Kabir & sanchi are in love with eachother os…!!!by sanjana part 1

Hey guys its my first writting os zo plz forgive me for any mistake i jzt hope u all like thiz
So lets start the story

At sdch in mrng

At kabir’s cabin

Knock knock

Kabir-come in

Sachi-sir u called me

Kabir-ya dr.sachi i called u to give these files to
dr.malhotra cz im going 4 surgery and im in hurry so jzt do it

Sachi-ok sir she leaves

Kabir also leave 4 surgery

At Malhotra’s cabin

Knock knock

Malhotra- (while talking on phone ) cm in

Sachi-sir dr.kabir gave these file to give u

Malhotra sign sachi to take these files on the table

Sachi took these files on table and about 2 leave

Malhotra-(on phone) ya gaitry u dnt wry i’ll talk to kabir about his and ria
That if he wants to marry ria

(Author’s note:here kanchi loves eachother but still not confess her love )

Sanchi get very upset as he luvs kabir

Sanchi:(in mind) what if kabir sir will say ues 2
dr. Malhotra after all he respect him alot how will he refuse him

Time skipped

Malhotra in kabir’s cabin

Kabir: sir u here even u called me i ll came to u..

Malhotra:kabir u r like my son and i wanna say something 2 u but before that u tell me one thing
Is there anyone in ur lyf i mean u luv any one ????
Kabir in deep thoughts ..

Malhotra:where are u??

Kabir:nothing sir.

Malhotra so tell me

Kabir: sir yes i luve someone

Malhotra: who is the lucky one

Kabir: sir wo …wo…i’ll tell after confess her

Malhotra: ok then..

Malhotra leaves

Kabir: to himself: y sir was asking me that anyways i know luv sachi now i have to confess my feelinvs 2 her but how

@ kabir’s cabin

Sachi:may i cm in sir
Kabir ya sure dr. Sanchi

Sanchi:sir u called me
Sanchi avoid the eye contact to kabir and looking at the table

Kabir ya we have a surgery tonight at sahrp 8.00
So be ready on tym and ya take these files and read them

Sachi:looking at the file ok sir

And she leaves

Kabir:y is she looking so upset like her world gonna stop


At ot:
Kabir give me the cotton
No responce from sachi
Kabirr shook her shoulder and say
Kabir : where r u sanchi
Sachi nothing sir here is cotton

The operation get success
Out of ot

Kabir: what happens sanchi y r looking so depressed
Sanchi: nothing sir
Kabir : ok
She was about to leave but faited (due to not eating or drinking anything)
Kabir get tensed and take her to the ward and make her lay on the bed
He treated her
He check her pulse and understood that she didnt eat or drink anything


So guys that was my first os
Plz if u like it then throw a cmnt below and silent reader plz dont be silent
The second part of my os ll be update soon

Thnx all of u who read my os

  1. It’s awesome and very unique waiting for next part

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      Thnx ashnita…

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    nice one

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  6. Anee

    Hey Sanjana dear it was simply amazing eager to know how will they confess thier love to each other so please update soon as you can.

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  12. Moonlight25

    Sanju it was really good….great start….???…loved it to the core…i wonder what is the reason that kabkr is disappointed by Sanchi….post your next epi ASAP

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    Thnx to all of u…

  14. hey sanju(hope u don’t mind calling u this)…….a very nice update………i think the love confession’ll take some more time………coming to the episode, sanchi might avoid kabir after listening anand & gayatri’s conversation…..which’ll hurt kabir…….i would luv to see some twist & turns b4 their love confession………eagerly waiting for ur nxt update……….

    1. Sajnana900

      U can call me sanju i like this name even my parents also called me by this name and thnx and ya the mathode of confessing is some like different

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  16. Its superb and the start os amazing.

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