Swasan os: You’ve Captured My Heart

Kiddo(Hellyfan) here is os for you, sorry I know I took nearly one month.. but what to do I am so lazy.

Hiiii, Guys read only if you have atleast 7-10 minute spare time, it’s nearly 7 k. Sorry I can’t able to make short or cut in two parts as I tried but find it’s not going well.

Scene starts with a boy trying to catch girl but that girl again and again used to escape from him. After some time that girl became tired and looked towards a boy. Boy smiled at her and went near her with food, he makes her eat with his hand. After feeding her, he cleaned her face and also hands which she made dirty while running.

“Now sleep.” Boy said and made her lay on bed.

Being exhausted, girl immediately fell asleep. Boy looked at her and caressed her face, some drops of tears fell on her forehead which he quickly wiped. He kissed her forehead and went to study room doing some work. While he became busy in work, girl started to shout in sleep. He immediately rushed there and found her sitting hiding her head between her knees.

“Please don’t do this with me please.. Mom dad please open eyes…please …” She was murmuring it and scratching her knee.

Boy went near her and tried to stop her but that girl pushed him and started to cry loudly.

“Please don’t do this I’ll die without you, please….” She was just saying same line again and again.

Boy cried seeing her, without having any options he took injection and injected her. After few minute, girl started to feel dizzy, boy took her in his arms and make her lay on bed and himself too lay beside her. He saw towards her who was sleeping due to drug effects.

“I have to do something, your condition is becoming worsening these days.” He said and took her in his embrace.

His sleep disturbed by some sounds which was coming from washroom, he saw other side of bed and found it is empty. Seeing it he became worried and ran towards washroom.
Seeing scenario his lips curved into smile, there that girl was sitting in tub and playing with water.

“Sunky… c…a…m..e, now I’ll play with him.” Saying it, she started to jump there.

Boy was just gazing her with smile but soon his expression changed when suddenly she started to cry.

“What happened?” He asked and started to check her.

“Bad, very bad it made me wet… I am Katti with it… I’ll never talk with him.” That girl said trying to kick water.

After some time of her water war, she became tired and saw towards Sanskar. He smiled knowing now what he has to do next. He held her hand and make her come out from tub.

“Not walk, tired… food…pick… me” She said and put her head on his shoulder.

He held her through waist and came out from washroom.

“Why you went there?” He asked making her sit on sofa and took her head on his lap.

Something flashed in girl’s mind.
“Why you are here?” Voice was playing in her mind.

“Marriage lucky mom dad blood lucky marriage ring..” She replied to Sanskar

He immediately made her sit and looked at her with hope.

“Who is lucky swara? And where he lives? If you’ll tell me I’ll make you marry him.” He said

“Lucky Bucky Donkey, lucky Bucky Donkey…” Saying it she started to laugh.

He again tried to ask her but she was just laughing.

“Wants Maggie.” Swara said

“Okay I’ll prepare it, but you promise me that today you’ll not disturb my mom when she’ll change your dress.” He said and forwarded his hand

She makes face but being greedy for her favourite held his hand.

“Sunky’s promise.” Swara said

“Not sunky call me Sanskar.” Sanskar annoyingly said but she didn’t listen him and again started to play with her doll which was kept on table.

He sighed and called his mother. He went from there for preparing Maggie as she only eat his hand made food.

“Don’t know when this girl will leave my son.” That lady said under breath

“I heard.” Saying it Swara started to jump around her.

“So what.” Sujata (Sanskar’s mom) said and held swara’s wrist

“Come with me, let me change your dress or else you will become ill then again my son has to suffer.” Sujata said and took Swara with herself.

“Sunky’s mom give me chocolate.” Swara said

Sujata smiled little but soon changed her expression.

“First bath then anything else and why you want chocolate rather than eating it you do make up with it.” Sujata said and started to change her dress as already she had enough bath.

Listening it, Swara chuckled. Meanwhile, Sujata changed her dress and started to comb her hair.

