Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th May 2010 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th May 2010 Written Episode, Written Update on

The 2nd episode continues with Kokila saying I need such a bahu/daughter in law,who has tongue but don’t use. do not make my son mad with her doings, who having hands and feet, but act like my puppet.

Screen shifts to Urmila’s chall, Postman comes on bicycle. He goes to Urmila’s house and rings bell. Gopi opens door. Gopi says Jai shri krishna , dakia kaka/Postman uncle. Postman says Jai shri krishna, beti/daughter. Please call gopi, her money order has come. Gopi says I’m Gopi. Postman says okay okay! Its some rupees, take it and sign here.Gopi takes pen and somehow manage to write something. Postman sees and says if you’ve write name or something is running. Gopi feels humiliated. Panah comes and says postman kaka/uncle, do you not know about our Gopi jiji/elder sister’s writing? If you is new? Postman says yes. Panah says okay okay! now recognize and neither talk about it again. Understand. Postman says I understand my dadi/grandmother, can I go now? Panah says yes,go. Postman sees gopi and says OK beti/daughter! Gopi nods. Postman leaves.

Gopi comes in ground. She sits under a tree and takes a stone. she try to write her name. She cries. Panah comes and says gopi behn/sister, that postman kaka/uncle was new na! he didn’t know then don’t weep. Gopi says see na panah! I can’t write my name even. Panah hugs gopi.

Kokila’s car comes to modi mansion. Driver horns. Guard immediately opens door and shouts Nanibhabi come. Servants hears and start taking flower pots aside. Car comes in home. Flower pots are on the way. Driver stops car.

Kokila comes out of car. She says dafor/loser! Raju stops while taking flower pot. Kokila comes to him and yells at him that if he has wisdom, can’t see that a car is coming. your eyes are gone. Raju says That Nani Bhabi! Kesu kaka/uncle asked to clean. Kokila slaps him tightly. Flower pot falls from raju’s hand. Raju has wound on his toe. Kokila leaves saying if you have to do haramkhori/bad earning, then Your leave from modi bhavan, Kha kha kai carbi charhi hui hai, Aaj khanai ke chuti/today leave of food.

Kesu then consoles raju and tells him that she is daain/witch. Always kao kao. Daam bare darshan/deeds small. Raju says no kesu kaka, all are not like nani bhabi, that mota bhabi is so sympathetic. Kesu says yes, one is koil, and other is kagari. Our hetal bhabi is, talk with too much love. Its not seems that she is bahu/daughter in law of such a big house.

Screen shifts to Modi Mansion’s temple. Hetal is doing aarti. Maani, Champa and Revdi are behind her. Hetal comes out of mandir. Maani, Champa and Revdi follow her. Hetal gives them aarti. She says take parshad. She gives parshad to trio. Revdi tells her that which she ask to cook, she has. Now, tell what to cook in sweet. Hetal tells her. She asks Champa for flowers in Baa’s room. She then asks them to take cloths from rooms and wash them. Champa and Revdi leaves. Hetal ask for kokila. Maani says not yet. Hetal says today kokila has go to see girl for our ahem, I pray god for getting some good news. Maani says it’ll be good news. Hetal praises her. Revdi and Champa opens door.Kokila comes.

Revdi and Champa says Jai shri Krishna. kokila stares at them. Hetal smiles. Maani is scared. Kokila comes to hetal. Hetal says you come, I was talking about you. She asks maani for bringing cold water for kokila. Maani says I bring now. Lokila stops maani from bringing water. Don’t need cold water. She ask maani to go. Maani leaves. Koki and Maani sits on Sofa. Hetal says kokila,how was girl, if I’ve no pain in foot then income with you. Kokila says it was right that you don’t come. Hetal says why? what happened? Kokila says that girl was not even my ahem’s feet’s dust! Hetal says beautiful….. Koki interrupts saying what of face, habits are to be seen too. and that girl, she was dafor/loser. Hetal tells kokila that all have deficiencies, if you work like this, then marriage of ahem is almost happened. He is now of 26. Kokila says bhabi! if he is of 26, then what happened? Marriage’s age of my son has gone. You don’t like this that my son ahem marry girl which I like. Hetal says see kokila, I was just…. Kokila interrupts saying no need of giving me opinion, bhabi! She tells hetal that she is just for respecting of baa and thakur ji, and do only that. Kokila leaves.

Hetal sees Raju coming and says raju what happened? She rushes to him. Raju says no thing bhabi! flowerpot fall on foot. Hetal says come here and sit. Raju sits. Hetal says you sit,I come. Hetal comes with first aid box and says how do you work that all things fall? How much blood flow? Hetal sees raju seeing her and says what happened, while she is bandaging on raju’s toe. Raju says nothing. Hetal says it happened. Raju thanks her and leaves.

Jitu comes home and calls Rashi and Urmila. Gopi opens door and greets him. Panah takes umbrella and says today my turn. Jitu laughs seeing panah hanging umbrella but in vain. Gopi gives Jitu water. Jitu drinks. Panah says gopi behn! you hang it. Gopi hangs umbrella.

Jitu asks gopi what she has done whole day today? Panah says She work whole day just,She have to done as Rashi behn and Mami do nothing. Work which i can do, I done but Mami always scold gopi. Gopi says mama! nothing is like that! mami loves me a lot.Panah says lie.Gopi says Mami don’t scold me, infect she makes me understand. Gopi later tells jitu about postman and gives him money. Jitu asks if Urmila see money? Gopi nods no. Jitu tells gopi that if your father’s pension collect separately, then it will be helpful in your marriage. I pray that your mami can understand this. Jitu gives some of money to gopi. Gopi says I just want it for panah.

