“MY VILLAIN!!!” TwiNj Few-shots (shot 6)

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Hiya friends,
How are you all? I m really really happy that I got 24 comments… Mere purane ss ka yaad agaya where I used to get 20+ comments Plz do keep commenting and encouraging me.

Thanks giving section,

sidmin (mili),
Rutu:: I m happy that u commented. Koi nai don’t ask sorry mere saath bi hotha hai
Purvi28: teri yeh khushi zyaada ser tikegi nahi… Next shot… (lets see).,
Sidmintwinj: maine whats app pe kaha hai but repeating again, di isme aapko bohot saare aid ke intense scenes honge shayad next shot… rolaya tho abhi se sorry.,
Shalini 15:Neha di

VAASU DI: Congratulations to you…Instagram me, ab aapko patha chal gaya hoga ke kyun maine aapko congrats kiya… Wo maine aapko sidmin ke addicts me aapko appreciate hua deka and don’t know how much proud I felt… Love you di.


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case if any one missed the previous shot,

I m sorry for kunj lekin agar aap tension math lo twinkle haina apni pyar ke rangome rangne walI.
Credit to priya23 (yaar I loved this dialogue)

Disclaimer: this article is not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiment and if unknowingly I do so I sincerely apologize. No proof reading.

Lets begin

SHOT 5: Don’t leave me

“I believe you kunj. I know u have not done it” she said sobbing. “Don’t worry Twinkle l’ll surely find the one who is behind all this. He replied. This was it. He was determined to catch hold of the one who is behind this why should not he , the person has made his heroine separate from her hero and her family.

After one month

Many things have changed. The one who exposed the photos was his P.A. only. He when got to know, just fired her from the job and the job was now given to twinkle who had been thinking herself as a burden on him. But the main change was in his character. Yup in his character he is now no more cruel, no more womanizer he was now addicted to her. And she!!! she has now changed her self. She is no more twinkle who was humiliating thrown out of her home, no more senti, no more crying one. She have become strong enough by him. She is now his PA.
“VILLAINN!!!, Where are you???” Twinkle is calling someone. “Here Heroine, in store room! :-)” Kunj yelled back. She arrived running into the store room and hugged him. “Are, Are.. What happened? Why do you look so excited” kunj asked who was covered with dust while cleaning the store room. He was wearing a scarf covering him till his nose and chin. She smiles at him and removes that scarf. “ACHHUU….” kunj sneezes as dust particles entered his nose. “His nose is read like tomato” twinkle chuckled at her own thought. He put on the scarf again. “Now continue” he said.
“Guess what?” She replied with the question again.

“If I could have guessed, then I wouldn’t be her asking you the reason.” Kunj said irritated, then continued “now can u plz have the honour of telling the reason miss. Heroine”

“Kunj!!! I would have not told you but since your pleading, I m sharing it with you” she says showing attitude or be gratitude.

“Now will u tell?” kunj cried.

“Kunj You know what I crossed my 365th level in candy crush”

“What? U are happy for this?” kunj said being shock at her sentence and looked at her with disbelief.

“Huh kunj? I was trying to complete that level since past 2 hours”

“Hahaha… Hahaha… ” kunj started laughing.

“Kunj !! You!! Huh… I m not going to forgive you and I m leaving.” by saying this started leaving with an angry pout but kunj got hold of her wrist and pulled her towards him. She crashed upon his chest.

“Plz don’t ever talk about leaving. I can’t live without you. After parents death, you are the only one who have understood me otherwise all have looked me as a cruel business man, a womanizer, a person without heart” his voice chocked and was not able to say more. Tears started its way down his eyes.

“Kunj never say this, I ll always be beside you… I’ll never leave you and I know you are person with golden heart, its just because of some circumstances u became like that. Otherwise why would have anyone kept me in his house after humiliating him so much” Tears also started to flow from her eyes and kissing her cheeks.

Kunj nodded his in no, wiped her tears and twinkle too did the same with him. She hugged him and he too hugged her back not before pecking her forehead.

Screen freezes on their hugging position.

To be continued….
How was it? I m sorry if it was boring but this epi was needed to show there bond for further episodes.

