Ae dil hai mushkil # 21 # eyelock

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Hiii guys!!ayushi is back!!ok ok I am sorry!!i know u all ready with all ur footwears to hit me or kill me??but I am very busy right now??and plzzz do comment!!!i feel happy!!and yes this is the first time I am writing something romantic so do tell me if I am bad,okay or good at it?

Miss u all?!!i am not able to read ur Ffs too so sorry?

And I am going on a trip on this and the next weekend but I will surely post in between??and I might not get the time to reply to ur comments too so sorry
Love u all❤️❤️
So 3…….2…….:choooo

DEVAKSHI in restaurant
Dev:come lets eat something!!!
Sona:u will eat??
Dev:no I will watch u eat!!
Sona:Awww!!how Romantic
Dev:ofc I will eat!!!idiot!!
Dev:I have a big appetite ma’am!!
They went to the restaurant!!!they say in the corner so that no one recognises them

Dev orders the food and now they are waiting for food
Dev:ok so r u getting bored??
Sonakshi:can’t u see!!!
Dev:ok let’s play a game!!u ask me questions and I will ask u questions
Sona:it’s boring like u!!but it’s okay I will play
Dev:ok my turn!!do u have a boyfriend
Sonakshi:i will answer this but first answer my question!!u r asking this to know that u stand a chance or not???
Dev blushed:I asked first
Sona:ohh my god am I right!!!r my eyes okay!!did I just saw the great mr Dev Dixit blushing???
Dev:it’s nothing like that
And to avoid this convo he turned around so that people could see him!!!girls noticed him
And came running
Sonakshi:saved by the girls but we will continue
They ate their food and left

In the car
Sona:tell me no!
Sona:were u blushing??
Dev blushed again
Sona:I need to go to a ophthalmologist(eye doctor)!!i can’t believe my eyes??
And they reached!!
Director:so in this scene!!the heroine I mean Sonakshi will fall but our hero catches her at the right time and u will open ur eyes slowly and then a romantic eyelock!!!
Ok so get ready!!
After some time
Director:lights camera and ACTION
Sonakshi slips abut Dev doesn’t catches her!!!??
Dev:sorry sorry!!
Sonakshi:u did this intentionally no??
Sona(cuts him):no!!i know u!! U did this intentionally now atleast help me!!
Dev forwards her hand!!sona takes it and throws him down and gets up?
Sona:now it’s 1 all!!equal equal!!
Director:lights!!camera and ACTION!!
Sonakshi slipshod this time Dev catches her

Sona’s PoV
I wish he saves me this time otherwise I myself don’t know what I will do to him!!!i was scared while falling but then I felt two arms around my waist!!!thankgod I am saved!!
Director:open ur eyes!!
I slowly opened my was just a scene for me till my eyes met his!!his eyes were deep!!i felt they were saying something to me!!i wanted to drown in his deep brown eyes!!everything stopped!!it was as if the time stopped !!i don’t know why but I want to stay in his strong arms forever!!It was all just so peaceful,his strong arms,his warm embrace,our eyelock!i loved it there!!he also tightened his grip as if he too wanted to stay like this forever and ever!!?

Dev’s PoV
When she fell for the first time my heart skipped a beat!!it was as if my world stopped!!!and when she was falling again I caught her immediately!!i couldn’t see her hurt and I don’t even know why(kyunki tujhe pyaar Ho gya ha pagle??#love is in the air)when I looked at her she looked scared!!she slowly opened her eyes and locked them!!!i drowned in her eyes!!i felt as if we were the only two people existing(main bhi toh hoon?)everything went to hell!!the surroundings!!the people!!only the two of us!!i loved it there
Director:CUT!!!!??(bahar mil beta tu??)
But our DEVAKSHI were too engrossed that they didn’t even hear that??
No response
He went a lil closer!

