swasan love india…. shot 2

hi guys plz comment i got less last time . if u want me to continue . but for those sweet people who comment a brand new episode is there . so enjoy . also guys in last shot it was suji who talked to swasan not ap .

they left to airport . ready in comfortable clothes . as they have a long journey . today they have to be infront of media so they plastered themselves into a sweet romantic couple they hold each others hand and led towards airport . media was waiting for them on airports ( papperaizze u know. )

media : ( in english accent ) sir maam r u going to some honeymoon or tour
swasan : no we are going to our natie land
media : is it a long trip. when r u going to be back
swasan : soon

they had to pose for some pics and then soon their bodyguards empower the media and then they left ,

they board the boarding pass filled immigration and settled on their boeing the flight was on swift .

sankar : swara u feeling sleepy .
swara ; hmm a bit u tel
sanky : no , but will soon doze off .

with in no time both were sleeping . they had a smile on thier faces as they were going to their hometown , the flight reach . there was a driver to pick them , they went to kapoor mansion . ap and sujata were their to welcome .

ap : omg they came
sujata : really ( guys she is sensible and somewhat know aabout swasan relation as swara is too close to her )

swara : mom sujata : oh god swara bachha i miss u too much . she hugged her
ap : sanskar flight was on time
sanky : yes mom it was time
swara wished ap formally and went . ( formally !!!! yes suspense!! we will reveal later )

inside they wished all had breakfast . swarag were besties in college so they know each otheer , they were chit chating and gossip u know . at after noon all dils were in thier mils room that is ap rags and sujata swara ,

in swasuj

swara was welled up : mom i tried but it failed
suji: so sanky and u wwant divorce . kk so let it be ( in rudeness ) i will call sanky .
she called sanky .

sanky : mom u called me , i was with ap mom ( he saw swara’s red eyes )
sanky ; swara whthappened to ur eyes u cried . mom what happened till the time rp also come .
rp : sujata what happened,
suji : they want divorce .
sanky : what u sayingg . who wants
suji : u and swara .
sanky : but moom ho old u
suji : i know all what is going on in these 3 yrs of ur marriage it okk we will seerate u . bpth is that kk
swara speak up ; mom i need to talk .

in the room
swara’s nose was red eyes welled up . raglak got the clue that there is something fishy . ….

swara was sobbing on the topic of divorce bcz she never expected that .
sanky : swara u want divorce .
swara ; no and she fainted .
he picked her in his arms it was almost 9 : 30 so he also . sanky’s famil was in no mood to have dinner so they all slept and ap and all were gossiping around .

some unwanted tears were breaming from his eyes . he took swara in his embarace and slept , it was the second time when they shared the bed.

next morning swasan woke up
both realize their position and left to their places . swara went in washroom and ame out wearing blue formal dress above her knees . swara was depressed all were present in dinning table , swasan was playing with food , swara said ‘ mom i am ready , waise bhi we cant stay for whole life like this ‘ , so its better to diorce . tears ccame from her eyes . raglak were too shocked ap was confused , sanky mom i am kk with decision , swara could not handle it more . she said ‘ mo mom i am going to mamma house ‘ she said with chocked voice . picked the car keys and ran out . she sat in car and cried her heart out . suji was explaining everything to ap and dp .

in oberoi mansion
swara rang the bell with swollen eyes and red nose . tej opened it , he hugged her and thhe realise that swara is not respoding he called janvi thy were shocked to see swara . swara hugged tej and said dad we are leading to divorce . the marriage didnt work . janvi was shocked .
janvi : swara what happen beta so suddenly .
she was siting in lounge . and crying miserably . tej was hell angry on kapoor ‘s . they console thier daughter and make her sleep . they went to kapoor mansion .

all were seated in living room . sanky was looking depressed and stressed .
tej : what is going on between u .
sanky : dad its was no fight , no conflict
tej : then what was there . no love no affection
sanky : dad there was nothing nothing between us . no love . we were living like professional frnds .
janvi : sanskar u dont know how much she craved for ur love . she acted to be strong . but inside she was a very kind hearted girl . i guessed it month back . when i called her qnd she was souding too low .
suji : sanskar i don’t know anythig that was it ur mistake or hers . but i dont want any divorce got that . u have to live with swara . i dont kow u have 3 days ort out everything .


so guys it was a long ff . i hope u like the ff . bye and ya guys in first chapter . swasan talked to suji and not to ap .

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