“Sunky’s mom it’s paining do slowly like sunky.” Swara said in complaining voice and looked at her with bigger eyes.

“Great now my son also started to do girly things.” Sujata said and make hair style as per swara’s wish

“Sunky’s mom” She turned towards her.

“Now what happen? Seriously you’re most irritating creature I ever seen.” Sujata said

“Today I not disturbed you so I am good girl. Now you’ll not complain about me?” Swara said looking at her with hope

Sujata’s heart melted seeing it, she immediately hugged her. Sanskar come and see them like that, he became shocked seeing them.

“Ma” Listening it she broke hug and started to scold Swara again but swara’s all concentration was on Sanskar who was carrying milk glass and Maggie in his hand. She immediately pushed Sujata and jump in front of Sanskar.

“You only see this girl, I am going and after making her feed come to me I have talk to you about something.” Saying it Sujata went from there giving angry look to Swara, Swara looked down seeing it.

After she went, Swara saw from her corner of eyes and finding her no where, She started to jump in happiness.

“Maggie.” Saying it, she tried to snatch it from him but he lifted his hand.

“First promise me you’ll also drink milk then only this Maggie.” Sanskar

“No promise, Maggie.” Swara said and tried to take Maggie from his hand but he was smart enough to escape. She got idea and stood on table.

“Swara come down, you’ll fall.” Sanskar said but Swara kept on struggling at last Sanskar gave up and forwarded her Maggie bowl. She happily took it and started to eat.

He was staring her with unknown emotions, he remembered his first meeting where she was totally different and now.

A 15 year boy was sadly sitting in park and crying seeing some papers in hand. Seeing him like that a girl nearly 14 years old came and sat behind him.

“I am swara and you?” she asked
Seeing her boy turned his face and shifted from there.

“I just asked as you were sad and I know we not share our problems to strangers. So thought to do friendship with you well okay if you not want what could I do then?” She said with cute smile on her.

She about to walk from there but stopped hearing his words.

“Sanskar, I am sad as I fail in my exams. Now ma will scold me.” He said in chocked voice.

“Ohhhh, it’s big problem.” Saying it she sat near him.

“Hmm my ma do chores in other house and making me study but still I fail. I am very bad boy.” Sanskar said with teary eyes.

“It’s okay don’t be sad next time do well but how you fail I mean are you weak in studies.” She said

“No, actually I didn’t study proper as I had fever.” Sanskar said wiping his tears.

“Then promise your mom that next time you’ll do well.” Swara said
He smiled and nodded in yes.

“Where you live?” He asked

Her face became pale listening it and eyes brimmed with tears. She turned her face other side hiding her tears.

“I live in orphanage.” She said

He immediately regretted asking this question but before he could ask sorry she called by someone.

“Bye Sanskar but yes think about my idea.” She said and ran from there.

Next day,
He was happily waiting for her to share news with her, but she still not reached there. He mentally cursed himself for waiting for her as she didn’t tell before going that she will again come. He took chocolate and stood form there.

“Hey, were you waiting for me?” A voice came, he immediately turned and seeing that person his lips curved into smile.

“Yes, I was waiting for you. Actually I wanted to give you chocolate.” He said and forwarded his hand.
She snatched it and started to unwarp cover… “But why?” Swara asked eating chocolate.

“For your advice. I told my mom, she not scolded me just she said next time work harder.” He said

“Yup I knew it, when I was with my parents they also used to say same things to me but now they’re not with me.” She said and stopped eating chocolate.

Her eyes again fill with tears but this time his hand reached for wiping it.
“I’ll make you meet with my ma, she’ll also love you.” He said

“I used to live with my parents, but one year ago they died in accident. After that my uncle took me with him but aunt didn’t like my presence. They started to fight due to me, so at the end my uncle left me on road. Now I here.” She said looking at sky and smiled remembering her parents.

“Don’t be sad…” He tried to say but she stopped him and holding his hand.

“Trying to cope up with situation.” She said and went from there without saying bye.

That night both were sad, he was for his friend and she was at her lost.

