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“What the wuck!!”- Shivaay rolled his colourful green eyes at the white curtains,”these are my curtains”.
“Shivaay”- Jhanvi smiled,”this is your Haldi function”.

“Our family function Badi maa”- Shivaay looked around,”Where is Annika?”
“oh ho!!”- Rudra smirked,”Annika bhabhi.. we don’t know bhaiyya”.
“I am here only Shivaay”- Annika came from behind, a bright wide smile pasted on her shinning face,”I was ready to marry a walking speaking namuna of anger”.
Shivaay knew by then a drama is on his way. His family,Annika and their never ending drama…
“But now I have a second thought about marrying a person like you”-Annika accused him with her words,”I am not marrying you anymore”.
“No…you can’t”- Shivaay hold her hand tightly,’Half of the marriage function are done by now”.
” So what!!”- Rudra pulled his leg,”she didn’t get her dream proposal from her prince charming till now”.
“Bhabhi aap jaiye”- Priyanka joined,”I don’t think businessman Shivaay Singh Oberoi can handle the deal of proposing a girl he is marrying”.
“Shaktiji did that job”- Pinky went to past flash back,”I made him kneeled for half an hour on a barren land”.
“And I used several medicine for that wound”- Shakti felt shy,”The wound finally healed after my marriage with Dr. Pinky”.
“I ran away from my own marriage to marry Tej”- Jhanvi revisited he past,”I was mad for Tej that I didn’t wait for him to propose me”.
“I am sorry Jhanvi”- Tej lowered his head in shame “you have a very big heart to accept me even after so many mistake from my side”.

“Amrish Puri get married to Urmila Divekar that way”- Rudra find it funny,”full family is Ishqbaaz”.
“Dadi”- Priyanka said,”How it all began for you.. your ishqbaazi with Dadaji”.
“Chal besharam”- Dadi hided her face behind her palm feeling shy,”it all began after marriage”.
Chulbul remember her husband . Love after marriage.. for her it is hate always..before and after marriage.
“Sit here “- Dadi ordered Shivaay,”The yellow paste is waiting for you”.
Shivaay sat silently on the provided seat on one side of the white curtain. Annika remained motionless.
“Annika sit”- He was eager for end of another function.
“I am not marrying you Billuji”- Annika answered boldly,”you are boring black and white”.
“Khanna come inside”- Shivaay Singh Oberoi ordered,”you have to make another video here”.
“Sir I am security head not any camera man”- Khanna smiled,”but it is my passion to make video of you with Annika madamji”.
“Annika..”- Shivaay kneeled,”Ever since you entered my boring black and white life,it has become colourful like my satrangi kanji eyes. I am learning to laugh,smile,enjoy ,relax all many more alien feelings around you”.
“Will you say some thing new today”-Annika teased,”this is new words with the same old feelings”.
“I don’t know”- SSO stood on his own,”my knee are paining a lot”.
“Tadibaaz”- Annika used a word that send him in a confusion land. Is she praising him or making fun of him.
“You are so khidkitod beautiful that whenever I see you I felt like my heart is racing at a helicopter speed like being chased by thousand of dogs.. my breath is quickening some where in my lungs… that I feel like I will not be able to draw the next breath if you are not in front of my eyes”.
“Billuji your Haldi gift from my side”- Annika gave him a packet to earn a what the wuck!!
“Ha ha ha….”-whole family bursted in loud roar of laughter Some medicine came out from the packet ..
“for your heart and lungs problem Billuji”- Annika twinkled her eyes,”You need that badly”.
“The medicine I need badly now”- Shivaay hugged her in front of all,”my medicine Annika.. I got it now only”.
“I love you Annika”- Shivaay looked at her face like children looks at ice-cream,”will you marry me now??”
“I was just pulling your leg Shivaay”- Annika get emotional,”your every action speaks volumes then these words”,
“Thank you”- Shivaay said,”I come to know you thought me as your prince charming”.
“sir the video is ready”-Khanna ran away,”you can download it from official Oberoi family website after one hour or can see in the news channel”.
“Ruk jaa”- Shivaay shouted,”Khanna ki bachcha”.

