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Hellllloooooo…..My dear lovlies and thank u so much for all ur comments and all the love that u showering on both my ff’s…. Thank u so much and I’m back with a brand new part of A Hero’s Love Story…..

Suddenly the door opens and Swara closes her eyes due to the sudden dim light hitting her face…She again opens her eyes and then tries to see the person and then slowly she recognises the person….
Swara:(feeble voice)Sanskar Sir…..(So guys ur guesses were right)
He comes to her and immediately unties her and as soon Swara gets free she hugs Sanskar and starts crying loudly….Sanskar gets startled by the sudden closeness and is frozen at the moment… But listening to her sobs he slowly hugs her back and starts caressing her hairs… And then messages Kabir…. Soon Kabir comes there and rushes to
Swara and sensing his presence she immediately hugs him and sobs more…. Sanskar feels a pinch in his heart and asks her…

Sanskar:Miss.Rajput how did u land up here???? And who brought u here?????
Kabir:(cups her face)Shonu….Who brought u here????
Swara:(still in the hug)Ni….Ni…tin….That Nitin…..
Kabir:How dare he???? I will not leave him today…..
Sanskar:Listen Kabir we’ll handle him afterwards and I think Miss.Rajput should take rest now…
Kabir:Yeah….Shonu come lets go…..
Swara:(stops sobbing)Kabbu I want to participate…..
Kabir:(understands)Okay….first relax… there’s time for ur performance….
Sanskar:(shocked and with a worried tone)Listen Swara….U should rest…I mean ur not fine…
Swara:(looks at him and smiles)No sir,I’m fine and will feel more better after singing….
Sanskar:(melts in her smile and unknowinly a smile formed on his lips too)Okay…. And I’ll this Nitin….
Saying this Sanskar leaves while Kabir takes Swara and the other three also come there and then Swara composes herself and prepares herself for the competition….
Avni:Shona are u sure u are fine…
Swara:(smiles)Haan Avni….and I want to show that Nitin that talent can never be supressed… I want to win this competition….
Ayaaz:I’m with u…
Shrushthi:Even me….
Avni:Me too….
Kabir:(goes to her and cups her face)All the best Bachha…..
Swara:(hugs him)Thank u ….
All:U forgot us….(pouts)
Swabir:(extends their hands)Come on….(all share a group hug)

The host announces Swara’s name…
Host:So guys give big round of applause for our last year’s winner ,the very talented Miss.Swara Rajput…
All the students cheer for her and here the gang wishes her luck and then she goes to the stage
She smiles seeing everyone and then closes her eyes and starts singing….
Zaalima kyu hai dooriyan
Hun tenu labhan main kahaan
Das tenu labhan main kahaan

Sun mere humsafar
Kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar

Sun mere humsafar
Kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar
Ki teri saanse chalti jidhar
Rahungi bas wahi umr bhar
Rahungi bas wahi umr bhar haye
[Here Sanskar who was finding for Nitin hears the voice and gets mesmerized…]
Muskurana bhi tujhi se seekha hai
Dil lagane ka tu hi tareeka hai
Aitbaar bhi tujhi se hota hai
Aaun na hosh mein main kabhi
Bahon mein hai teri zindagi

Hai nahin tha pata
Ki tujhe maan lungi Khuda
Ki teri galiyon mein is qadar
Aungi ab har pehar
[He slowly starts moving to Swara and keeps staring her lovingly….]
O sun mere hamsafar
Kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar
Ki teri saanse chalti jidhar
Rahungi bas wahi umr bhar
Rahungi bas wahi umr bhar haye

[Swara feels an unknown happiness in her heart and as soon as she opens her eyes her eyes meet Sanskar eyes and both have an eyelock and Swara sings wthout breaking the eyelock]
Both come in senses with the huge applause and Sanskar gets confused on his behaviour and goes from there whereas Swara sees him going and gets confused….
Soon the results were announced and Swara is declared as the winner her gang gets very happy…..They share a gala time but Swara was feeling something missing but was unaware about it…..
Here Sanskar finds Nitin and slaps him hard and informs the whole matter to the principal who suspends Nitin from college for a month…. Nitin understood his fault as Mukthi got angry on him for doing this and also made him understand…..
Okay so thats all for today…and leave ur valuable comments and let me know if u liked it…

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