Swasan SS: The bond between two souls (by rabia) Epi.8

Thankuu soo much guys for liking the last episode soo here is the next episode and now u must be thinking how?? (hehehehe).. actually my interview got preponed soo that’s why instead of 28th april it helds on 27th soo now im tnsn free and yaa interview goes well thanks for the wishes ;).. luv u all…


Epi 8:-

Flashback continues:-

Meheswari industries… a board meeting was going on.. sanskar was also present there as now a days raj was handling goenka’s companies soo sanskar was here with dp and ram.. laksh didn’t came as he said he was having some work..

Today ram was the target…sanskar and dp signs something to each other… a presentation was going on when suddenly during presentation.. a slides start’s showing on watching that slides everyone become’s shocked while ram start’s sweating…

In slides there r the videos and pictures which r showing that ram is doing a business of human trafficking all turned towards him…one board member…what is this dp ji??

Dp angrily: ram what the hell is this?? U r doing this cheap thing??

Ram wiping his sweat: bhhaa..i..saa.. I didntt do anything these r all fake..

Dp: really?? These videos showing clearily that u r doing kidnapping of girls and kids and selling them abroad…

Sanskar to all board members: u all please leave we will talk later..

One board member: dp ji we respect u all very much soo we need clarification of all these things..

Dp: trust me sir I will and all member’s left..

Dp to ram: tell me the truth ram if u r doing this then im going to call the police… and to sanskar

Dp: sanskar call the police.. im ashamed of calling him as my brother..

Sanskar: yess dad..

Ram shocked: daddd???

Sanskar smirkling: yess dad… because your dear wife told us everything…

Dp: u didn’t doo good ram one u exchanged our children and other u r doing this cheap business?? Sanskar call the police now…

Ram stammering: bhaaii..saa.. pl..zz.. for..gi.vvee.. mee and by saying that he starts laughing loudly…dp and sanskar gave him a confuse look..

Ram while laughing: hahahah what u thought that I will become scared?? Not so soon bhaisa…what u thought the person who r doing this type of business is a fool?? I know everything about your plan from the starting..

Dp and sanskar become’s shocked..while ram: I know sanskar didn’t lost his memory but infact it was swara who lost her memory..

Dp: how u came to know??

Ram: remember party?? Where we meet sanskar.. when u both go back to party by saying that bhabi forgot her purse but I remembered that she didn’t bring her purse soo that time I followed u both and came to know about u all everything soo I thought lets play with u.. I acted as i don’t know anything but im happy u planned against sujata becoz I touu very much fed up from that dumb lady..

Dp and sanskar gave him a disgust look…

Ram: I was the one who let u collect proof against me.. but sorry to say u cant use them..

Sanskar: why??

Ram: oo my dear son.. did u called your wife?? Or did u talked to her??

Sanskar being confused: what do u mean??

Ram: just call her naa..

Sanskar called on swara’s cell but her cell phone was off.. he became worried.. he called ap and asked about swara but she said she is not at home..sanskar panicked..

Ram with evil laugh: what happened?? Can’t find her?? Sooo sad…

Sanskar in anger hold ram’s collar: where the hell is my wife?? If something happened to her naa I will forget that I considered u as my father in my past..

Ram jerked his collar and gave a tight slap to sanskar on which he stumbled back but dp holds him..

Dp shouts: rammm how dare u to raise your hand on my son..

Ram: shuttt upp u both.. I will kill your dear wife and daughter in law..if again u raised your hands to my collar..

Ram: dp bhaisa I want whole property on my name just in one hr or else u will see the dead face of swara..

Sanskar shouts: ram Prasad meheswariiiiii..

Ram: donttt.. im giving u both 1 hr.. whole property including sanskar’s property which his grandfather put on his name.. on my name in this hour…

Dp: u r not doing good ram.. u will pay for this..

Ram: lets see who will pay now don’t waste your time.. swara is having only now 55 mins..

Sanskar was getting worried with the passing time and he cant do anything becoz ram already snatched his cellphone and dp also calling to lawyers sitting beside ram…and in the whole time ram told them everything just like he was telling any story..

Both dp and sanskar feeling disgust with him k how easily he is telling about his bad works.. sanskar was praying for swara’s safety and in mind cursing ram…when ram gave time to dp and sanskar it was 4 pm and now clock striked 4:30 and with dat trio listened a faint alarm sound..

Ram gave both a confuse look while sanskar gave him a smirk and by doing this he showed him his wrist watch in which there was hiden a device

Ram: what is this???