With passing days, their bond become strong. They used to spend their time together, even swara made good bond with Sujata. She used to help Sujata in her work. Sujata used to admire little girl. Like this 8 months passed.

A fine day, Swara came with chocolates and happily hugged Sujata and sanskar.

“What happened?” Sanskar asked

“Head told me that some couple came for adopting me. And if they’ll adopt me I’ll able to study higher without any tension also I’ll get family who will love me. So I said yes. Ma I did right?” Swara

Listening it, they became sad specially Sanskar who started to like her. Without exchanging words he went from there. Swara confusedly looked at his disappearing figure.

“He might get work and you did great.” Sujata said

Swara smiled, after spending some time she too went from there.

Next day, she not came as she had to meet those people who came for adoption.

Next day, she tried to meet Sanskar but he denied saying he has work. He still not able to accept his best friend will go away from him.

Soon that day came when all legal formalities done, Swara was little sad as she was going to separate from her best friend but she was happy too as her dream of having family going to be true.

She went from there without meeting sanskar as she thought now he doesn’t want to meet her at all, sanskar was seeing her going away from him hiding in some corner. That day he cried lot, even not took food. Just kept sitting at roof and was remising their little journey.

With passing time he became busy in his life but there was void which only Swara could fill.

After 10 years,
Again destiny going to change his life, someone about to enter his life again to fill those voids which was still empty.

He finally achieved his dream making his mom proud on him as recently he started small business which was doing well.

A fine day, he was climbing on temple stairs. There he noticed a girl playing on stairs, she about to fall but in swift movement sanskar held her hand and pulled her. Due to sudden pull, she collided with his chest. He became freeze with that touch, heart started to beat rapidly. That girl bite his chest and ran from there pushing him.

“Swara.” Just this name came from his lips.

He tried to run but people surrounded him and started to ask him he got hurt or not.

“I am fine but Swara I mean that girl.” He asked and continued look in that direction where Swara ran.

“Ohhh that girl, she’s mad. From some months she’s here. She live in mental asylum but every time running come here.” Priest said

“Mad but..” Sanskar whispered and ran in that direction. There he saw most cruel scene of his life, his Swara was sitting between garbage and trying to find something eatable. She saw some brown rock which was like chocolate. She happily took in mouth but he reached near her and took it from her mouth.

She angrily saw him and started to beat and cry at same time for Chocolate.

“Don’t you remember me I am your sanskar, you remember we used to do fun and irritate mom.” He said hoping she might remember him.

She saw him with teary eyes, he became happy thinking that she not forget him but next moment he became devastated.

“Give me, my chocolate.” She tried to snatch but he lifted her and moved from there.

“Don’t send me there, all are bad they touch me…. Bad I don’t… please don’t…” She thought he’s taking her to mental asylum.

He understood what she mean…. “I’ll not.” He just said and glued her with chest even more.

But still she kept protesting and biting him. That pain was nothing in front of that pain which he got after seeing her like this. He took her to hospital as her lips were bleeding due to trying to eat rock also her forehead was bleeding like someone threw stone at her.

After check up, Sanskar asked doctor to give her injection as he has to take her with him. Doctor followed his word as she knew him.

Sanskar closed his eyes and just prayed something. “Doctor, she is fine I mean she was blabbering that touch…”

“Someone tried it but with God grace she’s safe from that.” Doctor said and went from there patting his shoulder. He lifted her and went taking her.

In starting days, Swara used to throw things on him. Even she used to bite him on hands when he used to try feeding her. But with his care and Sujata scolding she started to behave good with them but whenever she used to remember something from her past her condition used to become more than worse.

His trances broken by her voice. He wiped his tears and looked at her who was showing him empty glass.

“I finished it.” She said, he took glass from her hand and wiped her mouth with hanky.

“But why as you were not ready to finish it.” He asked

She smiled sheepishly and show him her doll whose hair were open.

“Do it now” She ordered him.

