Oberois Memories – Part 16

The following morning everyone was at breakfast. Tej was the first one to speak.

Tej- Rudra, today you are joining me to have the real experience of business.

Rudra looked scared but he saw Souyma and all his worries vanished. He stood up.

Rudra- No.

Tej- Excuse me?

Rudra- I said No!

Tej- I didn’t request you. I asked you.

Rudra- Well I’m not requesting. I’m telling you.

Everyone is shocked at Rudra’s response.

Dadi- What kind of way is that to speak to Tej.

Rudra- I’m sorry Dadi but you just know that business is not my cup of coffee.

Om- Tea?

Rudra- No thank you Om. I prefer milkshakes.

Om- No that’s the expression, you were supposed to say business is not my cup of tea..

Tej- Then what do you want to do… be unemployed.

Rudra- I want to help people.

Tej- By what… doing charity work.

Pinky – And if you want to help the middle class, help Anika first.

Shivaay- Mum, just be quiet.

Rudra- No, not that. I… um… want to be a doctor. A children doctor.

Shivaay- So you want to be a … ughh I forgot the name.

Anika- So you want to be a pediatrician

Rudra- Yes. I want to be a pedophile(some who stalks children)

Everyone starts laughing.

Rudra- What I’m being proper serious.

Om- What did you say.

Rudra- I want to be a pedophile.

Anika- (trying not to laugh)Okay Rudra um… what you said is pedophile which means a person who is s*xually attracted to children, what you were meant to say is pediatrician.

Rudra- Oh… Yess. You know the work experience I’ve been going to something, its taught me that not everyone is lucky, some people face obstacles in their life and I want to help them. For me, Anika bh.. di is my superwoman and bhaiya is my superman but for once I want to be someone’s superman.

Jhanvi- I’m really proud of you, You’ve become really mature Rudra and you’ve made me feel proud.

Rudra- Thanks ma. But it’s not all me it Souyma as well. She was the one who taught me this.

Souyma- No it wasn’t Rudra, you didn’t need no script or lines to say this, you said it from your heart and I’m really proud of you. I’ve seen you with the kids and you will make a great pediatrician.

Jhanvi- Thanks souyma for giving my son the opportunity of this.

Tej- Wait a minute, Rudra a doctor won’t get you anyway.

Jhanvi- Who are you, the grinch, who’s after people’s happiness. I don’t care if you take mine but I won’t stand if you make my son’s life unhappy.

Tej- They are my son’s as well.

Shivaay- Bade Papa. I also agree, Rudra will be really happy and that’s all I want.

Anika- If you don’t mind Tej Uncle but I think it is a great idea. If Rudra’s got a goal, I’m sure he’ll reach it, and I’m sorry but I think being a doctor will get you somewhere. If Rudra keeps putting hard work and effort he could soon be in charge of a pediatric department or he could be an international famous doctor that has to be called in specially. In my experience of living in England and USA I know famous doctors who have treated even Virat Kohli.

Shivaay- Your experience…

Anika- (tries to cover up her mistake) I mean, I have read about it .

Pinky- who told you to interfere in family problems.

Shivaay- She is family ( he realises what he’s said)

Tej- No Pinky, Anika is right. Doctors can perform miracles and someday I hope my son will do that, and Pinky she was not interfering she was just protecting her brother and setting the image for me.

(In my ff, Tej is not a bad person he just gets put in bad situations. he actually loves Jhanvi but doesn’t know how to express it.)

Rudra- Thank you guys.

Dadi- So what are you thinking of doing. Souyma

Souyma- Either a radiologist or a lawyer, I haven’t decided.

Rudra- A radiologist. How boring

Souyma- Well you know according to Oxford…

Rudra- Souyma is back …

Sahil- And love is in the airrr.

Rudra- Hush Sahil.

Shivaay- There is one problem.

Rudra- What.

Anika- Unfortunatly its your study records.

Rudra- My what… Oh that.

Anika- Your Study Records are not the best and you need to be a topper to study medicine.

Tej- He is Tej Singh oOberoi’s son. with money we can place him in the best university.

Anika- Tej uncle, that’s not the point. You know to get to an high position in medicine it can even take 32 years and some doctors don’t even go to parties. If you get rudra in by money he will never have to work. He needs to show that he is dedicated to this.

Tej- Your right Anika, Rudra you need to work hard

Rudra- But I’ve missed my exams.

Shivaay- Don’t worry, I’ve talked to your teacher you can take your exams next year, whilst your year is on a gap year, but I’m saying this once, you have to work hard.

Om- So no parties.

Anika- Don’t worry, we’ll all help you.

Pinky- I don’t think Rudra needs your help, he’s probably more educated then you. Tell me what grade did you quit school Anika, 5th?

Shivaay was absolutely livid and he was about lose control but Anika told him not anything. Anika had listened enough to Pinky so she spoke up.

