Saadi Love Story (part 10)

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Sahil just stood there dumbfounded not able to believe anything that was happening in front of his eyes. Ragini, his Ragini was married to someone else and that someone else was none other den his own best friend; this fact was absolutely not digestible for him. He felt his whole world getting crashed in front of his own eyes and he was not able to do anything. He looked at Sanskar and den at Ragini who was just standing over dere bewildered as if not expecting him to be there.

“What happen sahil? You seem to be very much surprised?” Sanskar voice brought him back from his thoughts and he looked at him.

“Surprised? I am shocked. Afterall I didn’t expected that ‘Ragini’ will be you wife. Strange both of my friends had decided to give me the shock at the same time” sahil said sarcastically and Ragini understands where exactly he’s hinting to.

“Yaar everything happened so fast that couldn’t able to inform you” Sanskar reasoned himself but sahil was just looking at Ragini as if demanding his answers through his eyes.

“Ya of course I understand After All getting married is not an easy task, Right ragini?” sahil said sarcastically and the venom in his voice made Ragini to shudder.

“sahil you must be tired after such a long journey why don’t you get freshen up. I’ll ask Nakul keep your luggage at your room” Sanskar said before Ragini could reply anything to which sahil just nodded and walked past Ragini to go towards his room but not before giving her a accusing look and Ragini just dipped her head down not able to bear his accusations.

“It seems sahil is really very much shocked wid the news of our marriage.”Sanskar to AP unknown of the storm going in Ragini’s heart.

“He must be shocked Sanskar Afterall Ragini was his good friend too so it’s obvious of him to react like this.” AP explained to Sanskar and he understand sahil’s reaction.

But none of dem knows the actual reason of sahil’s behaviour, except Ragini. She was just stood dere motionless trying to register how her world turned upside down in just few mins. Just as she had started getting happy wid the change in her lyf and her feelings for Sanskar dis old chapter of her lyf had opened in such an unexpected way and she just don’t know how to get rid of this situation without harming anyone’s emotions.

“Ragini beta can you please go and see if sahil needs anything in the meantime I’ll look after the arrangements of lunch.” AP’s voice broke the reverie of her thoughts ashe shivered hearing what AP had just asked her to do but she can’t deny it also so she just nodded slowly and headed towards sahil’s room to face the storm waiting for her.


sahil throws the contents placed on the dresser in frustration as the image of Sanskar wid Ragini came in front of his eyes. This is not hhe wished for. He haven’t came back to see this. He was here to make Ragini his forever and all wat he got after coming back is only betrayal by the girl he loves the most. No matter how hard he tried he just can’t forget her beautiful face and that lovely smile on it when he saw her first tym in the Base. He didn’t know who she is or why is she here but he really liked her at the first sight and soon he realizes that it was Love which he felt for her and since den only he had always dreamt of being them together but today when he saw all his dreams shattered so badly that too in front of his own eyes den he just cant able to take it.

He throws away the books that were lying on table as the image of Ragini with all signs of marriage came in front of his eyes. He was just not able to bear it at any cost. The girl who he loved her so much, for whom he just counted days so that he can go back to her and take her in his arms had just got married and didn’t even feel it necessary to inform him. but what he didn’t understand is that what had happened all of a sudden that Ragini had to get married to Sanskar especially den wen everyone knows that swa_____san were madly in Love wid each other and sanskar can never see ragini in that way den wat could be the reason of their sudden marriage. It was not that he was not happy to see Sanskar moving on in his lyf, he was very much happy to see him moving on but he was moving on in his lyf wid his ragini was the thing that was disturbing him. He was lost in these thoughts wen he heard the knock on his door. He asked the person to come inside only to find ragini standing over dere with her head dipped low.

“Oh! Mrs. Sanskar oh sorry sorry it should be Mrs. Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari. Wat makes you to come to my room?” sahil said sarcastically as he placed his clothes in the cupboard.

“sahil I…” she tried to say something only to be interrupted by him.

“It’s Captain sahil shekhawat for you Mrs. Maheshwari” sahil spat it out in anger before ragini could say anything

” pls meri baat to Suniye.” ragini tried once again to speak but all went in vain.