“So Swara gave ransom to Sanskar.” Sanskar said and started making hair of doll. She giggled and started to try same style on his hair but not able to do it she again started to cry.

“Sunky I want to do it.” Swara said pulling his hair.

“But my hair is short.” He tried to say but she jumped from Sofa and started to run with comb and some clips.

“I’ll do it on sunky’s mom” She exclaimed in happiness, registering her words he ran behind her and caught her before she could enter inside sujata’s room.

“Swara what are you going to do, mom will scold you.” He dragged her and shouted at her. Listening his high pitched voice she pushed him and ran inside her room.

“This girl, Swara listen.” He ran behind her, listening his voice Sujata also came. She too ran behind him, both became shock seeing Swara trying to hide in cupboard. Sanskar tried to go near her but she started throwing clothes on him. She saw towards Sujata who was angrily glaring her.

“Sorry sunky’s mom.” Swara said and started sobbing.

Sujata went near her and held her hand… “Come with me.”

Swara looked down and started to move silently.

“Why you were throwing clothes at him. How many times I told you it’s bad habit.” Sujata said politely and held her ears.

“Ma leave her, I scolded her…” Sanskar tried to say but Sujata angrily glare him….

“Paining sorry I’ll not do it.” Swara said and ran to Sanskar and asked sorry from him too.

“Good now tell why you did it.” Sujata said

Swara hide behind sanskar and show her comb and clips…. “I want to comb your hair like sunky did to doll’s hair.” Swara said

Before Swara could reach to Sujata, she ran away hiding her hairs. Swara sat on floor and started to play with comb. Sanskar sat near her and held his ears.

“I am sorry.” Sanskar said, Swara turned towards him and smiled at him.

“O…k..a…y” Saying it she again became busy with herself.

Sanskar set cupboard and kissed at hair.. “I am going office, take care and don’t run here there.” He said

Listening it, she hugged him and started to cry. He hugged her back and asked “What happened?”

“Don’t go you’ll also forget me, please don’t go like lucky.” She said and started sobbing badly.

“Just for some hours, I promise when I’ll comeback I’ll give you new doll.” He said and went from there without listening her as daily she used to stop him from going. Seeing him going far away she ran behind him and hugged him.

“Sunky p..l..e..a..s..e.” Swara said.

“Swara I’ll come soon also I’ll bring chocolate and lots of toys. Please let me go.” Sanskar

“Don’t go I’ll die don’t go… I’ll die…”She whispered, Sanskar understood again she remembered something from past.

“Sanskar don’t go today, call your clients at home. I think today something happen to her that’s why again and again she is stopping you.” Sujata said who came for giving him lunch box.

Seeing her condition, Sanskar nodded in yes. “Okay I’ll not go but promise me you’ll not disturb anyone today.”

“Sunky’s promise.” She said and separated from him. He smiled and kissed her forehead.

“You go and play I am also coming.” Sanskar said

She smiled and run from taking tiffin from Sujata’s hand…. “I’ll play kitchen × 2 with it.

Next week, today sanskar was going to take Swara and sujata on lunch as he got some deal. Sujata was making Swara ready but as usual Swara was disturbing Sujata.

“Call sunky, he’ll comb my hair and my doll too.” Swara said to Sujata who was combing her hair.

“Swara just shut up or else I’ll lock you here only and will go with sunky I mean Sanskar.” Sujata said, Swara eyes widened listening it. She kept fingers at her lips.

After making her hairs plaits, she makes her wear small earrings and sticked bindi on her forehead.

“Now looking like my doll. Don’t touch anything.” Sujata said and took kajal and mark it behind ear lobe. Swara nodded in yes. Sanskar came there, he became mesmerised seeing swara.

“Lets move.” Sujata said.

Sanskar came in sense and moved from there but Swara stopped him.
“Sunky stop.” Swara said and applied kajal behind his ear lobe.

“Now looking like my doll.” Swara giggled… Sujata gave what look to her but she not gave heed to her.

He smiled and held Swara’s hand. Trio moved from there.

