Brahmarakshas – Jaag Utha Shaitaan: -It is an Indian Hindi supernatural weekend fiction television series, which aired at Sat-Sun on zee TV. The series is loosely based on fantasy thriller film, ‘Jaani Dushman’ and the western fairy tale ‘Beauty and the Beast’. The story revolves around a young girl Raina she went to kamal Pura and stayed in the Risabh’s house. The series also show how Raina met Brahmarakhsas, the demon and married Rishabh and then she fights with him and finally unites with Risabh. the series started on 6th August 2016 and ended on 18th February 2017.

Naagin: – It is an Indian supernatural weekend television series, which premiered on 1 November 2015 on colors every Saturday – Sunday. The first season ended on 5 June 2016.The serial revolves around shivanya and her mission to find the ‘naagmaani’ but in the middle she married Ritick and finally failed to bring back the naagmaani.

Naagin2 :- It is the second season of ‘Naagin’. It is also a supernatural show, which airs in colors. The first season ends with union of Ritick and shivanya. The story took a leap where sivanya’s daughter shivangi born. The season two revolves around the life shivangi where her mother shivanya wanted her daughter must stay as human. she went to Guruji and told shivanya that her daughter should gets married before 25. Shivanya then fixed her daughter Shivangi alliance with her lover Rocky Nikunj but in the day of marriage, she turns into serpent and marries Rocky. Shivanya then got killed and Shivangi vows for avenging for her mother’s death and also to find the ‘Naagmaani’.

Kavach: – It is also a supernatural weekend show which aired on colours every Saturday- Sunday. The story revolves a married woman’s relationship is in turmoil when a spirit wants her husband dead enters her body. She then has to struggle to save her husband from the clutches of supernatural. The series started on 11th June and ended on 20th November 2016.

Koi laut ke Aaya Hai: – It is also a supernatural show, which airs on star plus every Saturday – Sunday. It is finite series containing 52 episodes only.The story revolves around the Shekhari Rajput family – a blind brother Rishabh and his younger sister Geetanjali. The story begins with the love Story of Geetanjali and Captain Abhimanyu Singh Rathore, a military officer. Though refused by her brother, Geetanjali disobeys him and marries Abhimanyu. This outrages Rishabh, but he finally accepts them. The story takes a u-turn with the death of Abhimanyu in a car crash. Since his body is not found, Geetanjali believes him to be still alive. The story takes a 6-year leap where a young boy Priyam was introduced and tells Geetanjali that she is the reincarnation of Abhimanyu. He then further reveals her that Abhimanyu was murdered and it is not the accident. She then vows to find Abhimanyu murderer. After a series of events and Abhimanyu comeback in the day of karvachauth Geetanjali got puzzled to see both Priyam and Abhimanyu. Meanwhile, Khushi comes to know that Priyam is a fraud and that he has a very good memory and remembers everything when taught to him. He was a 10-year-old orphan not a 6-year-old boy and his actual name was Varun. She tries to warn Geetanjali but is late. Later, we come to know that Abhimanyu had adopted Priyam to make Gaura mad, but it feels as if Gaura knew it, as she vows to take revenge from Abhimanyu of the fraud and cheating.

  1. Kashaf

    Naagin season 1 was awesome and koi laut ke recent trick has shocked me.

  2. I like naagin season – 1 more than any other show unke nok – jok thoh sabse atcha hai . Ilike rivanya as a pair very much.

    1. Arni

      Same here it was brilliant ?

  3. I’m enjoying koi Laut ke aaya hai…..awesome story, not the normal serial
    So refreshing to see something different.

    1. Hii Naz…yeah agree with u..Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai is my favourite…. love AbhiGeet..? n Rishab’s acting is also very good..

  4. I think the best weekend show is chandrakanta.

    1. That’s not a supernatural track……..uhh, you do know it’s a poll survey right?? ?

  5. Ovio its koi laut ke aya hai no serial can ever beat it…
    It has got thriller mystery romance and it is not at all supernatural…
    N even the actors are doing Justice to their respective roles…
    I just love more it now bcz of the latest twist…
    Hats off to the writer …..
    I just can’t wait for Saturday….

  6. koi laut ke aya hai is awwwwwwwwwwwwwsome

  7. nagin 1 was good but 2 is bad. i just love abhinjali

  8. i love koi laut ke aya hai

  9. love u abhinjali

  10. Alina dear, are you a Muslim as per your name? I am…… I think Surbhi is marvelous in that role as Gaura, couldn’t think of anyone else doing a better job than her. I’m sooooo happy to see this serial is leading the poll, it’s twist caught me by surprise…. no joke.

    1. No dear I’m Hindu and I’m from Gujarat..

      I’m a Gujju Girl?

      By the way from which state do u belongs??

    2. Sorry to disappoint you but I’m not from India, I’m from the Caribbean on an island called Trinidad. Nice to exchange views with you. I’m of Indian descent BTW…

    3. Hey alina.. Me too from Gujarat.. Which city?? ??

  11. Surely koi laut ke aya hai its just awesome love all the characters and the recent twist gonna be rock?

  12. Undoubtedly klkah.. Awesome series with a fresh script.. Unlike those typical ekta kapoor supernatural dramas these is something much more better than it.. Naagin 1 was my favorite only bcoz of rivanya… But that doesn’t meant it can beat klkah in terms of story.. Every single episode was getting more n more mysterious from the previous one.. N best thing is its a finite series… So we won’t get disappointed by it… We will have a conclusion at a fixed time.. N secondly its not supernatural but still love it in every way..

  13. ofcourse naagin it was such a brilliant show with awesome jodi

  14. Naagin 1 was awesome
    season 2 is like they are overacting
    specially Yamini who is mortal from season 1 (Mrne ka naam hi nhi le rhi)

  15. Raina_Riz

    I love koi laut ke Aaya hai

  16. Raina_Riz

    I love koi laut ke Aaya hai ☺

  17. nagin 1 was the best show with a lot of twists and turns . i just loved rivanya , season 2 is not that good . koi laut ke aya hai is also really good

  18. Brahmarakshas – Jaag Utha Shaitaan

  19. Ck1234

    KLKAH … And only for Surbhi, Shaleen & Sharad…… These 3 are fantastic… btw Shoaib & Sreejita are also good….

  20. https://youtu.be/zWilDaxFplM watch this amazing video of gitanjali

    1. Surbhi is looking really beautifull…thanks for sharing..?

  21. nagin 1 is the best show

  22. Of course naagin 1

  23. Naagin season 1 is the best. Shivanya and rithik’s chemistry was awesome…

  24. I love the abiyam and gauras

  25. Naagin 1is the best serial. Nothing can beat that. Naagin is best

  26. Bramharakshas was my fav and recent track of klkah is very interesting and different

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