Finally near their ears and CUTTT!!!
Dev and Sonaskhi got startled and Dev dropped Sona???
Dev:what happened?????
Dev:oh sorry!!!sorry!!
Sonakshi:this is not done??
Dev:sorry no
Sonakshi:fine!!but I want a chocolate
Dev forwards his hand and then Sona again makes him fall
Dev:ahhh!!!i will never get u a chocolate now
Sona:no Dev no!!don’t do this to me!!!!i don’t even have money to buy a chocolate what will I do!!!(fakes sadness?)
Sona:no!!now it’s 2 all!!equal equal!!no I am done
Dev gets up!!
Now the next scene was from so 193 or 192!!(it’s a lil twisted)!!
Dev gets home and sees all the decorations for his party

Dev’s PoV
Ohh no!!i need to get out if here!!i have no problem in going like this but if they all see me then ??my special date!!no!!!
And is about to sneak out
Ishwari:dev!u came
Dev:maa I have to go somewhere
Ishwari:arey!!u just came now and then……..
Dev:maa I have to go!!!!
Dev:maa plzz don’t make this face i feel Like puking(???my dream came true but this will not happen in the real serial?)
Ishwari shocked?Dev rocked?
Ishwari:ok at least tell me where??
Dev:I don’t think it’s important to tell u
Ishwari:ok then I will not let u go
Dev:ok fine!!i have a special date with Sonakshi!!
Ishwari:?u r ditching me for Sonakshi!!people are right sons change after marriage!!
Dev:maa no daily soap!!i beg u!!i don’t want to waste my time taking to u
Ishwari:talking to me is waste of time????
Dev:what do u think??that People are dying to talk to u!!let me correct it!!people are dying after talking to u???
Ishwari??and then she fainted
Dev:Mamaji!!call the doctor!!!maa has fainted again?and I am going!!!
And Dev left Ishwari lying on the floor??????

Precap:more romantic scenes if I am good at them?

Ok so guys this is it for today❤️
Plzz do tell me How was the episode through ur comments
Ans it’s okay if u take out ur frustration too bcoz I know I am late and all??
Tell me should I add their secret date??
And how was the episode❤️❤️
Miss u all
Love u all???
Plzzz do comment??
And yes thanks AKSHITA Di for the idea❤️❤️

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  1. Haa haa add a secret date….
    That too a midnight one…..??
    The episode was awesome…
    And bachha romantic scene and all…it was nice….
    Dev ne kaise baat ki ishwari se…?????????
    Kaunse serial ki shooting hai be yeh.???????
    Will be waiting for the next one…?

  2. Akshita

    Thanks manya for the credits it means a lot yr❤❤
    nd yes do add the special date?
    Post soon this time otherwise silent hoo jaungi???
    lots of love?❤

  3. Juhi16

    Bahot mst tha….full to fattack fantastic episode tha….saare emotions ekdm sahi matra me milai h…

  4. Riti1107

    That last part with Ishwari
    Maza aa gaya
    Nd the romantic moments were too good

  5. Sgatik

    Lol. Reading ish dev conservation was very satisfying as u said this wont happen in serial. Enjoy ur trip n pls dont forget us. Pls do post

  6. Nikkita0194

    kya yeh sach me romatic hai i mean seriously yar jaha fun hai waha romance ka bas happy b’day hi hone wala hai
    kidding boht boht boht boht boht boht boht mis kiya tujhe aisa lag raha agar kuch din aur nhi ayi toh tujhe bas bhul jaungii kuki mujhe bhulne ki habit hai na ek din khana bhul gai ek din hw karna bhul gai aur ek din sas lena v bhul jaungi pr ayu yeh romance tujhse na ho payega re …..
    bura mat manana kuki romance aur fun ka combo pack kisi bhi ff ko hara bhara kr dega that’s why i use to say ki tumhare ff ke takar ka koi aur ff ho hi nhi sakta aur tum holidays manane v ja rhi ho matalab aur din tumhare bina kaise yar pura ka pura tu adhura hai tumhare bina n thats why chain nhi mil raha tha toh tujhe bar bar msg karti thi
    ok ab chal os compi me part lene ke bare me ek bar sochna cuz deadline of submission is 5may
    miss u alot with lots of best wishes kisses hugs n love