“I asked him for personal teasing use but”- Shivaay sighed,”He is hell bend to take revenge as I send him to amazon forest for a holiday last month to the Anacondas “.
“I am happy”- Dadi started her free lecture,”the world should know how a big Ishqbaaz my Billu is”.
“It was mummyji’s undeniable desire to witness all her children doing Ishqbaazi”- Jhanvi let all know.
“Now apply the Haldi Jhanvi,Pinky”- Dadi instructed,”start with Shivaay”.
“Dadi it should be ladies first”- Rudra thought he is the smart one,”Annika bhabhi should apply Haldi first”.
“No!!”- Pinky objected,”Annika had to be coloured by the colour of Shivaay,so first Shivaay then the left over to Annika”.

“Bhaiyya sit like a good boy”- Rudra threatened ,”yellow yellow dirty fellow”.
All the ladies applied Haldi to Shivaay starting from Jhanvi ,Pinky,Dadi,Prinku. They dragged Gouri too.
“I don’t mind”- Shivaay made her easy,”you are like an younger sister to me just like Prinku”.
Gouri get confused. She get a reason to smile after meeting the Oberoi family and then her marriage came to her mind…so many functions and tradition .. her marriage lack all these.
“Stop your imagination Gouri Kumari Sharma”- She hit her head,” your marriage lack love”.
“Where is Soumya today?”- Annika inquired,”she is no where during Haldi function”.
“Bhabhi”-Prinku answered,”she went to studio for taking a leave of two days for your marriage”.
“Now apply the remaining paste on Annika”- Dadi encouraged all to turn the bride and groom in to yellow.
“stop Dadi”- Shivaay interfered,”generally after this rituals bride and groom are not allowed to meet each other till their marriage. I will miss Annika in these few hours so let me hug her for a last time as Annika before her transformation in to Mrs. Shivaay Singh Oberoi”.
“Good point”- Rudra did his logic sign,”all close your eyes”.
“You bhagad Billa”- All widened their eyes instead of closing,” look what you did?”
“My Annika is not blind and deaf”- Shivaay ran his talented finger on her ear to eyes and back to her ear,”I am applying my colour on you”.
“This is not fair you naughty bhaiyya”- Rudra complained.
“Every thing is fair in love and war”- Shivaay ran to his room to remove the sticky paste of turmeric.
“Papa”-Rudra asked Tej,”Is this love or war?”
“Love war”-Shakti replied,”your super man bhaiyya is a lover warrior”.
“Annika”- Shivaay shouted,”now come and remove that yellow paste from yourself”.

“Annika”- Shivaay pulled her in to the pool of water,”Is not it my duty to remove the Haldi I applied on you”.
“No”- Annika felt shy for the first time . The wet dress almost sticking to her body and a hot Bhagad Billa near is really unbearable to resist,”All applied Haldi to me not only you”.
“I think I should help you “-,Shivaay rubbed his palm on her cheek and then on neck,”I am helping you now”.
Annika opened her mouth and then close like a fish in water .He is not helping her to maintain self control over her emotions.
“This area is more yellow”- He touched her lips,”normally it is pink right”.
“I can do my work myself”- Annika protested his sensual touch,”I don’t need your help”.
“And humsafar..saath”-Shivaay need a positive answer badly “every one need company Annika”.
“I just need you”-Annika agreed at last.
“I will love to help you Annika”- Shivaay placed his lips on her parted petals for their first ever kiss,”Look I helped you in returning previous pink colour on to your lips”.

Shivaay Singh Oberoi tying the knot with his lady love caught almost the attention of India but Kaali saw nothing but a fair beautiful smart talented long haired girl standing right after Annika in the viral video…his Chiraiyya Gouri Kumari Sharma in Oberoi mad house.

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  1. Surbhi Sharma

    Diduuuuuuuuu … give me a hug . I am so happy . U made my night . Everything was amazing. Liji di would be do happy that her khana ji helped so much .it was such a cute proposal . Unique sso ka unique proposal ….
    Loads of kisses and hug to u . Love u ??? . Post soon di .

