Dhadkanen aur Mohabbatein – OS

Okay so this is a seuqel to my OS “Our Love” ☺ U all would know “Sairish”. She asked with much sweetness to write a sequel for the os and I literally can’t deny my sweetie. If u haven’t read that one here is the link

OS here

After their cute sa proposal they told the family about their love and not even a single person opposed it. And the most happy was Pinky

“Sachis??? Shivaay? Anika? U are telling truths na. Oh My God. I can’t belives it. You mades my life, it was my wishes”

And the teasings had been started from the day itself?

Anika was standing infront of the mirror and was making her hairstyle when she was remembering the things and was smiling and blushing. She was damn lost in the memories that she didn’t realize when a person entered her room quietly. The person stood there looking at the lost her

“Come on Shivaay. Don’t look at me like. My cheeks will burst off due to extreme blushing”Anika chuckled at the last making Shivaay roll his eyes at her
“How? How do you know everytime that it’s me?”Shivaay questioned coming towards her and stood behind her slipping his hands on her waist and back-hugging her
“Look whose talking? The one who even feels me when I’m 100 kilometres away”She mocked him with giggling at the end. Her hairstyle was left in between as she kept her hand over his and looked at mirror.
They were staring at the mirror when there was knock on the door disturbing them
“I know bhaiya you are there with my would-to-be bhabhi. Can you come outside or should I come in?”It was Rudi who had knocked on the door
“Aray Rudi come in naaa”Anika said coming out of Shivaay’s arms
“I knew you’ll be here only”Rudi said doing his logic wala step while Shivaay rolled his eyes at him
“What happened?”Shivaay asked coming near to Rudi
“Wo actually I have come to call you to kitchen because I and O were going to cook and Anika bhabhi, Ishana bhabhi has come to meet you”Rudi told both of them
“Ishu”Anika squealed on happily and went to meet her while Shivaay went with Rudi.

ShiOmRu were in kitchen baking a Pizza when the three girls AniIshYa entered the kitchen
“What is cooking here?”Ishu asked looking at them
“Umm.. Ishana can u smell it?” Om asked confusely
“Yup it’s Pizza”She said smiling at him
“Haa so when u know why are you asking?” Om said and Ishu frowned at him
“Bhaiyaa when it’ll be ready?” Sumo asked waiting for the pizza to bake
“Just few more minutes cutie” Shivaay said pinching Sumo’s cheeks
“Haww bhaiya when I asked you said you always wait for food”Rudi complained making a puppy face
“Hawww Jealousbaby”Sumo said side-hugging Shivaay and sticking her tongue out
Rudi made a crying face seeing Shivaay also hugging her
“Mera Rudi. No one will tease at him at all”Anika said ruffling his hairs and Rudi side-hugged her Bhabhi
“Bhaiya aap se achi tou meri honay wali bhabhi hain”Rudi said making faces at Shivaay
Anika at once looked at Shivaay and he looked at hers and their eyes got locked. They kept on looking at eachother until Rudi’s voice interuppted them
“My bhaiya and bhabhi, Stop looking at eachother”
That’s when they became conscious that other family members are around them too.
“Um..Yea.. I think Pizza is ready”Fumbling, stammering Shivaay completed his sentence
He took out the pizza from the oven and it looked heavenly.


