Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 20th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Bakula visits Mohit in dream and favors to sell kanha ji’s idol

Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 20th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bakula Bua gets happy thinking Chandu and others can see her. She tells Mani Dadi that everyone can see her. They walk past her soul and goes towards her pic. Mohit seeks blessings from her and says he won’t let the idol sold. Vinay asks the kids who are they? Kids ask are you fine today as you are asking us. He asks about their picnic. Kids say they can’t go. Vinay says when he made Chandu get work in courier company, he couldn’t deliver even a single parcel and sat on the door saying he will not deliver the courier to the next person until he delivers first courier. He says once the idol is sold, our problems will be solved and nobody have to work anymore. He asks them to vote infavor of selling idol. Kids say they will vote and asks who will make Munna understand. Vinay asks where is he? They say that he might be sitting outside the temple.

Bakula and Mani Dadi come to the temple and see Munna keeping people’s shoes and asking people to give their shoes and sandals for safe keeping, and tells that he will give the earned money to his Dada ji so that he don’t sell Kanha ji’s idol. Bakula gets touched and gets upset with Vinay.

Rasila comes to the temple. Munna tells her that he will keep her sandal carefully. Lady scolds him badly. Bakula Bua gets angry and gets inside her. She begs infront of people. People asks Rasika why she is begging. Rasika says she has started his new business. Bakula comes out of her. Rasika wonders what happened to her. Vinay comes there. Munna tells that he is trying to earn money so that he don’t sell the idol. Bakula thinks Munna cares for me, but my brother and says she will break coconut on his head. Mani Dadi asks her to keep the coconut down else her powers will be gone. Vinay asks him to vote infavor of selling idol and promises to open school for him. He gets happy and says he will vote in favor of selling idol.

Everyone gather in the night to decide through family voting. Vinay romances with Rekha. Rupal asks them to stop romance and vote. Rekha, Vinay and Rupal give vote in favor of selling idol. Rupal says God has snatched her everything and that’s why she vote in favor of selling idol. Chandu tells that he is confused and that’s why he put cross on selling, and tick right on not selling. Vinay says your vote is disqualified. Madhuri gives her vote without disclosing it. Shyam is about to vote. Vinay asks him not to tell any Guru ji’s poetry. He gives his votes. Kids also vote. Mohit asks Dabbu to vote.

Rekha signs her to vote in their favor. Mohit asks her not to get scared. Aditya comes forward to vote. Vinay tells him that he will give him 1 lakh rupees for training as male hostess. He gives vote in Vinay’s favor. Mohit says I didn’t know that you will do this. Aditya says he started loving things since his parents stopped caring for him.

Bakula comes to Yamraj and asks him to tell who is her madyam/person who can hear or see her. Yamraj says Niyati Devi must be knowing. Niyati Devi appears. Bakula asks her to tell. She refuses to tell her.

Munna comes to give vote. He gives vote infavor of Mohit. Vinay gets upset and asks why did you vote for not to sell. Munna says Megha and Malhar don’t want to study in his school so that’s why he has decided not to sell the idol. Mohit smiles. Rupal counts the votes and says nobody strike the right sign well. Rekha says who has won? Rupal says Mohit. She says Mohit got 6 votes and you got 5 votes. Vinay says Megha and Malhar ditched me.

Bakula says please to Niyati Devi and asks her to tell. Niyati Devi refuses. Narad comes there and tells that voting happened in the house, and tells that Mohit won. Bakula says she wants them to sell the idol and thinks how to make him understand. Mani Dadi asks her to go in his dream and tell him to sell the idol. Bakula and Mani Dadi leave.

Yamraj asks Niyati Devi to tell about the madyam. Niyati says she has written madyam’s destiny and Bakula will meet her soon.

Rekha says now she will go surely to jail. Jaam Saab comes there with Bindu. Bindu asks Mohit to accept her. Mohit says he will not accept her. Jaam Saab says he will send Rekha to jail now and asks her to make the preparation. Rekha cries and says she don’t want to go to jail.
Rekha asks Vinay to do something. Chandu says I got the meaning of first paheli. Vinay and Rekha refuse to listen to him. Munna comes and says he has solved first two pahelis. Munna tells the answer of the first paheli. Chandu says the same. Vinay and Rekha get happy. Chandu says I got the meaning of this paheli, but nobody listened to me. Vinay says it is ok. Vinay asks what is the answer of the second paheli. Munna says 7. They get happy. Vinay asks what is the third paheli number. Munna says he didn’t know.

Dabbu tells that she will do puja. Mohit says he will celebrate Bakula Divas. He recalls Bakula asking Kanha ji to appear infront of her or in her dream. Munna comes infront of her wearing clothes like kanha ji. Bakula gets surprised. Other men of the house comes wearing kanha ji’s attire and surprises her. She says she got very happy and asks them to celebrate Bakula Divas on 13th day after her death. Fb ends.

Mohit asks Dabbu to make food of Bua’s choice and come to farm with it. He asks her to come and stay in room, and says he will sleep outside. She refuses. He holds her hands. She gets uncomfortable. He says sorry and asks her to come. He says I will sleep on sofa and asks her to sleep on bed. She refuses and says it is a sin. He says ok, and agrees to sleep on bed. She sleeps on sofa. He looks at her.

Bakula comes in Mohit’s dream and tells that their ancestors made the idol so that it can be used in troubled times and asks him to sell the idol to Nana Bhai as he was interested to buy it. He wakes up. Munna comes to Mohit and tells about his dream. Vinay hears them and acts as he also got the dream. He says if Bakula is giving us some sign. Mohit gets thinking.

Vinay calls Nana Bhai and tells that they are selling idol. Nana Bhai says he is ready. Vinay asks him to call him if he manages to get money. Bakula hears and smiles. Dabbu says don’t know why sasur ji wants to sell it. Bakula says let him sell the soul first, then I will show you. Dabbu says why? Bakula says why shall I tell you. Dabbu prays for her soul’s peace. Bakula then realizes and asks can you hear and see me. Dabbu is shocked and tells Mohit that she saw Bakula’s soul. Nana Bhai says he wants to see Bakula’s face and tells that he is buying the idol. Bakula holds his feet with her powers.

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