In Restaurant,
Sanskar was feeding her, some couple were seeing and admiring them. Sujata listened their talks and remembered how some years back she always used to think Swara as her daughter in law but now how things changed now.

“Sunky’s mom don’t cry I’ll not disturb sunky and you.” Swara said and wiped Sujata tears. Seeing it her eyes became more teary, sanskar understood she’s feeling bad for Swara. However, she shows she not like Swara but truth is she still considered her as daughter.

“Sunky’s mom please don’t cry.” Swara about to cry too..

“I’ll not cry if you will eat with my hands.” Sujata said

Swara looked at Sanskar who was looking at her only… “But sunky.” She said

“Swara eat, I also have to finish my food.” Sanskar said.

Swara nodded in yes and started eating by Sujata hand. Later they went from there, Sujata went separately as she has to visit her friend.

After three days,
Swara was seeing TV with Sanskar and sujata. Sweat started to form on her forehead seeing a girl in lehenga and she’s crying before her parents dead bodies.

“Mom dad wake up please don’t leave me your Swara need you. Please wake up.” Saying it she started to shake television.

Sanskar forcefully tried to separate her but she angrily slapped him.
“I said leave me” She said and started to shake television. Sujata too tried but today she was not listening it at all just trying to wake her parents.

“Sanskar where is her injection.” Sujata said, he came out from shock and hurriedly went in room for bringing injection. After few seconds, he came and injected her. He picked her and make her lay on bed.

“Ma it means something happen on her marriage day, did she’s married? Sanskar said broken, thought of her being someone else also making him mad.

“Don’t know but whatever happened with her it was very bad. Hope she become alright soon.” Sujata said caressing his hair.

Sanskar nodded in yes and kissed her forehead and held her hand. “Today I promise you that whoever did bad with you I’ll kill that person.” Saying it, he lifted her and make her lay on bed.

Next day,
Swara was still unconscious. Sanskar was sitting near her and crying remembering their childhood.
His trances disturbed by a phone call, he picked it… “yes laksh I am coming to take you.” Sanskar said over phone. He cut the call and again looked at Swara.

“Ma I am going my friend laksh is coming. You take care of her. Also make arrangements of his living he’ll live here only.” Sanskar said and kissed her forehead.

After two hours, Swara opened her eyes and started crying for sanskar. She stood on bed and started to find him in room. Sujata came there running she became amazed seeing swara trying to go under bed and shouting Sanskar’s name.
“Swara what happened?” Sujata asked

“Sunky, where is he?” Swara asked while crying, she even opened cupboard for searching him.
Sanlak reached home, listening horn sound Swara happily jumped.

“Sunky came.” Swara shouted and started to run. Sujata tried to stop her but she was not listening at all. She reached hall and started to see towards door. Soon Sanskar entered with luggage seeing him, she happily threw herself in his arm.

“Sunky where were you? I was finding you, you know even I searched for you under bed, cupboard, bathroom all places but you were not there.” Swara said crying

“Sorry Swara, I went due to some work.” Sanskar tried to say but she stopped him.

“Work means you went for bringing gift for me.” She happily screamed and started searching his pockets.
“Sanskar who’s she?” Laksh asked as Swara back was facing him. Swara angrily turned as he disturbed her, without having any emotions she was staring him. Seeing swara, laksh gulped in fear.

“Swara” Laksh whispered
Swara tightly hugged sanskar and started sobbing.

“Sunky, he is bad.” Swara said pointing towards laksh.

“Laksh don’t mind. She just afraid of strangers.” Sanskar said glaring swara
“No he’s bad, bad..” Swara tried to say but Sanskar forcefully took her with him.

“Laksh you take rest I’ll see her.” Sanskar said

Swara was just renting that line and crying remembering something.
“swara don’t cry, I will give you cho..” Sanskar

“Lucky” Saying it she started to sob more.

He not able to connect things, he makes her lay on bed and went from there taking her injection.

Seeing him going, laksh entered in room and touched her forehead. She struggled due to his touch and started to see here there for sanskar.

