Swasan SS: The bond between two souls (by rabia) Epi.7

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Mai nay kaha hello ji ;)… I know I know im posting verrryyyyyyy early (late).. soo now im here ;)…and yaaaaa one important thing the writers who write there episodes on cell phonee from my side for them a great bear huggy ;).. its very tough guys to write such a long epi on cell phone that’s why I only wrote 1 page on cell (giggling).. okay now enough of my pyarrii bak bak.. let’s starrttt..


Episode 7:-

Scene starts from…..

a room was shown where we can see a couple was laying and by seeing there state one can easily imagine that they were doing (ahem ahem) okay soo have a close look towards the couple… camera focused on the boy and the boy was none other than laksh…. Lets move more towards him… camera put its ear near his mouth… it was looking as if laksh was murmuring something… soo let the camera listen to his murmuring…

Laksh dreamingly: swara u r soo hot (aik zor ka thappar lagau ge)(will give u one tight slap) u know last nyt was my best nyt ever with u in my bed in my arms(don’t worry author is ready with her new heels).. I never knew u also loved to spent night with me…(he was saying all these lines in his dreams) by saying that he opened his eyes and looked towards swara sleeping besides him…swara was sleeping by showing her back..laksh lovingly trace his finger on her shoulder on which she stirred a little and turned towards him..laksh who was having smile full of lust on his face becomes shocked on seeing the face of the girl… because the girl was none other than ragini

Laksh got up with a jerk and shouts: raginiiiiiiiii… on sudden shout ragini also woke up with a jerk and rubbed her eyes and without looking towards laksh…

Ragini: what sanskar ji why r u shouting last nyt tou u r enjoying with me and noww u r screaming my name.. and by saying that she looked towards laksh and her state was also like laksh only ????

Ragini angrily: what the hell u r doing with me in the bed? I tou with sanskar ji naa?

Laksh with same tone: I can also say the same thing k I was with swara last nyt then how come u r here with me in the bed?

Ragini: something is fishy lets go outside.. both then put on their clothes and came outside.. it was the farm house far from city.. both came out and become shocked after seeing the scene….because

Swara was sitting in sanky’s lap like her head was on his chest and was eating apple while sanky with right hand protectively holding her from her waist and from left hand he was using cell phone.. swara was wearing shorts and a cute minion t-shirt while sanky was wearing track pant and sleeveless vest..both were in there night dresses…

Sanky while using cellphone peck her forehead and on the same time his sight goes to raglak… and an evil smirk came on his face….Sanky while seeing towards laksh peck swara’s cheek…… by seeing swara’s state it was evident that she was sick soo she gave a confused look to sanky…

Sanky without saying anything make her stand and turned her towards raglak who were standing with confused faces.. and also fuming in anger on seeing there closeness

Swara become shocked on seeing raglak her eyes filled with tears and she immediately hugged sanky and hide her head on his chest… on which sanky wrapped his arms around her shoulders securely and gave raglak such a dangerous look with red shot eyes k both once gulped in fear…

Sanky ignoring them took out one syringe from his pocket the syringe was already filled soo he just gave injection to swara on which swara hissed a little while sanky broke the hug and lay her down comfortably on sofa…tears fall down from swara’s eyes

Sanky wiped her tears lovingly while swara only saw him with dizzy eyes…

Swara in weak voice: sa..n.s..karrr

Sanky: shhh sleep swara.. and by saying that swara slept peacefully..as sanky gave her the sleeping injection..after covering her with a sheet on sofa he turned towards raglak with bloodshot eyes…

Sanky: what u both thought that u will use us? And will doo whatever u both wants to do?

Laksh: what do u mean? And how come we both r together I tou was spending nyt with swara…( on which laksh got a tight punch from sanskar)

Sanskar dangerously: don’t u daree to say anything rubbish about my wife…

Ragini: but yesterday u both yourself said that u will spent nyt with uss then how come me and laksh landed on one bed?

Sanskar starts laughing on listening this….: hahahaha what u both thought that u r trapping us infact it was u ppl who r getting trap in our plan..

Laksh: what do u mean?

Sanskar: huff okayy lets start from starting…

Flashback 7 days before

Swasan and parents decided that first they will trap ramta.. and sujata will be the first… soo according to plan… ap goes to sujata..

Ap: arrey sujata did u heard on xyz jewelry brand there is 40% off….

Sujata eyes popped up: whatttttttt really? U know jiji I love that brand but ram ji never let me buy that brand jewelry as its very expensive brand in the world.. now tou I will go for sure come jiji and let me tell to ram ji..

Ap: arrey gives him a surprize naa u bhi naa and in mind if she called ram then he will tell her that… that brand don’t give off more than 5 percent…

Sujata loves jewelry very much and crazy about it k she even don’t use brain while buying it….ap, sujata left… for the shop….(guys im not explaining much about how sujata was framed)..

According to plan original jewellary was replaced by fake jewelry.. and original one with trick put into the suji’s bag…without her notice… and in the camera’s it comes as suji by herself putting the jewelry.. because already swara was present there in the disguise of old women who were wearing dress same like sujata..and it was swara who put the jewelry in the bag..

