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Hi guys I’m back but with an ss. Hope u will enjoy this and this is a crime thriller story. Hope it will reach up to ur expectation level. Happy reading.

A girl is shown sitting on a sofa watching tv. She was switching the channels when her eyes caught that news. She stopped on it.
“One more brutal murder in the heart of Mumbai city. The killer left a sign on the dead body same to that of Zain and Xavier, the victims of the previous murders. The police is saying that the murder in the 3 cases are same. The city commissioner had appointed a special team for further investigation. DCP Sanskar Malhotra will be its head and ACP Laksh Khurana and his team will also be there with him. The body is still not identified it is given for forensic study.” the news reader states.
A smirk was playing on the girl’s lips.
Girl( thinks) its ur time to enter girl.
Saying this she packed her bag and took her black blazer. She took her jeeps keys and started her journey to the city of Mumbai.

Next day… Evening
A hall is shown which is decorated grandly. There a banner is hung stating “SCHOOL REUNION 2008-2009 BATCH”. On moving further there in a corner a couple is shown romancing quietly. A boy sees them and a naughty smirk appears on his face. He approaches them without making any sound and suddenly put his hands over both of their shoulder. They got embarrassed.
Boy- what is this yaar Laksh have some shame. Don’t u know u should do all this in ur room not in public. And guys u r here for the school reunion not for ur honeymoon. Leave some time for ur frnd also yaar.
Laksh-(murmers) ye lo aagayi mere romance ki dushman .(with a wide grin) are yaar Sanskar we were just talking nothing else. Hain na Ragini.
Ragini- ha ha sanky lucky is saying the truth. We were just talking. And by the way where is ur Juliet ha?
(so the boy is sanskar only)

He smiles sheepishly hearing her. Meanwhile a girl stops her jeep in front of the place where the function is conducting. Her face is not revealed. She enters the place and at that time raginis dupatta flies and it fells on her face. The trio looks at the girl. The girl slowly lifts the dupatta revealing her face. (She is same girl in the first scene)She sets her hair with a frown on her face. The trios face lit up seeing her. She was looking here and there. Sanskar runs to her. And taps on her shoulder from back. She turns and gives him a excited wala smile and hugs him.(so u might have guessed his lover. She is our shona only). Raglak smiles seeing them and went towards them. They broke the hug.
Ragini- achha swara when u got sanky u forgot us.
Swara- what are u saying laddo.
She hugs her. She then hifives laksh and then hugs him. Then they started their gup- shup. The trio was so busy that they forgot that ragini was with them only.
Ragini(with pout)- lucky u got shona and forgot me.
Swara(playfully) ha so what there is no space for science wala between commerce wala. Hey na lucky.
Laksh- ha ha u r really(looks at ragini. She glares at him) wrong shona its not like that.
Ragswasan burst into laughter and laksh was standing there with a sheepish smile scratching the back of his head. Suddenly the light went off.
Sanskar- arey what happened to the lights?
Swara- mm sanky lets check it. Come.

Sanskar nods to her. They went out searching for the switch board. They only had the flash light of their mobile and it was hard to see things clearly. Suddenly someone dashed into sanskar and his phone fell down. Swara had seen that he was a hooded,masked man in that little light. She had a strong feeling that there is smtng wrong. She wanted to see him clearly.Swasan bends down to take the phone as it had the light and fell on its back. They took it and turned to find no one there. They felt strange. After a tiring session of finding the board they found it. The main fuse was detached from it and they gets more doubtful. They put it and finally the lights came. The people in the hall sighs in relief. They joined raglak in hall and again started their chitchat. They were standing in the centre of the hall. Suddenly a fluid fell on swaras shoulder. She touches it and was shocked to see blood in her fingers. The trio observes her facial expression and was standing there clueless. Swara looks upward and her eyes widen. She pushes the trio and she jumped back. They fell on their back and huge glass chandelier fell down breaking into pieces. The glass pieces were covered with blood and a body fully drenched in blood was lying on the top of the chandelier. The body was lying on its stomach. Swasan raglak stands up and approaches it. Sankar turns him and they were shocked to see the person or to say its condition. Raglak looks away. Sanskar covers his nose but swara …she was numb. Only one word escaped her mouth in a bare whisper- “Siddhan”.(he is shonas distant cousin) She fell on her knees tears dripping from her eyes.” Bhai” she screames.Sanskars eyes widen on hearing this. A group of men surrounds them tears were continuously flowing from their eyes. One of them were going to touch the body but sanskar stops them.

The scene shifts to police head quarters.
Sanskar,laksh and ragini was standing in the DGPs cabin. Their head was hung down . The DGP was hell angry and there case file was lying on his table.
DGP- (angry)what is this sanskar. There is no progress in the case amd day by day similar murders are happening in different parts of our city. People are scared of this murder. No one is daring to step out of their house at night. What should I answer them and the ministers. The medias are searching things to show our department as good for nothing and these cases are like putting ghee in fire. (shouts) y r u not answering me?
The trio get startled by it.
Sanskar- sir actually we are trying our best to find him but he is so clever that he is leaving not a single hind behind that…
DGP- don’t give me lame excuses sanskar. I want this murder to be arrested as soon as possible. Do u get me?
Sanlakrag-Ss sir.
They salute him and went out of his cabin.
Sanskar-(irritated) what’s this yaar. We r trying na? Y can’t he understand this? If he want the murderer asap then he can handle the case y us?

