Swasan were looking for swaraa’s engagement dress
Swara was least interested on her dress and was more bothered about sanskar’s dress
Sanskar: swara see this lehenga
Swara: sanskar come na lets see your dress first
Sanskar: swara I wont choose my dress unless and until we choose yours
Swara: arre but
Sanskar: no ifs and buts
Swara with no option left went with him to see her dress
Sanskar: so princess which colour you want to wear
Swara: your favourite
Sanskar: ok then will see royal blue for both of us
Swara smiled and rested her head on his shoulder and both moved ahead
Sanskar selected a royal blue long gown for swara and asked her to try
She went inside the trial room and came out after some time
Sanskar was mesmerised to see her….she was looking so beautiful
He was lost in her beauty
Swara: sanskar
She shook him and he came out of senses
Sanskar: you know you are looking so beautiful that I was about to faint
Swara blushed
Sanskar: arre yar why do you blush so much…..its difficult for me to control myself ….but don’t worry I will ask dad to make us marry soon
She blushed more

Swara: sanskar stop it…..and I liked this dress a lot
Sanskar: if you liked it then will buy this one only
Swara: what really [he nodded] wowww thank you so much sankuuu
She said and hugged him tight squeezing his waist
Sanskar: swara we are in public
Swara: so what
Sanskar: achha then ok
He said breaking the hug and leaning towards her lips
Swara: sanskar what are you doing…..we are in public
Sanskar: but you only said na so what
Swara hit on his chest
Swara: be in ur limits baby
Sanskar: aaannnn I don’t have any limits with my to be wife…my jaan
Swara: you have….till our marriage
Sanskar: but we have already kissed so many times
Swara: but now we wont….till our marriage
Sanskar: whattt
Swara [sadly]; yes
Sanskar: why
He said cupping her face
Swara: sanskar in our family from the day engagement gets fixed till marriage bride and groom cant kiss or come more close
Sanskar: what
Swara nodded

Sanskar: and what if our marriage is after 1 month
Swara: all the best baby
Sanskar made a sad face
Swara: awwww
She said and kissed his cheeks
Swara: don’t be sad na sanku
Swara: please
Swara: for me
She said with puppy eyes which melted him making him agree
He hugged her and she hugged him back tightly
Swara: achha now lets go to choose yoru dress
Sanskar: you go and come fast after changing then will choose my dress
She went and came out
Sanskar: swara will ask papa to make us marry soon within 15 days only….i cant wait
Swara laughed and pulled his cheeks
Swara: you are so cute
Sanskar: cute??
Swara: yes my cutie pie
Sanskar shook his head and both went to men’s section
Swara was busy in looking for his dress while he was lost in thinking how he will resist himself till their marriage
Swara: sanskar I liked this sherwani a lot go and try this

He went and came out
He was looking like a greek god
Swara: wowww my cutie pie is looking so handsome
Sanskar [sad smile]: you like it??
Swara: I loved it
Sanskar: then I will wear this only
She smiled and he paid the bill and went out and saw ap coming out of jeweller shop
Both went to her
Ap: arre you both….shopping done??
Swara: yes mom all done
Ap: very good now lets go back
Trio went and sanskar dropped swara to gm mansion
Swara while going hugged ap and smiled at sanskar
Swasan were talking on phone while sanskar was a bit sad
Swara: sanskar please forget that na…..achha you said na you will ask dad to make us marry soon….then whats the problem
Sanskar: nothing swara….and I am not sad because of that
Swara: there is something which is bothering you….please tell me whats that
sanskar: arre but nothing is bothering me jaan
swara: sanskar you are telling or not
sanskar: jaan yesterday I got a call from an unknown number

Sanskar was working in his office when he got a call from an unknown number
He lifted it
Sanskar: hello….whose there
Otherside:……..mujhe nahi pehchana [didn’t recognise me also??]
Sanskar: straightly tell who you are
Otherside:…..ok then take a hint….i am someone close to you….i will destroy your life and wont let you marry swara…..i will kill her
He got up from his seat and got angry
Sanskar: what rubbish…..just stop it…..you can never destroy me or my swara and we will marry and about your identity I will find out soon who you are
Otherside: hhahaha wheteher you find or not I will not let you live peacefully mr. sanskar maheshwari
Sanskar got angry and cut the call and threw his phone away

