A Romantic Princess in a Mysterious Adventure (chapter 19)

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Hai lovely friends!! What was that?? In recent epi Shivaye falls on Anika!!

I just cant believe it!! Few days before I wrote such a scene..but I am

dumbstruck seeing that in Series…I am really going crazy..ok my talks

won’t stop..and let me start the epi!!

Ishana hugs the painting and sleeps…We can see his eyes had twinkling tears..

actually it was really painted by Ishana…She thinks” Why am I feeling his pain

now?? If I felt while painting him..I could have…Why was he crying??”.She sleeps thinking

about him…Here Anika keeping some pills in her hands sits thinking…She closes her

eyes and thinks of the dream …She opens her eyes and sees the tablets…She says ”

No…How can I become silly?? No I cant do this to myself!!”.She keeps it on table and goes

to sleep thinking the voice…Soon she sees herself running through a forest…She feels the darkness

Very scary but couldn’t stop herself but runs fast…She had only one thought to find one person.

She hears some sound and frozen in fear ..She checks around her and sits to hide…She finds

someone walking fast but could not see face…She in a doubt says “Is it him??”.She stands and about to follow

But stopped by someone closing her mouth from back…She frightened but her scream didn’t came ..

She looks back and surprised…The person too asks “You??”.He silently drags her and escapes…

She asks “Are you ok??”.He says “I have to ask you that!! How could you come here?? Alone??”.

She looks worriedly and says “Yes!! I heard you left palace…”.He asks “How??”.She says “Everyone

know about that..and tell me the reason…Is it for Ishana?? And where is she??”.Om stoned and

starts crying badly…She puzzled asks “Om?? What happened??”.He says “She left me!!”.She shocked

“What?? How could thus happen?? You know how she loves you…And.”.Om interrupts”She is no more…

And all because of me…To save me!!”.Anika still in shock “This shouldn’t be true!!”.Om says “It is truth!!”.

She sits crying and sees Om lying unconscious…She checks him and sees blood in his chest…

She checks his pulse and it was…She hugs him and cries badly …She says “Perhaps…I could

give you next birth!! But I have to find my love Om!! But I promise you !! When I get the chance…

I would never stay back from uniting you two…” She thinks “When I will find you??? I can see my close

relations dying!!”.She recalls how she met Om with Ishana and their brother sister bonding too…

And while sharing her powers to him he asked “You should give me those powers to me…so that

I can get Ishana even in my next birth!!”.She cries…She wakes up from her sleep and sits crazily…

She drinks water and says “Now!! I lost Om too!!”.She asks “I have seen everyone…except Om!!

Why can’t I see him here??”.She walks near the window and sees that tree…In night I looked Hundred times scarier…

She looks at a man walking and she wonders…”I think..I know…”.She peers and looks at him

and asks “Om??”.She says herself “No!!”.She runs out and starts to chase him…She stops at a place which was very

dark…she says “Don’t worry Anika!! It’s easy…She closes her eyes before entering and walks…

She feels very scary and frightened..she can hear her heart beats and asks “Why I started feeling pain??”.

She holds her chest and sits breathing heavily…She tries to scream for help but the pain starts increasing…

She recalls the promise made to Om…she says “I needed to see you and slap u first!! How can you marry

some another?? Leaving Ishana??”…she fumes still thinks “Why my heart is paining?? Did I get stroke??

At thus age??”.She closes her eyes soon and hears some sound..sge true to open her eyes but …it fainted!!

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  1. Your title is apt !! Mysterious adventure !!

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  4. Its awesome…..loved it….

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