SwaSan! Lust Obsession Love!! {PROLOGUE}

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A huge and a beautiful mansion is shown ….the bodyguards were surrounded all around the mansion …. There is name plate on which it is written ” SM MANSION”

Inside the a mansion a room is shown in which a man / boy was making love with a girl on king size bed .. Wait wait is it called love making ..
No absolutely not … He was actually having s*x with tat girl to satisfy his lust

Girl:umm baby more …I need u … Umm there ….yeah …just there

The boy was kissing,biting and was sucking her soft skin which became so rough cause of his wildness on her
While the boy and girl engrossed in having s*x …. A mobile rings
The boy just lifted his head and looked at the caller I’d …. As he saw the caller I’d …he jumped up and sat on the bed

Boy:dad …

He looked tensed …but lifted the call

* on call*

Boy:good morning dad
Dad:it’s 12 now is thz morning for u Mr SANSKAR MAHESWARI..

He sounds anger ….he get tensed

{Yes off course it’s our cutie Sanskar only yar??}

Sanskar: dad wo actually …hmm woo…

He scratches his head not finding answer to his questions

Dad:k leave it ….I just called u to inform abt mine and uttara’s visit to Kolkata ….

Hearing thz the sanskar jumps from the bed in excitement and happiness ….his handsome so charming face is shown ..his eyes shined with bright smile on his lips

Sanskar: (happy) really dad … r u serious ….I mean suddenly u wanna come here
Dad:yes son ..wo actually I have to talk abt something very important with u so coming there to meet ..u son
Sanskar: (Happy) okay dad …come soon I will be waiting for u ?
Dad:okay ..

*call ends*

Sanskar eyes were shining in happiness knowing tat his dad and sis uttara is coming here to meet him …

He puts on his shirt and walks towards the wardrobe and takes a budle of rupees from it and looked back at the girl who was sleeping on the bed all naked giving him a seductive smile
He smirks and throws the notes on her

Sanskar: get lost ….from my sight

He said thz with so dangerous tone making the girl jump in fear ..
The girl wrapped herself in the bedsheets and leaves from there immediately ….like if she stops there for a min also ….she could become a prey to thz lusty beast

He just smirks


A girl is shown Washing a dozens of vessels …a vice comes

Voice: ayy SWARA .. Kaan margai tu …come here fast …

She turns …her beautiful face is shown …. Even though her face is looking pale with sweat … There was some spark which can make anyone to fall for her
She is our beautiful swara

Swara:haan maa ….aayi

Before she could get up and go..
A lady comes there …and holds her hair …she winces in pain her hands & body were shivering in some fear

Lady: still now u didn’t wash the vessels huh! ?
Swara:(winces in pain) aaaa maa
I….I….will….w..a…s..h…plz… Leave m…e …p…l…z aaaaa

The lady leaves her with a jerk and puts a bundle of clothes on the floor …

Lady:? wash thz clothes also now …thz is only ur punishment for doing work so lazily and carelessly

She nodes in fear …

Lady:?after finishing thz …
Clean my kavitha’s room … Ladke wale would come to see her

Saying thz she leaves from there

Tears rolled down from swara’s eyes …making her soft cheeks wet ….but she immediately wiped her tears ….plastering a fake smile on her face …

Swara:(fake smile) come swara …ma asked to wash thz clothes …let’s do it

She starts washing


Lust is a desire tat teaches to take one’s dignity
Obsession is a desire tat teaches to just need the person
Love is a desire tat teaches us to give our loved one’s

It is a 3 different emotion /words in which man can either lose or win ….

Thz story begins with Sanskar’s lust ….but ends with _____???

Lust changes into love


Lust changes into obsession


It is combination of thz 3stages


Tanu is back?
So guys how was thz new ff of mine hope u all liked … I will continue thz based on ur comments …

Thank u all …love u???

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