    1. Nikkita0194

      hehe kuch zyada hi pyar luta diya

  7. V.V.harshita

    The last part was ??????????????????????????????????
    Awesome I was nt able to control my laughter and my mom is rite nxt to me…
    ?anyways i missed Ur FF so….Much…. Post soon

  8. do add secrect date…nice episode…post soon

  9. Rj12

    ?????????????????????????? hahahahahahahaha
    I wish he would leave ishwari unconscious in the serial ???????????

  10. DramaQueen1004

    Kaash aisa serial mein hotaa
    lekin serial mein toh dev ne sona se intezaar hi karwaya aur kuch nhi
    last part padke toh maza hi aa gaya
    This is wat ishwari deserves
    Aaj ja epi bahut hi jyada funny aur acha tha
    Kya yaar ayushi itne dino baad post kar rhi hai
    i was waiting fr so long n was thinking… Ye ayushi post kab karegi?…
    Par itna acha epi padne ke baad evrythng is justified
    ye padne ke liye mein kitne bhi din intezaar kar sakthi hoon
    with loads of love

  11. Heshine

    Hey Ayushi….I’m very glad…that u r back…! Wow this is amazing…no words yaar. ! And dev giving an earful to ishwari was really good but yet sad.. ! But such hilarious itvwas…!..??????
    Really u leave no chance to make ur readers laugh…!
    Lovely soon dear…
    Love u

  12. U r late. Awesome episode

  13. Darshana

    Finally u posted …was waiting for it from such a long time…
    cut wala scene toh mat puch..has has ke pet dukh raha hai??????..aww dev blushing..?????…waise dev toh orphan tha na yeh ishwari kahan se aa gyai????…
    overall superb?????…
    post soon..

  14. Priya9876

    Omg last part was hillairious ???
    ( Meri v dream puri ho gyi )
    “She fainted again ” ??? ????

    While shooting there chupke chupke wala romance ???? o my gosh! Am blushing….
    Aaj k EPISODE ki shooting time v Sharica k sath kuch aisa hi hua hoga…when dev was stuck in looking sona’s face…??

    P.s- i have commented on ur last episode… U checked or not??
    P.P.S- romance thoda thoda aur badhao ?

  15. Aarti32

    It was amazinggg Mannu ??
    D last part..Dev’s entire PoV ???? I loved it??
    Is bar tumhe kuch nhi bolungi..Pata h ki tumhare papa aaye huwe the..To tumhe time nhi mila hoga likhne ko..Koi nhi..Kabhi kabhi chalta h..
    I hope tumne uncle ke sath bohot sara time spend kiya hoga aur bohot enjoy kiya hoga??

  16. ShrutiP

    Finally kitni Kush hoon mein….Tumhare ff ko Dekha toh bohut Kush ho gaya..Kitni acha likha hain tune..Best wala part tho DEV’S conversation with Ishwari tha…I loved it to the core ….Enjoy karna dad Ke saath…Loved it and love you…???

  17. Aamu

    Finallly post kardiya madam ne…
    Dhamaka tha yaaar…
    Mene kitna wait kiya?
    Next jldi post karna haa..!
    N love dis one sooooo much…that i cant tell…
    Finallly both r falling for eo…????
    Haaye der pov were ??
    Ekdm jhakkaaassss…
    N mext romance ??????..
    I m waiting.g..
    N d scene waa amazing..ishwari behosh n dev ledt???????
    Kaaash ye real serial me hota..lekin waha to dev maata jhaap karne me busy hai..
    Chalo ab next jldi jldi post karna…i m waiting…????
    Love u???

  18. Muthash


  19. Superb , fantastic and amazing and specially the last part??????that was historic, i want it to happen in the serial as well !!! ????And all the best for writing good romantic scenes

  20. Lizaa


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