“Ummm…bhaiya it’s yummmmmy” Ishana said closing her eyes feeling the cheese in her mouth
“Yeah bade bhaiya it’s deliciousss”Saumya also added eating a mouthful of it
“What do you think?”Shivaay asked the person sitting beside him and ofcourse, she was his mangetar
“Anika…Anika???”Shivaay looked on after few minutes when she didn’t reply. And he saw that she was damn busy eating the pizza, her eyes closed and she moved here and there taking the tatse. He smiled and adorded the cutie-patotie sitting beside him. He saw that the cheese was smeared on her lips and cheeks. Moving a little closer to her he kept his indexfinger on the corner of her lips. That’s when she felt him and opened her eyes in shock.
“Shivaay…”She said in confusion. He looked at her for a second and then again looked at her lips. Wiping off the cheese from her lips he moved back to his place.
“It was cheese on your lips Anika”Shivaay explained her. She just nodded her head looking into his eyes
“How is the pizza?”He asked what he wanted to
“Tastylicious”She told him and he shook his head in confusion
“What is tastylicious?”He couldn’t help himself and asked
“When something is so tasty and delicious, I refer it as Tastylicious”She said giggling a little
And when she giggled she shaked a little making her hairs sway in the rythem of air and her earrings swing in her earlobes making voices. He admired his beauty. He was in a trance and it wouldn’t have broke if Pinky aunty hadn’t called them
“Chalo Shivaay”She dragged him and walked from there while the other youngsters followed
“U boths have engagements day after tomorrows”Pinky squealed on happily, after all it was her wish which is going to come true
Shivaay smiled while Anika blushed a little
“And we are thinking to do the engagement of Om and Ishana too”Jhanvi said
Om and Ishu looked at eachother and smiled while Ishu’s cheek also became like Anika’s.
“Both of my bhabhi’s stop blushing”Rudi interuppted looking at the ladies.
That’s when they regain their composture.
“Koi problems tou nahi hai?”Pinky asked and everyone nodded their head in NO assuring them that there is no problem
Anika & Ishu ran from there holding in their hands and ran to a room
“Hayee meri dono bahuein kitni sharmili hain”Dadi smiled and said after looking them ran away.
Anika locked the door from inside and both called out each other names and hugged each other tightly and jumped
“Can u pinch me please?” Both asked eachother together and laughed after listening the same line from eachother’s mouth
“Can we pinch you bhabhis?”Rudi jumped in from the window which was by chance open and then helped Saumya to jump in too
“Tum dono ne….”Ishu asked totally scared.

What if they both have seen their crazy moments few minutes ago?

“Not only them my Ishu”O came after Saumya and startled both the ladies
“O…I….woh…”She fumbled as he has seen the crazier side of her
“Shukar.. Shivaay isn’t here”Anika sighed in relief when she didn’t see Shivaay there
“Why I can’t be there?”Shivaay also jumped in making her eyes go widen
“So…you…all..see what we were doing?”Anika asked taking pauses
“Yeah Bhabhis. U know we have also made the video”Samuya told them chuckling and showed Rudi phone which have the video
“We never knew you both hide this side of yours from us” Om said smirking at Anika & Ishana
“Yeah! We never knew we had picked up crazy wives for us”Shivaay said and hifived with Om
“See. We both were soooo happy so we did this. When we both are so happy na we both do this. When I cooked for the first time, When I….”Anika explained the logic while Ishana nodded her head in yes.
“Well we didn’t ask for an explanation Soniya”Shivaay said and moved towards her and held her hand lovingly
“Exactly Ishu. U didn’t need to nod your head”Om teased her and held her hand but she looked him with an angry expression
“Acha Sorry Ishu”Om said intertwining his fingers with hers and she looked down, smiling


Later on that engagement, there was a great hustle bustle at home. Afterall, both the couples had called their friends. And so Rumya were assigned to look after the young guests. They both were talking when Saumya went to look Anika and Ishana. Rudi also excused himself and went to look his brothers

“Ani di, Ishu di are u rea…..”She stopped in between her sentence when she looked at them.
“U both look Gorgeous”She said looking at them
“And so you too hamari choti devrani” Anika and Ishana teased her and hugged her
“I’m so young right now. Abhi shaadi nahi hogi…”She complained making a pout
“So you want to get married soon? Haan?”Anika asked touching hee nose in a playful manner
“Haan na bhabhi…”She said unconsciously and after realizing she bite her tongue
“Bhabhi? Not bad darling!”Ishu said pinching her cheeks and they all laughed
“Now come fast”She said and dragged them out of the room