Sanskar: I ignored it but today I heard the voice of the same lady….i was unable to see her face but I am damn sure the voice was same
Swara: sanskar…..maybe it’s a fake call or a prank….see we are together and we will get engaged too tomorrow and even you know that no one can separate us
Sanskar: I know jaan….but still I am scared……I cant even see you in a bad condition…whenever I imagine that your face when you were hospitalised…your accident everything comes in front of me
Swara: sanskar please forget that
Sanskar: even I want to but I am not able to
Swara: sanskar…..achha listen to me
Sanskar: hmm
Swara: I want to postpone this engagement
Sanskar: swara
Swara: sanskar just one day……I don’t want us to get engaged in between your scares
Sanskar: what will happen in one day
Swara: sanskar tomorrow meet me and then we will try to find out the caller id
Sanskar: are you sure
Swara: yes I am
Sanskar: then lets talk to our parents….but don’t tell them the main reason….say that tomorrow we have an important meeting
Swara: ok…and you don’t be sad…I am with you and nothing will happen to any of us
Sanskar: hmm
Swara: good night…and be ready tomorrow at 2 and come to pick me
Sanskar: ok bye…good night

Sanskar: jaan I haven’t told you the complete thing…..there is still one thing to be left which is bothering me the most….your accident was done intentionally and I am damn sure it was planned by this same lady…but don’t worry I wont leave her and will find her soon
he said and went to talk to ap and dp

Ap: ji…tomorrow our eldest son will get engaged
Dp: yes…time passed so quickly……
Just then sanskar knocked the door
Ap: arre sanskar beta come in
Sanskar: mom dad actually me and swara want to postpone the engagement from one day
Dp: what but why
Sanskar: actually dad we have a meeting tomorrow
Dp: is the meeting so important
Sanskar: yes dad….its the dream project of swara which will give us only one chance and I want to grab it
Dp: what did swara say
Sanskar; I have made her agree
Ap and dp: ok then
Sanskar: thanks a lot mom dad
Both smiled and blessed him and he left to his room

Swara came to the hall where ragini sumi and shekhar were talking
Swara: ma papa
Shekhar: yes beta….do you want anything
Swara: yes papa actually we want to postpone the engagement
Ragini: arre dii I expected you will prepone it but why postpone
Swara: actually we have a meeting tomorrow and its my dream project
Sumi: swara is this more important thn sanskar
Swara: no mom….obviously not….nothing is more important than him but he wants to grab this deal and he only has forced me to agree
Sumi: arre but
Shekhar: ok beta
Sumi: but shekhar
Shekhar: arre sumi what will happen if we postpone the engagement to one day late…..there is no loss na then why are we worrying
Sumi: ok
Swara hugged shekhar
Swara: thank you papa
Shekhar hugged her back and caressed her hair
Swara [in mind]: I hope tomorrow his problems get solved so that we can get engaged properly
Sanskar was having swara’s photo in his hands and he was lying on the bed
Sanskar: swara I wont even let anything happen to you…it’s my promise to our love….
He kept on thinking about that matter and slept late

Sanskar came to pick swara and she sat on the passanger seat
He hugged her tight
Swara: sanskar…..
Sanskar: thank god you are fine
Swara: sanskar what happened
Sanskar: I got that call again
Swara: what
Sanskar: yes swara
Swara: show me the number
Sanskar showed her the number
Sanskar: swara I doubt on piya…
Swara: what…how…I mean how can you say that without any proof…she is an innocent girl
Sanskar: no she is not indeed you are….swara I want to tell you one thing
Swara: yes say na
Sanskar: your accident wasn’t any accident it was an attempt to murder you
Swara: what
Sanskar: yes swara….and morning I found out that piya was siting on the passanger seat of the truck ans she only instructed the driver to kill you and she is not coming to office since three days
Swara: what
Sanskar: yes I even have a proof for that….there was a cctv camera on that road and I have that footage
He showed her the footage in his ipad
Swara: oh my god…
Sanskar got the call again
Swara: keep it on speaker

