Swasan: I love u only u (epi-29)

Hello guys I’m back with another episode I hope u all liked my previous episode but I didn’t get more comments on my previous episode I’m kati with all u ever didn’t commented me ???? plz comment me

Let’s start

@Malhothra mansion
Arjun looked at the direction and shocked to see the person

Arjun: Sanskar (whispers)

Sanskar: I want to know what truth u bother talking about

Another voice: which truth Sanskar

Arjun: (double shock) princess’s

Swara: which truth Sanskar and who are they y did get me here

Sanskar: swara he is Arjun (pointing towards Arjun) he only saved u from the goons I thought to thank him but I don’t know where is vanished all of a sudden and Then I was busy with I called my PA to get his address but I now I think there is another mater which we don’t know and u both (anger) I want to know what’s the truth u both are talking about and y u want to trouble maheswaries For swara and y r calling her princess she only mine get this into u r mind (possessively)

(guys Sanskar listened only the conversation where they really taking about revenge on maheswari for troubling swara)

Arjun: dek Sanskar let me explain u cleary don’t think us wrong

Swara: (anger) then say wt r u talking about

Raj: don’t talk to him like that swara

Swara: and who are u to say that And who is he to me To take revenge from then for me

Raj: Because he is ur brother (shouts)

For a second both swasan stood numb listening this

Swara: br….br… Brother…..
She stumbles listening this Sanskar holds her tightly

Swara:(? anger) wt are u saying are u out of ur mind how come I will have brother when I was the only child to my maa

Raj: (comes near her and cufs her face in his hands) ha beta he is ur bother ur own bother but I was the one who separated u both after the birth u both are twins beta

Swara: (teary eyes) Y u separated me from my brother and y separated him from his mother tell me

Raj: I’m ur maa ex husband beta

Swara: (shocking expression) husband

Raj: ha beat ex husband I love u mom so much but she loved shekar so I told her leave me and go to ur shekar bcoz she was not happy with me she was thinking only about shekar I tried all ways to gain her love but she was still in love with shekar so I thought to leave and then I got to Know sumi is pregnent I was on cloud I want to hold the baby in my hands I know they u both are shekar child but I thought u both are mine I started taking care of but still I’d didn’t gain her love so I decided to leave her for her happiness and then sumi have birth to u both but I don’t what happened to me on that I just took Arjun from sumi and I have arranged a dead baby showing that only one baby is alive I took Arjun with me I took care of him I loved him fully I accepted whole heatedly has my son but I was sumi I thought she was happy with shekar but no she was not happy for which I left her that doesn’t happen to sumi I want her to be happy for life long Arjun used to ask me for sumi but I used to told one or the reason but one he saw sumi pic on my purse he was happy to see his mother and then he comforted me and I said all the truth wt I did with him Then he got to know her mother And sister is in India and she came here To see u all but the destiny has some other plans

Plz beta plz forgive me I didn’t want to separate u both but I just want a symbol of sumi I love her so much that’s y I created myself had bad guy in front of sumi so that she won’t feel any guilt for leaving me

Swara was just looking at him without any emotion and tears where continuously flowing from her eyes

Arjun: plz forgive my papa swara

Swara can’t hold more she just ran from there to their car side

Sanskar was shocked as well he was unable to figure out wt happened now

Sanskar: (coming into senses) u don’t worry uncle she will be fine I will see her

Arjun: plz make her understand Sanskar I can’t see her like this I was carving for her love plz Tell her to call once bhai I was dying hear that works from her plz Sanskar

Sanskar assures him through the eyes and left to see swara

Screen freezes on swara crying face……..

Precap: swara reaction……..

********* episode ends*********

Keep smiling guys…… And I have one more thing to share with u all guys today I had my farewell party and the happy news is I have won all games not even a single game I lossed and even I’m the miss farewell of college so cool na…….???

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