Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone crying seeing Yuvraaj. Suhani says I was with you till now, I will be proud that I was your wife, I got alone now, you have left me, none will tell me to keep the room clean, I will miss you. She cries. Yuvraaj’s funeral pyre is seen. Suhani thinks how did you break all promises, and went. Everyone cry. Suhani recalls her and Yuvraaj’s moments. Pandit gives the pot to her. She takes rounds keeping the water pot on her shoulders. She drops the pot. Dadi and Pratima keep the woods on his body. Suhani, Dadi and Pratima take the firetorch and give fire to his pyre. They all cry. Suhani faints. They all get worried.

Doctor checks Suhani. Suhani says I got tired and fainted. Doctor says you did not faint because of tiredness, you are pregnant. Suhani asks what how can this happen, my children got married. Doctor says it happens in rare cases, you would be thinking you are old, but your body can handle this pregnancy. Suhani says I just lost my husband. Doctor says this is the way that Lord gave him back to you, I will inform your family. Suhani says no, I will tell them when time comes. Pratima comes and asks what. Suhani says we were just talking. Doctor says I was asking, Suhani had food or not, she fainted by stress, she will be fine. Doctor goes.

Pratima says you will always find me with you, if I lost my son, you lost your husband, I can understand your pain. Suhani thinks I should tell Maa about it. He says I don’t know how did this happen, I…. Bhavna comes and hugs Suhani. She says I have no courage to bear anything now. Pratima asks her to sleep for some time. They make Suhani lie and go. Suhani sees the bed and cries, asking Yuvraaj to come back, I can’t get your child alone in this world, please come back.

Krishna cries and wishes Yuvraaj comes back. She asks if I give this silver spoon to you, will you come back. She sees Suhani and asks her to come. Suhani says I m fine, how are you. Krishna says I m okay, come. Suhani says I want your smile, which I snatched. Krishna asks her not to say this, I was seeing this spoon and thinking everything could get fine, but you say we should focus on things which we have, you are with me, its enough for me. She asks Suhani to keep the spoon. Suhani thinks if I give my baby to Krishna, she can raise the child, Krishna’s lap won’t me empty. She says I have some work and leaves. Suhani calls doctor and asks her how to eat and how to stay in this state, I want to get this child in this world. She turns and sees Bhavna. Bhavna asks why were you talking to doctor. Suhani says I was just asking what to eat and what not. Bhavna makes her swear and asks her to say.

Suhani says its nothing. Bhavna hugs her. Krishan looks on. Its morning, Suhani wakes up. She feels nausea and goes to washroom. She drinks water. She reads about morning sickness, and says I have to bear all this.

Suhani runs to vomit. Pratima asks what happened to Suhani. Dadi asks Suhani to have Nirjala fast. Suhani says I can’t keep fast in this state.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. thank god this one is ending. SSEL lost its charm. Wow Suhani getting pregnant at this age, and she giving her child to her son and DIL. Ridiculous…

  2. This drama is a real nonsense. They shouldnt stop Yuvraajs seen like this cz Yuvraaj n Suhani are da main characters I really dont know wats wrong with da writer.

  3. no need to know that

    The mother will be called as granny by his own child and will the brother and sister in law as parents
    I have one question if anyone see the episodes of yuvan and yuvani’s childhood then you must know that Krishna is elder than saiyyam
    I am happy that the show is going air off and I would be more happy if saathiya goes off too and I am waiting for that day

    1. I know. Krishna is 6 or 7 years older than Saiyyam

    2. No…in bfre leap they(yuvaan,yuvani,krishna )were studying 5th class…it means krishna s 9 years older than saiyyam..

  4. Sarita

    suhani krishna saiyam ki surrogate mother banti usse to accha h suhani apne or yuvraj ke bacche ko kriyam ko de degi bcs of suhani krishna maa banane kya hota h feel kar paayegi accha track nikala h cvs ne isse story suhani ke around rahegi qki show ka name ssel h to track suhani ke around rahega.i happy suhani pragnant h but sad hu bcs yuvraj nhi h

    1. haa sarithaa i m agree with you
      suhani krishna or saayam ka surrogate banke accha he suhani or yuvi baccheko use dehkoo.shyd yuvarj hogi thabi ye decion kahani suhani ka he har track uska around hogi

    2. Be it good or bad,but story always always revolve around suhani.Its good suhani is again pregnant but bad worst is yuvi is no more to see his new baby ????.

    3. Yuvani_saraj

      yes sarita..u r right…i am also happy that the kid is yuVani’s kid…but sad that yuvraj will not be there

  5. AnahitaAnnie

    Okay…suhani becomes pregnant at this age…okay.. I agree…i might be fair enough but…giving her child to kriyam!!! This is can a brother become someones son…seriously… The baby will be Saiyyam’s son???? Thats the most weird and ridiculous thing ever… And SSEL will eventually end becoz of the loss of trp, boring and unrealistic track and most importantly absense of Sahil…and now this track is going to be more ridiculous than all other..seriously I can’t handle this anymore..