Sanskar kept it on speaker
Os: sanskar I heard you postponed the engagement ….wow that’s great…because you made my way more clear
Sanskar: what are you saying
Os: I thought you both will get engaged but I wont let you marry but now toh I wont even let you get engaged
Sanskar: just stop this
Os: hahaha I will kill your swara
Sanskar couldn’t handle it and cut the call in anger
Sanskar: see how this lady talks….thats why I am scared
Swara: sanskar this cant be piya……
Sanskar: and how are you so sure about it
Swara: sanskar this voice is looking as if its of any elder of around 70s [all of you might have guessed the caller and the don lady but if not then have patience]
Sanskar: yaa but
Swara: achha if you are not able to believe then lets try to find out the caller id
Sanskar: we are going to office I will ask johan to find out
Swara: hmm ok


Hi guys I am making the track fast and that’s why I gave you the hint or say the answer that who is the caller or the don lady
Next update tomorrow pakka se

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      Swasan reached office and went to sanskar’s cabin and called johan there [sanskar’s pa]

      Sanskar: johan take my phone and the unknown number…I want the identity of this number

      Johan: ok sir…you sit I will come back as soon as I find out

      Sanskar nodded

      Johan left now swasan were alone

      Sanskar was tensed and was moving here and there

      Swara went to him and stopped him and cupped his face

      Swara: sanskar please don’t get worried…please if you will get worried what about me

      Sanskar cupped her face

      Sanskar: shh….are you too scared [she nodded] shhh….nooo nothing will happen

      He said taking her in his embrace

      Swara started sobbing in his embrace and had kept her hand on his chest

      Swara: sanskar why this happens only to us

      Sanskar [caressing her hair]: shhh……nothing has happened and nothing will happen unless and until we are together……stop crying

      Swara hugged him more tight

      He broke the hug and made her sit

      He made her drink water and knelt down keeping his hand on her lap

      Sanskar: sorry

      Swara: for what

      Sanskar: its my mistake…..i shouldn’t have told you this….due to me you are so worried

      Swara: no sanskar…its good that you told me and its said na that the pain lessens if we share it

      Sanskar: swara I promise you nothing will happen to us….pakka

      Swara smiled

      Just then johan came in

      Sanskar stood

      Johan: sir this identity is showing our employee piya’s name

      Sanskar: whattt

      Johan: yes sir see this

      Johan showed him her name profile which had her photo too

      Both swasan are shocked

      Sanskar: johann where is she now

      Johan: sir she is not coming from 3 to 4 days so I don’t know

      Sanskar: what do you mean by don’t know just track her location

      Swara: sanskar calm down

      Johan gulped and went

      Sanskar: swara see I told you this can be piya

      Swara: but sanskar how’s this possible…theres also a possibility that she has been forced

      Sanskar: oh yes…..but don’t worry I will find out

      Swara: how

      Sanskar: I dunno I just know I have to find out whether she is really the culprit or someone else is forcing her

      Swara hugged him

      He hugged her back


      Both were sitting on the couch and it was almost night

      Johan came in

      Johan: sir

      Sanskar: did you find anything

      Johan: no sir not yet….but sir I promise by tomorrow I will find out

      Sanskar: ok but I need each and every information about her till tomorrow

      Johan: yes sir

      Swasan left to sanskar’s car and sanskar dropped swara to gm mansion

      NEXT DAY

      It was swasan engagement…still nothing was known about piya

      Swara and her family came to mm mansion in the morning itself thought the engagement was in night

      Sanskar making an excuse took swara to his room and closed the door

      Swara: sanskar see now nothing is found about her so forget this matter for one day…today’s our engagement and I want us to enjoy this forgetting all our worries…..so please today neither you nor me will make this sad face

      Sanskar: ok swara as you say

      Swara smiled and hugged him

      Swara: finally after so much wait we are getting engaged

      Sanskar: yes swara its like a dream come true….