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Love you too Surbhi dear and a lots of magical hugs for you.
      Khanna didn’t help,he was taking a sweet embarrassing revenge from Shivaay Singh Oberoi
      Liji said that she will be reading it today in her reply to Ammu.

      1. Surbhi Sharma

        Ohh … so khanu ji was taking sweet revenge … but still liji di will be happy na about her khanu ji .
        Waiting for next di . Post soon .???????

  2. VHM

    i can’t tell you how much undeniable desire is developing within me, to read all your upcoming episodes , if at all i get a chance of something like that…………it was amazing Astha…faboulous and extraordinary too

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      May be very less parts is left in Undeniable desire .It is heading to its finale part by the end of April.
      Thnx. Haarika and I am glad that a senior member is enjoying my work to this extent.. I am also developing an undeniable desire with in myself to never stop writing about Shivaay Singh Oberoi and his crazy special journey of Ishqbaazi…

  3. Aasthu gaaru!! Mm mm! Awesome proposal and a super awesome kiss(blush blush)
    And u brought in khannaji a cameraman avatar!! I loved it!!
    Shivay is lover warrior.. nice line!!
    Now waiting for next one.. and for Soumya entry as love angel..!

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Anu darling..I can imagine your red face after this much blush.
      I will try to post the next part by tonight.

  4. Awesome….Loved it….
    Naughty SSO & The Lover Warrior….
    The proposal was too cute….
    All d Ishqbaaaz of the Oberoi family….
    Waiting fr d nxt…. 🙂

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      I will be back soon Shivika. family of Ishqbaaz…so true it is…

  5. Amayaa

    Ooooooohhhhhhhh shit
    Phir se first aane ka sapna adhura rah gaya
    Ishqbaaz ususl page pe to first aane ka soch na hi sabse bari bevakufhi hai
    Uske baare me to mai imagine bhi ni kar sakti
    Anu di , Rajjo di , mahi di
    This trio gang na
    Par ha mere undeniable desire pe first aana mera dream zarror h
    Par dur dur tak koi aasha ki kiran ni dikh rahi h
    shubbu not fair ha
    Aise koi ni meri tarah tu bhi Aastha di aur undeniable desire ki fan h to chall mafh kiya

    Amresh puri weds Urmila Divekar ?????
    Video part is awesome
    Liji di ko ye vala episode zarror padhna chahiye ?????
    thori – thori Nok – jhok with slight blush
    What a combo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Khanna ji rotate de strike today ?????

    Luv u loadsssssssssssss ?????
    Heyyyyyy di next time mujhe invisible message bhej Dena kisi ko dikhe na
    Aur ye secret kisi ko batana bhi mat
    ye message sirf aastha di ke liye h koi mat padhna
    Waise shubbu tu to first kar gai na
    I M BEHIND U ?????

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Ammu…I am sending one secret message..don’t worry dear our telepathy will help you one day to top the comments in Undeniable desire…
      I add this small nok-jhok coz. you asked for it dramebaaz sister..
      All India Radio is working today.. ha ha…(Ammu is not less then AIR na)…

    2. Surbhi Sharma

      Yayy ammu !! Mai first aa gyi .???
      Thanks behna , mujhe maaf karne ke liye .dont worry astha di’s telepathy will help u one day …
      Love u …?????

  6. Amazing .Please write next update soon.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thnx dear dwet . I will post it soon.

  7. Thanks astha dii…. For this superbbbbbb…. mind blowing.. Khidkhi todh.. Update…
    My laughing therapy is going on…. I’m feeling so good… Once again thank you for your magical hug… Love you a lot dii… Waiting for the next update ??????

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      A lots of magical hugs to my Nikku..
      Next part will even surprise you more..just wait and read(watch) dear for a logic therapy this time with the usual laughter therapy…

  8. Superb… awesome…fantastic…..no words to describe this epi…just loved it…..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thank you Lilly.. for your love to my..oops!! our undeniable desire.