“I am sorry Shona, I know betrayed you. But now I realised my mistake, you know after some months of that incident when Kavya came to know what I did with you and your parents she left me with my son. From that day I am trying to find you for asking forgiveness and please come back in my life, you’re my lucky charm.” Laksh spoke

“Sunky” Swara shouted and started to hit laksh with her racket.

“Bad boy” Swara muttered

Listening shout, Sanskar came and became shocked seeing laksh trying to rescue from her but she’s not at all leaving him.

“Swara leave him.” Sanskar shouted.

“No bad boy.” Swara said and started hitting him more.

“Sanskar I just came for calling you but she started to beating me.” Laksh said and pushed Swara with all force. Swara hit with maze. She became unconscious, sanskar angrily saw laksh.

“How dare you push her, you don’t know who’s she? She’s my life my love my everything” He shouted in anger and started cleaning Swara’s forehead.

“She was trying to kill me.” Laksh said

“I am sorry but you shouldn’t push her.” Sanskar said

Laksh nodded in yes and went from there.

“Swara I should not leave you alone.” Sanskar said and lay taking her in his embrace.

Next day,
Swara opened her eyes and saw sanskar beside her. Sanskar too opened his eyes and saw her seeing him. He smiled and took her in hug. She not reacted just kept looking at him.

“Swara glad you open eyes. Wait I’ll make you brush then mom will make you bath.” Sanskar said and called Sujata.

Swara was all silent and trying to register things. Sujata came as usual blabbering things. Seeing her, Swara ran and hugged sujata.

“Ma where were you I tried to find you but I not got your address.” Swara said

“Swara you called me ma it means you’re fine now. Beta you don’t know how much we were waiting for this day.” sujata

“Really Swara you remember us.” Sanskar happily shouted.

Swara break hug and looked at Sanskar.

“You’re Sanskar, cry baby. Right?” Swara said

“I am not crying baby.” He made faces and looked other side.

“Ohh god you’re still same, but what I am doing in your home and you were with me I mean..” Swara tried to say but not able to complete feeling embarrass.

“Long story it’s Swara, I’ll tell you later but first you tell do you need anything. Yeah I’ll make your favourite cookies.” Sujata gave excuse and went from there giving them space.

Swara was feeling little awkward in Sanskar’s presence, she excused and went inside washroom. She was standing there closing her eyes. All things flashed before her.

“It means I was with him. Oh gosh now how I’ll face him. I should avoid him yeah it’s good.” She murmured

Next day, Morning
Sanskar was happy seeing swara fine but feeling sad seeing her ignoring him. Also he was missing their fun.
Swara noticed laksh there, she angrily stood and went from there.

“Swara what happen beta” Sujata tried to ask but she not gave heed and ran towards her room.

“Ma you wait I’ll see her.” Sanskar said and saw laksh who was sweating badly.

Before Swara could close door, he entered and angrily caged her between his arms.

“Leave me Sanskar. I want some space.” She tried to push him but he make his grip strong.

“Swara what happen? Don’t you will tell your sanskar.” Sanskar cuped her chin.

“I want to go from here, whenever I see him I’ll remember how my parents died due to me and how he break me.” Swara said

“Who Swara?” Sanskar asked

“Lucky.” She said and hugged him tightly and finally broke down.

“Tell me everything”Sanskar said and sat in hugging position itself.

“When I reached Mumbai with my parents (who adopted her), there lucky used to work as driver son. But I never thought him like that. I used to miss you so I did friendship with him and started to spend time with him. Not only this I also used to help him financially as mom dad used to love me so much when I asked sponsor lucky’s education they agreed for me. Time was passing like this, one day lucky proposed me I happily accepted him as I also got some feeling. We both used to roam together and do fun. But one day he told me want to go London for studies and for it he need money. I asked mom dad they agreed as lucky was going to be our family member. After 2 years when he returned mom dad fixed my engagement with him but he betrayed me Sanskar. He was using me for his future, all things were fake even his friendship. There he came drunken and told he’s married to Kavya his true love.