Plz do comment whether positive or negative. Suggestions are always welcomed. Any confusion do ask me. If any mistakes pls do ignore.


With love,
Urs Tamanna

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous

  2. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous…..

  3. The updates was nice. I am really happy because kunj changed from bad to good.

  4. Presha

    Hey tamanna you got late but the epi was a blast loved twinj bond to the core
    Post soon

  5. Sohi

    It was awesome yet emotional
    Liked twinj bonding very much
    One question does kunj loves twinkle
    Do tell me ok
    Do continue and post soon
    Reply is must

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      tumhare question ka ans next epi me milega,
      tabi tak ke liye keep guessing
      waise tuje kya lagtha hai???

      with love,
      Urs Tamanna

      1. Sohi

        Mujhe tho bahut kuch lagta
        Chalo ab apke next update ka wait karlete hai

    2. Twinjfan.tamanna

      next epi posted
      do read
      u’ll get ur answer

  6. As usual it was fabulous. I have become a fan of yours 😀
    Do update the next part asap! And another request…. Please make it a bit longer! ?

  7. Baby

    nooooooo who said it boring dear it was too cute☺☺
    loved it villain hahaa osm fabulous dear☺
    too cute n lovely adorable marvalleous…….♥
    love u lods☺
    post nxt asap dear☺☺

  8. SidMin23

    It was awesome episode and twinj was ??

  9. Asna

    Nice episode… thank god that man was not kunj n twinkle crossed her level ib candy crush????? do continue soon… lots of love…

  10. hey tamanna u r late….anyways it was just a fabulous epi….

  11. It’s amazing?
    “I crossed my 365th level in candycrush “was funny?

  12. Fabulous episode tammanna I loved it happy that kunj has changed and what is your insta id if you don’t want to say it’s okay

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      y would I mind… I can be connected to u by that way na… my id is



  13. Awesome tamanna

    Kunj have changed it’s gud news
    N dat to bcoz of his twinkle so cute
    I loved der bond
    Love u keep smiling

  14. Chiku

    Awww!!! Thats sooooo cute?????lovely. Loved it

  15. SidMin

    Loved it Awesome ….
    So glad Kunj has changed and Twinkle too ….
    Love you post soon ???

  16. Kruti

    Cute epi

  17. Amazing I am a silent reader so if sometime I don’t comment add 1+
    Loved it ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      hey maanvi,
      thank you so much yaar… I too have silent reader… its okay but plz if u can try to comment… I have posted the next epi so I won’t be able to thank you there.

      Urs Tamanna

  18. Shalini15

    Hi Tamanna, it was awesome too cute nd emotional episode… loved kunjs changed behaviour as well as twinkles too… twinkle is really so funny… nd their last scene , dialoge nd hug was too emotional…..emotional scenes ko itne achhe se kaise discribe kar leti hai?? well loved whole epi but was very short… try to post next asap..

    Nd I’m not any social cite except TU nd FB but will join others soon till then wait for me… wait karegi na apni di ka??

    Love you my bachha… keep smiling♥♥

  19. RUTU.....

    Awesome amazing fabulous episode dear sorry for commenting late but I am busy with my my exams are coming near I hope you will understand, love you & keep smiling ?????

  20. Twinjfan.tamanna

    guys plz do comment plz its a request

  21. Aanya_pandey

    This was such a big change in kunj’s character!!! Just loved it.. and that ” villain” and “heroine” conversation too good…

  22. Purvi128

    Hey shona,
    Sorry as I couldn’t comment before … hell busy with my schedule nd all that … school work is so much irritating .. my headache … aahhhh ..
    Chod mere dukhde …
    Epi toh ….
    . Yrr kya bolun … alfaaz nhi hain …
    Tu ne toh mujhe bolne ke kaabil nahi choda …
    Is bakbak karne wali ko aj tu ne chup kara diya …
    Abb mein kya bolun …
    Per mujhe rona aaraha hai … abhi next shot nhi padha … padhne jaa rahi hun … pata nhi kya shock degi tu ….
    Tu to sachhi … kya bolun yrr… chal chod … aagy padh lun …!
    Love u

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