“Wat do you exactly wanted to say to me Mrs. Ragini maheshwari that how much happy you are in your married life. That how much u love your husband and how he satisfy all your needs which probably I won’t be able to do. Dis is wat you wanted to say to me or you are here to apologize to me that you are not able to invite me in Ur marriage and I am not able to see my world shattering in front of my own eyes.” He said with his voice full of venom making Ragini shiver in fear

“sahil it’s not like that. I can explain everything to you. It was just…”Before ragini could complete herself sahil jerked her towards himself while holding her shoulders looking straight into her eyes with his which were spitting fire

“Wat exactly will you explain? That how brutally u made a joke of my Love, my feelings by marrying my best friend. Didn’t you know that I Love you. Didn’t you know that I was just waiting day and night impatiently for your one ‘yes’? Tell me didn’t you know all this? Yet u had just get married to sanskar.” he said furiously while increasing his grip on her shoulders.

“Oh! Y am I even asking all this to you wen I already know the answer. U married to sanskar just because he was richer than me. Just because with him you can live a life of luxury which was impossible with an Air force officer. Just because he had money, power and everything at his feet that’s why you choose him to marry. U didn’t even care for the relation which your sister and sanskar shared. Inspite of knowing that sanskar was is and will always be madly in Love wid Swara you married him because basically all you want is just his money. That’s why you married him right? Answer me Damn it! whu married him na” sahil said while shaking her hard hurting ragini wid his words.

“It’s not true. Wat you are thinking is all wrong. I didn’t marry him for his money. It was Di’s last wish. She wanted us to get married after her death. I had done all dis for her last wish. I tried to contact you to tell you about all this but just couldn’t able to reach you.” She managed to say between her tears trying him to explain the reason behind her marriage.

“Oh c’mon ragini just stop giving this lame excuses. Don’t try to hide your Greediness by taking your deceased Sister’s name. U didn’t even left Ur sister also for your greediness, the same sister who loved you like anything else. At that tym she wouldn’t have known that one day u’ll use her name like this to hide your own deed” sahil said in a disgusting voice while jerking her away. Ragini nods her head in negative denying all his accusations

“So according to you whatever I am saying is wrong den can u pls care to give me the reason why would Swara actually wanted you to get married to sanskar after her death wen she knows that sanskar can never give you the place that he had given her. He can never Love you the way he loved her.” sahil asked and ragini just stood dere speechless not having any answers to his questions

“Don’t have any answers right? I knew it already. I can’t believe this ragini that you are the same ragini whom I fell in Love wid the first sight. Who had always put her relationships ahead of everything else. But thanx to you that my misconception about you has been cleared. Now I won’t get betrayed by your fake innocence. And remember one more thing ragini, sanskar may not be able to see this ugly side of yours behind your innocence but the day he’ll see that side that day will be your last day in his lyf. Just remember that.” He said and stormed off towards washroom leaving a stunned ragini behind. She stood dere for sometym trying to progress the words that sahil said in her mind and den somehow turned to leave and headed towards her room.


It’s been 20 minutes since ragini had came to her room from sahil room but her mind was still not in peace. She sat on the couch while holding Swara’s pic trying to absorb the things that happened in past 1 hour. sahil’s words were still ringing in her ears paining her even more. How easily he had accused her of using Swara’s name to hide her greediness, how easily he had accused her that she had married sanskar just because of his money wen she knows that its not true and to tell dis only to him she had gone to his room but he had just blow her off wid his own accusations, the accusations which are totally baseless.


She still remembers the day wen she had met sahil for the very first tym. She had gone to base to meet Swara to tell her that she had won first prize in inter collegiate competition. Swara was in some meeting so she was told to wait until she gets free. Since her Bade Papa was a retired Air force officer too most of the people over there knows her well and that’s wen she first met sahil. Due to her outspoken she instantly befriends him. The first thing that came to ragini’s mind after seeing him is ‘Ranbir Kapoor’. His Personality, his way of speaking was exactly like Ranbir Kapoor. Later she came to know from Swara that he’s really a very gud person from heart too.

So like this their friendship started. Though they didn’t met much wid each other but always remain in touch through Skype and Facebook. She didn’t had even slightest idea by then that sahil had any feelings for her until the day he confessed it to her. it was same fateful dat wen Swara had left for her mission for never to come back. she has gone to meet Swara at base before she leaves and there only sahil had confessed his Love to him wen Swara was busy in talking to sanskar privately.

“ragini, I need to tell you something important.” He said as soon as Swara went out of their sight

“Yup sahil say it.” ragini said not knowing for the next shock of her lyf.

