Swasan: I love u only u (epi-9)

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Hello guys I’m back with another chappy hope u guys like this chappy also

Guys I want to Know one thing u ppl want sumi forgive shekar or u want me to introduce sumi 1st husband or any other person
Even same with mm if u want me forgive them or not
In my opinion I don’t want to forgive mm and shekar too if u ppl want then I will do choice is urs Guys

*******episode 9*******

Screen starts with Ayush he woke up before sumi he was seeing the room it was different for him he was not able to recognize where he was

He looked at sumi sleeping he feels relaxed seeing her beside him soon he get down from the bed slowly he went out of the room he want to go near swasan but he don’t know where swasan room

He was walking in the corridor checking the room he was trying to find swasan room he didn’t no wt to do so he just knocked one of the room like he usually he was banging the door we can say

But to his bad luck it was not swasan prathap came out of the room and saw him question mark expression
Prathap: beta y r u knocking the door
Do u want anything
Ayush nodded his in no and yes manner
Prathap smiled and took him in his arms went inside his room and placed him on the bed
In meantime lakshmi (Mrs prathap) also woke and smiles seeing Ayush

Prathap: now tell me wt u want
Ayush: di and jiju
Prathap understood he wants to go swasan room
Prathap: acha Ayush today we will wake up di and jiju in a different manner is it okie for
Ayush: diflent mathlab (different)
Lakshmi: prathap don’t dare to do pranks on them
Prathap smiled sheepishly lakshmi nodded her head in disbelief
Prathap: without listening her he took him Near swasan room and did something (reveal it latter)
Prathap: Ayush now band the door of swasan

Swasan room
Both are sleeping peacefully in each other embrace they both are feeling complete with each other soon their sleep got disturbed for bcoz of ☀ but bcoz of any ah he was banging the door

Sanskar:( lazily) Lo agay di ka chamcha yar y he woke so early Man
Swara: hey don’t dare to say a word against my brother
Sanskar: oyyyy get if it’s late he will definitely break the door
Swara smiled seeing him and got up from the bed and she went to washroom and Sanskar to open the room door

As soon he was open the door in force He felt some thing on his head soon he was drenched in water (splashhhhhhh)
Sanskar: ahhhhh
Wt the hell is this ayushhhh
Swara listening the splash sound she came running to outside seeing him in wet she was laughing soon both heard more 2 laughing sounds that is our Ayush and prathap

Ayush: mamu it so nice na see how jiju face became like ? in anger
Prathap: ha Ayush nice na saying both hi Fi each other
Swara: vaise mamu wt u both did
Prathap: nothing much we teid a d thread to door and water ? to that thread we teid in such a way that when Sanskar open the door balloon fell on him it Happened has I thought

Swara:That’s OK it mamu but Wt if I would have open the it would have felt on me na
Prathap: don’t worry doll I know he will only open the door bcoz even in my room I will woke up and open the door u ladies na lazy bugs I know that
Sanskar laughs listening this
Swara glare at Sanskar and prathap
Both gulfs in fear And realised wt he said

Prathap: arey arey doll it’s just joke (trying to cover up)
Sanskar was laughing silently but our Ayush was looking at them confused manner he was not getting wts going on
Both prathap and swara was so involved in fighting they didn’t even realize that Ayush and Sanskar left from there

Sanskar took Ayush and gave Him to sumi he even came back but prathap was trying to convince to swara
Sanskar smiles and took swara in his arms bcoz he know about his Bengali Mrs
Prathap sign high and left from there immediately

Swasan room
Swara: idiot put me down and leave me
Sanskar nodded his head in big no
Swara: ? leave me I have to get freshen up
U got ready by ur splash but even I want to get ready now leave me
Sanskar Smirks ?and took her to the washroom

Swara got widen ? seeing her love also coming to washroom
Swara: wt r u doing
Sanskar: ntg princess U want to freshen up right so I’m helping u in that simple princess
Swara: no I don’t want ur help now leave me
Before she completes her words he on the ? now both are fully drenched (after this u all know wt will happen so close ur eyes ?)

