Philanderer {womanizer} Intro

*Disclaimer: guys dis is not fully my work i have read a online fiction related to it, but i dont copy d whole story line only its base which i found interesting n unique caught my eye.. I dont take d whole credit… i dont want to offend anyone its purely for entertainment purpose*
WARNING: some mature topic(not scenes) ,no proof reading, typing errors


Mount college, Dehradun

Its d most famous college of d whole state, for every activity that held had its own importance from sports to academics but the most which caught everyones eye was the title of PHILANDERER(womanizer)

It was not an official one although n surely not included the educational system.

It was held on by student goerning of the college. It was a sport among the students of the whole college even though the higher authorities knew they didnt did anything about it

It was pretty famous sport; the title would be given to the person who could take the virginity of most of the girls of college not only the boy was given the title but the girl who did stayed at the last as untouched n virgin was also titled

In such a college was studying our dear darling last virgin swara…
Lets see how would she retain her virginity wen the most handsome greek gods not to mention five of them were behind her so they could get the title…

The five boys are
( varun kapoor as sanskar maheshwari
Sidhant gupta as kunj sarna
Karan sing grover as aryaman singhania
Parth samthaan as manik malhotra
Pearl v puri as abeer purohit)

*but guys for some fun i wont be telling u who the guys are as it is pretty ovio that its swasan(not 100% sure?) so just for some suspense i would not unfold their identities they would be nicknamed as bunny, ash, nick,hunter, brady*

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