Swasan~ Why me?! Episode 14

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~~~~~~~~Episode 14~~~~~~~~

(Sanskar went towards Swara’s cabin and saw her crying .. Her eyes were puffy and nose was red.. Sanskar felt extremely bad and went towards her and sat beside her)

Sanskar(puts his hand on her shoulder but she jerks): Am really Sorry Swara.. Whatever Maya said (Swara looked at him angrily?) Yes yes.. Whatever I said.. That too.. Forgive me please

Swara: Who am i to you haan? You are my boss and i am your PA

Sanskar: Swara.. I am..

Swara: No no.. Don’t apologise.. For sometime, i forgot that a boss and his employee cant be friends.. And you from upper class and me middle class girl.. Then how..

Sanskar(angrily): Shut up Swara.. What rubbish are you speaking!

Swara: What am..

Sanskar: You are very important to me.. Maya may be my best friend but no one can take your place in my life.. in my heart! No one! And i mean it!

Swara(childishly): Pinky promise?

Sanskar(smiles): Promise sweetheart..

Swara(shocked): What?

Sanskar(fumbles): Ahm ahm.. wo.. Han.. i meant to say that.. umm..

Swara: Why are you fumbling hmm? Anyways leave all this and that nonsense{Maya} winks)

Sanskar(shocked but later burst out laughing): Hahahah?? Omg yar! Totally impossible

Swara(proudly): Thank you!?

Sanskar(teases): Waise why do you hate Payal and now you dont like Maya too.. I mean she is good, talented, also..

Swara(angrily): What?!

Sanskar: Yes yes.. I like her..

Swara: Urghh! Why do you only love those things that i hate?!

Sanskar: Do you hate yourself?

Swara: What?!

Sanskar: Answer me.. Do you hate yourself?

Swara: Obviously No!

Sanskar: Then how can you say that i love only those things which you hate hmm?

Swara(confusingly): What?

Sanskar(smiles): Nothing.. you wont understand

Swara: Whatever! I will see that file and we will make presentation together okay?

Sanskar: Okay

(He stands up and was going but then saw Swara who was reading the file.. He smiles naughtily and thinks to tease her.. Swara thought he left.. He went towards her and suddenly pecks her cheek??Swara shocks??He hid behind door..Swara was like a statue.. her eyes were wide open and jaw dropped)

Swara(kept hand on her cheek): Did ..He.. he kissed.. me (blushed a little☺️) But he is not here.. He left already.. Uff! What am i dreaming haan! Sanskar.. kissed.. Urgh! Stupid me! What an illusion! Uff!

(Sanskar who saw this from the door smiled)

Sanskar(in mind): Lol! She thinks it an illusion! But,This is for hurting you Love! ❤

~~~~~~~Sanskar’s Cabin~~~~~

(He entered and saw Maya sitting there angrily.. he sighed)

Sanskar(thinks and make puppy face): Why me God? Aik mai hi mila hu apko? Do do larkiyon k beech mai phasa rhay ho yar! Uff.. Aik taraf wo jungli billi aur dusri taraf ye Jalkukar?? Mere se kya ghalti hui thi.. Mene apka kya bigara hai!

(He came into senses after hearing Maya’s voice)

Maya: Sanskar!?

Sanskar: Hmm haan..

Maya: What hmm? How can you shout at me haan! How dare you!

Sanskar: Maya.. Look..

Maya(angrily): How can you shout at me and that too infront of Ms.Nobody who..

Sanskar(angrily interuupts): Enough is Enough! I have already told you to behave yourself.. You may be my friend, but in office, like everyone else you are my employee.. So you better dont raise your voice infront of me on this!?

Maya: But.. I am your friend!

Sanskar: Yes.. But not in office.. Here, am your Boss and you are my employee

(There was a knock on door)

Sanskar: Come in!

(It was Abhi)

Sanskar: Good you came.. Is the cabin ready?

Abhi: Yes Sir (Just then his eyes fell on Maya.. He was awstruck to see her.. Something Something?)

Sanskar: Abhi (no response) Abhi!!

Abhi(jerks): Ye.. Yes sir.. Sorry

Sanskar: Anyways, This is Maya.. She is interior designer.. Please show her her cabin and tell her about the tasks

Abhi: Yes Sir (looks at Maya) Come Miss..

Maya: Ya lets go (stares Sanskar angrily)

(They leave.. Sanskar takes a sigh of relief)

Sanskar: Yahan to mu band krwa diya uska.. Bt ghar ja kr meri band bajyegi ye .. God bacha lena???


(Abhi took Maya to a cabin which was elegant and classy)

Abhi: This is your cabin and (continues to tell her about rules and the tasks)

Maya: Uff! Shut up, would you?!?

Abhi(shocked): Excuse me!?

Maya: My ears are paining.. Give rest to your mouth! I got it okay.. Now please leave!

(Abhi was shocked at her attitude but he had a self respect, no?)

Abhi: Oh hello Ms.Whatever! I did what Sir told me (Maya was about to speak) No.. let me complete first.. He is my boss not you.. So you better behave yourself.. Its not your home.. This is office.. And like me, you are also an employee.. So stop bossing around.. Dont know how Sir hired a rude girl like you!?

Maya: You..

Abhi: Better stay in your limits! ?

(He said and left angrily)

Maya(shocked): What is happening today?! First Sanskar and now this Abhi! huh!

