swasan os : on current track by kaynat khan

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Hey guys actually was busy with someother os so couldnt upload punar vivah…and uploading this os as today is my birthday and from readers simin is the one who wished me feom tellypdates and yeah many fb friends too wished me cant name them but thanks so much… so a treat to youll from me….

This os is based on current track its continuation of episode which happened in serial where swasan got to know about laksh’s death and ragini saw abhimanyu but he declines being laksh and ragini kidnapped his daughter….

A man wearing white shirt blue jeans walking on road lifelessly… his hairs are messed his eyes were red puffed…. he was sanskaar… the one sanskaar who use to laugh smile today he was not that sanskaar today he was different….
Sanskaar pov
6 months before i remembered i did fault by fighting with laksh despite i should have explain him about the situation…being elder brother i only loose my control…. he became missing….i have put my day and night just to find him for maa badepapa and ragini who was living only on that hope that when will her husband will return but in all this nobody notice how i was feeling laksh was my brother too… everybody blamed me and even my love my swara blamed on me i was thinking that no one will be on my side but she will stick no matter what… but i forgot for her…..family comes first her sister her maa baba then after all relations her husband comes to her…. my wife is so mahaan she will never think of her own self but she will think of her sister… i also know her without me she too cant live but she left me once again and this time forever and i also promised that day that whenever i will bring laksh i will give her punishment for leaving me for breaking our relation……
6 months passed everything has changed i wasted this months just to find where thisΒ  laksh have gone leaving all behind leaving his ragini behind…. swara sticked to her desicion and i never forced her but anger reached my peek whenever i saw her her betrayal her choosing ragini over me every flashes just came to my mind…. i only remember that thing which she promised that till when ragini’s suhaag i.e laksh will not come she will too dont put sindoor and mangalsutra…. its really haunting for me whenever i see her without sindoor and mangalsutra it reminds ne of my helplessness… and today i can never bring back two persons in my life that is laksh who has gone leaving me and my swara…..

Sanskaar pov ends

Sanskaar just sat on hisΒ  knees in the middle of road and shouted cryingly

Sanakaar : lakkksshhh

He was crying of being seperated from his brother who was his life and now he left him…..

He composes himself and stands in middle of road….
At that time swara comes finding him and founds him standing in middle of road and truck was coming on his way she quickly pushed him…. sanskaar falls down and cones back to senses…. swara came to him and jerked him

Swara : what were you trying to do haa tell me…sanskaar come in senses…
Sanskaar : sense..
He laughs in tears
Sanskaar : i have came in sense now only swara and why you came here go to your sister she needs you why you came here…. oh yeah i forgot you won congrats miss swara you won today i loose i couldnt find laksh and will never ever find him…. and now our relation is also over as per as your promise….
Swara : sanskaar its not your fault..
Sanskaar : it is my fault swara my fault because of me laksh died because of me you left me because of me ragini is alone in her life i am the cause of everyone’s ruin life….you know what swara when i see your neck and hairline without mangalsutra and sindoor it reminds me of loser…. you know what does it mean you are women whose husband is alive then too she is widow….
Swara shouts at him
Swara : sanskaarrr…
Sanskaar : what swara this is the truth a fact which can’t be hidden… you know when we love someone so much we often gets afraid that we may loose that person but in my case i lost two important first my lucky my bro… he left me
He cried remembering about laksh swara also gets teary eye to see him
Sanskaar wipes his tears
Sanskaar : and second you wanna know who?? My friend my wife my soulmate whom i use to love so much and i do today too but you know na swara destiny always play games first you left me because you wanted to be with your sis and today also we cant be one as per your promise…. i sanskaar maheshwari is a big looser a looser…
Swara wanted to hug him but she too knows its too late now
Suddenly they both saw ragini’s car followed by abhimanyu both swasan were shocked seeing laksh alive….
They both looks at eachother and ran to their car and drove behind them

After this all continues as per as serial
Laksh comes behind ragini followed by swasan…
Anoopurna and dp hugged laksh
Anoopurna : laksh you came
Dp : thank god you are safe beta thank god…
Laksh : see you’ll are getting me wrong i am abhimanyu khanna… am not laksh ok
Sanskaar comes to him
Sanskaar : laksh what are you saying have you gone nuts
Laksh : see bhaisaab i really dont know whats going on just give me my daughter back i wanna take her…
Suddenly mishka comes running
Mishka : papa papa
Laksh : uff thankgod mishka you are safe…
He kisses her forehead
Suddenly ragini comes with a blade in her hand….
Ragini : so you are not gonna say you are laksh ok then fine stuck to your answer… if my laksh is really dead then it really useless to stay there where my laksh is not there…. if you are really abhimanyu then you wont care if i would be alive or dead right…
Laksh : see ms. Ragini suicide is not the option
Ragini : so anything has left for me my love my life laksh is no more so i will too doe and will go to him…
All tried to control ragini but she didnt stopped all were worried especially laksh…
Ragini : i love you laksh…
Saying this she was about to cut her wrist when laksh comes and throws the blade…
Laksh : have you gone mad ragini you were leaving your laksh alone yes i am laksh… your laksh ragini your laksh…
Ragini was having tears
Bg music
Ookaram khuda hai tera pyaar jo paaya hai
Tujhpe marke hI toh mujhe jeena aaya hai
Oo tere sang yaara khush rang bahara
Tu raat diwaani mai zard sitara
O tere sang yaara khush rang bahar
Mai teri hojau jo tu karde ishaaraa