Urmila comes and says what is happening? Jitu try to hide money but Urmila sees. Urmila comes next to him and says and what are you hiding? jitu says nothing. Urmila says something is, let’s show.Gopi is tensed.

Urmila says what you keep in Pocket, let’s show. Jitu takes out money and gives to Urmila.Urmila sees at gopi and says money of pension and counts. Urmila says oh! so hide and seek with wife. Don’t do it again. Make girl bad with love. Jitu stands and says how much she work? Urmila says what she do? You’ve make home orphanage. First took gopi and now this girl(panah).whenever see gopi gopi! sometime think about your daughter Rashi. Look for big or small man for her. Nothing will be done by you, I’ve to do all things. Urmila leaves.

Next Morning,
Modi Mansion,
Parag is going when he bumps with hetal. Hetal maintains her balance.Hetal says to b careful Parag Bhai/brother. Parag apologizes hetal and tells her that he was thinking something but tea fall on your feet. Hetal tells him that its not much. but where was you going in Hurry? Parag says I’ve written a bhajan, and was going to tell baa. Hetal says OK! come with me.
They come in Hall to baa.Hetal tells him that baa is sitting here, show him. Parag nods.Hetal sits next to baa and says I’ve bring your morning tea,baa. Baa not wakes up. Parag says baa. Hetal serves tea to baa saying take it baa, your tea. Parag and Hetal are scared too see not waking up. Hetal shakes baa saying baa. Baa wakes. They are relieved. Hetal gives baa tea. Baa says what moti bahu/daughter in law, is this way to wake up sasu maa/Mother in law. Baa further says what a sweet sleep was, Kahana and Radha come along in dream.Hetal sees ear machine and shows parag. Baa fits ear machine in her ear. Parag tells baa that he has written a new bhajan. Baa asks him to sing. Parag sings sham radhe koi….. Kokila comes and sees. Kokila says nikamai/loser. She sits on sofa saying all are losers.She says champa, revdi, maani, where are all, all move tongue, no one moves hand. She calls maani and champa. Maani and Revdi come running. Kokila says where you trio die? Revdi and maani says yes nani bhabi.
Kokila says ji nanibhabi, now, why are you standing like idol,where is champa? I ask her to make kheer,where is kheer? Maani says champa! Champa comes taking kheer. Champa gives it to koki and says taste and tell how it is made? Koki says shut up. She tastes kheer and shouts standing. Koki says its burn, can’t you say maani that kheer is hot, maani why are you seeing my face? go and bring water. Revdi rushes to koki taking water. Koki yells at revdi bring fast na! you’re coming like choi moi. Koki drinks water. Koki yells at servants that they are not of work, she will fire them outside house. Parag smiles. Baa laughs. Kokila stares at them.

Precap: Urmila says to Rashi that her luck has opened. I know only this that tomorrow seeing you, kokila Ben will say that you are only my bahu/daughter in law.Rashi becomes happy. Gopi smiles.

  1. Isaaq

    How did Kokila change a lot??? She used to be so evil… it doesn’t seem like it’s Kokila anymore- she’s a complete different person.
    I think if Rashi was still alive, Urmilla would still be negative today

    1. Nandhini

      Yes Isaaq kokila was so cruel to everyone around her and she ill-treated her servants…its all this ” I WANT EVERYTHING TO BE PERFECT” attitude…but now she totally changed and treats everyone good…

  2. Boss(Siddarth)

    Yes Issaq kokila was very cruel in beginning and she never respected Parag if rashi is alive still she &Urmila may have troubled Gopi.
    And seeing the attitude of kokila&Urmila in older episodes i think Paridhi and Mona is better now wt say .

    1. Amalina

      Emmm, maybe urmila was like paridhi n mona, but kokila only had a bad attitude. But when gopi got married to ahem, she was soooooo nice to her gobi bahu that she called her gopi vow (daughter-in-law gopi) while hetal didnt even call rashi her bahu, but only rashi. Kokila had dominated the favourite saas award in spa in the past few years til today.

    2. Nandhini

      Right Sid…pari and mona are better than the old cruel kokila and urmila…pari and mona has little humanity inside them and they helped their family in tough times but kokila was totally arrogant dat time and urmila was too evil-minded to trouble gopi…

  3. This episode r good and excellent amizing I like Rashi well in this episode is not died means may be sathiya got 1 or 2 place in top ten serial

  4. Siddarth y Rashi had leave the show and why geya is replaced by devoleena. I don’t this after seeing this u replay comment

  5. Boss(Siddarth)

    Arvind Rashi left show bcoz she got married and Gia manek was replaced bcoz she went to participate in Jhalak dik la aa ja.

    1. Isaaq

      Yh but it was a total waste as Gia Manek was eliminated in the first round of Jhalak laa aa ja. What was the point of her joining the show? Imagine if we had a confident Gia Manek on SNS?

      Apparently I heard Devoleena was originally to play Radha?? but she replaced Devoleena instead

  6. Chithu

    I miss Rashi. Gopi n Raashi were good Jodi too. Urmila was so blind in love for Rashi. Only after Rashi’s death she started to show genuine love for Gopi.

  7. Boss(Siddarth)

    And Issaq even i heard that Gia manek had some misunderstanding with producers so she left the show .

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