DARE: Which started my love story (Epi 10)

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Hello sorry for being late..so without any bakbak I would jump into the story..before that I want to ask a question..just for fun..everyone tell me in which language u speak..just for knowing u guys better..
So here goes….

Ragini enters the classroom..she looks at laksh and goes to her desk murmuring some mean words at him…laksh smiled at her antics…
Laksh: so as I said yesterday..I have got some important announcement to make..we will be camping for ten days at xyz forest.. this is very important for your understanding ..me and proff. Malhotra will accompany u..u will be paired up there…So be ready at sharp 6 tomorrow…
Riya observes ragini looking at laksh
Riya: ragini.he is handsome na..
Ragini rolls her eyes..
Riya: but sorry he likes me not you he is mine…so stop staring him..
Ragini laughs while riya fumes
Ragini: I have told you many times fix your brain yaar…its becoming more loose
Riya: mock how much ever u want..I will make him mine..
Ragini: u know what I was least interested in him…but for u sweetheart..I will make him mine…
Riya: lets see..well u do anything for dare na…so I dare you..in this trip I will make him fall for me..
Ragini: r u kidding me..I am known for dares..ragini ko harna nahi aata..
Riya snorts…
Ragini looks at laksh ..he looks at her and winks..
Ragini bangs slaps her forehead..
Ragini(in mind): kya siyappa hai…this person says he will kiss me..this stupid girl says she will make him hers and now I have to make this laksh mine to win..kya kare..i have to win…ragu..this laksh is a boomerang..the more u move away from him the more close he comes…
After the class everyone leaves..
Laksh: ragu
Ragini: what ragu..am I ur wife? Call me miss ragini..
Laksh(in mind):not wife but definitely future wife(loudly) ok ms ragini.sorry for today’s behavior..
Ragini: sorry? Do u know how scared I was…
Laksh: I said sorry na..
Ragini: I don’t want ur sorry..ur sorry is stupid…I don’t want it..its a yuck sorry..its a ganda sorry
Laksh laughs and comes forwards and pulls her cheeks…
Laksh: do u know u r very cute..I love you..
Ragini: aaha.. what did u say..
Laksh: I said I love you
Ragini: what ?.. I don’t love.
Laksh(shrugs): don’t love ..who asked ur opinion..I just said I love you
and he leaves the confused ragini behind

Next day…
Everyone was waiting in the bus…all th seats were occupied only foue seats were remaining..ragini was sitting on one side while riya was sitting on the other…the seats adjacent to them were empty..
Ragini observes laksh coming inside..laksh looks at both the sides.. and is about to move towards riya..
Ragini sees parth
Ragini: parth come soon…
Laksh who saw parth immediately sat next to ragini..parth didn’t have option so sat next to riya..
Laksh smirks to ragini who was glaring him…laksh turned otherside proud of himself…ragini who was till
now glaring him smirked to riya who was fuming seeing this…
Laksh: u wanted to sit next to that idiot na..
Ragini: that idiot ..I mean he has a name..
Laksh: whatever..only I have rights on you..
Ragini looks other side in anger..

After sometime ragini sleeps on laksh’s shoulder..laksh smiles and looks around whether anyone is observing and plants a kiss on her forhead..ragini smiles in her sleeps and wraps her arms around his hand tightly.
After some time they reach a dhaba..riya saw them together and went down fuming..sanky comes to ragini
Sanky: sorry sir ..she sleeps in journey..
Laksh: its okay sanskar..I will wake her up..u go..
Parth: its okay sir I will wake her up…
Laksh(in mind): kabab mein haddi..
Laksh: I said na parth u go I will wake her up…
They all agree and get down leaving raglak alone..
Laksh blows slowly on her face …ragini wakes like a kid rubbing her eyes with her fist..laksh adores her face..
Ragini: where is everyone…
Laksh: everyone went for lunch..(ragini nods..laksh gets a naughty idea) well ragini thanks for loving me..
Ragini widens her eyes..
Ragini: me..?love u? never..
Laksh: but u said u love me..in ur sleep…u know u look cute while talking in sleep..
Ragini slaps her forehead crying like small kid..while laksh is controlling his laugh.
Ragini: sanky always says don’t talk in sleep but I didn’t listen to him..now I told my real feelings in front of you..aaahh(she continues to cry like small kid)..
Laksh was shocked and happy..