  9. Awesome as always…Nailed it!!
    Nd plz do send me the link of official oberoi family website… ;P
    Update nxt part asap!

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Bhavana call Khannaji on this no ..7735529153 for more details about Oberoi family . I am sure he will help you dear. Ha ha…

      1. Oh god!! I called this nmbr just to find out whether it actually exists or not nd guess what it does!!???
        Thank god!! truecaller ne bacha liya varna toh meri chop hi ho jaathi.. ??It was registered with the name rajesh, vssut.. ?

      2. Aastha_Reddy

        VSSUT stands for Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology,Burla ,Sambalpur ,Odisha …My incomplete journey of Ishqbaazi….that mobile number doesn’t exists any more…

  10. Aastha dr
    Told u na whenever i get tym I’ll read all d remaining prts see i kept my promise………. really awesome yr……n also so funny…….sso’s proposal……. then khannaji became a cameraman frm security head hahaha………rudy’s antics………. carry on dr……….n sry fr being so late

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Shree.. I know baat ki pakki ho tum. you kept your promise dear.
      You leave a comment for me that matters the most not the time. and you are not late..
      Ruko..khatam nahi hua meri baat..you are breaking the Golden rule and Pinky promise of friendship by saying sorry.
      I don’t mind still rules are meant to be broken dear..I always loves breaking rules(I am becoming another All India Radio now-a-days..perhaps the side effect of Ammu lolz)…ha ha..

  11. Vincy


    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Vincy Thank you.
      One day I will earn a long comment from you..It is now my Undeniable desire..

  12. Astha…., It’s was an awesome lovely super cute episode. The full oberoi family in ishqbaazi mode. The entire episode is fantastic. I like the Amirish puri weds urmila dekar in these way wala part and love vs war part And such cute lovely proposal of shivay. Rudra soon realize his love angel. all family is enjoying shivika’s marriage but Kali takkur find gaury in OM through TV news. I’m eagerly waiting for your next episode, update soon……….

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      This story is about IB.. always expect the unexpected things from here.
      Thank you dear AHSANA….

  13. Tanz

    Khannaji on a holiday to amazon with the Anacondas—WoW Astha di….you rocked it . This part was khidkitod, amazing and what not . I totally loved it . I will surely visit the Oberoi family official website to see that video….if you know the link please give me…. 😉

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Please contact Khannaji for further information. I have given the no. above to Bhavana.
      Thank you Tanz.

      1. Tanz

        Yeah sure I’ll contact him…..waise bhi he would be bored among Anacondas…i’ll try to cheer him up too and get all the khidkitod information from him 😉

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thank you Alekhika dear.

  14. Awwwwww asthababy.umrish puri wali diolgue ????? you are khidkitod funny dear, sooo sweet .
    Ok post next part ASAP.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thnx. Darling Arpita…

  15. Just simply wowww…..very funny amazing nd romantic episode..loved khanna dialogs…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Ha ha Zaveesha.. Khanna ka parr nikal aaya hai..udne do usse.
      Thank you Dear…..

  16. Ruksy

    Amazing update loved it

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Keep loving Rusky dear…Thank you

  17. Raksha104


    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thank you Raksha dear.

  18. Dii…. first i want a biggggg n tight hugg….. I’m bigg crush with ur ff di… Poor khannaji sso send him on a holiday 2 amazon with anacondas… hahaha….. Amrishpuri & Urmila dekar… luv it…. Obroi family in ishqbaaz mode…. Luv u di ummhhaa….

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      powerful tha kiss . A many many hugs from your Astha di .

