Hired To Love. (Episode 1)

Hired To Love.

Inspired SS.

By Duggu, Mohini & Kaynat.

#Warning :- 18 + Content. This ss is obviously a bold one. So whenever there would be swearing or mature content we’ll inform you !

Episode 1.

Swara Gadodia …
She is only child to her parents Shekhar Gadodia and Sharmishta Gadodia…
Her family is middle class and can only afford their daily necessities … Lucuries is faraway. She never dreamt of high class bunglow, money , nothing. She just wanted to make her own personality….Her own self respect…
That’s the reason she was coming to Mumbai to complete her education in good college…
Though her parents couldn’t afford that much money but Shekhar worked hard day and night to let her daughter complete her finals in best college…. And Swara too knew how her parents are working hard on her so she quietly studied…
She never got interest or addiction towards other things.She has set her goal and she wanted to achieve it anyhow….

Swara’s POV.

The train stopped and I finally reached my station. There was crowd moving outside the train. I took my bag and somehow stepped out of the train. I inhaled some air and looked around. Mumbai. Where millions come to achieve their dreams and I’m one of them. I started walking outside the station. I came out and searched for my bestie. But she seemed nowhere to be seen. I took my phone and called her.

“Where the f**k are you ???”
“Swara I’m standing right behind you. Just turn and see.”

I turned around and saw her. My childhood bestie cum sister. ?

” Anaya?????” I screamed.

I ran to her and hugged her. She too hugged me.

” How’s you been ?”
” Dude I was travelling 2 days in train ! I’m all tired !!!! ”
” Lol ! Now let’s go home. Skylar is waiting !”
“Skylar ? ”

We went to her scooty and I sat on it. She started driving and all I could notice was crowded streets with people and roads by vehicles. There were huge buildings all had bright lights glowing in houses. It was just cool.
” Dude it’s f**king awesome !!! ”
“Haha. Except pollution everything is awesome here !!”

After few minutes she stopped in front of an apartment. We git down and went at our home ?. As soon as she opened the door Skylar jumped on me. He started licking me. He is my favourite pet.
Me and Anaya was I remember in second year when we found a small puppy in mud. We took it to our home and cleaned it. We kept it with us and named it Skylar. One fine day Anaya shifted to Mumbai and I decided to give Skylar to her. Since then I used to chat with Skylar & Anaya on Skype ! Both were the only bffs I had.

Next Day :-

I got ready wearing an anarkali with pony. Anaya dropped me at college and left.
Remain Un noticed Swara !!!
I decided and entered the college. I looked down and was walking. I suddenly heard ..

” Ohhoo looks like someone is new here …”
” Chalo lets have an intro. What’s your name…? ”

I didn’t wanted to talk with them and waste my time so I just ignored them. I could hear their footsteps behind me. I wished to hit their faces but … But … I’ve to pass the year unnoticed !!
Suddenly a girl of their group stood in front of me.
” Oh what you thought that we are running behind you… you are wrong miss behenjii just look at your clothes…”
What the f**k is wrong with my clothes ?? There’s probably problem in you eyes you b*t*h !! I just wish to kick their asses ?
NO !!! Control !!!

” Today’s girls dont have sense to wear anything”

I ignored and calmly reached my classroom and settled there ….

It was difficult for me to adjust but I adjusted. Somehow I ignored those bullies. All I did was concentrating on my studies. I didn’t pay attention to boys so I was far away from the romance matter. Actually to be frank I didn’t find anything attractive in these guys ?

POV ends.

After a month.

Swara successfully passed one month !!
She almost completed all assignmemts before her due date…teachers all the time praised her…this always irked some students who hate her but she ignored them because she only came to study and she wanna remain alone and unnoticed so she never complained about them….

Swara’s POV.

I was passing by library when I heard someone calling me. I turned and saw Diya Mam, my English teacher.

” Good Afternoon Mam.”
“Good Afternoon Swara. Well Swara you very well know how much I love your writings ! There’s a guest lecture next week. So we sort of ask a student to give thanks giving speech to the lecturer. So this time I want you to prepare a thanksgiving for the lecturer.”

Woah !!! f**king Amazing ?? !!

” Okay Mam. It would be my pleasure. Can I know who is the lecturer ? ”
” He is Sanskaar Goel.”

Sanskaar Goel. Hmm … Sounds s*xy ?? Don’t tell me he is a stripper. ? Mam seemed excited.

” Sorry Mam. I don’t know who he is !”
Mam was surprised.
” You don’t know Sanskaar Goel ??”
” No Mam. I really don’t.”