~~~~~~~~Swara’s cabin~~~~~~~

(Swara qnd abhi were now close friends and quite comfortable with eachother..Abhi barges in her cabin.. Swara was surprised)

Abhi: What the hell she thinks of herself! Idiot stupid monkey donkey lizard mosquito !

Swara: Woah Woah! Calm down! What happened?

Abhi: That rude girl Maya..

Swara(sighs): Ahh yes.. I thought it was me only but looks like everyone has the same point of view about her (winks)

Abhi(smiles): Haha.. That sure is!
Dont know why sir hired her

Swara: Huh ya.. She is just.. Ms.Nonsense! And..

(Her words left incomplete as she saw Sanskar who was standing at the door crossing his arms on his chest.. Abhi also saw towards the direction and after seeing Sanskar’s serious expression, he gulped)

Abhi(murmurs): Bhagwaan! Bacha lena aj mujhe!??

Swara(heard Abhi and giggled a little and whispers back): Right! Or this devil will eat us alive

Sanskar: Ahm Ahm.. What are you both whispering and what was all this haan?

Swara(innocently): What Sir?

Abhi(controlling his laugh): Umm.. wo..

Sanskar: Are you both here to gossip around .. Is this the way to behave in office!

Swara: Sorry

Abhi: Sorry.. It was just..

Sanskar: Just what?

Swara: Sorrryyy

Sqnskar(sighs): Guys please.. Stop gossiping about her.. I know she has attitude and is a lil bit rude.. but she is vey talented and experienced

Swara: So we were saying the same thing.. Right abhi?

Abhi(blinks): Hain? Ha.. Han han..

Sanskar: Anyways, Swara are you prepared for presentation.. Its after 2 days..

Swara: Am preparing Sirrrrr?

Sanskar(?): Swara!

Swara(giggles): Dont worry.. I will ask Abhi if i have any problem (side hugs Abhi making Sanskar fume in jealousy)

Sanskar(jealous): You can ask me as well!

Swara: Its okay.. Abhi is my besttttt Friend na? And also he is sooo talented

Sanskar(?): I know he is talented okay and..

Swara: Ya ya ya (to Abhi) You will help me na?

Abhi(looks at Sanskar who was ready to kill him with his angry glare and gulps): Shonaa.. wo..

Sanskar(shocked): Shona?!

Swara: han.. Abhi pyar se mujhe Shona kehta hai

Sanskar(another shock): Pyar se?!

Swara: What happened Sirrr??

Sanskar: Why? I mean Abhi, Her name is Swara.. so call her by her name

Abhi(gulps): Yes Sir

Swara: What yes sir? No.. You call me Shona only.. Its such a sweet name ..

Sanskar(?): No!

Swara: Yes it is.. Abhi.. you call me Shona.. Dont listen to him

Sanskar: Am your Boss!

Swara: Then call me Ms.Gadodia..

Abhi: Ahm Ahm..

Sanskar(?): What?!

Abhi: Nothing Sir..

Sanskar: I want the presentation ready by today! Got it?

Swara: Yes Boss!?

Abhi(contols his laugh): Umm.. Shonaa (Sanskar glares him?) I mean Swara (Swara glares him angrily?) No no.. Shonaa (Sanskar clears his throat and burns him down with his gaze?) I mean.. Swara (Swara looks at him like “call me that again and you will see the worse”??) Umm.. Sss (Sanskar and Swara both were ready to beat him?? Bechara Abhi?)