There Rudi reached the brother’s room
“Bhaiya, O u take so long to get ready. I wonder are u girls?” Rudi said eyeing them
“Shutup Rudr”Shivaay and Om both said together
“U always make me Shutup now both of my bhabhis will make you Shutup”He laughed and looked them who weren’t laughing at all
“U know what Rudr!” Om said keeping his hand on his shoulder “U shouldn’t be loving Sumo and Sumo shouldn’t be loving you. Kahan wo aqalmand aur kahan tu aqal naam ki cheez bhi nahi hai tujh mae”
“O….Wo mera pyar hai jaisy Ishu bhabhi aapka pyar hai”He said smiling
“Pyar wagerah…good Rudr”Shivaay teased him and hifived with Om
Rudi looked at them and then dragged them out of the room


The three girls were standing in the lounge waiting for the boys when Anika remembered something and ran towards the stairs
“Where are u going di?” Saumya asked from behind
“Sumo my bracelet. I’ll just bring it”She ran upstairs and the whole lounge echoed with the voice of “Chan Chan” (tinkling of anklet)
As Anika climbed up the stairs and moved towards her right the boys came from the left side. Om and Rudr were just mesmerised seeing Ishana and Saumya while Shivaay wondered where his lady love went?
“Uhm..Uhmmm”Shivaay faked cough taking out OmRu and IshYa from the trance.

Ishana was drapped in a white anarkali with some simple work of golden on its border with her hairs all open. She was simple yet elegent.

Saumya was drapped in a dark blue blouse with a sharara of the same colour with golden work over it. Her dupatta on her one shoulder and her hairs all open.

“Where’s Anika?”Shivaay asked descending down.
He was still on the stairs while Om and Rudr had gone down descending the stairs fastly
“Shivaay bhaiya, she went to take her bracelet. She’ll just come”Ishana replied and he nodded his head
Suddenly, something came under his feet. He smiled and shooked his head a little. He very well knew what’ll be. He moved aside a little and bend down to pick up the payal bell which was lying there
“She will never ever change”He thought and smiled
Taking the payal bell he moved downwards. He got busy with his brothers and sisters when after a little Shivaay excused himself and looked upwards and the voice of her anklet made its way to his ears before she appered herself. He smiled looking at her while she smiled looking at him.

She was drapped in a golden blouse with a red sharara and a golden dupatta at one side. The payal making voices of Chan Chan everytime she took a step downwards. Her hairs tied up with bangles of red and golden in her one hand.

Looking into his eyes, she carefully came downwards. Not even tripping a bit. Oh it looked like she had doing practice of this. She stood infront of him, her cheeks having a battle between the colors of  beetroot and scarlet. She looked down to stop her blushing

“U know how much I had been praying u had tripped”He whispered making her look at him in shock
“Why?”She asked totally confused
“So I could have been saved you”Shivaay replied making her turn into scarlet again
He held her hand into and start making circles on it
“You look beautiful”He looked straight into her eyes
“And so u do”She said, her voice low but full of excitement
“Boys never do look beautiful Anika” He giggled at the last and saw her pouting at him
He pulled her a little towards him
“Handsome zaroor lagty hain”He said in his husky voice

Hadn’t she been Anika, the girl would probably faint listening the voice

“I see… thinking that ypu look handsome?”She stepped back and raised her eyebrows at him “What if I mess up your hairs?”
“Not about the hairs Anika”He complained like a kindergarden boy.
She looked at him making faces
“See what I found on the stairs again”He emphasized on again just to let her know
He then showed her the bell and she laughed
“Now you will find them everywhere”She said and winked at him
He held her hand as she was going towards where all the ladies were standing

“Don’t go…”

She then glared at him as he was holding her hand. He left her hand and she moved towards the ladies still looking at him


They had been sitting cause the ritual of engagement was going on
Shivaay had requested Om and Ishana to do the engagement first so Shivaay and Anika were looking at them when they slid the ring into eachother’s ring finger. As they completed the ritual all clapped for them and congratulated as well
“Now Shivaay ands Anika”Pinky squealed and brought the rings for them

Anika showed him her both hands. Her left ring finger was already adored by a ring while the right one was empty
He took her left hand in his and slid the ring in her finger

“Can u wear both the rings in the same finger Anika?” He asked after sliding the ring into her finger
“Ofcourse. I can and I’lll”She replied taking the ring from the tray
Taking his hand in hers, she slid the ring into his finger completing the ritual.
Clapping and Wishes surrounded them.