Even he is going to become father, I pleaded him lot as I still not able to believe that all things were fake but he showed us his family photo and pushed my dad who was on his feet. That time only he died due to some sharpen things went inside his stomach. My mom not able to see all this, she also got heart attack. I pleaded lot to them to open eyes but they not opened. At last I angrily stood for killing lucky but he threw me from house saying now he will enjoy here. Even I not able to see last ritual. Leave this I even don’t know what happened with their bodies. And I lost my conscious on some road and after that I don’t know how I reached here. ” Swara said last line avoiding eye contact, she doesn’t want to tell him she remembers each and every thing.

“I am sorry for not with you, but Swara where is lucky I tried to find him lot but never got success.” Sanskar

“I’ll make you meet with him, come with me.” She dragged him in hall, there laksh was speaking with Sujata.

“Swara walk slowly.” Sanskar tried to say as Swara was walking fast.

Listening it, laksh stood and tried to go giving excuse of work. But Swara pulled him through wrist and slapped him hard. Laksh fall on floor. But she not stopped there only she started to kick him and was shouting… “I did many things for you but at the last what you did? If you simply told me that you need money I must help you as frnd but you bastard destroyed my life. Only due to you my mom dad died and…” She not able to complete as her she started to breath heavily.

Shock was less for sanskar as well as Sujata as they always loved him.

“Sanskar she again gone mad.” Laksh tried to say but not able to complete as Sanskar held his collar and started punching him.

“Just shut up I got doubt on that moment only when Swara reacted badly seeing you but I thought maybe I am mistaken.” Sanskar said and broke his nose.

Laksh fall on Swara’s feet and held it.
“I am sorry I accept my sins but I already got punishment. Whatever money I got by your property that went to NGO as in your parent’s will all properties were on your name. As you were not found so property went to NGO. Not only kavya also left me when she got to know truth. Now I am all alone Swara please accept I promise I’ll love you always. Please come back you’re my lucky charm” He said with great difficulty.

Without waiting for Swara’s answer Sanskar again held him through collar and started to punch him.

“Dare to say about love, she’ll never comeback to you. You just go from here before I give you to police on cheating charges.” Sanskar roared
“One minute lucky.” Swara said going towards him, Sanskar left his collar. Laksh became happy thinking she is coming to him. Swara took some bangles from her hand and threw on his face.

“Now go and enjoy.” She said and pushed him harshly and closed the door.

She ran towards room and closed door from inside, Sanskar tried to go but sujata stopped him saying give some time to her.

Next week,
Swara was normal with Sujata but avoiding Sanskar. Sanskar was just noticing it and waiting for correct moment. He got that moment too when Sujata sent them forcefully for buying things. Sanskar stopped car at isolated place and opened car door for her.

“Come out I need to talk with you.” Sanskar said and held her hand.

“What? Sanskar we’re running late..” She tried to say sensing where this conversation might go but he pulled from car and kept arm either side of her.

“Why you are ignoring me?” Sanskar dangerously said, first time she felt something different by his touch. She remembered many incidents where they used to even more closer than this, automatically a smile formed on her lips.

“Tell me Swara.” This time he said even more dangerously.

“I am not, you might…” Swara tried to push him but he held her both hands.

“You remember everything, isn’t? I understood that time only when you avoided looking at me. And don’t dare to make story as in these 6 months I come to know you even better.” Sanskar said cupping her face.

She looked other side and nodded in yes thinking now there is no use of lying.

“I was feeling uneasy and..” Swara said

“Why, can’t a friend help other friend in difficult times?” Sanskar said and made her turn again.

“But you don’t think me as friend . I know you have some feelings for me. That’s why I am afraid that I not able to reciprocate same feeling and will destroy your life too.” Swara finally said her fear.

He loosened grip and about to go but she held his hand.

“Are you guilty loving girl like me who used to love someone and who’s curse..” She about to complete but he angrily turned and jerked her hand.

