Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (Part 11)

Hello ishqbaazians,

How are you did u like my last episode or not.I know some people are angry at me.So now coming to the episode-
Episode starts with Shivaay and Anika shouting Bhabi?Rudra says i mean didi.Actually i was practicing it for lady(before rudra going to say ladybaba)Sowmya drags rudra from there saying its time to college and they are getting late.Anika and shivaay are still standing there.Om comes.Anika says him good morning .o wishes her good morning.Anika says she is going to college and is about to leave.Shivaay says he will drop her.Anika asks she will go by her car.Shivaay then thinks and says her car went to servicing.She says no one said her.Shivaay says he forgot to say her.Anika says then how should I come back home.Om

says he will pick her up.Shivaay says no .Both om and anika look at him surprised.Shivaay says he will be coming from same route and will pick her up.Om says ok And he leaves and anika goes to get her bag.Shivaay calls someone and ask them to take Anikas car for Servicing asap.

Anika comes and asks shall we leave he says yes and they both leave .In car both anika and shivaay are sitting calmly shivaay asks is she ok.Anika says yeS.He says he didnot see her this silent.Anika says nothing like that.Shivaay then gets Tias call.Shivaay cuts.She again calls .Anika asks to lift.Shivaay says its not important and cuts.Tia thinks Instead of asking shivaay its better to go to oberoi mansion and convince her dumb mother in law and leaves.
In Uk Daksh is so eager to come to India to meet Anika but his pricipal says he has to wait for 1 month until his semister completes daksh agrees.And thinks just one month anika and I will see u.
Shivaay drops anika and sees her going into college and then leaves.Anika sees this and smiles.

Tia comes to oberoi mansion and meets pinky .Pinky is so happy to see her and asks when did she come.Tia says she came today.Pinky says you said u have to go for onemonth.Tia says she is actually missing her and shivaay so she came .She then says to pinky that she should talk something .Pinky says she is busy for tomorrows preparation of ganesh chaturti and says she will talk tomorrow.Before tia could say something pinky says to come tomorrow for puja and goes. Tia is thinking and unknowingly goes to anikas room and she thinks how both pinky and shivaay ignored her and gets angry and breaks anika mothers photoframe and goes from there.In the evening Shivaay is waiting for Anika.Anika apolozise to him for coming late.He says so Anika Agarwal can apolozise thats good.Anika says she is not like bahaghad billa and sits in car and both of them drive to home.

In home they see Both Rudra and Sowmya fighting.Anika and shivaay tries to stop fight but they are not stopping.Dadi comes there and ask them to stop.
At the gallery om is doing ganapathi statue and ishaana comes there.Om asks aap?Ishana says actually today my dance class got cancelled so i thought to come to your gallery.Om asks her to sit.Ishaana sits .Om says give me two minutes and i will complete this .Ishaana says take ur own time .om completes it.Ishaana says she loved it very much and om asks ishana and Randhawan for Ganesh chaturti celebrations at their home.Ishana says bhai may not agree but she will try.Om thanks.

Dadi Stops the fight and says billu did u get every thing related for tomorrows pooja.Anika asks who is billu?Shivaay tries to stop dadi from saying it but dadi says shivaay name is billu.Anika laughs loudly.Shivaay tries to stop her.

Precap:Anika hugs shivaay.sunadri planning against oberois.Ishana and randhawan come to oberoi mansion

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    I loved it yaar . Billu?? waiting for the next

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    Awesome story…Becoming interesting with every epi..

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