She was still thinking and after thinking she smiled widely and was raising her collar
” Vaah Swara proud of you welldone “says swara to herself ?
Sanskar was rolling his eyes thinking she has gone mad
“Sanskar i have a wish thai i have figured recently”
“Do your makeover”
“Miss who are you i don’t know you!” And he starts walking
“Sanskar see na it will be fun that you come with me for a camp but with a makeover
Not as prince but as you
As who you are
Sanskar you will be a great prince fir you are a great son great friend and a great human and surely a great husband too”and she laughs
“Wait with whom you are going camp?”sanskar asks
“Oh actually i forgot you to tell there’s my friend sahil who’s working on a project of photography related to imagination its combination of ur photos and imaginary art as he wants to become a photographer so he just invited me as he knows me and now i thought to say him yes .Its for three days and for that i would also do night shifts as my savings are less… Sahil was going to pay for my expenses but i denied ..i don’t like that….so what’s your thought .. would you like to join?”swara says
“Don’t think much sanskar you will get a new hope for your travel stories and you will be a great writer amd besides actuaaaaallllyy…..”
“Swara can you spill the beans?”
“Sahil is going to propose me and i want you to be my boyfriend in the whole trip”swara said closing her eyes all in a go
“Ahan miss swara so this is IT but what will i get in return”
“Sanskar don’t you feel pity on this innocent creature standing infront of you”swara says pointing to herself
“See miss first you are saying the prince to put aside his schedule to come with you and when he is coming you can’t pay him back ..very mean “sanskar says controlling his smile
“You know i think i have something for you if you came on that trip i will show you the real me
The most real shade of mine which only srk knows”??
“Deal?”swara continues
“Deal” sanskar says after thinking
“Ohk ohk its time to go and haan from next time don’t do that prince drama(mimics him)See miss first you are saying the prince to put aside his schedule to come huh idiot ??”
Saying this she runs laughing
“Yeah your bff idiot “sanskar says from back
She comes again
She makes him clap the hands and then finger rubbing his nose (the srk kajol move from kuch kuch hota hai)
“Bye”she giggled and ran from there

“Surely sanskar tomorrow your grave will be in this garden”
___tada done wid d part
Leave your comments
Bye miss you??

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