After 1hr
All got ready and present on the dinning table all are having breakfast and it’s Sunday so office today they want spend sometime with each others

Prathap played all games which he wants to play with sumi when he was small like theif and police (donga police in Telugu I don’t know in Hindi) touch touch, statue game like all we used to play in small
But in all this games Sanskar never let the chance to romance with his wife and no one left chance to tease them
Like this day passed and it’s time to left the verma mansion now but prathap was not ready bcoz he wants to spend more with them but he has no option
Prathap and lakshmi bids bye to all with their sad faces
Swara hugged prathap and says we will come soon mamu down worry
Ayush also hugged him and kissed on his cheeks sumi also hugged and said she will come soon bhaiya like this
All left the mansion soon all reached to their Flat

At mm
Both raglak came from out bcoz its Sunday they went for shopping
Both entered home with shopping bags they shopped alot for all of them
Ragini: maa this is for u hands over a packet
Same laksh also gave another packet to dp and says it’s for him

They even shopped for Adarsh and pari both gaved some bags for them too
Ap: dp ji if Sanskar would not have cheated us we would have living happily na
Laksh hearing this he gets angry
Laksh: maa I already told u not to take Sanskar name or his family members name (shouted angryly)
Listening this both Adarsh and pari smirks silently
Dp: laksh is this the way to talk with ur mother
Laksh: papa then wt I can I do she is back those ppl who never care about us only for money
I ashamed of myself now thinking how I called Sanskar has my brother ???
Dp: enough laksh
Laksh went to his room angrily followed by ragini

Raglak room
Laksh sat on the bed with angry face ragini went near him and placed hand on his shoulder
Laksh looked at ragini with ? face
Laksh: how can they still think about them ragu I know they where living their life happily now with that 10ct
Ragini didn’t utter a word stood silently listening his talks bcoz even she think the same has laksh
Soon both composes themselves and slept

********Episode ends********

Precap: swasan special……..

Keep smiling ? ?

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  1. Rabia

    Awesomee dearr and nobody deserve forgiveness for my side its a big fat no andd sumi will not go back to shekhar its upto u to introduve anyone for her but not shekhar anymore

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u rabia

  2. Rabia0032

    Nice…and yeah even I dont want sumi with shekhar n swasan with mm…
    Plzzz its my request they shouldnt forgive thrm…

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u rabia

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u dear

  3. Yes pls dnt join sumi and shekar he is brain less bimbo. And mm to swasan stay away from them they will be happy. Sumi can lead her life alone with swasan. It’s not must for a male support always

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u Sakshi

  4. Awesome dear……

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u febi

  5. Good

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u kaur daljeet

  6. Amazing update… n don’t forgive mm n shekar… they should regret for not trusting sanskar… n introduce sumi first husband… pls post next update soon…

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u dharshaini

  7. Nagamanasa

    Awesome dear…please dont let MM people and sekhar to be forgiven..they don’t deserve forgiveness dear..pls let them suffer

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u nagamanasa

  8. I read this for first time. A big nooooooooo
    if u want to forgive mm and shekar. I wanted this to happen in the original track but it did’ t. It is request to not forgive those people.

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u so much for reading my ff even I’m having the same feeling don’t worry they won’t be forgiven

  9. Soujanya


    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u awesome

    2. Swasanangle

      Sry soujanya

  10. Vyshu10

    Hawww….after reading so many eps of urs…now i came to know that u r a telugite…devudaa

    awesome ep….don’t let swasan forgive mm n shekhar

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u vyushu and ha I’m Hyderabad
      I think u also from AP

      1. Vyshu10


    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u krystle

  11. Tamil

    Superb Swasan and sumi should not forgive mm and shekar

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u tamil

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u dear

  12. Zelena81196

    amazing ……. update soon…

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u zelena

  13. awesome .swasan should not forgive raglak.

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u sneha

  14. Simi

    Awesome chapter
    Dont forgive mm n Shekhar ?

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u simi

  15. Sweeta

    Awesome update …..?????

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u sweeta

  16. Mind blowing

  17. He he he …..Balloon…..Lazy…….. Awesome dear…..

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