“ragini I don’t know how you will react to this but its really very important or me to tell you this. I was trying to tell you this from so long but Every Time I feared for your reaction but wen today I am leaving for this mission in which even I don’t know whether I’ll come back or not I realized that I can’t keep it to myself anymore”

“why are you talking in so much riddles sahil. Pls say whatever you want to say.” She said waiting for him to say wat he wants but wat he said next had shocked her till core.

“ragini, I Love You.” He said and ragini felt like ground slipping beneath her feet hearing wat he said.

Ya ragini I really love you a Lot since the day I saw you but was not able to say it to you. I won’t be able to say it to you even today also if this mission won’t come in way” sahil said while looking into her eyes trying to know her answer but ragini was too shocked to react at that moment.

“sahil this… I mean… I don’t know… I mean I haven’t thought about this” ragini managed to say somehow while still in the state of shock.

“See don’t get me wrong but I had always liked you as a friend. I had never looked at you in that way” ragini said as she noticed the frown face of sahil.

“It’s ok ragini. Take your tym. I am not in hurry for your answer. U’ll get ample of tym to think about it wen I was away for my mission and I am sure wen I’ll come back your answer will be ‘yes’ only nd I can wait forever for that ‘yes’.” That was the last words he had said before leaving from dere to meet the officials and den later left for his mission leaving a dazed ragini behind.

******~~~~~~~~~Back to Present~~~~~~~~~~******

And after that day it was today wen she had saw him but everything has changed till den. She knows he was right at his place. Anyone would have react like this seeing the love of his lyf getting married to someone like this. After he left for his mission she had thought a lot about it. had spent so many sleepless nights to think about the answer but no matter how much she tried her heart was just not ready to say yes to him. He had everything in him that she had dreamt for her prince charming yet she couldn’t bring it in her to Love him. whY? The reason was herself unknown to her. nd den the news of Swara’s plane crash came and den everything changed and her lyf was no exception and here she was married to sanskar which according to sahil she had done for the sake of money.

But now if she give it a thought she had never felt the way wen sahil was around her like the way she feels wen sanskar is around her. sahil’s touch never gave her goosebumps like sanskar’s touch did. sahil care for her or not didn’t matter like the way it matters in the case of sanskar. She had never shared her fear to loose someone close to her heart to sahil like she had shared wid sanskar that way. Her body never reacted the way wid sahil’s closeness or words like it did wid sanskar’s. Inspite of having every quality that she wants in her prince charming in sahil she was never able to bring up to Love him and sanskar who is totally opposite to the prince charming she had dreamt of she can’t stop herself from falling for him. Her heartbeat never raised wen she was Vidyut like it did wod Maan. No doubt she use to like sahil but as a friend she had never loved him but Maan she loves him.

“WAT????? I love him. I Love Sanskar” she thought as she snapped open her eyes and looked at Swara’s pic which was dere in her hand.

Wat the hell did she just thought? Yes it’s true that she’s getting drawn towards him but how’s that possible that she loves him. This thing was not suppose to happen in their relationship especially den wen she knows that her feelings can never be reciprocated den how can she fall in Love wid him. She thought as she looked at Swara’s pic once again to seek her answers

“Stupid, it’s not at all planned ok. Love just happens and it won’t ask Ur Permission. U urself won’t realize wen u’ll fall in Love and den all ur ideologies and logics will go in vain.” Swara’s word rang in her mind that she told her wen she asked how come she’s doing Love marriage wid Sanskar wen she always wanted Arranged marriage as if giving her all answers

“Di was right. It just happened. It didn’t ask my permission, it didn’t care for the qualities I wanted for my Prince charming. In Spite of being sanskar poles apart from the Prince charming I dreamt of I fall in Love wid him. All my ideologies and Logics went in vain. But is it right? Can I feel for him in dis way inspite of knowing that he’ll never love me? Should I tell sanskar about wat I feel for him but wat if he didn’t liked it? Should I tell him about sahil but wat if he didn’t trust me enough to understand anything? Babaji pls show me some way. Tell me wat should I do now.” She thought as she closed her eyes and leaned back on couch holding Swara’s pic in her hand. The reason for her tension due to sahil had long back forgotten from her mind wen she realized her feelings for Sanskar. All wats dere in her mind now is how sanskar will react wen she’ll tell him about her new found feelings.