He hugged her and cried
Laksh : why ragini you love me so much why???
Ragini : you better know…
Then laksh goes to ap dp sujata and rp
Laksh : maa papa i missed youll so much i would have came long back but there were some reasons why u was hided…. i wanna tell youll why i hided my identity
Actually the day i fighted with sanskaar i felt guilty i wanted to apologise to him but i had an accident but i was saved by one woman and that woman was mishka’s mother and when i gained my senses she kept me in her home and pretended that i am her husband she was totally mad and when i declined and told her that i wanna go home she would give me threaten that she may kill this innocent mishka that’s why i continued this….

Ragini : oh laksh why not we send her to assylum then she would be cured soon and we may keep mishka with us…we will adopt her…
Laksh : ragini you serious
Ragini : yeah i am
Both hugged eachother and ragini kissed mishka’s forehead
While laksh goes to swasan
Laksh : i am sorry swara and sanskaar because of me you’ll too suffered so much and sanskaar bhai i know i did a sin but if possible plz forgive your idiot bro…
He cried sanskaar immediately hugged him
Sanskaar : sshhh bas bas i am happy that my bro came i am not angry on you… i am just happy for maa badepapa as they got you back….just stay happy always lucky…

Then laksh goes to all and talks with them
Swasan sees eachother reminds of their promise…

While anupporna called sanskaar he goes to her
Anupoorna : you promised you will bring him and see he came i am so proud of you sanskaar now just do another favour plz bring swara back in your life… i know there are some problems in your life but till when you’ll gonna spend days without eachother…. bring her back in your life sanskaar start your lives freshly…

Anupoorna goes while sanskaar decides to talk with swara once hw goes to hall he finds all but didnt find her…
He searched everywhere but couldnt find her then he got a voice message from swara
He clicked on it
Swara : sanskaar seatching me but dont worry i am going from yours and everyone’s life i know by choosing ragini i did a mistake i should have choosed you but sanskaar being elder sister it was my duty i am sorry sanskaar for all those 6 months that you left cryingly because of me…. those 6 months which you spend by drinking by making your life hell… by making other relationships perfect i couldnt make our relationship strong i couldnt love you as much you do….
I failed as wife as a partner i left you when you needed me… dont worry i qont kill myself but i will go faraway because i will not bear your hateness… the sanskaar which i have saw who use to shower love on me and today i left only hate in you… i wont be able to see it thats why am going far away so that you can live happily….
I couldnt give you happiness when i was with you hope so you get happiness without me bye sanskaar live happily….
yours till death only your swara….

Sanskaar hand trembled listening her words she has was going he quickly grabbed his keys and went in search of her

Sanskaar pov
Maybe she was not right she lft me when i needed her but what would she can do she cant let her sister alone so she gone with her and till when i will give punishment to her for that… end of the day we both love eachother if she had done mistakes i too have done equal mistakes… i dont wanna loose her now i just want her back plz swara come back
Sanskaar pov ends
He looks at a way where a girl was walking on streets…
He runs to her and hugged her
Sanskaar : thank god swara i got yoy…
Yes he got swara
Swara gets surprised
Sanskaar : have you gone mad you were leaving me why dont you wanna listen your punishement or you were running from it
Swara : no sanskaar i know you will ask divorce from and i cant do that
Sanskaar : swara have you peeked in my mind… i mean what are you speaking
Swara : so whats your punishment
Sanskaar : are you ready for it
Swara : since you have found me and i dont have anyothwmer option so yes
Sanskaar goes closer to her and whispers
Sanskaar : just spend everynight with me as my wife….
Swara looks at him ahockingly
Sanskaar : what
Swara : sanskaar are you serious you forgived me
Sanskaar : long back and i wanted to talk to you but you were doing your mahantaa again by leaving me if you would have left me today would prefer death…
Swara kissed him to keep his mouth shut…
Sanskaar was surprised but then he too responded
They were showing their love in that kiss which they lasted for 6 months
After some time they broke
Sanskaar : so shall we go to home mrs maheshwari
Swara : sure mr. Maheshwari but i need you do something
She takes her mangalsutra out
Swara : i am really incomplete without all this
Sanskaar made her mangalsutra
Sanskaar : perfect now you are looking swara maheshwari
Swara : aahhaa correction swara sanskaar maheshwari…
Both hugged eachother and whispered
Sanskaar : love you
Swara : love you too…

The end

Sorry for this boring os wrote in hurry next os is also on they way it will be big and different do drop comments bye

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