THE STORY OF US – ishqbaaz ff – chapter 7 ( Anika & Shivaye ) by Sana

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Hello friends , this is Sana here with the next chapter of my ff ” the story of us “. Thank you so much for your support everyone . As I mentioned in my previous chapter that its my mission to complete this I am making the storyline line move fast . I know I am a little late , I am sorry about it .Thank you to everyone who showed concern for my health , I am doing okay now and its because the happiness I receive after reading your comments are like medicines to me . So now we can go to the story and hope you like it .
And those who missed any chapters here is the link for it :

I was happy that I had won with that man , you should have seen his expression like hell embrassed I was thinking to celebrate with Sahil about this when dad mentioned Rohit’s name . I dont know what to say but for the sake of dad I have to keep playing it . All that evening I was thinking what to do , I didn’t even share with Sahil about what happened with Rohit . If I tell this to dad , then it would be like ground under him slipped . I battled with myself for a long time whether to call him or not . I wish this never happens with any person in the world . I wish no person should go through that the person should choose between herself/himself and his/her father . My happiness was my father . My world , my life , my everything is him . It was when I was 3 that my mom died due to illness then it is him who was my mother who will take care of me and I can share everything with , my sister whom I can act as mad as hell and argue till the end and come back , my elder brother who protects me and is always a shield to me and then my father who gives the best guidance to the life . If he hadn’t been there then there wouldn’t be a person Anika also . I was so blessed to have him and he is the best father in the world . Yes my father is important to me , I took the mobile and dialed Rohit’s number . He picked it after a few ringing and then said as usual ‘hello’ . I felt like disconnecting there but then my father’s innocent and happy face came in my mind and I calmed down .
Rohit : hello
Anika : hi
Rohit : Omg , darling…I didnt knew it was you calling . Sorry babe . ( sarcasm filled voice)
Anika : shut up , Rohit . Stop calling me like that
Rohit : C’mon Anika , how can I expect you to call me today itself in the evening when you said it is in the end . I understand that you miss me so much darling , dont worry .
Anika : dont dare to take even my name with your dirty tongue . I dont even care whether you exist or not ! Okay ? And remember it is for MY SAKE OF MY FATHER that I am calling you now so please stop your mouth . My dad want you to be here in tonight party . That’s all.
Rohit : Oh , I see . So dont worry I will be on time
Anika : I wish you dont come . Bye
Rohit : how can I not , its your party nah .
Anika : bye !
I truly wish he dont come but being a b*t*h he would surely come . I heard dad calling me from hall so I went . He was all dressed up in his favourite black suit which I had gifted him on his birthday . He wore it in all his important and favourite events and now I can say this one which is going to happen is too .
Seeing me he asked why I didnt change till now but all I need at that time was hug him , I ran to him and put my hands around his neck . He patted my back and cupped my face and I felt heaven in there , I wish this was forever and he asked me whether I am alright . I wish I could cry there and tell him everything but I can’t . I nodded my head by saying all fine but he replied that he knows his princess is not alright but assured him that I was and excused myself saying I need to change . He nodded his head and went to receive the guest . There were not many but a few friends and cilents of dad and mine . I wish dad hadnt invited my delhi friends because they all are my friends with me just beacuse I am Bansal and I hate them for what they are except one or two who had been there with me in my good and bad and loved me for the person I am . I took a deep breath and went to change .