I confessed honestly.
” Okay. I’ll tell you about him in detail after your lectures. Now atted your next lectures It’s already 2.”
“Yes Mam.”

I smiled and went for my next lecture. Who the f**k is Sanskaar Goel ?? After the lectures I went in library. Diya Mam waved me her hand and I went to her. I sat besides her.

” Hello Mam.”
” Hello Swara. See I know that you don’t know who Sanskaar Goel is but don’t let thie secret out to others ! They’ll get mad on you ! ”
” Okay Mam.” I chuckled.

Hmmm … Now I’m really excited to know about this Sanskaar goel !

” He is young Entrepreneur. He is 22 yet achieved 30 awards ! He is an excellent businessman. He is motivation to many of the teens. And even a hot topic for girls.?” She chuckled.

That’s why I loved Diya Miss ! She was so casual and acted like a teen !!

” Jokes part. He is well known in outer countries also. India is proud to have an entrepreneur like him.”

I didn’t knew. ?

” His company name is Goel. So any questions?”
” No.”
” You’ve to do thanksgiving for him.”
” My pleasure ! I’ll do it happily ☺ Thanks Mam for giving me this opportunity ! I promise won’t let you down. ”
” I believe you. Give your best. ”

I Went home back. Skylar asual jumped on me and licked me. I loved the way he loved me. I loved him too ? I kissed him back. I picked him.

” Is Anaya home ? ”

He barked. She’s home !

I went to her room and there she was lying down and typing something.

” Anaya .. ! ”

I jumped on her bed with Skylar.

” What’s Up ? How was your work ?”
” Don’t ask ! Anyways how was your day ?”
” Awesome ! You know what Diya Mam gave me a chance to do thanksgiving for a lecture !”
” Oh !! Who is the lecturer ? ”
” Some Sanskaar Goel.”

Her eyes grew wide.

” What ?? ”
” Dude !!! He is Sanskaar Goel ???”
” So ? ”
” Swara !! He is f**king s*xy !! I mean all of the teen girls drool on him. And I’m one of them !! ”
” Mam said that ! ”
” Can I come for the lecture please ? Atleast I’ll get a glimpse of him !! ”
” You’re kidding me ?? ”
” No I’m not ! ”
” Fine. Even I won’t let you in the lecture ?”
” f**k you.?”
” Go to hell darling ??”
” Anyways. You wanna see him ? ”
“Oh please. I’m not interested to join the Drooling Over Goel Club !! ”

She gave me a glare.

” You need to see him !”

She typed Sanskaar Goel on Google. It took much time to open. Yippe !! WiFi off ??

“Sorry you cannot see.”
“Seems like even WiFi is drooling over Sanskaar Goel.” I chuckled.

She took a pillow and we started our pillow fight.

Lecture Day :-

Alarm … ?? I wish to kick your ass Alarm !!! ?? You ruined me ? I got off the bed and quickly went to have shower. I brushed myself in hurry and came out. I saw all my clothes kept on bed. And Anaya and Skylar were standing near wardrobe.

” Anaya baby I love You .. ”

I hugged her and kissed her.

” I wish if you was a boy. ” I chuckled.
” Shut up you b*t*h ! Now wear them !! You’re late !!”
” Oh yes !!”

Skylar looked at me. I kissed his head.

” I love you too Skylar.”

He smiled. And alarm rang !! I took it in hand.

” I hate you alarm !!”

I threw the alarm clock and wore the clothes. Anaya did my make up. I stood in front of mirror.
W-H-A-T ???

I’m looking so awesome !!! This skirt and tank top is suiting me ?.
Anaya handed me her helmet and keys.
” Drive safe ! And best luck.”
” Love you babes?”

I drive the scooty very fast !! After some minutes a black car was not allowing me to go ahead. Gosh !! I horned but in vain !! Over take !!
I over taked the car and f**k !! The car was going to dash a tree !! But brakes ! Saved. I saw this from mirror. I turned my head back and said

I reached colz !!
” Where were you Swara ?? ”
” Mam sorry. Did the lecturer came ?”
” Not yet. Lets go !”

We entered the auditorium. It was crowded. All looked at me and were hell shocked due to sudden changes in my attire. ? I sat besides Mam in first row. A teacher approached on stage.

” Lets welcome the one and only Mr.Sanskaar Goel !! ”

All stood up so did I. All clapped so did I. I was so short that I couldn’t see him !! Why am I so desperate to see him ?? Maybe because Anaya said ?? ?? I stood on toes and. I saw him. His side face. All I say was … He is a greek god !

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