swasan love india…. shot 1

hi guys a short os . u r gonna enjoy alot . its my first os keeping fingrs cross

swasan are forcefully married . both handle their own business . they had bf and dinner together .talk but professionally . no personal life , they are moderns so they are eve having extra marital affair , thy mind there own business , living under same roog love didn’t inginite between them bcz they don’t want that so lets start ,

sanky ; swara hw was ur meeting
swara ; it was good , i had the deal .
sanky ; hmmm , i am done u can continue ,
swara ; sanky i am going for hangout with my frnds so will be late .
sanky ; kk bye

sanky was sitting in loung reading a book as he felt bore and was not able to sleep. the main door lock open and he saw swara fully drunk , he saw her in black short dress that was above her mid thighs ,she was having a beer bottle in her hand , sanky was shocked to see her inthat satate . he quickly went to her and pick her . he could see that she was wearing a pulover on the top after the hangout . the zip was slightly open from top and could see her a bit exposing br*ast in that drss . he was a bit angry on her after all first time he had the thought that he should not leave HIS WIFE like this in midnight , he made her lie on the bed , changed her clothes , and wnt back to his room ,


sanky ; swara what was that last night
swara ; nothing and it seemed that i didn’t remember also .
sanky ; swara what dress were u wearing
swara : plz sanskar stop being a typical indian husband , u know what kind of relation we share . still u r overreacting
sanky : its not that im being a husband . but its not save for u ,
swara ; umm leave it , today

she was completing her sentence when her phone rang and she picked it

swara ; hello mom , hru
ap : i am fine bachaa . swara u know that its rags 9 month , delivery can be anytime and u should be here , so when r u comig
swara ; mom woh we have not yet discussed about it , but we will come soon .
ap ; ok darling book ur tickets on time and reach soon . give phone to sanky

sanky ; hi mom h r u . hws everyone
ap : eveyronre is fine now u come soon , kk bye i guess someone is calling me .
sanky bye mom tc .

swara ; so sanky ur schedule. busy busy or not that
sanky : well i can take out sometime, u pack ur bags i will book tickets of tmorrow morning . i am done bye .
swara : kk bye tc .

( note : guys they both are leaving in london and their family is in india mumbai )


sanky returne early from swara

he change into comfortable and was sitting in sofa going throug mails . when swara came . she wished him and left to her room . change into shorts and loose crop tops . she quickly packed her bags came and settled on opposite sofa of sanky , they talked for sometime and then finished dinner and landed into their own rooms .

good night guys it will have 2 more shots which may include a epilogue to , so buy plz commnt on my first ff . sweet dreams

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