Swara: What did you call me?!

Sanskar: Ya.. What did you call her!

Abhi(gulps): Swa.. Sho.. Umm.. Wo.. I.. I

Swara: Say na

Sanskar: Yes speak that again Abhi.. You better know what will happen afterwards..

Swara: Stop scaring him Sanskar!

Sanskar: You too Swara! See he is looking like a scared kitten

(Both of them starts fighting)

Abhi(murmurs): Infront of you two, Anyone will look like a kitten only.. Both are ready to kill me .. Godji! Mene kya bigara hai apka.. Bacha lo yar (thinks in mind) But why he is so bothered if i call Swara as Shona.. I mean (widen his eyes) Wait.. No.. Does Sanskar Sir…?!

Sanskar: Abhii!

Abhi: Yes Sir!

Sanskar: Come with me!

Swara: Han Abhi, then come back here..

Sanskar: No!

Swara: Yes!

Sanskar: No i said!

Swara: And i said yes!

Sanskar: Swaraaaa

Swara: Sanskarrr

Swasan(together): Shut up!?

Abhi(slaps his forehead): Uff!

Swasan: What?!!?

Abhi: Nothing am going??

(He leaves)

(Swasan look towards eachother angrily)

Swara: What the hell is wrong with you?!

Sanskar: Me?! Its with you.. How can you make anyone your friend and allow anyone to call you by any name haan?!

Swara: When you can make that Nonsense your best friend, then i can also make anyone my best friend!

Sanskar: Come on Swara! Not again!

Swara: Yes.. not again.. Why you have a problem haan? Koi mjhe kisi bhi naam se bulaye, why are you getting affected! You have no right on me!

Sanskar(angrily grabbed her by her shoulder): Shut up! ?

Swara(hissed in pain): Ahh.. Its hurting..

Sanskar(looks in her eyes): Yes it hurts.. Hurts badly when someone calls you like that!

Swara(slowly): Why?

Sanskar: Because I LOV… (he stops realising what he was about to say)

Swara: Because?

Sanskar(releases her and says slowly): Sorry for hurting you..

Swara: Thats not the answer Sanskar!!

Sanskar(closes his eyes and opens after a while): Show me the presentation when you are done..

Swara: Sanskar.. Jawab to do!

(He leaves hurridely)

~~~~~~~~Sanskars cabin~~~~~~~

(He sat down on his chair and closed his eyes trying to relax himself.. Just then there was a knock and Abhi enters)

Abhi: Hellooo Sirrr?

(Sanskar looked at him and threw paper weight on him but he got a side)

Sanskar: You moron! You jerk!

Abhi: Woah woah! cool down

Sanskar: How dare you Abhi!

Abhi: What i did?

Sanskar: How can you call Swara as Shona?!

Abhi(teasingly): See..shona is..

Sanskar: Shut up you idiot! Stop calling her that!

Abhi(giggles): Why?

Sanskar: Because I..

Abhi: Because??

Sanskar: Because I.. I

Abhi: I Love her!

Sanskar(sprung up from his seat): WHAT??!! (Threw glass at him) You bastard!

Abhi: Woah woah! Cool down..I was just completing your sentence!

Sanskar: What?!!

Abhi: You love her right?

Sanskar(fumbles): No.. I.. How.. you

Abhi: Well, your jealousy was quite visible so i could predict that, no?

Sanskar(sighs): Yes! I love her alot.. She is my life!

Abhi(teases): Aha! i knew it! I knew you love Shonaaaaaaaa

Sanskar: Abhiiiiii!! (He threw a file at him but abhi catches it)

Abhi: Okay okay.. Sorry..

Sanskar: Good!

Abhi: Btw Sir.. How are you gonna confess.. I mean..ye na ho k dulhaniya koi aur le jaye?

Sanskar: Haath tor dun ga uss kaminey k!

Abhi(laughs): Hahaha

Sanskar: Oye.. Tu kya khi khi kr rha hai haan?

Abhi: Sirrrrr?

Sanskar: Abhi plz! No one is here so you can call me Sanskar .. Stop irritating me dude

(Yes yes.. Abhi and Sanskar were very close friends from college.. But in office Abhi called him Sir)

Abhi: Hahah Man! Damn! Tu agr uss se pyar na krta hta na to mai apni luck zaror try krta?

Sanskar: Tu nai sudhrey ga.. Aur mjhe kya bol rha hai.. Subha dekha mene

Abhi: Kya?

Sanskar: Jo tu Maya ko ghur ghur kr dekh rha tha.. Sb smjh gya tha mai..

Abhi: Huh.. Wo nakchadi tu hi rkh?

Sanskar: Hahah.. Dude, am reserved?

Abhi: Ya ya.. Shonaaaaaaaa k liye na..?

Sanskar: Abhiiiiii!?

Abhi: Kya hai! Usne mjhe allow kiya hai.. mai usse shona hi bolu ga..

Sanskar: I will kill you for sure!

Abhi: Han han! Kill me later, for now.. Go and ask that Nakchadi if she had done any work or not

Sanskar: Lol? Ya.. Going.. But Abhi.. This.. I mean that..

Abhi: I know.. I wont tell anyone that you love… Shonaaaaa ??
(Runs away laughing)

Sanskar: Ye nai sudhrey ga!

