SNS-Tera Mera Rishta Purana -Season 1 Part-33

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Part 33-


Kempty Fall,Mussoorie is shown

Both Pari and Adi are brought out from their thinking by their friends….

Payal:Wow soo beautiful???let’s go??….

Uday:See there….A rope way is there….We would go by it???…

Adi with his friends takes a ropeway route to reach the falls while Pari too decides to use it to go downwards….

After sometime….

Pari with her friends reached​ at the falls while
Adi too arrives there….

Pari:Wow it’s so amazing?????….
Payal:Yaa???…..Let’s go and take a dive???….
Pari:Yaa let’s goooo!!!!!…..

Adi:Let’s go inside the falls???….

They goes inside…..Pari and her friends are already inside….

Pari goes near the falls and enjoys it as it falls on her????…..

Payal:Let’s take a selfie….

They take selfies….

Adi and his friends splashes water?? on each other….

Pari dances in the fall….

Yaara tere sadke
Ishq sikha mein toh aayi jag taj ke
Ishq sikha mein toh yaara tere sadke
Ishq sikha mein toh aayi jag taj ke

Adi enjoys the falls….

Ishq sikha jab yaara kare parwah meri
Mujhe Kya parwah iss duniya ki
Jag mujhpe lagaaye pabandi
Mein hoon hi nahi iss duniya ki

Adi suddenly turns around and sees Pari dancing…He gets mesmerised by her….He thinks of the time when he first saw her….He gets super happy to see her….

Saadiyo se bhi purani
Hai mohobat ki kahani
Kiske ruke yeh ruki hai
Hoti hai bas ho gai hai

His eyes are fixated on her….It looks as if his heartbeat stop….

Just then Pari felt someone’s gaze on her and looks in that direction but finds no one….

Adi turned his face in other direction….

Dhadkano pe deke dastak
Uthe Dil se jaye Dil tak

Pari tries to search….

Dil se Dil tak
Dil se Dil tak

Payal:What happened???….

Pari again starts dancing….

Tumhi din chadhe
Tumhi din dhale
Tumhi ho bandhu
Sakha tumhi

Pari:Now I think we should leave as it’s getting late….

They comes out and goes from there….

Adi too decides to go….


They all comes upward….Pari and Adi sees corn?and decides to have it albiet at different places….

They eats corn?….

Scene shifts to IIbert Manor

Pari arrives there with her friends….The manager gives her key to the room….

Adi too arrives in the same Manor….The manager gives him the key…..

1st Floor…

Pari opens the room and is about to take her luggage inside when she stumbles upon it and is about to fall when someone holds her….Pari closes her eyes tightly….Pari slowly opens her eyes….He turns out to be Adi….They have an eyelock….

Dhadkano pe deke dastak
Uthe Dil se jaye Dil tak
Dil se Dil tak
Dil se Dil tak

Payal arrives there and asks Pari are u fine??….

Their eyelock breaks and Pari stands up….

Pari:Yaa I am fine…Thank u?….
Adi:My pleasure?….
Uday:Is everything alright???….

They goes to their respective rooms….

In Pari’s room Pari is shown standing near window looking at the moon?….

Pari(In her mind):Now I know why I was feeling soo connected with this place….(Imagines sometime before)….I don’t know but there is something in him which makes me soo restless everytime he is near me….The way he holded me when I was about to fall….There is something in his touch….My heart?beats fast….

Dil ka yeh Diya
Iski tu Roshni
Kaali raat mein
Tu bani Chandni

In Adi’s Adi comes near window and looks at the moon?….

Adi(In his mind):Now I know why I was feeling soo connected with this place….Life came a full circle….I was hoping to meet her again and God fulfilled my wish….I am very happy today….But I don’t know if she too feels something or maybe she has BF?….I should maintain a distance from her….

Mushkile Badi
Tu sahara bani
Tuti Jo kadi
Tune woh thamli

Ik door hai nazuk si
Mere Dil se tere Dil tak
Dil se Dil tak
Dil se Dil tak

Their collage face is shown….


Scene shifts to a Ranch, Rajkot

Dharam goes to a stable to meet his horse “SULTAAN”…..Meera too joins him….Dharam stroked the horse’s head and neck….Meera gets surprised to see that….

Dharam:Come Meeru meet my horse,”SULTAAN”….

Meera was terrified to come near….

Dharam:SULTAAN -this is my drama queen….

The horse raised his hoof and offered it to Meera….

Dharam:Meeru shake “hands”with him….He’s only trying to be friendly….

Meera reluctantly put her hand forward and held the horse’s hoof….

Dharam now rides on “SULTAAN”….Meera watches him riding?…..

Precap:Not Decided…..

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  1. Jasminerahul

    water fall scene and dance was cute.adi lost in pari and surprised to see her again. so sweet.pari falling in his arms and feeling connected to him and realising why this place is special to him was so nice.adi too feels the same.wish adi knows pari’s inner feelings.dheera horse scene was so cute.will dharam make meera too sit on the horse?

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Jasmine☺☺it will be???…Yes dharam will try to make Meera sit on the horse but something big is gonna happen….

  2. Nice update
    So adi was first to see pari n was watching her
    But when she looked no one was there
    Yay they had an eye lock when he stopped her from falling
    Now both thinking of the other
    Awe how cute sultan the horse gave meera his huff for shake
    Looking forward to next update
    Thanks for pm nplz keep em comin

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Baniaz8☺☺yeah will update soon?

  3. Lovely update Mansi .AdRi scenes are good .Want more DhEera scenes .

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Rose☺☺yeah will give more dheera scenes?

  4. Nice Mansi.. Waiting for next update 🙂

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Faby☺☺yeah will update soon?

  5. Riana

    Hey Mansi…Due to poor net connec. I m not able to comment anywhere even i cant write my ffs too…but still due to a a bit of strong comnectionim commenting….looool…Adri n Dheera scene was Awsome…Speciallt that Dharam Horse “SULTAN”!!!…???????….Waiting for nxt…???

    1. Riana

      Sorry connection*?

    2. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Riana☺☺that’s what I was thinking as I am missing ur FF’s a lot??that u haven’t updated it….I can understand that no probs?…..Yeah will update soon?

  6. Nandhini

    Finally pari and Adi met face to face????? i am sooo happieeee????

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Nandhini☺☺yeah they finally met face to face?????glad u are very happy with that??

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