Sanskar: do u think us as a fool?? My soo called ex father??

Ram looked towards dp who was also giving him a winning smile.. and before he can say anything door of the board room opened and D.I.G with police force entered..

Ram becomes shocked: what the hell is this??

Sanskar: we know everything that u know about our plan.. soo its just a trap soo that u can confess all your crimes..

Ram: butt don’t forget swara is with us..

Sanskar: I know where is my wife u just take care of yourself.. by saying that sanskar left the place.. and ram was arrested by the police..as in board room there was a cameras (don’t want to drag ram’s drama other things will reveal later)

Sanskar came out and called someone: the address is correct??

Otherside: yes sir they took mam to one of your farm house..

Sanskar being angry: but I said to u put an eye on swara then how come they took her??

Sanskar’s security head: sir they played a trick that’s why sir.. we r really sorry..

Sanskar: I will see u all later.. and cut the call..

Sanskar sat in the car was driving rashily..

Flashback in the board room..

When ram told that swara is with him and when he snatched sanskar’s cellphone that time sanskar pressed the device button in his watch which was actually a microphone type and his security head listened all the things..

Then they track ram’s cellphone’s record and they got to know that he is in contact with one number who is present in sanskar’s farm house that number was of none other than laksh..and when the work is done security head press the buttom from his side and an alarm rang

When sanskar was driving he received a call..

Caller: helloo sanskarr jii…

Sanskar gritting his teeth: ragini??

Ragini: oo mm gggg.. u recognize my voice..

Sanskar: just shut up and tell me why u called me..

Ragini: ohoo sanskar jii.. why soo angry.. okay soo im coming straight to the point if u want your wife safe and sound then u have to doo something..

Sanskar: what??

Ragini: u have to spend nyt with me.. btw im sure after spending one nyt with me u want to spend all nyts with me.. (2 slaps from the author)..

Sanskar become shocked: whatttttt???

Ragini: arrey don’t shout.. can’t u doo this small thing for saving your wife and her dignity..

Sanskar with rage: shut your mouth.. u ****.. one finger on my swara u will see the worst of me..

Ragini: noo abusive words sanskar ji.. u r having 5 mins time.. think and tell.. otherwise forget your dear wife..

Sanskar take a deep breath..he closed his eyes and remembered swara’s funny antics her angry face her sad face.. he opened his eyes: im ready…

Ragini: that’s like a good boy. Come to your xyz farm house and she cut the call..

Sanskar shouts in frustration: aaahhhh… ragini lakshh I will kill u… swaraaaaaaaaaaaa…he increased the speed…

On the otherside…

Swara opened her eyes slowly.. she tried to move her head but winced in pain..

Swara: aahhhh…she moved her hand but cant because she was tied on chair with ropes around her wrists and legs.. ropes were tied so brutally that the skin was now red…

Swara being confused: where am i??

U r in heaven baby.. a voice came and swara turned her face towards the directon and found laksh sitting there..

Swara: how dare u to kidnap me?? (swara remember that she was in the mansion’s gardern when someone hits on her head from the back and she fall down unconscious…)

Laksh: oo baby.. why soo angry?? U know how much we have to struggle to bring u from the mansion.. as your husband’s gaurds were guarding u..

Swara: what u want??

Laksh: as if u don’t know what I want?? I want uu baby..

Swara: just shut upp..

Laksh: oopppsss.. he came towards her and touched her face with his finger.. swara tried to move her head but laksh holds her face tightly from her chin.. swara winced in pain as his nails pierced in her skin..

Laksh coming closer to her mouth dangerously: fun time is over mis swara sanskar goenka… now I will see how your husband will save u from us…from me..and he tried to kiss her but swara spit’s on his face…

Swara: don’t u dareee to touch mee..

Laksh in anger: uuuu.. and gave a tight slap to swara…(just wait more is ready for u huuuh)…

Swara cried in pain because her lip got cut..

Laksh holds swara’s hair tightly on which she screamed loudly because she already got hurt on head…

Laksh: if u want your husband alive then do as what I say otherwise be ready to wear the white sari..

Swara while crying: leave meee…

Laksh hold’s her hair more tightly: darling I didn’t grabbed u for leaving….

Swara with pain: what do u wanttt…

Laksh: I told u its only u which I want.. soo decide whom u want to safe your dignity or your dear husband…

Swara with teary eyes: plzz leave sanskar.. I will doo what u will say

Laksh patting her cheek: that’s my girl and gave a kiss on her cheek on which swara felt disgusting and cried in helplessness…this was seen by sanskar who came just now inside the farm house..

