Waaris 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Nihaal steals the evidence

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The Episode starts with Simran asking Rohan what’s marriage. Rohan says marriage means supporting each other, and friendship, two people love each other. She smiles and says friend, we are good friends, you take care of me, I also take care of you, we should get married. She dances like a kid. He cries. She says we will marry, I will just marry you, then mummy can’t take me anywhere. She hugs him. He thinks how can we marry, we can never marry even if we want. Raj and Mannu check a pendrive. Nihaal says I was calling you, everything will end if they check it. Mohini says we have to stop them.

Raj says maybe we get video about Simran’s session. Mohini and Nihaal hide and look on. Nihaal stops servant and says drop water on his water fast. Servant gets tensed and keeps fruits. He makes water fall on laptop. Laptop gets off. He apologizes to Raj. Raj asks him to leave. Mannu asks is there any other laptop at home. Raj says Nihaal has it. Nihaal says I have to hide my laptop. Mannu says we will use it. Nihaal takes laptop to hide it cupboard. Raj and Mannu come. Raj says I need your laptop, I have some work. Nihaal asks why.

Raj asks is there any problem. Nihaal says no. Mohini thinks if they know I have killed Raman, my days won’t be left here. Nihaal says I have personal files, let me shut it, wait. Raj says we won’t touch it. Nihaal says one sec. He gives his laptop to Raj. He signs Mohini. She thinks why is he calm, he has managed the matter. Raj checks pendrive contents and says its empty. Mannu says it was working. Nihaal shows the pendrive to Mohini. She smiles. Nihaal recalls changing the pendrive. Mannu says how can it be empty. Raj says I think we have to find doctor to know secret. Mannu thinks I will find out what was in pendrive.

Jagan says Preet ruined the alliance, how will we find new alliance. Amba says that guy lied, Simran’s life would have got ruined. Jagan throws glass angrily and says she is ruined even now, that guy is married but he was ready to marry your mad daughter, you have good fate that I got ready to help you, Preet failed our plan, who will marry Simran now, she will roam mad, girls are always a burden and unlucky. Babli picks the glass pieces. Jagan scolds Babli. Amba hugs Babli. Jagan argues with her. Raavi asks him to have buttermilk.He drinks it. He gets dizzy. Raavi tells Amba that she has added all the powder in butter milk. Jagan stumbles. Sukhi holds him.

Sakshi comes to Mannu and scolds her a lot for her cheat. She gets hurt and asks Mannu to stay away. She goes. Mannu thinks Sakshi is thinking wrong, I have to win her trust, else Raj and Sakshi can’t come close. Amrit says Preet saved Simran’s life. Mannu starts misbehaving with Amrit. Raj and Amrit get shocked. Raj scolds Mannu. Amrit cries and leaves food. She gets dizzy. Raj and Sakshi care for Amrit. Mannu does not move. Sakshi sees Mannu. Raj asks what did you do Preet. Mannu says what wrong did I say, truth is bitter. Sakshi says we will take aunty to room first. Sakshi looks at Mannu and says I understood why you did this, thanks, I m really sorry, don’t know what all I told you in anger, I understood you are on my side, I feel bad you had to talk to aunty like this. She goes. Mannu feels sorry to Amrit. She thinks she had to do this so that Amrit and Raj accept Sakshi. She cries.

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  1. OMG ? one more villain returning back
    so many bad people and hardly 2-3 good people who always loosing from bad ones

    Plz change the track its boring now -:(

  2. Day by day story line is becoming crap. N they’re losing audience.. writers shelf change track to hold on audiences.. too many bad things happening here.. too much negativity. .

  3. In Indian culture a married woman always fight at her last breath to keep her husband with her and no other woman to enter but this crap serial always showing how woman compromises for her husband so he can go easily with other woman such a crap i hate these type of crapes no respect for woman preet urf mannu is looks like worst character with no brain now she is typically showing village woman uneducated who does nt knw the meaning of marriage

  4. this is dragging so much
    i am so tored of mohani
    they should hurry up and let the truth be out

  5. I have read for all upcoming episodes now they are only concentrating on simmi and other villain he will be coming with various evil plans so be ready now to watch those crapes now

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