Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tika and happu at tea stall. Tika says give me a tea today as he does not have money. Happu says is it your mothers wedding that I should give you tea? Vibhu comes and says don’t scold him and give him tea. Happu says he should work and drink tea with his own money. Tiwari comes and laughs and says whom are you talking with? He is jobless too. Vibhu says stay in your limits. Tiwari says I don’t understand what did anita see in you? Vibhu says she saw a hero. Vibhu says I don’t understand what did anguri see in you? Tiwari says she saw an earning guy who can keep her happy and not a characterless jobless like you. Vibhu says I will bash you and stay in your limits. Tiwari and vibhu go in a corner and beat each other and come out. Tiwari says you don’t know whose hand I have on my head. Vibhu says I will break that guys and your hands. He goes. Tiwari says from where should I bring that hand?
At home Tiwari is sitting in hall. He hears a dialogue from movie by Shakti Kapoor. Shakti Kapoor enters the house. Tiwari is happy and excited and says oh my god its Shakti Kapoor. He welcomes him and says I am Tiwari and I run a business of undergarments. Shakti Kapoor says oh man that’s so low. Tiwari says actually I called you for my neighbor because he thinks too much of himself and I told that I have a big hand on my head so help me as you have to beat him or do what you want. Anguri comes. Shakti Kapoor looks at her and his heart starts pounding. Shakti says you are very beautiful and I like you, anguri says thank you very smooch. Shakti gets up and says she wants smooch? Tiwari says no no and she said thank you so much. Shakti says oh and I thought she wants smooch I could give her. Tiwari says what? Shakti says nothing. Anguri says sahi pakde hai. Shakti says what? And allow me and see how I hold you. Tiwari tells anguri to bring some breakfast. Tiwari says I called you for the work and please hit vibhu and teach him a lesson. Shakti says yes I will do my work and I am a villain and I will kill him and press his neck. They both go at vibhus house. Tiwari says vibhu come here and I told you I have a big mans hand on my head. Vibhu says and I told I would break that’s mans hand and make him beg. Shakti Kapoor takes vibhus hand and turns it and says you want to break then come on and I am crime master gogo I will kill you. Anita comes and says oh my god you are in our house. Shakti looks at anita and his heart starts pounding gain. He then dreams of dancing with anita on song kala chasma. Shakti says you are very beautiful. Vibhu goes out and says Tiwari brought Shakti Kapoor and I will call one man. Inside Shakti says anita you should be in movies. Anita says yes I wanted to. Shakti says you have a face like madhuri, complexion like hema. Tiwari says do our work. Shakti says don’t say again in between and remember I have a knife in my pants and see what I will do. Tiwari says okay. Outside happu is keeping the crowd away and Tiwari comes and says this Shakti Kapoor is getting too close to anita and do something. They go in. happu says I am a big fan of yours and give me autograph. Shakti says yes and happu says I have a pregnant wife and 9 kids and they all like you. Shakti says you have 9 kids? Happu says yes. Shakti says your wife is pregnant? Happu says yes. Shakti says where does she live? Happu says she is in village since 3 years. Shakti says and you are in the city from how many years? Happu says 4. Shakti says then in 4 years you haven’t met her once then how did she become pregnant? Happu is shocked and says I never thought about that and runs away to village.
At vibhus house, tika and malkhan are thrown inside his house from out. Vibhu says who is out and who did this? Bollywood actor ranjit comes. Vibhu says wow you are here and come in. tika and malkhan go. Ranjit says I came only because you called me. Vibhu says yes thanks and how was your day? Ranjit says not that good as he could not find any women in the mall but its okay. Vibhu and ranjit laugh. Then vibhu says he called him because of a guy who sells undergarments and he needs to be taught a lesson. Ranjit said I think you can do that yourself and what am I needed for? Vibhu says I can do that alone but he has a mans hand on his head and its Shakti Kapoor. Ranjit says what? And Shakti came in Bollywood by learning from me and he is a villain just because of me and I will teach that guy who I am. Anita comes and says oh my god you are here and I am a fan of yours. Ranjit is excited from anitas beauty and he gets up and starts removing shirt buttons saying beauty. Vibhu says she is my wife. Then ranjit puts back the buttons saying daughter(beti in hindi). He says stay away from that Shakti Kapoor. Anita says he is an actor and totally different in real life. Vibhu says listen to him, ranjit says he just wants you on your lap. Ranjit says lets go and see that Tiwari and Shakti.