Sanskar’s heart clenched on seeing his wife like thiss…

Sanskar shouts: laksssshhhhhhhh..

Laksh turned towards him and gave him an evil smirk: sorry broo but now your wife is taken…

Swasan passed a painful eye lock…in the mean while ragini also came..

Ragini happily: oo sanskar jii u cameee and she goes near him….

Sanskar: I came now leave swara..

Ragini: ooppss sorry but laksh ji said he wants swara..

Sanskar: how dare u…

Swara: laksh u said that u will leave sanskarr..

Laksh: sorry darling but ragini demanded sanskar..

Swasan together: noooo…and sanskar tried to goo near swara but before him laksh goes to swara and put knife on her neck..

Sanskar become shocked: lakshh dontt..

Laksh: stay back or else I will cut your wife’s neck

Swara become numb….

Sanskar: okay okay but put the knife down from her neck…sanskar goes back and ragini pushed him towards the sofa.. sanky fall down on the sofa..

Laksh while laughing: how much fool u r na sanskar.. first u all thought us as a fools and made a plan to seek revenge.. u know ram chachu was always with me.. I was the one who is handling his business with him…7 yrs before when u came back at home naa after accident.. I saw u and got to know that u know everything now..

I thought to kill u again but then u yourself got vanished soo I thought that now that property will be mine but u again cameback and that too with this swara whom I wanted to claim..

Sanskar controlled his rage on listening this while swara closed her eyes in disgust..

Ragini: I also know everything about them.. soo we all acted as we don’t know nothing…then we made a plan to trap u all and look now u both r here with us…

Ragini while looking to swara: but first let me teach your wife a lesson…she beat me that nyt naa..

Swasan become shocked…

Sanskar shouts: raginii dontt doo anything to my swara.. but ragini didn’t listened and she goes to swara and gave her a tight slap on other side of her face..

Swara shouts: aaahhh sanskar…

Sanskar shouts: raginii and tried to go but laksh stopped him and gave a tight punch to him…while ragini gave 2 to 3 slaps to swara and pulled her hair tightly..

Ragini with vemon: what u thought?? That the one who pushed in the river is an easy person..

Swara was crying in pain…

Sanskar fall down near the table….laksh picked him up and gave a punch on his stomach: u beaten me that day naa.. by saying that he again beat sanskar…and then left him or in short pushed him on floor..

Sanskar winced in pain…raglak told everything to them.. whatever they did…

Ragini left swara and to sanskar: enough sanskar jii now its time to take rest.. but first have some drink..

Raglak drank the wine which is on the table…laksh opened swara’s rope and swara screamed in pain becoz her legs were paining due to tight grip of ropes…both raglak tried to make swasan drink but both pushed the glasses..

Laksh dragged swara inside the room while ragini dragged sanskar..

Swara was trying to free herself and was seeing sanskar with teary eyes.. sanskar was also seeing her with teary eyes..

And then the door closed…..laksh pushed swara on bed. And tried to come upon her but his head start’s spinning.. on seeing that swara pushed him and run towards the door after opening he bumped into someone..that someone was none other than sanskar..

When sanskar falldown near the table after laksh’s punch he found wine glasses there he without coming in anyones notice put the drugs in the glasses.. and raglak drank those glasses while swasan pushed those glasses..

Swara after seeing sanskar almost jumped upon him: sanskarrrrrrrr..

Sanskarr: sshh swara im here just give me 5 mins…

Sanskar put swara in other room and took laksh to the room where ragini was there.. and hee pushed laksh upon ragini.. both were not unconscious they were just in the effect of drugs that’s why didn’t registered whats happening and spend nyt with each other ;)..by thinking other as swara or sanskar…

Flashback ends…

Raglak were listening all this with shocked expressions…

Sanskar laughs on seeing there expressions: what happened?? Shocked???

Laksh: how u come to know about all this??

Sanskar: remember few days back when u trio making plan in ram’s room..

The thing which swara listened was the plan of these three.. from there she came to know that all knows about their plan…

(Trio were making plan to kidnap swara and then will demand whole property from dp and sanskar.. and then raglak will do whatever they want’s to doo with swasan.. that was the thing which swara was demanding from sanskar that they should doo as they planned means they will provide them the opportunity to kidnap swara.. but sanky don’t want to risk swara’s life dats why he denied and also put security for her but there bad luck swara got kidnapped..)