~~~~~~~~Swara’s cabin~~~~~~

(Swara was reading the file seriously.. Just then Abhi enters.. He thought to ask her about her feelings indirectly)

Abhi: Ahm Ahm!

Swara(snaps her head): Abhiii.. Yar.. I am tired reading this stupid file from the past 2 hours!

Abhi: Hahah.. Acha.. take a break..Come lets drink a coffee..

Swara: But..

Abhi: Ahan! I wont listen anything! Come now!

(He holds her hand and drags her outside.. Sanskar who was about to go to Maya’s cabin saw this and his jaw touched the ground.. He stared Abhi angrily who in return winked at him and dragged Swara towards the Cafeteria)

Sanskar: Idiot!? I told him to stay away from her but no! Stupid Monkey Donkey! Let him meet me alone, then i will nicely give him punches! Moron Jerk Idiot!

Abhi and Swara were drinking coffee and were talking casually.. Abhi secretly sent a message to Sanskar stating not to speak when he calls.. Sanskar received the text, he was confused but obliged.. Abhi called him.. Sanskar silently received the call and heard their talks)

Abhi: So Swara..

Swara: Urghh! How many time should i tell you to call me Shona haan!

Abhi: Acha Okay Madam.. Sorry

Swara: Thats better

Abhi: Acha, waise do you love anyone?

Swara: What?! No!

(Sanskar takes a sigh of relief.. Although he knew it, but listening it from her was surely soothing?)

Swara: Why you asking ?

Abhi: Nah.. Aise hi

Swara: Hmm..

Abhi: Umm.. So, like.. what are your views regarding love.. I mean.. in your views.. Who should be your dream prince??

Swara: Abhiiii!

Abhi: Tell na!

(Sanskar was listening very carefully and curiously)

Swara: Umm.. Well, Love is such a pure feeling.. Its a bliss.. I dont know who will be my life partner.. But i want him to be with me always, he should trust me and support me in all my decisions.. He should not argue with me.. Should always listen to me.. Never shout and never fight.. He should be humble not khadoos.. He should give me 24 chocolates everyday..

Abhi(shocked): 24?! But why!

Swara: 1 day has 24 hours.. So 1 for every hour buddhu!

(Sanskar smiled listening this)

Abhi: Oh okay.. Continue

Swara: He should not ask me to do any work.. He should know how to cook as i dont like cooking.. He should daily give me icecream.. And and..

Abhi: Would he be your partner or your servant?! Kaam hi kaam.. Bechara phas jaye ga!

Swara: Oye! What problem you have haan?!

Abhi: Okay okay sorry.. please continue!

Swara(teary eyes): Jokes apart Abhi.. I want him to trust me always.. No matter what the situation is.. he should always standby me.. He should protect me .. His one hug should soothe my pain.. He should love me truly.. He should be always there for me.. Should be honest.. He should respect me and my decisions.. And most importantly.. He should never ever lie to me.. Whatever the situation may be, but he should never tell a lie..

Abhi(kept hand on her shoulder): Are you okay?

Swara(wiping her tears): Yes Abhi..

Abhi: Sure?

Swara: Absolutely!

Abhi(smiles): Thats good..

Swara: Ya

Abhi: Waise.. Koi mila nai aesa?

(Sanskar was listening curiously)

Swara: Huh.. Kahan yar.. Abhi tk koi aesa nai mila

Abhi: Haha.. Dont worry.. Soon you will meet him.. Waise..What do you think about Sanskar Sir?

(Sanskar was shocked as Abhi asked her like this but he was listening intensely)

Episode ends..

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