      Swara smiled and pecked his cheeks

      Sanskar pulled her from her waist

      Sanskar: what was this for

      Swara: this was a kiss because I am very happy today

      Sanskar kissed her both eyes

      Sanskar: and I am more happy than you

      She smiled and hugged him


      Function was started…guests were arriving and were being welcomed by shemish and ap and dp

      Swara was in sanskar’s room getting ready with ragini’s help and sanskar in guest room with laksh

      Soon the function started and sanskar had already came in the hall

      He was waiting for swara eagerly

      Ragini who was too present there saw this and teased him

      Ragini: jiju don’t wait for swara so eagerly yar….because if now you are so excited when you will see her you will faint

      Sanskar: she looking so beautiful or what [he was lost in searching her so didn’t realise that she is teasing him]

      Ragini bursted out laughing….sanskar realised what he said and got embarrassed

      Sumi: ragini its time for function to start so go and bring swara

      Ragini: yes ma

      Sanskar: ragini go fast

      All giggled seeing his excitement

      Ragini: jiju please patience

      Sanskar pushed her slightly towards the stairs asking her to bring swara

      All giggled and ragini made a “haw” face and went to bring swara

      Soon swara came …..she was wearing the blue dress sanskar chose for her….she was looking very pretty

      Sanskar was mesmerised to see her…..he didn’t even stopped gazing her till ragini came and shook him making him embarrass and swara blush

      Soon swara and sanskar were made to sit on the special heart shaped chair designed for them

      Sanskar silently without anyone’s notice took swara’s hand in his and kissed it making her blush

      The function started and was hosted by ragini and laksh

      Ragini: so ladies and gentlemen today is the engagement of my di….who is the most close to me today I don’t know whether to be happy that my sister is entering a new phase of her life or to be sad that now we have very less time to spend with each other as soon she will leave our house…I don’t know how I will live without her…..i don’t know how I will solve my problems all alone…..i don’t know how I will face the world…..i just want one thing that my di stays happy with my jiju…..[to sanskar] jiju meri di ko kabhi mat rulana [jiju please never make my di cry] [she said with tears in her eyes] she is very innocent and with a pure heart and even I know that you will never ever let anything to happen her

      She said a lot of things about swaragini bond and how she will be missing swara

      At the end she started sobbing….swara was having tears in her eyes and so she went and hugged ragini

      Sanskar came towards them and side hugged both of them

      Sanskar to ragini: arre pagal…..teri didi ki shaadi mai abhi time hai itni jaldi thodi na zindagi kharab karni mujhe [arre pagal……your di’s marriage has a lot of time left…..i don’t want my life to be spoiled so soon]

      Swara beat him playfully and ragini chuckled

      They trio shared a group hug

      Laksh: haw forgot me

      They trio smiled and took him too in the hug

      Ragini smiled and made both swasan to sit on their chair

      Laksh: so now no senti baatein [talks] now its time for a mind blowing performance by swasan

      Swasan were shocked as they didn’t knew they are going to perform

      Ragini: di jiju please na come

      After lot of insistence both came to the dance floor and laksh played the song

      Na hai yeh pana
      Na Khona hi hai
      Tera Na hona jane
      Kyun hona hi hai


      Tum se hi din hota hai
      Surmaiye shaam aati
      Tumse hi tumse hi

      Har ghari saans aati hai
      Zindagi kehlati hai
      Tumse hi tumse hi


      Na hai yeh pana
      Na Khona hi hai
      Tera Na hona jane
      Kyun hona hi hai


      Mein kahin bhi jata hoon
      Tumse hi mil jata hoon
      Tumse hi tumse hi

      Shoor mein khamoshi hai
      Thodi se Behoshi hai
      Tum se hi tum se hi


      It was engagement time and swara and sanskar were standing opposite to each other…..sumi gave the ring to swara first to make sanskar wear that

      Swara was excited to see her ring as it was a surprise for her and she knew sanskar’s surprises are special

      Swara took his hand and was about to make him wear the ring when they heard a noise

