Swasan- His Love Her Strength (chapter 25)

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Imagine Uttara as Drashti Dhami or Mouni Roy, any you want to.

Chapter 25

Uttara turned around only to be cagged in his arms and in a instant Ansh placed his lips on her’s and started to kiss her leaving her shocked.

He was kissing and sucking her lips, while she was standing shocked. Once getting her senses, she pushed him behind with full force.

Uttara: How dare you? (She spatted angrily)

Ansh: Arey, I have more dare. Let me show you. (He smirked and moved towards her)

Ansh held her from her arm and pulled her towards himself, he held her waist tightly and started to move his finger from her forhead to chin sensously..

She opened her eyes and looked at him angryily.

Ansh: Dont see me with so much love otherwise I will loose my control.

Uttara: Huhh.. let me call bhai. Then he will tell you about control.

Ansh: Uttara yaar, I am sorry now you will remain angry with your one and only bf. Not fair (he said dramatically).

She rolled her eyes seeing his drama and pushed his hands away.

Uttara: So you remember I am alive and you are my bf?

Ansh: Uttu, Jaan, pls na. I was busy.

Uttara: Ansh please leave me, I dont want to talk. I am here because mom told me.

***Uttara met Ansh when Sahil Drama was going on?.. she went to Mumbai with her friends for a college exam and met Ansh there and both fell in love. Ansh dont know before that she is Sanskar’s sister or Sujata’s daughter and same with Uttara, she too dont know that her family knows about him. (If anyone want their past meetings or  story, Do tell i will add in fb otherwise tata?).
Now, Ansh didnt call Uttara nor recieved her calls from last month so she is angry but he msged once that he will not be able to contact her for time being?? bt then also she is Swara’s SIL?? (koi moka nhi chodegi?)***

Ansh: Uttu please jaan, I was with Sanskar in Kolkata. I have to change my number too because of roaming and in all this drama, I didnt get time to call you.

Uttara: Ya right. You forgot that I am here only in Kolkata. How much time it takes to msg or call? If you will call then I will not take your whole day. Leave it now dont waste my time. I have to go.

Ansh: Are yar. Maan ja. Aise koi krta hai, c maan ja otherwise I am going to find new gf. (Yeh pitega??).

Uttara pushed him aside and started to go out.
Ansh held her hand and pulled her towards himself and hugged her tightly.

Ansh: M sorry. You know i cant even think of another girl. I love you.

Uttara: Ya I know that. Cant even think of another girl??. Lier.

Ansh: Are yaar. Maaf krde mata. (He said and parted the hug and started to do sit ups?).

Uttara smiled seeing his antics.

Uttara: Stop it.( she holds his hand and make him stand straight and hugged him tightly).
Thank you Ansh. Thank you so much for whatever you did for my family.

Ansh broke the hug and looked in her eyes.

Ansh: I did for my buddy, and for that you dont need to thank me.

Uttara just hmmed and hugged him.

Uttara: Vaise mom and you are lovers?

Ansh: Tch tch tch.. jealoused of your own mom. Very bad. (He said teasing her to which he recieved a slap at his shoulder).

Uttara: Huhh. Idiot.

They both stood their hugging each other.

Uttara: Ansh if bhai refused for our relation. (She said teasing him with a serious look?).

Ansh: Huhh. Cant you speak good. ?.. dont worry. My behn is better than your bhai. She will make him agree??.. aur woh majnu maan jayega?.

Uttara: Anshhhhh …(she shouted).

Ansh started to run and she ran behind him, both chasing each other.

After few minutes, Ansh fell down on bed and pulled Uttara with him, rolled her beneath him and placed his lips on her’s without giving her a chance.


Next day

Swara was collecting her files in the room and doing the last minute checking of her luggage.

She was busy that she didnt notice someone coming in the room.

The person entered the room and pulled Swara and slapped her hard?.

Swara: Raginiii..

Ragini: What Swara? Huhh. How dare you? It was you only who mixed something in my drink. Because of you I faced so much humiliation. How could you?
(saying this she was about to slap her again when she held her hand in between).

Swara: How could I? Seriously..?? After all what you have done to me, I cant even do this much. Ya right. I admit I mixed something in your drink. But you deserve this.

Ragini: What I did, Swara? Whatver I did I came to you and talked, didnt i? And in return chachi g have done enough to me, what else was left? Why the humiliation in front of all, every member of our family was seeing me as I did I crime when mistake was not mine..

Ragini: Do you know what Swara? Now I seriously think you was just with Sanskar for money. Now when you will get someone rich you will leave everyone. You cared for the property instead of finding him, how many man have you slept with after Sanskar left? May be he left and wont come back as he get to know about your true face.