Sanskar: u all do a great work but one thing u cant be able to know..

Ragini: which thing??

Sanskar: swara gained her memory back…

Raglak shocked: whattt?? How???

Sanskar: few days back.. and she already told us what u did with her raginii.. in the end sanskar’s tone become’s dangerous..

Ragini gulped in fear: but u cant proof it that I was the one who pushed swara…and doo all the things with her..

Sanskar u both: what u think that I can’t doo this simple thing?? Yesterday nyt only when I came I put the hidden camera.. without your notice…raglak become shocked..

Sanskar called someone and after few secs.. his gaurds came and took raglak on gun point..

Sanskar with bossy tone: take them to the basement and tie we will see them later..

Laksh: u cant doo this to mee sanskar im your brother.. on listening this sanskar got up and gave him 5 to 6 punches..

Sanskar: seriously?? Brother?? When this brother were gone when u tried to kill me not once but many times?? He again gave him another punch…

Sanskar: where this brother goes when u killed my bestie come brother shauriya…

Ragini all the while shivering in fear on seeing sanky’s this dangerous avatar…

Security head: sir leave him we will see them…

Sanskar pushed laksh towards the guard: take them we will come..

Raglak were pleading to leave them but sansar didn’t listened..and gaurds took them to the basement and tied there mouth, hands and legs..while sanky came towards swara and picked her in his arms and left towards the room..

Sanky put her down on the bed and peck her forehead..he goes towards the window and called his parents both goenka’s and meheswari’s were on video call..

Sanskar with faint smile: hii moms and dads..

Ap: how is swara beta??

Sanskar turned towards swara and then towards them: sleeping mom..

Dp: and raglak??

Sanky while seeing ap: they r in basement and to ap.. mama??

Ap: im fine beta….nothing to worry about me I know laksh did wrong soo he needs a punishment u don’t worry about me..

Sanskar: r u sure??

Ap: beta he snatched a son from one mother and looked toward sakshi.. who is having tears…soo he is not capable of getting forgiveness.. im fine totally its just im a mother that’s why but u plzz don’t take tnsn..

Dp: yess beta.. I knw he is our son.. but the thing which he had done was a crime.. soo he has to bear the punishment..

Sanskar: luv u all and he cut the call.. and turned towards swara…


When sanky put laksh in ragini’s room he came to his room and found its empty..he searched for swara and then heard water flowing sound from the washroom.. but the door was opened…

Sanky being confused goes towards the washroom and saw inside and become shocked because swara was standing under the shower and rubbing her cheeks her arms..

Sanky shouts: swaraaaaaa….and runs towards her…he off the shower and holds her from her shoulders..

Swara crying not in her senses: sanky plzzz let me clean myself that laksh kissed me touched mee.. plzzz and tried to come out from his grip but sanky didn’t listened and picked her in his arms..

Swara was struggling to get free herself from his arms….

Sanskar firmly: stop struggling swara.. swara stares him with teary eyes…

Sanskar put her down and goes towards the cupboard and bring out her night clothes.. (as it his farm house he always put swara’s things in his everything farmhouse or flat)..

Sanskar: goo and change…

Swara didn’t move..

Sanskar sternly: swara in 1 min if u didn’t go I will change your clothes by myself…on which swara gave him an angry glare and storms from there after snatching her clothes from his hands..

Sanskar smiles faintly on seeing her antics he also changed and waited for swara… who came out after 5 mins and without looking towards him lay down on bed by covering herself head to toe..

Sanskar surpass his laughter and came towards her and pulled the blanket down from her head…

Sanskar: darling medicine time and touched her forehead…u r also having fever soo come…

Swara rudely: I don’t want anything…

Sanskar: arrey I just said that I will change your clothes then whats wrong in that after all im your hubby..

Swara: whatever.. now u get lost..

Sanskar make her sit on the bed and after her shouting also he did her bandaged on wrist and legs.. all the while swara was sitting with angry pout…sanky also make her eat something and then gave her injection because he knows that she is showing that she is fine but inside she is scared the way laksh and ragini behaved with her soo after injection swara slept peacefully in his husband’s embrace..(sanky knows about medicines injections because of sakshi)

And next day when she woke she was feeling week and then sanky made her sit on his lap and gives an apple to eat..and when raglak came he gave injection to swara because swara was not in a condition to talk or to give them punishment..

Flashback ends…

Sanky’s trance broke when swara coughs a little.. he goes towards her and made her sit..she was awoke now..sanky gave her water to drink..