(The plan was executed days before.. sanky already visited the shop and demanded the most expensive jewelry soo that they can make fake one and sanky already retured that jewelry to the shop by saying that he don’t need now….)

Sujata bought the other jewelry and returned with ap..and she goes to her room while ap burst into laughter with swara who was standing with her and watching suji going to her room…

Ap: within few mins fun will be going to happen..

Swara giggling: yess mom and I must say u r also not less..the way u stand infront of the camera k suji mom got covered from the sight of camera and in stead of her I was coming infront of the camera near her bag..(swara’s back was showing in front of the camera)

Ap: I know and she also giggled.. and then both goes from there but swara turned as she felt someone’s else presence also but didn’t found anyone soo later shrugged her shoulders…

In ramta room.. ram was working when suji came…

Sujata: jii look what I bought a jewelry of 5 lacs..

Ram: did u ever said that look I didn’t bought jewelry of 5 lacs??

Sujata: huhh don’t put black eyes on my jewelry…

Knock on the door…

Ram: who is there?

Servant:Sir downstairs police came..

Ramta came down…..

Police: mrs sujata Prasad meheswari u r under arrest for stealing the jewelry of 50 lacs..

Ramta shocked..

Suji: I didn’t stole any jewelry.. what rubbish is this..

Police: madam we r having proof.. we came with the cctv footage of that shop and they played the cd.. and in cd.. it was looking that sujata was putting the original jewelry in her bag because after that only fake jewelry was found in the box and the box was near to sujata only..

Sujata: ram ji I didn’t stole anything…. While ram didn’t said anything…

Police: bring her bag.. and ap brought her bag and in that bag the jewelry was found…and police took suji (don’t want to drag more)

(ram inside was happy as he get rid of suji becoz he was very irritated with her demands.. (shameless husband)..soo he also didn’t paid much heed to go and bail her out..she remained in the jail for 2 days….then dp was the one who bailed her out.. now sujata was against ram and she also told everything to dp and ap….

Sujata: bhaisa plz forgive mee I know I did a sin in the greed of money…. We both exchanged our children plz forgive me bhaisa…

Dp: sujata u didn’t do any mistake u did a sin.. and we r no one to give u punishment its sanskar’s right…

Suji: but he tou lost his memory…(no mom I didn’t lost my memory a voice came and it was of sanskar only)

Suji shocked: sanskar??

Sanskar: yess mom I didn’t lost my memory we just did a drama.. today u got to know what happened when u support bad?? Look the one whom u supported didn’t even bailed u out.. and the one whom u both ditched bailed u out..

Suji was crying bitterly she was feeling ashamed…

Sanskar: I cant forgive u for whatever u did with me and my parents..but for 20 yrs of my life I considered u as my real mother… soo for that im not giving u any punishment but this doesn’t mean that I will consider u as my mother again.. if u want that I will forgive u someday in my life then u have to promise me that u will not support evil from now and will become a good person

Sujata promised them that she will never do anything wrong in her life again.. she even left the meheswari mansion by giving divorce papers to ram.. who didn’t seemed effected..
3 days have been passed…

4th day…swara was going from the corridor when she listened something and she became shocked and run towards their room.. sanskar was standing in the balcony and talking on cell phone…

Swara: sankarrr??.. sanskar cut the call and said what happened??

Swara told him something on which he become shocked but later composed himself..(will reveal in next epi)

Swara: sanskar what u say if we doo something according to this??

Sanskar becomes angry: swara r u out of your mind??

Swara: but sanskar what is wrong in doing that??

Sanskar: seriously swara?? U r asking me this?? Don’t u have mind to use??

Swara: sanskarr plzz hcb plzzz..(she was standing with the support of railing)

Sanky sternly: swara I said noo.. and don’t u dare to repeat this thing again because im not gonna listen..

Swara: but sanskar..tried to hold his arm..

Sanskar shouts and jerked her hand: I said no.. it means noo.. do u get that swara sanskar goenkaa..

Swara with teary eyes: plzzz..but till now sanskar loses his temper and hold her from her shoulder tightly with piercing his nails in her arms.. on which she winced..

Sanskar gritting his teeth: swara im saying again.. noo.. a big.. fatt noo and by saying that he jerked her little harshly that she stumbled back and going to fall down from railing.. but at the last moment sanky pulled her and hugged her tightly….

Sanskar’s heart was beating fast while swara was numb on sudden incident.. she was trying to register everything while sanky was cursing himself that what he was going to doo few seconds before.. he broke the hug and looked towards swara who was standing with numb expressions…

Sanskar in a whisper: swara….

Swara looked towards him and then she realized what happened just now.. and in fearful voice: u.u..uu pushed me sans..ss.karr….she got tears in her eyes.. while sanky’s heart pierce on seeing her state.. he hugged her tightly again..

Sanskar: imm really sorry swara.. I didn’t realized that u were standing just on the edge im very sorry.. he got tears in his eyes while swara slowly put hands on his shoulders and hugged him back..she was crying silently

Swara while crying: ragini pushed me like that sanskarr…

Sanskar in shock broke the hug and looked towards swara…and said: swara…you..rr.. memory…yy.