  6. baby did the director finally breakup with the serial (soap) killer
    if attention was on baby why not make baby pregnant lol
    what a seriously damaged soap because of baby smh

  7. Wow u guys, as long as woman have her period she can get knocked up

  8. Maybe Suhani will die in childbirth and Krishna and Saiyyam wI’ll raise the baby as their own. I don’t think they would mind as they both were orphans and wouldn’t mind loving an orphan as they wished to be loved.

  9. Ok after all that crap with baby and her murdeous rampage no mention of her today. Wow guess she can kill and roam freely. Doesn’t look like suhani in any condition to take revenge and police seems lost. Guess it’s ok now that show is ending. Why expect logic now

  10. no kriyam scene abhi bhi cvs no change decision no kriyam scene

  11. O wow!This is an amazing news to hear Suhani to become pregnant again in this age.But Yuvraj’s unexpected sad demise left her torn and alone to d core.Now suhani
    is all alone to share this happiness with her life partner.But like doctor said,maybe this is god’s gift to return your yuvraj in d form of new baby.So,by doctor’s
    is indicating that Suhani is going to have a Baby BOY.Even,i would also like to bet on baby BOY.

    But….Why people are making noise out of nothing??Is it the first time,they r watching any telly shows where an oldie getting pregnant or couple having unplanned baby?
    Haven’t they watch …something similar like that before.In Indian popular drama Swaragini,Sharmistha became pregnant at her 60s when her age was of becoming
    grandmother.In Australian hit series,Packed to the Rafters..Julie also became pregnant in her 60s,already had 3 adult children of marriageable age.So,what’s wrong if
    suhani is also pregnant in this age???This is all fine.

    What is ridiculous if Suhani has decided to give her own new baby to kriyam??Suhani just wanted to curb out krishna’s problem.As we all know kriyam can’t b parent
    again.It is suhani who can only give happiness to krishna so that krishna can feel the joy of motherhood and kriyam parenthood.Krishna’s lap won’t b empty anymore
    if c can enjoy the happiness of being mother.I dont know why some people have problem of krishna raising her own devar(Brother in Law) and calling of devar
    to Krishna as bhabhi maa ???
    Why some people thinks it is rubbish??Again i would say….Is there anything wrong if new baby boy call out his bhabhi as bhabhi maa and sayyam as papa/bhaiyya??Is it
    the first time they r listening to such words or seeing some unique kind of relationship or what??Haven’t they watched…Bhabhiji ghar pe hain,where ladoo used to call
    angoori as bhabhi maa.Even in hindi movie,Tumse acha kaun hai protagonist Arjun referred his bhabhi as bhabhi maa.So tell me ,What is and where is weird in
    calling of devar his bhabhi as bhabhi maa??There are numerous shows and films,where the younger ones r raised up by Elder brother and SIL just like real parents.
    Everytime Devar-Bhabhi relation is not meant for fun and frolic or teasing to each other or having fun chats and gossips.Bhabhi is also considered as maa,and should
    be given respect and obey all orders by devar.Bhabhi is like mother figure to a devar and same goes for sayyam also,he will b like a father figure to his new brother.
    So,What is wrong in introducing such concepts ?

    But I must admit,When anything good comes to Suhani…some peoples started bashing her blindly for no reason.I don’t know,what is their personal problem with
    Suhani?After all,the show is all about Suhani,so utmost importance should b given to her only.

    1. dear i completely agree

    2. rima thumara hur point ektham sach he
      and thanku ethana accha review denekeliye

    3. Yuvani_saraj

      rima…100% correct bola…mujhe yeh bache ko dekhna h…kyunki yeh yuVani ka bacha h..bas dukh iss baath ke h ki yuvraj nahi rahega…so sad for that…and i hate cvs forever…
      and kriyam r lucky ab unko bhi bacha mil jaayega…ab isse kisiko problem nahi honi chahiye

  12. ya rima ur points are so gud bt really scared will they show suhani dead at the end? they told its a happy ending and afterall the show is about suhani only so she should be alive and their baby must be with her… am really afraid..

  13. Rima am 100% agreeing with you. A brother takes the responsibility of a father after the demise of the father so there is nothing unusual even in real life that’s what happens if parents leave a very young child then the brother becomes father to his sister or brother. Age is nothing but just a number a lot of celebrities have kids when more than 45 but it’s not a problem. Remember Suhani married at 20 or 21 then leapof 20years so she’s 41or 42 which is still fine to have a child.
    Some people just like criticizing without checking facts. Let’s make the show end with dignity and stop negativity. Rajshri has done a very good job in portrayal of Suhani so respect to the talent she has.

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