SwaSan! Lust Obsession Love!! {Episode-34}

******* EPISODE-34 **********

¶ Morning ¶

Swasan were still in a deep slumber … Cuddling in each other embrace with a peaceful smile on their respective faces

The sun rays from the window falls on swara .. She gets disturb by this and squints her eyes stretching her arms … As the result sanskar’s sleep too gets disturb …

he shakes his head feeling softy beneath him it seems as a softas silk and just the color of oak leaves in winter … Here swara feels a weight upon her ..

they gets confused and opens their eyes at the same time ..and looks on confused bt as soon as they realised their position their expression Changed to shock

His hands clutching her bare belly whereas her hands fisting his shirt tightly… They looks at their hands with winden eyes and immediately takes off …. .

And Transfers their gaze on each other … Swara looks at him who was still sleeping on her wanting him to get up from her .. Sanskar understoods and throws himself beside her stretching his arms …. Both closes their eyes in relief …bt soon reality hits them leading to open their eyes

“Where the hell we r ” both shouts at the same time ..and looks at each other and then looks away

“Which place is this” they shouts again scanning the whole hut … and looks at each other and then looks away

“How come we r here” both mumbled at the same time ..

Sanskar squints his eyes in irritation and looks at SWARA angrily

“Stop repeating my words? ” He said in anger

“Oh! Hello! U r the one doing tat not me okay ” swara replied him in the same tone?

“Uuu!!!….” His words left in complete as there was a call on his phone … He looks at her angrily ….she looks away not caringly ..

“Lucky” he mumble taking a look at the caller I’d …and connects the call

*on call*

“Good morning dude! Wake up soon and come back to home ” Lucky mumbled with a chuckle

“Haa…” Sanskar stops in a track as something hits His mind and looks doubtedly
“Uuu!!… How do u…” Sanskar’s words left incomplete

“Dude dude dude .. I will explain u bt 1st come to MM na ” Laksh interrupted him

“Hmm..ohhk” Sanskar mubled before hanging up the call and gets up from the plaCe

Swara keeps looking at him confusedly …

“Do u want to stay here itself ?” Sanskar questioned looking away as he feels her gaze on him

Swara shakes her head and stands up.. He turns and looks at her tats when his jaw dropped down seeing her appearance … Her saree pallu was fallen down she didn’t realized it ..her messy hairs and sleepy and tried eyes …he was just awestruck to see his morning diva

Swara rubs her eyes and looks at him only to find him lost in her .. She looks confused

“Wat?” She questioned confusedly

He comes to sense and looks at her from top to toe …and immediately shuts his eyes tightly not wanting to encourage his desire more

She looks at his expression and looks at herself confusedly ..only to find her pallu wasn’t on hee shoulder .. She widens her eyes and immediately covers herself
…..taking a relief she looks at him

“Do u want to stay here itself?” She mimicked his words avoiding the awkwardness

He opens her eyes and looks on angrily while she looks away before walking towards the car
He shakes his head and does the same

Soon they get seated in the car on their respective seats

“Shit! ” Sanskar snapped his hand on the stirring in anger

“Wat happen? Y car isn’t starting ” swara asked looking at him

Sanskar steps out of the car ignoring her questions .. She closes her eyes angrily and looks away … While sanskar checks the engine and finds some prblm .. Thus he gets engaged in fixing it ..

“Done ” Sanskar mumbled wiping his hands by a cloth ..

While swara looks at him ..he gets inside the car …soon they leaves from there


Maheswari Mansion

“Dad …uttu” Sanskar steps in shouting there name.. along with swara

“Sanskar sir ..actually ram sir and uttara di had gone out ” said suresh

“Out! Where ? When?” Questioned Sanskar confusedly while swara also stands confused

“Don’t know sir.. Bt they asked u to not to wrroy they will be back soon” replied suresh

“Hmm …ohkk ” sanskar mumbled ascending the stairs followed by swara



Sanskar throws himself on the bed as soon as he enters the room .. Swara rolls her eyes while he closes his eyes in relief

Swara turns and was abt to move to the washroom Bt stops in track as her eyes falls on mirror .. She looks at her neck where there is a mark and gets confused …. She moves forward to the mirror before touching the marks on her neck … She slides down her pallu and finds marks all over her neck, hand, belly …

Swara widens her eyes in shock… Flashes of last night comes to her mind “like she was loved by someone! Was she really LOVED” … She starts sweating and turns only to see sanskar who was laying on the bed with the eyes closed … She reminces tat Sanskar was sleeping upon her in morning… She connects last night and morning incident .. And gets teary eyes

“You lost ! You lost ur dignity to a lusty person who calls himself as ur husband ! You lost ur everything” her inner voice made her cry more and more …

She clutched her saree and turns …. She looks at her marks in the mirror before caressing it… All the flashes comes to her mind …she squits her eyes tightly

“Noo……” She screams as ths flashes of last night wasn’t leaving her mind

“Swara” Sanskar immediately opens her eyes and gets shock seeing her crying miserably

“Swara wat happen” He asked stepping out the bed

Whereas swara palms hee face and cries more and more …

“Swara” sanskar mumbled keeping his hand on her shoulder

Swara feels his touch and looks at him who was looking at her in concern …

“Wh…” Sanskar’s words left incomplete as swara pushes him hard stepping back

“Stay away ” swara shouts at him Sanskar looks on confused

“How dare u …how can u do this to me” swara shouts clutching his collar in anger

“Swara wat happen” Sanskar questioned pushing her back .. Looking into her eyes in anger meeting her anger

“Wat happen huh! Wat happen! Don’t act innocent Mr Maheswari …. It doesn’t suits a cheap and lusty man like u who is only meant to satisfy his lust whearther it be may be by the will of the girl or not” Swara shouts in anger??

Sanskar looks on confused + shock

“U r the rapist Mr Sanskar Maheswari…u..r…..” Swara’s words left incomplete

“Stop it swara” Sanskar was abt to slap her Bt stops .. Swara looks at his hand and then transfers her gaze on sanskar …. Who closes his eyes to clam himself

“R mad swara …. How u can think tat I will force a girl to satisfy my lust ..tell Me.did I forced u”sanskar asked looking at her

” if u didn’t forced …then wat this huh!..look at here ..here here” swara replies him showing the marks on her neck hands and all

Sanskar looks at the marks and gets shocked….he also gets some flashes of last night incident and widens his eyes

He transfers his gaze on swara who was crying pamling her face… His heart perches seeing tears her eyes …

“Swara trust me ..I don’t know when” he words left complete as swara pushes him back

“Stop it Mr SM ..enough of ur drama .. U had enough played a game with me to satisfy ur lust .. U r blo*dy rapi…..” Swara words cuts off

“Swara” shouts Sanskar in anger pulling her towards him by the shoulder …. And looks into her eyes while she looks away pushing him back

“Leave me alone ” swara mumbled before running towards the washroom

Sanskar snaps his hand on the table angrily before leaving the room.




Sry sry sry guys …for soo late In sha Allah from now onwards I will b regular

Thank u all

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