Dastaan – Ishqbaaz ff ( episode 11)

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In RM(Rathore mansion)-

Next morning-

Siya : You talk in that matter.

Kaurwaki : Hmm, Aavya is coming tomorrow .

Siya : What ! Guests are here. Now What we should do?

Kaurwaki : I don’t know.

Siya : Ok. We have time but nobody know about this.

Sona (from behind) : Kya nahi pata chalna chaiye.

Siya & Kaurwaki look at each other.

Siya (in mind) : Oh God ! Ab kya karein.

Suddenly a idea came in her mind.

Siya : Nothing, Sona we planned for outing .

Kaurwaki look at het shock.

Kaurwaki : (in mind) Like seriously Outing. She didn’t get any other excuse.

Sona : ( jumping) Yeah Outing. I invite all .

Siya (scream) : No, This outing is only for girls.

Sona : Oh , I invite Anu & Shree for this.

She leave & Kaurwaki give a deadly glare to Siya.

Siya : What should I do .

Kaurwaki : Oh really Outing. We talk about important matter & you want to go outing.

Siya : You don’t worry, We cancel in last minute.

Kaurwaki : Great ! Sona will kill both of us.

Siya : I don’t think about this.

Kaurwaki : If you have brain, then you think only.

Siya : Stop throwing tantrums. Aavya come tomorrow . So, we discuss in night. Now, get ready for outing.

Kaurwaki : Hmm.

All girls are ready for outing.

Anu : Thanks Kaurwaki for outing but where we should go.

Shree : Hmm Tell na Kaurwaki didi.

Kaurwaki (in mind) : What should I tell them.

Siya : Ahh ! Park for Picnic.

Boys are watching them.

Yug : Bhaiya ! This is not done. They want to go alone.

Yagya : You don’t worry we also go to same place.

Yog : No, I have some work.

Aicchik : Same here.

Girls reached in park.

Shree : I brought Icecream. You guys waited here.

Shree go to Icecream Stall . She is about to leave . Someone collide with her & her Ice cream fall down. She look at him .

Shree : Shit ! What you had done.

Person : I am really sorry. Are you ok ?

Siya (pouts) : I am ok but my Icecream is not.

He look at her.

Person : I brought you new.

Siya : No need . Firsr you done this & now you want to showoff your money.

Person : No, you get it wrong. I want to help you.

Shree : I don’t want.

Person order Chocochip Ice cream & leave from there. Siya also brought her Ice cream & move. She turn toward him & saw him moving toward a car. A small girl is sit in the car. He give Icecream to her. She smile seeing his care.

Kaurwaki : Where are you lost.

Shree : No where. I am coming only.

Kaurwaki notice the car. Car leave from there.

Kaurwaki ( in mind) : This car is familiar to me.

Shree : Come di.

Kaurwaki : Hmmm.

In RM –

All were doing their respective works.A small girl enter with a boy.

Girl : Hi mamu, Where is Mumma?

Yagya choked on his cofee & all are in shock.

Aicchik : Aavu, you here.

Person : She is coming with me.

Aavya : I want Mumma.

She start running. All are tried to catch her.

Yagya : Ye bacchi hai ya spring.

YaYoYu tried to catch her while she was jumping on Sofa. She sees them & jump from the Sofa & all three fall on the Sofa. She start laughing. She move toward them & pulling Yagya’s cheek.

Aavya : You three are so cute.

Aicchik : Aavu, This is bad manner.

All girls enter & shock to see the scene. Aavya was on Yagya’s back.

Aavya : Chal mere Ghore.(horse)

All girls are start laughing (except kaurwaki & siya).

Kaurwaki (in a stern voice) : Leave him & come down now.

She leave him in one order of her. Person move toward her. Shree was shock to see same person. He move toward Kaurwaki & hug him. Yagya was shock. Aavya run toward her.

Aavya :Mumma, Where are you ?

Yagya felt ground is slipping under his foot. Rest are shocked listening word’Mumma’.

Kaurwaki : Aavya You have to come tomorrow .

Swadesh : She want to suprise you di.

Yagya felt relieve after listining word ‘Di’.

Aavya : Mumma, I miss you so much.

Kaurwaki : Aavya, go & freshen up.

Aavya : Ok mumma.

She leave from there & Swadesh see shree.

Swadesh : Di, Who are they?

Kaurwaki : They are Oberois.

He took blessings from elders meet the boys while Shree leave in anger. He notice this.

Dadi : Kaurwaki, Aavya is your daughter.

Siya : No P.d , She is not her real daughter . She is brought her from Orphanage.

Dadi : Hmmm……Very good puttar You are really kind.

Kaurwaki : Thanks P.d.

Kaurwaki look toward Siya because She is lying.


Kaurwaki talk to Siya………. Aavya’s pranks.

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