      Voice:: stop this engagement cant happen

      All turned to see a women in her 70s standing there….whole mm family was shocked to see the lady
      She descended the stairs and came in the front of the hall where swasan and the gm and mm family were present
      Sanskar: what are you doing
      Lady: oh pehle toh didn’t invite me in your engagement and now saying what I am doing here
      Swara: sanskar who is she
      Sanskar: she is dadi swara…
      Dadi: thank god at least you recognised me….i thought you forgot me
      Dp: what are you doing here…..get out of my house
      Dadi [high tone]: don’t dare to talk me like that….i tolerated till now but now I wont
      Dp: what you tolerated haan….we never in our life talked to you like this
      Dadi started crying
      Just then police came in
      Inspector: arre dadi ji why are you crying
      Dadi: first of all they made me get out of the house in such a old age then they are talking in such a bad manner
      Inspector: dekhiye you please stop crying
      Inspector: don’t you have manners to talk to your mother like that
      He said to dp
      Dp: haahaahaaa mother?? Which mother?? That mother who tried to kill her granddaughter and daughter-in-law??
      Dadi: lie….its a lie…..from long time they didn’t want me to stay with them and so they made and excuse that I tried to kill them….chiii….such bad my parvarish will be I didn’t know
      Sanskar: dadi just stop that or else will forget you are our dadi
      Inspector: hey dare you say anything to her [to dadi] dadi ji don’t worry I am with you….do you want me to arrest them??
      Dadi: no no….dont do that….however they are they are my son and grandson and my family
      Inspector: see how good she is…….now she will stay here only and if someone does something to her then I will surely arrest you all and remember whatever she says you all have to listen
      Inspector didn’t give anyone any chance to speak and left
      Sanskar: waah dadi waah again you are playing a game with us haina…..but don’t worry you will surely fail this time and we will make your truth come in front of the whole world
      Dadi: sanskar beta why are you behaving like this to me….i think its not good to held the engagement now [to guests] you all can go will re arrange the engagement
      The guests left
      And dadi smirked and sat on the chair like a queen
      Dadi: hahahaha lets see who will win this time in this game….but whosoever wins this game will be tough for you
      Sanskar: dadi why you cancelled my engagement??
      Dadi: because I don’t want this girl to enter my family
      Dp: and this is not your family
      Dadi: and you are no one to tell me that so just keep your mouth shut or else I will call that inspector
      Sanskar was moving ahead when swara stopped him
      Swara: no sanskar
      Dadi: hahaahahah now this emotional drama will go on huhh leave it….annapurna get me dinner in my room or else get out of this house
      Dadi said and went leaving them there itself
      Sanskar: mom you wont do anything
      Ap:: no beta please let me do
      Dp and sanskar looked at ap in shock
      Ap: please
      At last they had to agree
      Swara: sanskar its ok will talk tomorrow and find a way to teach dadi a lesson and after that will get engaged
      Sanskar: but swara
      Swara kept her hand on his
      Sanskar: ok
      Gm family left with a sad face
      NEXT DAY
      Sanskar woke up and went down for bf when he saw dadi sitting on the head chair of dinning table and dp sitting on side chair
      He got angry and went there
      Sanskar: why are you sitting on this chair
      Dadi: its my house so my wish
      Sanskar: but this house is on my name
      Dadi: but accordingly head of the family should sit here and now don’t argue with me or else inspector is on my side
      Dp: sanskar leave her se wont improve one day the truth will be out
      Sanskar got angry
      Sanskar: I am going to office
      He said and went without having breakfast or taking his tiffin
      Swara was getting ready and thinking something deeply
      Swara: why do I feel as if dadi is behind everything……my accident….those calls…our engagement stopping and sanskar’s sister’s death…….shall I tell this to sanskar?? But what if it is not true he will feel bad…its better that I try to find any proof and then tell him
      She was thinking when she got a call
      She lifted the call
      Os [it was a lady]: save me…..please save me……I…i…..ii…..amm…..in….a….bbiiggg……daanngeerrr…..pplleeaassee ssaavvee meee
      Swara: who are you
      Os: swara mam its me piya
      Swara [shocked]: piya
      Piya: yes mam…these people have trapped me here please come pls
      Swara: where are you
      Piya: I don’t know but ya this place is near a famous mandir and here many people come in that mandir and rallies too pass I know this only
      Swara: don’t worry I am coming
      She hanged the call and left
      Hi guys I hope things are becoming clear day by day and now this track is going to end in 2-3 episodes
      Please do comment

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      Posted by mistake…Sorry and thanks a lot?

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