avneil ff: kyun main jaagoon (episode 9)

chapter 9

This is my ff, hope you like it.

The lines in black is for what author is saying or describing, ( ) for translation. I was not well so the update got delayed. __________________________________________________________________________

Author’s POV (In the morning.)

Neel is the first one to wake up. As soon as he opens his eyes He finds his lady love in his arms, sleeping so innocently, like a baby, with her mouth open a bit.

He feels so good seeing her like that. He starts to caress her hair. He is lost in the moment and is staring her for couple of minutes.

He reminisce their yesterday night’s moment

Avni soon wakes up and opens her eyes and stretches her arms and yawns. She finds her lovely hubby staring at her. She hugs him and says “good morning my handsome hubby ”

Neel gets out of his thoughts and hugs her back, with this they fell on bed. As neel was half sitting on his side on the bed with the support of his arm. When he hugs her he removed that hand and fell in the bed. Then he pulls avni on top of him completely and breaks their hug and starts to kiss her face. Avni is full on enjoying this side of neel. And thinks why it doesn’t happen earlier. Then a thought comes to her mind and she blushes and squeezes her eyes tightly.

Neel pauses his actions and looks at avni’s expression and asks “what are you thinking ”

Avni blushes more and replies “n-nothing ”

Neel didn’t buy this up and is about to protest but avni didn’t let it happen and couldn’t let it happen too as this is something avni couldn’t tell, it is about their actual first night. Which she agreed to keep a secret and forget it. Because at that time, it was very awkward for them when they were thinking to give this marriage a chance or get divorce. For avni that night was special but she hid that thought and buried it in the depths of her heart. But today that event come back in existence. All the flashes she remembers comes infront of her eyes. (Author’s note: In avni’s knowledge even neel doesn’t know about it, she wants to hide because of the fact that she don’t want to be burden on neel, didn’t want to force neel into marriage, she was happy with memories and can live her whole life with it too. PS: she used to think like that, used to)

So avni crashes her lips onto neel’s and starts to kiss him. Neel wants to stop and ask avni first because he knows that if he doesn’t ask now then he won’t be able to get the answer in future, the honest one. But the taste of her lips is so intoxicating that he is not able to think clearly, his mind is not working. He couldn’t think about anything else expect for kissing her in that very moment. Even the super cop, who is extremely very focused in his department, couldn’t focus when it comes to his dear wifey.

Suddenly they hear a knock on the door. They get astonished and gets up and goes to open the door.

They are blushing but avni’s blush is very much visible, a bright pink colour.

Neel opens the door and finds neela ma standing on the gate.

Neela says “get ready and come for breakfast fast”

Neela smiles seeing their blushing faces and neel sees her expression and senses that she will tease them so before she could he runs to the bathroom to hide leaving avni alone with neela ma. Avni gets confused seeing neel’s act and is looking towards bathroom. But neela breaks avni’s thoughts and says

Neela says innocently “avni kya mene disturb kar diya tha kisi important kaam ke beech me (avni did i disturb you in between of some important work)” she gives a special emphasis on important and then winks. Avni blushes more and lies” ma aisa kuch nhi hua (ma nothing happen)”

Neela says “kaise nhi h (like what)”

Avni says “jaisa aap bol rhe the (that what you are saying)”

Neela says “i didn’t say anything only you are saying “

Neela laughs and avni knows that if neela ma doesn’t go then she will get teased more and she is also feeling angry on neel that he leaves avni to get teased.

Avni says “ma i have to get ready now”

Neela says “i didn’t know that you both take shower together , avni bacha you didn’t tell me” and neela laughs .

Avni says “ma its not like that and please stop teasing me, you and aru both are same” while blushing hard avni fakes anger.

Neela says “don’t be angry bacha, i won’t tease you now, but go and give towel to neel he has forgot to take it in hurry and maybe he will pull you to have shower to-“

Avni couldn’t take more teasing and says “ma”

And neela laughs and runs out of the room.

Avni then takes out hers and neels clothes and gives towel to neel. Neel didn’t pull avni this time. When neel comes out, avni goes to get fresh and neel changes his clothes in the room.

After they both get ready they goes to have breakfast. At the table aru suggests all the ladies to go for shopping, to which everyone readily accepts.

When all the ladies were gone, prakash excuses himself to his room to sleep peacefully.

Neel is lying on his bed waiting for aru to come. After some minutes aru comes with a laptop in his hands. Neel gets up and sits and asks aru to sit.

Neel says “what surprise are you giving me”

Aru says beamingly “so the surprise is avni’s photos”

Neel blushes at the very thought that how will avni look and then he says “password?”

Aru says “dude you have to figure that out yourselves, meanwhile I have some work to finish. So i take leave. You sit with this laptop and search the password for the folder ‘forbidden’ “

Neel says “ok dude thanks”

Aru says “mention not”

And aru goes out of the room. As Soon as aru leaves the room neel bends forward the grabs the laptop. He opens it up and searches for the folder named ‘forbidden’. Unknowingly the corner of his lips curls upwards, thinking how angry, stubborn, and always ready to fight/kill his lady love use to be. Neel murmurs “miss ajooba”

And finally he comes across the folder, after several tries he was able to crack the password.

When the folder opens and he opens the first photo, his eyes gets wider and his mouth makes a perfect ‘O’ shape.

He is not able to believe his eyes, that avni is so dangerously hot.

He knows that avni is hot but this much, he didn’t think.

The whole afternoon, he saw her photos again and again, and other photos and videos too.


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