Swara nodes in teary eyes: the moment u pushed me I got all past flashes and she starts crying bitterly.. (swara never cried on her painful past memory as she don’t remember anything because remembering by yourself and telling by others is a different thing…but now when she remember all the things she was feeling pain that how ragini tried to kill her just for the money which she will get after marrying laksh.. she was feeling pain of her mom and dida which they faced due to her only..)

Sanskar was consoling her.. but her crying was getting worst.. she can’t be able to handle that pain..sanskar tried to broke the hug but swara was not letting him go.. he signs.. and took out cellphone and msged ap to manage downstairs becoz he don’t want anybody to see swara like that…. and also said that he will explain all the things later.. as it was the dinner time soo ap said to all the swasan were gone for a dinner on listening that raglak felt jealous..

He put the cellphone in pocket and picked swara in his arms and left towards the bed..he tried to put her down but swara was clinging to him..

Sanskar: swara plzz shonaa leave me I have to lock the door otherwise someone may come.. swara reluctantly left him and lay down on bed by grabbing the pillow tightly and hide her face in the pillow… sanskar locked the door and turn towards swara who was now also crying by hiding her face….

He felt pain on seeing her like this he walked towards her and lay down beside her and grabbed her in his arms.. swara also turned and hugged him tightly..

Swara: why sanskar.. why they did like this.. what’s my maa’s fault?? What was my fault?? Plzz naa sanskar tell me??

Sanskar didn’t said anything he was just stroking her head and rubbing her back.. the pain which swara feeling now was the same pain which he felt yrs back…swara gripping him tightly from his back…

Sanky kissed on her head: shona every person in their life experience something bad.. its true that we both experience worst.. today also u remembered your whole past due to mee only.. if in anger I didn’t pushed u.. u will not be able to remember anything im sorry its due to me.. but his voice faint when swara put hand on his mouth..

Swara with teary voice: it was not your fault sanskar I know u were angry that time as u cares for me.. and look naa everything happens for the good because due to that incident I remembered what ragini did to me that day.. soo plzz u don’t blame yourself..

Sanky was staring her but not saying anything becoz swara’s hand was on his mouth..

Swara: arrey say something naaa.. sanskar rolled his eyes but also swara didn’t understand and gave him a confuse look..sanskar again going to roll his eyes but then something striked in his mind.. and he rubbed his tongue on swara’s hand..

Swara put her hand down from sanky’s mouth and rubbed on his shirt only: yukhh sanskar what is this..

Sanky innocently: what?? U didn’t understand my eye movement soo I done that..

Swara: huhhh don’t u use your hand for removing my hand?? Why u rub your tongue.. ganday.. huhhh…she again rubbed her hand on his shirt

Sanskar: how can I use my hands?? Its on your waist naaa and winks…on listening swara realized that she was almost clinging to him..

Swara : um..mm.. wo..hh… sanskar I’ve to go.. by saying that she tried to go butt sanskar was having some other intentions soo he just rolled over her and pinned her hands above her head…

Swara being shocked: sansk..arrr… whaa..tt… but her words stopped because sanky start’s rubbing his nose on her cheeks..

Sanskar huskily: swara we our husband wife naaa??

Swara not in her senses due to new tinglingling sensation which occurring because of sanskar’s nearness said: hmm..

Sanskar kissed her lightly on her cheek: soo u also know what husband wife do??

Swara again: hmm…

Sanskar smirks naughtily on seeing his effect: soo shall we proceed next??

Swara: hmmm..

Sanskar pressed his lips to control his laughter and gives her a small bite just on her jaw line..

Swara hissed and on the same time came back on her senses and become shocked on remember sanskar’s word..

Swara being tensed: saa..nnss..akarr.. what did u just said??

Sanskar looked towards her and after seeing her tensed expression’s kissed her on her eyes and joined their foreheads: don’t worry I was just teasing u.. as a bestie im having that much right tou na??

Swara looked in his eyes which is showing sincerity and respect she passed a smile to him and said: absolutely my hcb.. and she also gave him a kiss on his cheek it was a tight one..

Sanskar with pout: what swara am I kid that u r giving me kiss on my cheek…I tou want kiss on my lips only..

Swara eyes popped up: sanskar???

Sanskar: what sanskar?? We r husband wife cant we share a kiss?? He said with a sad cute pout.. now also he was above her only..

Swara saw him for few secs and then she closed her eyes and moves her head little upward.. sanskar on seeing her action grins widely and without wasting any second captured her lips..he left her hands and grabbed her head from backside to pull her more towards himself.. while swara grabbed his hair from one hand and from other hand she clutched him from his back..both shared their first passionate liplock ;)…

To be continued…..

Precap: flashback continues…

Look guysss I posted before 28th soo now naaaaaaaaa… wohh naa u have to pray for mee that I will pass my interview (grinning).. look im very sweet bachi not asking about comments only asking your prayers ;)..(heheheh)..

Thankuu…(next epi will be after interview means on 29th agr achaa hoyaa touuu or else will be on sunday 😉 30th…)

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