On the back, Rudr immediately pulled out a ring from his pocked and took Saumya’s hand shocking her. He slid that ring into her finger silently
“I Love You Rudi” Sumo whispered looking at her finger and him
“I bring for me too. Take it” He said and and took out the other ring from his pocket
She took it from his hand and slid it into his
“I Love You too…”He hugged her and said
“Our enagement is also done” Sumo said in his ear and he whispered a yes still being in the hug
He than broke the hug and took her to the kitchen where there was parathas kept there
“Did you?”She asked but he put his finger on her lips
“Let’s eat”He said and dragged her to the table and and made her sit. Their first Paratha Date ever.

Om took Ishana to his room making her a little confused
“Why’d u bring me here?”She asked
He just took her hand and moved towards one side of his room. There was something covered with the cloth. He removed the cloth and she was so happy to see that thing. It was the painting of Her and Him, which was actually a photo captured by Rudi

“Om…it’s..it’s…OH MY GOD! I Love You so much…”She hugged Om tightly crying in happiness
“C’mon, don’t cry…”He hugged her back slightly caressing her hairs
“I’m sorry but this is just beautiful. U know”She replied breaking the hug and looking at him
“Not as beautiful as you”He said making her blush
She hit on his arm playfully and hugged him once again. He hugged her back making her knew that their love story is complete.

Shivaay who had been looking for Anika found her gossiping with his Mom and Badimaa and Dadi ofcourse.
He can’t call her himself because than all will start teasing him. Samuya, Rudr, Om, Ishana, no one was there. He than thought how to call her when a idea striked her mind
He went towards them and called them out
“What Maa, Badimaa and Dadi you are doing here. Papa and Badepapa were looking for you three”Saying so he held Anika’s hand
They all looked at him and than walked away from there. Before anyone could come up he took Anika from there and straight went to the garden.

He took her into a tight hug then and she reciprocated
“I Love You Infinity”Shivaay said maybe the infinity time
“And I Love You Double Infinity”She replied, the infinity time
He than broke the hug and looked at her angelic face. She was looking down. Her hairs blowing up due to wind. Tucking the strands behind her ear he lifted her chin up
Looking into her eyes he asked her

“All mine?”

She replied looking into his eyes.

He swept her off from the ground taking her in his arms and looked deep into her eyes that reflected back the colour of his eyes he asked

“Right from the Beginning!”
“Till the very End!”

She replied looking back into his eyes. They rest their foreheads on eachother.

He let her down after a few minutes and thought to tease her
“Suno you will still do that paglon wala dance?”

He asked mischiefly

Anika said and gave a dead glare to him and in a second both were running in the garden with Anika behind Shivaay. Shivaay giggling all around and Anika running behind him. Shivaay stopped at the place and Anika ran to him pushing him down and rolling herself up on him. He asked smiling.

“Ab bhi girti ho?”
“Tum ab bhi bacha lety ho”

She replied all smiling. Lying down on the grass side by side and looked at the moon and laughed.

That’s how their love was.
Mischievous, Crazy but afterall it was Love…

I am not satisfied with the ending at all. Like at all. I have changed it about 7 to 8 times I guess but still the feeling is that I’m not satisfied. I don’t know what you people think but let me know if it’s ending is abrupt or any sort of unsatisfying. That’s all I would I like to say.

P.S: Don’t ask me how the boys look?Just imagine yourself jaisy bhi chaho.
Didn’t proof read.
And plus don’t ask anything about name. Stucks at it always??

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