She was lost in these thoughts wen she felt a tap on her shoulders. She instantly opened her eyes wen she recognized the touch. She don’t have to turn back to see who it was. Even wid her close eyes she cam say that it was none other den sanskar. and she was right also as wen she turned back she found sanskar standing over dere wid concern written all over his face

“Sanskar” she whispered while smiling as she found him standing in front of her

“Yes ragini it’s me only. But what happened to you?” sanskar asked in concern and ragini realized that she’s not dreaming. He’s actually here

“Ragini are you feeling fine? If you are not feeling well then we can go to some doctor.” sanskar said as he took a seat beside her and touches her forehead to ensure that she’s not having temperature and as usual ragini felt thousand butterflies running in her stomach wid his simple touch.

“I am fine.” She managed to say somehow due to his proximity which had started affecting her more now.

“But you are not looking fine . Is everything ok? Are you tensed on something? He asked as he noticed her tear stricken face and red swollen eyes indicating that she was crying and dats wen ragini realize that she was crying till now.

“No it’s not like that. I am perfectly fine.” ragini said while looking away knowing that she won’t be able to lie to him while looking into his eyes not now especially.

She was trying to think of some reason only wen she felt sanskar turning her towards him while holding her shoulders and den cupping her face. She was thrilled wid dis sudden act of his nd den she felt him wiping away her tears which still lingered at the corner of her eyes. She looked deep into his eyes only to find immense care and concern for her. She was searching for Love too but probably wat she was searching is not possible in this birth at least.

“Did anyone told you that you are a horrible liar?” Sanskar’s voice brought her back from her thoughts and she looked at him in confusion.

“U know something your eyes are the mirror of your heart. Dey always say when you are lying and wen you are not. And now they are saying loud and clear that you are lying to me” Sanskar said as he showed the drop of her tear on his fingertip.

“Wat happen Ragini? Is something bothering you? I told you before also that u don’t have to hesitate for telling me anything that’s dere in your heart. Tell me what’s bothering you” he asked as he made her look into his eyes and Ragini found it difficult to hide him about sahil.

“i dont know wat happened to me? why it happens to me? all i know is that i Love you Sanskar” she thought in her mind fearing to voice out her feelings

“Are you missing Swara?’ sanskar said before ragini could say anything nd dats wen Ragini realizes that he had noticed the pic in her hands.

“Ya wo actually…” ragini fumbled wid her words and sanskar understands her uneasiness.

“Ragini I can understand your condition as we both are sailing on same boat. I know no one can fill the void of swara in both of ours lives but I just wanted to say that inspite of crying in her memory we should smile remembering her. Swara can never bear seeing us in tears. it would hurt her that’s why she asked us to marry each other so that we both can handle each other whenever we both can broke down. She may not be here wid us but she’s always present in our hearts. And ragini remember one thing always that no matter wat I am always here for you. Whenever you feel that something is bothering you then you are free to discuss that thing wid me instead of fearing how will I react to that. You understand wat I am saying?” Sanskar said wid his voice laced wid concern and care unaware of the fact that how deeply his words are affecting ragini in her heart. She felt herself falling more in Love wid him. It gives her courage to tell him everything about sahil and get rid from this burden

“sanskar woh. I want to say something to you.” She said after a long tym gathering enough courage to say wat she was going to say now.

“Do you need permission for that? Just say it.” sanskar said wid a smile on his face giving her courage to speak further

“sanskar wo sah…” She was about to say something wen they both were interrupted by some voice at the door.

“Ragini” heer said before Ragini could say anything further. Both Ragsan looked at the door only to find heer standing over dere wid confused expression.

“Heer.. Wat a pleasant surprise?” Sanskar said as he gets up from the couch

“Hi Jiju! Hi Ragini!” She greeted as she came inside.

“Hi How’s u doing?”

“Fine Jiju! Hws u?”

“I am fine too. Ok I guess you both wanted to catch up wid lots of things so I should give some privacy to you both. Ragini, I am going downstairs u also come soon for Lunch and ya don’t stress urself much for anything, hhmmm.” sanskar said and ragini nodded her head in understanding and sanskar left from dere leaving ragini and heer alone.

“ragini, Wat I am listening sahil is back?” heer asked as soon as sanskar went out of sight to which ragini just nodded her head in yes.

“O God! When Laksh told me about his arrival I didn’t believed him for once but seeing Ur pale face I am sure that Ur confrontation wid him was not fine. Tell me did anything happen? Did he said something to you?” Heer asked and Ragini hugged her tight and cried bitterly while narrating her whole conversation of hers wid sahil.