Swara while putting head on his shoulder: laksh and ragini??

Sanky while grabbing her hand: they r in the basement..

Swara: hmmm…

Sanky: do want to go now??

Swara: not now plzz…

Sanskar: okay jii.. we will go tomoroow and give them punishment of their deeds..

Swara just hugged him and put head on his chest sanky also dropped his back on head board and took swara protectively in his arms..

Both were laying peacefully in eachother’s embrace.. finally the day came when they will be able to punish there culprits… both don’t want to punish them for themselves…

Sanskar’s monologue..

I don’t want to punish laksh for what he did to me.. may be I will be able to forgive him if its about me.. but I will never forget that day when shauriya died due to me.. he took my death.. even before dying also he saved me..he owes my life..for that laksh have to pay..his 2nd biggest mistake he tried to hurt my life.. yess my life.. my wife.. my soul mate…my everything… swara means a lot to me… today when ram Prasad meheswari told about swara’s kidnapping that time I felt as if again im standing again on the same point where I lost my brother and now im going to lose my love..today I realized that how much I love her.. more than my life…first time when I saw her on traffic signals her kindness attracted me.. that time I didn’t felt anything for her but if today I remember that day I can say that…

That day I fell for her.. her fear and her pain gave me pain that time..ragini laksh u did very wrong for raising hand on the one who means everything to me.. I can’t tolerate even a single scratch on her but u both crossed your limits..

Tomorrow u both will see the worst of me.. swara will surely punish u both but that will be not the end.. and I swear on swara u both will regret even for coming on earth..

His trance broke when swara tightened her grip on him.. she was in half sleep…sanskar looked towards her and bend a little and murmurs slowly…

Sanskar: I luv u swara I really loves u more then my life….. and lightly peck her forehead..and lay down back again with close eyes..with a tight grip around her…

Swara opened her eyes and smiles a little she ups her head and looked towards sanskar.. her eyes filled with tears.. yess she was awake when sanskar confessed his love..

Swara put her head down again and stares outside the window..

Swara’s monologue:

What a life I have naa first my mother got ditched then me got ditched.. then I lost my memory.. maa, dida always looked towards me with a hopeful eyes that when I will laugh fully… then sanskar came in my life..and everything changed.. he bring that old swara back which get lost due to memory loss.. he came in our life like a ray of sunlight..he told me about his past.. then our marriage then my past..soo many things happened…but our bond day by day increased…he is an angry young man for the outer world in the world of business.. but for his family he can even kill anyone.. butt for mee he again becomes an angry youngman (pout).. why?? Because my dear hubby cares for me.. he cant tolerate negligence in case of me..i know he will not give punishment to raglak for him.. he wanted to give punishment for me for shauriya..

I never met shauriyaa but I wanted to thank him for saving my sanskar’s life…I wish he will be with us.. but he gave us sanskar…myy sanskar… yesss myy.. myy everything..when laksh asked me to choose between my dignity or sanskar.. I didn’t thought for a while just said sanskar.. because for mee sanskar is my everything my respect, my character, my breath my life everything, If I want to loose my dignity for him then I will never think twice..yess sanskarrr I love u.. I really dooo.. tomorrow raglak will get punishment for hurting my love…and she looked upward. Towards him…

Sswara moved towards him and near his ear: I luv uu tooo sanskar.. and gave a peck on his ear..and then looked towards him..who was already looking towards her with shocked expressions..

Sanskar: whaaattttt??? What did u say??

Swara giggling with teary eyes goes again towards his ear: I saiddddddd…. (then she shouts) iii luvvv uu toooooo…

Sanskar broke the huggg and put hand on his ear…: swaraaaaaaa….

Swara took this as a chance and runs from the bed…

Swara was giggling and running around the room..

Sanskar while rubbing his ear: swaraa my earr.. uu naaaa…

He grabbed her from her waist and twirls her around…room filled with swara’s laughter and sanskar’s smiling face… swara hugged him tightly..

Swara: I luvv uuu my dearr hcbbb..

Sanskar twirling her around: I luv u toooo myy smd… :*

Screen freezes on their happy full of life faces..

A new day will surely come tomorrow for them..when culprits get punishment for their deeds and our swasan starts their new journey of love..;)

To be continued….

Precap:- my favorite task ;)… punishmenttttttttt time 😛 (hehehehehe)…and the turn of dadi and shekhar ;)…anybody wants ram to be punished?? (thinking emoji)

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