Laksh: that means u really love me..?
Ragini: that means this was u r trick?i didn’t say that I love you..
Laksh: haa but now u said that u love me..
Ragini: no I didn’t and and and haa u don’t have have proof..
Laksh: proof..? who needs proof..
Ragini: I don’t love u that’s all..
Laksh: I will make u confess ur feelings..
Ragini huffs: best of luck and goes down..
Laksh watches her go down..
Laksh: ragini sorry ragu..till now I was controlling me.. till now u just saw laksh now u will see lucky..

They were having lunch laksh saw that ragini was alone and was about to sit next to her but parth sits next to her..ragini smirks at laksh ..laksh sits next to riya..
Riya looks at ragini and smirks..
Ragini took a spoonful of rice and kept it in her mouth and suddenly spit it..and started coughing..parth gives her water while sanky rubs her back..
Swara: what happened ragu..
Ragini looks angrily at laksh
Ragini: nothing swara ..
Actually it was laksh, he was rubbing his leg against her leg..
Again laksh rubs his leg .
But this time ragini was smiling..

Epi ends..so why was ragini smiling..

Precap: accident at the forest..

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  1. Follybraverl

    Awesome shri……I think lucky rub Riya or swara’s leg……I am a tamilian

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks folly…well see.

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      Thanks akka

  3. Rasha

    idoit laksh is rubbing riya leg

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      Thanks rasha we will see

  4. IQRA222

    Shri di it was awesome

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  5. Naughty professor

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      Thanks ankita

  6. Awww cute chappy…keep going dear….accident???…..n MALAYALEE ,speaking malayalam ????

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      Thanks naz…I like Malayalam…

  7. Mintu

    Awesome dear…!!! Mind blowing dear..!!! Wow… Lucky challenged to ragu..!!! Waiting for this ff Shri.. Post it soon..!!!! I’m a tamilian da

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks mintu..

  8. Asra

    awesome dear…..loved it alot…ragu talk in sleep…laksh trick and ragu confenss and cry…that’s all r awesome dear….love that scene lot….naughty and possessive professor….really ragu s chooo cute yar …now onwards we are going to see lucky…yippee….i also thinking the same…laksh s rubbing that idiot leg….eagerly waiting for nxt one….
    am tamil dear…tkcr shri….

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks asra

  9. Asw

    Amazing yaar keep going

  10. Darshini

    Aww amazing chappy dear…i thnk he is rubbing swara or Riya’s leg…hehe!!
    I am tamilian and speaks Tamizh dear…

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks akka

  11. Berdilla

    Superb dear friend I am Tamilan and You

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks dear ..I am Telugu girl

      1. Berdilla

        Oh ok but i can understand Telugu little bit only dear friend

  12. Sreevijayan

    Awww..very sweet update dr..njoyed

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks akka

  13. Awesome chapter just loved raglak moments please update soon

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      Thanks sinni ..

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      Thanks gayu

  16. wow nice am tamilian dr and thank u so much for new ragsanff dr

    1. Shrilatha

      What mk no need for thanks yaar I too love ragsan a lot.the reason I am writing this as raglak is this character suits Laksh more.thank u so much

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks athira

  17. Awesome

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      Thanks aleeza

  18. Adreen18

    Superb dear… Update soon

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  19. Awesome episode sis.Sorry i couldnt comment on your RagSan ff 🙁 & u ended it 🙁

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  22. Dharani

    awesome and i am telugu

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  24. A.xx

    amazing and i think it was sanky’s or parth’s leg xx

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