KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 8)

Episode starts

Krishna buys a jacket for yuvaan.. while saiyam buys a watch…
They both are in a huge crowd..they don’t realize when they get separated.. saiyam realizes first starts lookin for her.. when krishna realizes she gets scared.. she finds him with teary eyes..she is frightened without him.. saiyam also gets scared .. after some time Kriyam spot eo.. Krishna runs and hugs him tight.. saiyam hugs her back.. they have a tight and long hug.Saiyam closes his eyes and is enjoying the hug While Krishna starts crying
Krishna: where did u go?? I was finding u.. don’t u ever leave me like that
Saiyam opens his eyes and realizes what was happening..while krishna is still hugging him tight
Saiyam: ah Krishna itx ok. here
He breaks the hug
Krishna: ok?? U left me like that is that ok?
Saiyam: ok im sorry
Krishna : don’t u ever leave me alone now..promise me

Saiyam looks at her..he knew he will leave her after his revenge ..he wanted to be with her always but knew this was not the aim of his life his aim was just to make Krishna fall in luv wid him and ruin Suhani..
Saiyam says that he will never leave her alone but knew that he was lying..
Saiyam: ok now stop crying…(wipes her tears)
( jokingly) well i don’t think u needed me here in the mall
Krishna : what?
Saiyam: i came here coz i thought ur leg is hurt.. but the way u ran and hugged me..i think ur leg is healed
Krishna: u came just because my leg was hurt
Saiyam: ya ..what else
Krishna: ah..ya what else what else would u come for
Saiyam smiles seeing her.. she starts to go but he grabs her by waist and pulls her..Krishna blushes..
Saiyam: just kidding.. i came coz i like being with u..
Krishna smiles and they have an eyelock..
The eyelock is broken when krishna’s phone rings
They let go eo and Krishna picks up the phone. It was Suhani..she ws asking when they would be back..
Krishna: aunty it will take us about 1 hr..
She then cuts the call
Saiyam: why did u lie..we have got everything and it would take us 10 min to go home
Krishna: no.. we have to go somewhere else first..
Saiyam..: what? Where?
Krishna: that i will tell u ..come now..

They go the car..
Krishna: give me the keys
Saiyam: u know driving?
Krishna: give
Saiyam: but..
Krishna: shh..just give
He gives the keys and Krishna starts driving..
Saiyam: but where are we going
Krishna: patience Saiyam..
Saiyam: one think u should know about me im not at all patient..
Krishna: then i will teach u like u teach me how to be strong
Krishna stops the car
Krishna: we are here
Saiyam:( looks out): clinic??
Krishna: yes.. u need a teatnus injection..u left ur wound open that’s why
Saiyam is looking at her
Krishna: what? Don’t look at me like that..
Saiyam looks away and says how do u remember such small things..nobody remembers my such small things ..not even me
Krishna: then u get used to it..coz this friend is going to take good care of u…come now
She gets off..
Saiyam smiles with him and this was an evil smile.. he gets off

In the clinic..saiyam had injection.. Kriyam were yawning..
(Guys u remember They both had not slept last night)
A man asks saiyam u both don’t look married?
Kriyam get shocked..
Man: . u both r yawning.. i think u haven’t slept last night..todays generation dos not realize the importance of marriage
Krishna feels awkward..she begins to go. Saiyam gets angry stops her and says u haven’t done anything wrong so why r u leaving like that..if he is bothering u say it on his face..but don’t run like coward
Krishna was filled with confidence on hearing that
She went to the man and scolded him..she told him that due to men like him who judge people without knowing them are biggest cowards..
Saiyam smiles and feels happy that Krishna stood up for herself

Precap: yuvan’s bday party..
And Saiyam mixes something in the juice

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  1. That hug part❤❤❤❤

  2. Rockstr

    U r such an amazing writer…u ryt so well in such short time..keep up the goid work..nd i loved it as usual..nd update asap

  3. Aarti32

    U’re soo quick in writing n your episodes r not short also..Plzz maintain dis speed..
    N wat does dat man hv to do if they slept or not..Har cheez mein ungli

  4. This is really good ?

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