  19. Astha di, Astha diiiiiiii
    Dekho…wo aa gaya (once upon a time in Mumbaistyle!)
    U know Ihad an uundeniably undeniable desire to read your ff and here it is!
    I have read this earlier, dropped a bigcomment and when after a few hours dropped in to see whether u have replied, iIwas shocked because my comment wwasn’t posted!
    So Iam rreallytyping the whole thing.
    U know , while reading this Iwas thinking ki Liji di kitna khidkitod khush ho rahi hong, Unke khannu ko itna importance jo diya ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    Aur amrishpuri aur urmila diwekar ne to ccharchaand laga diye!
    In fact after reading that part Iwas really happy because iIhad laughed so much.
    Mongamb o khush hua!
    And the proposal… awwwww it was cho chweet.
    I mean yourwriting style is too unique.
    The way u come up with analogies and examples for everything is awesome.
    Aur bichara khannu, sso ne to seedha use amazon hi bhej diya, for fighting with anacondas or what?! ??
    But Iam sure Liji di must b in seventh heaven because sso finally got bashed by her khannu. Rankama track ki sarianger nikal gayi hogi uunik!
    And next episode, black thakur aayega. ..mmmm it interesting,
    Aur ha kiss…..ufff (blush blush) ???????????
    The water in the pool must have evaporated by now due to science.
    Anyways Idid too much bak bak so
    Love, vivikhta ?

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Ha ha… Vivikhta dear.. TU page ne tumhari comment ka chop kardiya hoga. Very bad administrative.
      Water in the pool has turned in to Pink Ice in shy…I saw now only.
      Surely this time not bechara Khannu..or bechara Shivaay it will be Bechara Omkara.

  20. O My Astha Darrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlinnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggg……..Aaj se you are not simply Astha Reddy you are AWWWWWWWstha Reddy……haye mein mar jawaan…..tujhe kya chahiye Astha baby……I mean sirf kisses aur hugs iss baar kam padega…….your FF is sooooooooooo awwwwwwwwwwwwwesome that I want to give you something special toh boliye mohatarma…..kya chahiye?? ??????????????????????????

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    And I am sorry dear I have not commented on earlier epis…..they were all well-written….just that sometimes I think that I will comment in next epi and so it gets postponed……but this epi I wanted to post a comment whatever happens……after all, you have gave such a good scene for my Khannu……and Shivaye’s confession moment…….?????? how can I stay away from commenting……?????

    Astha…..your humor sense is excellent dear…..I mean Amrish Puri and Urmila……then Khannu in Amazon forests with Anacondas…..????????? I am still laughing when I remember your comment “single ganja is Dr. Dang”……kahaan se lethi aathi ho aisi soch…..unbeatable ma!!

    And in next epi you are bringing in Kaali also…….????? please notify in the IB page when you upload it ok?? I will try to read asap……pinky promise!!

    Surbhi, Vivi, Amu…….aaj khush toh bahot hogaye mein (maaf keejiye Amitabh Sir….) haa haa….pata hai pata hai…..line mein kuch gadbad hai…..aap log thoda adjust kar lena yaar!!

    1. Astha……missed to mention…..Shivaye the lover warrior…….nice!!! I donno why…..I have started imagining Shivaye as Mahendra Baahubali…….??????????

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Liji..Haan chahiye naa more from Kisses and hugs..your love and smile..
      Keep reading and smiling always..I too love you..a lot.
      I will upload the link to next part on TU main page.
      Shivaay Bhaiyya as Bahubaali here.. ha ha…
      Thank you for giving your lunch break to your Awwwwstha darling….
      And about leaving comment I know my family member from PKJ are trying to read my work during their busy schedule..#Ishqbaaz is this powerful….

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thank you Rashi

  21. Navz

    Again i am late…..sry sry aastha..but this one oh myyyyy god…..while typing also i am blushing….not only anika i am also dying to help myself to stop blushing and now i am imaging their firstever kiss and removing off haldi in pool…ohh my god i cant resist myself i wanna read this part again and again …..this part is really awesome ???????????????????????????????????????????? really yaar aastha i loved it a lot….
    Hope u see this comment and if time peemits leave a reply….and really sry for this late comment ..i dont know that part 17 was posted just now i have seen it.
    Tq for ur comment on my profile pic in fb…thats lovely.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Navya.. next part-18 is also published…Give a look at it…
      I have already said time is not a thing that matter me its all your love that is valuable ….thanks for blushing this much…ha ha…

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