The duo was nodding to him. They came out and saw swara standing there. They approaches her.
Ragini- y r u standing here shona.
Swara- actually ladoo I had took a 1 month leave so that I can be with bhai and his family but now this all happened and I don’t have the guts to face them. I don’t know where to go. And my flat in Bangalore is undergoing some renewation so I cant go back there also. What should I do now?
Laksh-y to worry when lucky is here(and gives his million dollar smile). Do 1 thing stay with us in our flat for 1 month. (sanskars face lights up hearing this)What to say sanky.
Sanskar- ha ha. He is saying right.
Raglak fake coughs and sanky gives a sheepish smile. Swara was standing there clueless.
Swara- no I can’t come with u . Ur marriage was 2 months earlier only. U should spend some quality time together right.
Ragini- if u really think like that then take this sanky away.
Ragini- cause he is staying with us only.( sanskar gives a sheepish smile)
Swara -what?
Ragini-hmm. He is staying with us in our flat. Now no objections u r coming with us and that’s fine. Now come. Where is ur luggage.
Swara- its in my jeep only. We should go back to the farewell hall. My jeep is parked there only.
They went back to that place . Raglak left to their flat in their car. Swasan was left behind so that they I mean he can spend some quality time with her. Swara was going to drive the jeep but sanskar insisted and he pulled her out and settled on the driver seat. He stuck his tongue out to her. She hit the back of his head. He rubbed it with a cute pout. She sat on the passenger seat. They started their journey. She sees a ice cream stall there. She asks him to stop the jeep. They had some ice creams and literally they roamed in the whole city. Here raglak was getting tensed as it was quite late. After sometime they reached there. They were cracking jokes at each other. Raglak glares at them. They says sorry making puppy face and they melted as an ice placed on a hot pan. They had their dinner. It was sleep time and here comes the problem. The flat was of 2bhk. 1 was of raglak and & other of sanky. They were In a dilemma. Raglak were in their room.
Ragini- laksh were will swara sleep.
“on the couch” said a voice from back they turn around and there swara was standing at the door leaning on the wall eating an apple.
Ragini- no no swara. U will sleep with me and laksh with sanky.
Lakshs eyes widen. Ragini looks at him with pleading eyes. He makes a cry baby face. They shares a cute eyelock. Swara was enjoying the scene.
Swara- uff stop ur romance at least now yaar. I’m standing here only. And I don’t want to be a villain in ur cute lovely romantic life. I will sleep on the couch in the hall and that’s final. No objections. Hain na laksh.
He nodes s happilly. Ragini glares at him. He nods no. Swara laughs at them. Ragini was going to say something.
Swara- gud bit.

Saying this she puts her fingers in her ears and walk away. Raglak looks at each other then turn away their faces with an angry pout. Swara was going to sleep when realization struck her.
Swara( to herself) -o Teri. I don’t have pillow and blanket. Should I ask ragini no no. They will be fighting. Mmmm ha lets ask sanky.
She was going to his room and he was coming out. They collide with each other. And was about to fall but sanskar holds her by waist under her loose top. Their hearts started beating faster when his hand come in contact with her bare skin. They shares an eye lock. They were breathing heavily.
Meanwhile in raglak room. Ragini slowly turns around and leans to see his face. He was standing there with a pout. She pokes on his shoulder with her finger. He shrugs his shoulder. She stands in front of him
Ragini(holding ears) sorry.*laksh turns his face away and she makes him look at her* plsss.
Laksh* he smirks and pulls her through her waist under her saree*- then u will get punishment
He was leaning towards her lips she pushes him and starts running. He also runs behind her. Finally he gets hold of her and pulls her. She falls on his chest. He kisses her passionately. They broke it due to lack of breath ragini was blushing profusely. He lifts her in his arms and gently places her on the bed. He closes the door with a naughty smirk and they started their love making.
Swasans eye lock was broken by swara. There was awkward silence between. To avoid embarrassment swara asked him pillow and blanket. He gave it to her.
Sanskar- where r u going talking this?
Swara-to sleep
Sanskar-where ?
Swara-on couch or where?
Swara started arranging the couch. He went after her. He snatched the pillow from her.
Sanskar- u r not going to sleep here.
Swara(pulling it back)- I’m sleeping here only.
Sanskar-no (pulling)
Swara -ss(pulling)
And there started the fight. Swara pulls the pillow with full force and she falls on the couch. They immediately laid on the couch holding on to it and pushing each other. Sanskar started tickling swara and she was laughing like hell. Suddenly he loses balance and falls on her. Their lips were an inch apart. Sanskar immediately runs to his room. She sits on the couch and placed her both hands on her left chest. Her heart was beating fast as it had just finished a marathon. Then she placed her hands on her cheeks. There was hot sensation. She was blushing. She lies down thinking about the moments they have just shared. She was smiling like mad. She gets shy and covers her face with blanket. Same was happening with sanskar. He was dancing there smiling and laughing whole heartedly. He jumps to the bed and soon both dozes off.

Huff done with this. Hope u will enjoy this. Actually this story was playing in my mind from many days so thought to pen it down.
Guys I will try to post kal ho na ho soon.
Love u guys.

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