Vibhu goes at tiwaris house, Tiwari says why are you here again and you want to get bashed again? Vibhu says I brought Shakti kapoors father for you and him. Tiwari says oh is that and call him I am alone enough for him. Vibhu call ranjit. Ranjit comes. Tiwari is scared and ranjit holds him and says what you said and you are enough for me? Tiwari says I was just joking. Anguri comes and says you are such a great star and I like your work. Tiwari goes. Ranjit says wow baby baby baby and starts removing buttons. Vibhu says she is Bhabhi. Ranjit says oh and puts the buttons again. Ranjti sits and says you are beautiful. Anguri says thanks and I write sher. Ranjit says okay tell me one. Anguri says a stupid sher. Vibhu says wow that was so meaningful and nice. Ranjit says shut up and let me talk too and stay quiet. Ranjit says sing a song. Anguri says okay, vibhu says bhaiya mere rakhi ke bandhan. Ranjit scolds vibhu and says sing mere prem sajan, anguri sings, vibhu says stay quiet and he will take it seriously. Tiwari comes and says just wait now and I will call the man, he calls Shakti Kapoor. Shakti Kapoor comes, ranjit gets up and they face each other. Shakti says I am the greatest villain and see my wrath. Ranjit says what and you are the greatest villain> Shakti gets scared and says no I am the 2nd or 3rd or 4th whatever you like and then he takes his blessings and says you are my guru. Vibhu and Tiwari say to each other that they both are hugging and laughing and lets go. Ranjit stops them says wait, anguri says actually they both were just acting and we allowed them to act like that with us, anita comes. She says yes and they helped us so that we could teach both of you a lesson that taking help of bad wont do any good. Ranjit and Shakti say yes. Tiwari and vibhu say sorry to each other.
They all sit. Shakti says ranjit is the most honest man and a vegetarian and he does not drink and smoke too. Ranjit says oh shut up and they say we are actually very different in real life. Everyone say yeah we know that. Vibhu says Shakti is not your real name then how was it kept. Shakti laughs and says my real name is sunil and ranjits real name is gopal. So one day our director told me that my name is not like villain so they kept my name as Shakti so that it feels like a villain. Ranjita says I came long before him in Bollywood and director kept my name ranjit. Anita asks how did you fall in love? Shakti says actually mane girls came in my life but I married the woman I love and I have kids and made a family. Ranjit says I was in village and my mom dad gave me a photo of a woman, they said marry her. Ranjit says I said once they have asked me to do something and I will marry her so I married her. Anguri says what are your best moments in life? Shakti says there have been many events that happened with me and when my first huge project came I told my mom and dad to watch it in theatre. They were all excited and they went and saw that movie, in it I was a villain and I was pulling the actress and took her in a room and she said save me. So my mom and dad said what is he doing and the women is shouting and what film in this? Shakti says this happened with me a lot of times. Ranjit says yes it has happened with me too but we are not like that. Vibhu says so what difference is there in the actors from this generation and the generation of actors 25 years ago. Shakti says before we were like a family and I am not saying today actors are not like a family but their priorities have changed. Ranjit says yes before we sat like a family and we talked whats up nowadays and stuff but now the actors don’t have time. Saxena comes running and says Shakti and ranjit you bashed your enemies so much in movies and please slap me once please. Shakti slaps saxena. Saxena says I like it and goes. Shakti then says I have not seen a more honest man than ranjit and he is very well mannered in real life and me too and I am a family man, ranjit says me too. Gulfam kali comes, shaktis heart starts pounding again. He gets up and dances with gulfam and they go out. Ranjit says just now he was talking about being well mannered and even I will go as he is alone with her and it was nice meeting you. Ranjit goes. Everyone is happy.

Precap: next Saturday: saxena says the singing competition is between vibhu and anita. vibhu is in anguris balcony and anita in her house balcony. The competition starts. Vibhu is not actually singing just lip work, great singer kumar shanu is singing for vibhu from bedroom. Anita says he is singing very weel. Anita sings and she is also doing lip work and singer alka yagnik is singing from bedroom. Vibhu tells anita sings very good.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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