“Just stop, Yes I love you not from today or day I found you back but from long time as You’ve Captured My Heart. You remember I not talked with you when you were going because I was upset, upset being loosing you. But when I found you again that time situation was all different. You will not understand leave it.” Sanskar said angrily

“But how I supposed to guess that you are not.” Swara said while sobbing.

“You should understand.” Sanskar said

“I don’t understand things easily, you should make me understand.” Swara said sobbing little

“Since I met you, you only cry.” Sanskar said and wiped her tears before she could do.

They remembered similar incident
“Your influence.” She said and smiled hugging him.

“But now I not cry.” Sanskar said

“Lair, I know you used to cry for me.” Swara said

“But that time you used to asleep then” Sanskar.

“Bingo, just I throw arrow in air but you caught in it.” She started to laugh holding her abdomen. He adore her laugh, she found him staring. She stopped laughing and turned her face.

“Leave all this. Let move must be worry about us.” Sanskar said, they moved from there holding each other hand.

He purposely not asked about her feelings as he wanted to give her some space. Due to hurrying he doesn’t want to lose her.

Days were going smoothly, Swara started to feel for him but don’t want to accept more than confusion there was fear in her heart. It wasn’t like that she not trust him but she not trusts her destiny itself whomever she loved they left her or betrayed her. Now no more strength she has for loosing anyone.

But love can’t be hidden for long, her actions always used to give him hint (Like her possessiveness for him, her care.. so on..) she loves him but not able to realise or something stopping her.

A fine day,
Swara came from outside but seeing next scene her heart break in several pieces. There sanskar’s roka ceremony going on. Not able to control her feelings she ran towards Sanskar and separated him from that girl.

“You said you love me but here you’re doing roka with another girl.” Swara said and threw dragger at girl.

“And you, how dare you come here, this is my house, she’s my mom and he’s my Sanskar not yours.” Swara angrily blurted

“But when I became yours? You only think me as best friend…” Sanskar tried to say but realising what she blurted she ran away from there.

“Thanks Priya for help but now I need to go to her. She can’t run anymore.” Sanskar said and ran behind her.

“Come with my daughter or else entry is ban for you.” Sujata shouted from behind.

At road,
She was running aimlessly, Sanskar was shouting her name but she was in her own world. At last she fell on knees and shouted.

“I love you Sanskar but if I’ll say this to you then I’ll lose you too. It’s better that I move away from your life.”
“I’ll love losing my life with you but I’ll not allow you to go away from me.” He said from behind, she stood and started to move but he pulled her.

“Just enjoy present don’t think about future.” She was looking other side… he continued “And you’re always lucky for me. First time we met you gave my life new direction. Second time we met I got deal. I don’t know you remember or not but once you stopped me for going office if that time you don’t stopped me then I might not alive. My car break was fail, this proves Swara you’re my lucky charm.” Sanskar slowly turned her. Still she wasn’t looking at him.

“Still you want to go away from me? I promise if you’ll go away then never show my face.” He said pulling her more closer.

“I am sorry..” Swara tried to say something but he left her thinking she’s going to leave him. He started to move from there but stop listening her further words.

“Will you marry me sunky?” She screamed

He turned, became shocked seeing her on knees. He immediately went on knees.

“I love you Sanskar, I don’t know from when. I used to find you in laksh may be that’s why I easily trusted him and said yes. But when now I think then I feel I always loved you just not able to realise.” She said looking down and started to cry, as usual his hand reached for wiping her tears.

“I love you too.” Sanskar said and hugged her tightly.

“You didn’t answer my one question.” Swara said sobbing.

“Which question cry baby?” Sanskar said, they were still in same position.

“I am not..” Swara… “Then even I am not sunky.” Sanskar said laughing

“You’re my sunky and I am your cry baby.” Swara said breaking hug, and joined their forehead. He smiled and softly kissed her forehead just with love.

“Sunky ready to marry cry baby.” Sanskar said

They stood and moved from there joining their hands.

Scene end at their smiling face.

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