(She said, Swara closed her eyes in disgust. This was the sister for whom she fought with everyone and gave every chance she can and she is the one blaming her, she wanted to scream and tell her what nonsense she is talking about but the pain she is giving with her words played with her senses and she is unable to form words out of her mouth).

Ragini: You are a blo*dy Characterless b*t*h..

Swara: Shut up. Just shut up. When you dont know anything. You have no blo*dy right to say anything to me. What I do? Where I go? With whom I go? And moreover you felt humiliation when you were insulted yesterday infront of FAMILY, but what you did to me, it was in front of strangers, whole Badi. What was my fault? You always tried your best to blame me and prove me characterless. What is my fault? Working in office or coming late at night? Does that give a certificate of your character. Do you know what the hell are you speaking? And dare you raise a question about my love for Sanskar.. atleast it is love not a blo*dy obsession and I am ashamed of myself that someday I thought of you as my sister and wanted to spend time with you. And what is your fault? Like seriously.. you are the one who helped your murderer husband to hide his crime.. just think once if instead of me it would have been you and instead of Laksh, Sanskar would have tried to kill Laksh? You will still think that what you did was right??
I am sorry. What I am expecting? Leave my way before I kill you. I even dont want to slap you now because that makes my hand go bad nothing happens to you.

(saying this she pushed her and picked her belongings and left towards the parking lot in anger???).

Ragini’s pov.

Just think once if instead of me it would have been you and instead of Laksh, Sanskar would have tried to kill Laksh? You will still think what you did was right??

This words of her kept haunting me, whatever she said is right. I am the one who always have hurted her and when I get the same, i can feel the pain.

Swara and Sanskar always helped me and what I did? In anger spoke so much to her??..
She is right. I am very bad sister. For laksh, i always forget everything and have hurted her in worst..

And the wordss.. chii ragini. I am sorry Swara. I am very sorry. I know my sorry will not heal your wounds but now I will try to be atleast a good sister, I will try to make Laksh understand and I promise Sanskar will be soon in front of me. I will not expect anything in return not even your forgiveness..

Pov ends..

Thinking this she left the room wiping her tears..

On the other side.

Swara threw her bag angrily inside the car and drove away without waiting for Sanskar..

*as Sanskar/Sandeep only takes her to office*

She was driving with full speed, her phone rings showing ‘Sandeep’ as the caller id but she didnt even care to look at it once and drove more fastly.

Here, Sanskar came down to parking area and was shocked looking at Swara driving car harsly, he shouted for her to stop but she didnt listen and now he is standing there trying to call her but she is not recieving the call making him worried.

He instantly take another car and drove towards the office worriedly.


Swara was standing her cabin angrily holding the chair in her fists and tightening her grip when Sanskar entered the office.

Sanskar: Swara, What happened? Do you even know how much tensed I wss? Why you came without informing anyone and this much fast? (Worried and sweating). What if something would have happend to you?

Swara: (angrily turning towards him): stop it. Just stop it. I am not a kid that you are worrying so much. I am mature enough to know what I am doing.

Sanskar: (shocked): Swaraaaaa..

Swara: What? Just stop babying me. I am fine and alive. Cant you just see. Now leave me alone. Go out.

Sanskar now was sure that something happened very big that she is behaving the way. He moved forward and held her arm trying to calm her.

Swara just removed her arm from his hold.

Swara: Just leave me alone..dont you hear me. I am fine. (She picked up a glass and threw it on the floor such that it break into pieces).

Sanskar held her from shoulders and looked at her eyes while she was just struggling to move out of the grip. He hugged her tightly trying to calm her down but she was struggling more and more and was beating him on his chest with her tiny hands..

Slowly her anger started to change into tears and she broke down.

Swara:(crying): I love you Sanskar.. i only love you. I swear. I cant even think of another man. And I promise I am not with you for money. Please believe me…(she hardly form her words hiccuping in between)

Sanskar was shocked more listening to her words.

Swara: You believe me. Right? I love you only you. (She tightened her grip on his shirt and was crying badly)

Sanskar’s heart was aching listening to her words.

Sanskar tried to break thr hug while she tightened the grip, but with lots of efforts he finally breaks the hug and cups her face.

Sanskar: i trust you Swara. I can never doubt you. I know how much you love me. I love you so much. (To which she nodded still crying)
What happened? Does someone said anything?

Swara narrated whole incident while crying, his anger reached his peak. Now he just wanted to strangle the neck of Ragini but his first priority is his wife who is crying and so broken.

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