Anika- Actually aunty, I passed all my grades, then continued on to college and went to university. I actually recall getting a decree in English literature. Why what did you think?

Pinky jaw dropped and even Tej was suprised of what Anika had achieved.

Dadi- This is why Pinky, you should never judge a book by a cover.

Rudra- Why my Anika di is even more clever that Shivaay bhaiya.

Shivaay- Yeah, don’t push it Rudra.

Rudra was about to leave.

Om- Where are you going?

Rudra- To Chubby’s party.

Shivaay- No actually you can start studying.

Rudra- But…

Anika- Actually Soumya can you actually supervise Rudra, you are so intelligent can you help him and make sure he doesn’t escape or do something stupid.

Souyma- Sure di.

Souyma and an upset Rudra leave

Om- No romancing tho(He starts laughing but no-one laughs)

They all leave to do their own jobs.

Shivaay and Anika

Anika- So as we found out you are hopeless in Spanish.

Shivaay- You gave me ONE DAY. I’m sorry I didn’t become picasso.

Anika- Picasso is an artist.

Shivaay- Whatever.

Anika- Look I got an idea. We will speak via bluetooth earplugs, I’ll tell you what to say.

Shivaay- But how will you …

Anika- I’ll manage somehow…

Shivaay- By the way, I love how you made up all of those education facts infront of my mum.

Anika- But Shivaay, that was actully tr…

Shivaay- I need to go. Bye.

In the meeting.

Man- Hola Empezamos?(Hi, Shall we start?)

Shivaay-(Anika is actually saying everything) Si (Yes)

Man- Así que, ¿qué vi fue nuestro restaurante va en pérdidas, ¿’t viene gente y de alguna manera, tenemos que anuncian y mantenlo barato.(So what I saw was our restaurant is going into losses, people aren’t coming and somehow we need to advertise it and keep it cheap.)

Mr Mishra comes in with the translator, and Mishra gets shocked.

Mishra- (Whispers in Shivaay’s ear) His business is failing. Come on Shivaay quicky thing.

Shivaay’s inner thoughts,

Oh no! Ani knows nothing about business, we are doomed. Phel gaya raita.

END Inner thoughts.

Shivaay-Lo que yo sugeriría es a anunciar en los medios de comunicación social o dar panfletos que dice como 20 por ciento de descuento, pero lo que hacemos es aumentar nuestro precio por 20 por ciento. ¿Qué también podemos hacer es poco a poco el tamaño de la parte psiquiatra, así que nadie lo sabe. ¿qué es lo que dice? Que está bien ¿verdad ‘t eso.(What I would suggest is to advertise it on social media or give out leaflets which says like 20 percent discount but what we do is increase our price by 20 percent. What we can also do is gradually shrink the portion size so no-one knows. What do you say? That is alright isn’t it.)

Man- , Sí. Este plan es genial.(Yes, this plan is great)

Menawhile in Anika’s place

Sahil- Can I go outside?

Anika nods as she is busy as the she realises Sahil going outside.

anika- Love you?

Shivaay hears this and gets happy.

Shivaay- Love you as well.

Man- Pardon? What did you say.

Shivaay’s face expression is like Oh my Matta!.

Scene changes to OM,

Some children from the physiotherapy come to see Rudra and souyma.

Rudra and Souyma have got tears in their eyes after seeing the kids.

Rudra- Can’t believe they came for me.

Souyma- Excuse me, they mostly came for me.

Rudra- You probably bored them to death.

Souyma- You probably made them run away when they saw you without makeup.

Akshay- Rudra bhaiya, you wear makeup(laughing)

Rudra- No, it’s just some foundation, and bronzer and an eyebrow pencil.

Everyone laughs including Souyma.

Rudra- I have a dodgy eyebrow guys, don’t laugh. Or I bring out my suprise.

Souyma- My suprise.

After some arguing about who’s suprise it is they both say “our”.

Everyone becomes quiet and Rudra brings in a massive ball pit and waterguns and some waterballons.

Rudra- Let’s start the partayyyy!!

Rudra starts throwing waterballoons at Souyma, Souyma ducks and they hit another person, the person flips his hair back and it is Tej singh Oberoi fully drenched.

Rudra- God dammit. I just hit Amrish puri.

He expects Tej to be red in anger but Tej just starts laughing. Rudra also starts laughing, but then a bucket is poured on top of him.

Tej- What’s the matter now. I will always remain your dad. In everything.

He walks off laughing.

Tia sees this and mutters.

Tia- Laugh as much as you want now as your family is going down.

She get’s a call.

Tia- We talked about this already.


Tia- Don’t you want to ruin the Oberois’s


Tia- Come at 7.


Tia- Watch out Shivika!

Precap- Shivaay’s meeting, Om and Chulbul meet Dr. Dang .Tia’s guest and a distraught Shivika

Will post the next episode soon

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