The Whole Bansal Mansion was beautifully decorated and as I entered I saw Mr. Bansal in a royal black suit greeting his guest and when he saw me he waved to me and came to me . He really appreciated me for my presence and then made me sit in one of wide circle table with rest other business man and introduced even though everyone knew .
He was walking here and there making sure that everything was done and there is no problem of comfort for his guest . We did have a little talk and as I was wondering around the mansion I saw a few of girls checking me out and this made me remember of Rudra , if he had been here then he would taken everyone’s number by then . It has only been a day and I am already missing the obro moment . Then , there was an announcement on the mike asking everyone to get settled on their seat and I took mine .
Mr. Bansal came in the stage all happy and smiling wide , everyone clapped hands for this warm gentle man . Then addressing us he started speaking in a very beautiful way .
Bansal : good evening ladies and gentlemen , I am so happy that you all made it here today . Thank you so much for coming and I hope you are having a good time of your life now . I know that you must be wondering why I kept a party tonight . Here , I am going to share the news with everyone which is so special for me . My princess , My daughter and my happiness Anika’s project is selected in the Whiteline company and soon her dream will get fullfilled . I am so happy for my daughter . I am so lucky to have her in my life who had always supported and stood for me .
She had not even once made me down , not even made me cry . I am so blessed to have her and I am sharing that happiness with you all . Anika dear , come here beta ( his eyes become teary and his throat feels heavy for him )
He look like for him the world means his daughter even though I didnt like her , from his speech she looks a good person and a interesting one too . I had been thinking where she was from the time I entered the mansion . I saw her gracefully making her way through the crowd and ran to her fathers arms . I could see everyone there thought of their family once and became a little emotional at the scene of daughter-father bond as I did . Mr. Bansal and Anika was standing there and crying in each others arms . After sometime they composed themselves and Anika said thank you to her father and everyone for making it special for her then went it to crowd again beautifully like her slowly that her foot doesnt give pain to the ground . She was wearing a beautiful red gown and applied a little make up . This was the first time I was checking out a girl and I hit my head and searched for her so that I can say congratulations to her . After a long time I found her in near the pool area as I was going to her a man in his red blazer came in between us and went to Anika and back hugged her . I saw her turn with a jerk and then her face went red and she looked highly uncomfortable . I wont stand back by seeing this happen for any women , I walked to them and pulled the guy out and his expression says that it was unexpected , I saw Anika’s faces turned out to be totally scared . I ordered the guy to stop what he was doing and when he nodded negatively I was about to punch him hard but I find a hand stopping me it was Mr. Bansal’s .
Mr. Bansal : Shivaye , you have misunderstood the situation and sorry for not introducing him to you . This is Rohit Sharma , Anika’s fiance or would be husband . Anika beta , why didnt you tell him that ?
Well , Anyways thank you Shivaye , men like you are hard to find this days I mean you know if it wasn’t Rohit then you should have really beaten him up . Anika , is everything all right beta ? Now shake hands and introduce yourself , someone is calling me .
Anika : Ye..Yes ! Everything is a Al..alright . You go , I will han..handle dad ( she faked a smile and nodded her head )
Anika : I think you can introduce each other , please excuse me ( a little nervous and leaves from there while Shivaye notices this )
Something looks fishy in between this . Anika really doesn’t look comfortable with this man named Rohit’s presence but Mr. Bansal said that he is her fiance then why was she so nervous instead of being surprised she was more of scared and shocked . I shook his hand and talked for a few mins . I can say that he is really not a good man . I excused myself from there and went to a outside sitting area and sat there then I heard some sound from the end other of the seat . It was a little boy sitting there humming a song with crutches beside him and I slowly tapped his shoulder and he gave me a weird look .
Sahil : you ? Aren’t you that khanji ankhowala bhagad billa ?
Shivaye : hey , how dare you call me like that . How do you…who are you ? Do you know who I am .
Sahil : yes , ofcourse . Aren’t you the parrot who keep saying I am Shivaye Singh Oberio , Shivaye Singh Oberio .
Shivaye : shut up , okay . Who are you ?
Sahil : I am Sahil .
Shivaye : ugh , I am asking you why are you here .
Sahil : I am here to enjoy party .
Shivaye :what the wuck ! I mean what relation you have with……Anika ?
Sahil : oh that one , I am Anika didi’s father’s daughter’s brother .
Shivaye : you mean….you are Anika’s brother . Why you have to be so indirect man .
Sahil : I am indirect always dude .
Shivaye : speak like the kids of your age okay ?
Sahil : I am one of them so I can speak like this.
Shivaye : arguing with you is waste . Like sister like brother . But…Anika is the one and only child of Mr and Mrs . Bansal right ? Then you ?
Sahil : yes , you are right .
Shivaye : then how come you say that you are Anika’s brother .
Sahil : because I am her brother , I thought you have atleast little brain but I am wrong . Hey bhagad billa , I am her adopted brother .
Shivaye : Adopted ?
Sahil : yes , Anika didi adopted me from orphanage .
Shivaye : so you dont have parents ?
Sahil : yes I did , but they died in a accident and then anika didi adopted me .
Shivaye : why did she ?
Sahil : Are , she is so damn good that she did . Actually I was travelling with my parents to delhi and then we met a accident . In that I lost my parents and I was crying on road . My one leg became paralysed too . Anika didi was passing by with dad and saw us and took us to hospital . Then she paid for my treatment and did the last rites of my parents death and made me do them too . I always use to cry hard and then she would come and brighten my mood and when I had to discharge from there because forever I cant stay in a hospital , the management there thought of putting me in a orphanage . But Anika didi didn’t allow and was against this and said I can live with her but the hospital said there is some formalities to be done so after one week stay in orphanage she adopted me as her brother and dad as my father . They are so good you know . She takes care of me like I am her own .
( when he was speaking of his parents and the accident his cheeks become wet and when Anika’s name comes he smiles a little and his face glow thinking of her )
Shivaye : I am so sorry for asking you , I shouldnt have .
Sahil : its okay SSO .
Shivaye : SSO ?
Sahil : Shivaye Singh Oberio .
Shivaye : ooh I see , so now bye Sahil . Meeting and talking to you was good .
Sahil : I know ( with full attitude , Shivaye ruffles Sahil hair and leaves from there with a smile )
After what I heard from Sahil now , my anger and frustration towards Anika has completely turned to Respect now . Sahil is so blessed to have her as Mr. Bansal . After the dinner I left from there and while leaving I saw anika talking with her friends and I thought of my ‘congratulation’ and decided I will tell her once I meet her tomorrow .

This is it , I hope you are satisfied with it . If you think that there is any changes needed please do tell me . Positive and Negative comments are accepted , dont forget to comment . Hope you all had a good day πŸ™‚


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    I should stop my blabbering or you might get bored?????.

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Hey Sophia , I don’t want you to stop , I love long comments and loved the way more you analysed my chapter . Thank you so much dear , happy knowing that you liked it . What you said about Sahil is 100% right . Love you so much and your comments too . Keep showing you love as you always do , it means a lot to me dear πŸ™‚

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