“Heer u know Na that I didn’t marry sanskar for his money. U know Na that it was Di’s last wish. u know na that I was never able to Love sahil back even knowing that he had all the qualities of my prince charming. Tell me Na heer u believe me Na.” ragini said as she shook Heer shocking her wid her break down.

“Ragu, ragu.. Relax I believe you. I know you are not wrong. Just relax.” heer said while calming her down

“Ragini, don’t pay heed to whatever he said. its not that u had ever loved him so dont care for watever he said to you and How dare he say something cheap like that to you? At one side he claims that he loves you and on the other hand he puts such cheap allegations on you. Disgusting.” heer said while making a disgusting face.

“I Love him heer” Ragini blurted out of blue shocking Heer

“Wat? Don’t tell me that u love sahil’.” She couldn’t complete herself wen Ragini interrupted.

“abbey buddhu.. No I don’t love sahil I Love sanskar. I had fallen in Love wid sanskar” she said before Heer could complete herself giving her another shock.

“Ragini, are you saying true” heer asked not believing her ears to which Ragini just nodded.


“I don’t know all I know that I Love him and now I am going to tell him everything about sahil.” ragini said determinedly and turned to move outside wen Heer stopped him while holding her arms

“Are you Mad? You are going to tell Jiju about sahil. Do you had any idea wat will be the outcome of this?” heer said s she stopped her from going.

“I don’t care for the outcome heer but I can’t hide this from him. Heer I Love him and the first essence of Love is trust and I can’t break his trust while hiding this fact from him.” ragini said as she again turned to leave only to be stopped by heer

“Ragini, Listen to me I understand whatever you are saying but think wat will happen after this? Jiju and sahil are best friends and dis truth of yours can affect their friendship also. May be to defend himself or in order to get back his Love he can say or do something which can create misunderstanding between you too. We’ll do one thing; we’ll talk to sahil about this.” heer said as she tried to make Ragini understand her point

“heer he’s not even ready to listen to me and accusing me for the things that I can never think of committing. why would he listen to me?” ragini said helplessly

“ragini, I understand your point but just think in this way that may be after seeing you all married after so long he was just not able to control his anger and betrayal got in Love because he expected a yes from you and wen u got married to someone else then he was not able to take it so easily. We’ll talk to him once again wen he was in a calm mind and may be den he’ll understand. But ragini for now don’t spoil everything by telling dis to Jiju.” heer said as she made ragini sat on the couch and kneeled down in front of her.

“Will it be right heer?” Ragini asked in doubt.

“It would be right for now ragini. You Love Jiju right?” heer said and ragini nodded her head in positive.

“Den just be quiet for now and wait till the things get back to normal and den you tell everything to Jiju. About sahil also and about your feelings for him too” heer said and Ragini immediately shakes her head.

“no heer I can’t tell sanskar that I Love him.” Ragini said immediately making Heer frown

“But why? He had right to know how u feel for him.”

“I know heer but u also know that he had is and will only love Di. He can never reciprocate my feelings. I don’t fear for his rejection, I fear for his indifference; I fear for the distance that would be there between us wen he’ll come to know about my feelings. No I can’t afford it. I am happy the way our relationship is going atleast like this way he’s near me. like this way he talks to me, listens to me, cares for me I don’t want to lose all dis heer. Please I’ll never tell him that I Love him.” ragini said and heer understands her fear.

“ragini, I won’t force you for anything but all I want to say is give one chance to your life. Don’t keep your feelings in your heart due to fear of losing Jiju. Who knows that Jiju respects your feeling and can think of moving on in a lyf wid you” heer try to make him understand but ragini was stick to her point.

“Fine just take some time and den decide ok. Chalo abhi lets go downstairs everyone must be waiting for us. And ya I don’t have to remind you that I am always dere for you.” Heer said making Ragini smile widely and she left downstairs wid her to join everyone for Lunch especially her sanskar. She blushed at the thought ‘Her Sanskar’ which didn’t go unnoticed by heer but she said nothing as finally her best friend is getting her happiness back in her lyf. She prayed to god for her happiness to be permanent and made her way downstairs for Lunch.

Ok so dis it guys! hope u all are going to like it… i know not much Ragsan in dis part… but will definitely be there lots of Ragsan moments in next part…

Take care… stay blessed, stay happy, stay healthy and stay loved!!!!

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