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Chapter 17:

Next morning:

After break fast every one are sitting in the garden and chitchatting with each other.

Suddenly rohan got a call seeing the caller ID his expression changes adi sees that and asks him what happened.

Rohan shows his mobile to adi and goes from there.

Seeing the caller id adi seems to be tensed.After five minutes he too moves from there.

But bhavi,shona didn’t notices this as they are busy with sam,sid and arnav.

After 30 minutes rohan messages shona to come to his room with bhavi.

On the other side shona receives the message she doesn’t understand anything.she comes to bhavi and shows the message.

Both of them made a simple excuse and goes from there.

Sanky observes them but stays quiet.

In rohan and adi room both comes there and asks them what happened.

Rohan closes the door and tells something to them.

bhavi asks now what we should do??

Adi says we need to leave from here as soon as possible.

Shona says we will go immediately after marriage.

Trio looks at her immediately. Rohan asks her not to take decision in hurry.

Bhavi says that they know swara will miss her family after they leave from here.

Adi says now what we will say to family.He also tells swara if she wants they will stay some more days here.

Swara says but this work is important.

Rohan says that he and adi will go and manage work .He tell girls to enjoy with family.

But the girls didn’t agree with them.

Swara says that tomorrow is anjali’s marriage.After that anjali will move to her sasural.

After that sam,sid and meera will leave from here.

After settling everything arnav and kushi also leaves from here with dadi.

Swara tells that with in 1 to 2 days every one will leave from here.

Bhavi says what we should tell to bhai.

Adi says we will divide and convince them.He tells rohan to do arrangements.

Swara says he will inform this to dadi.

Bhavi says she will infrom to sam.

Adi says he will convince kushi.

Every one moves from there one by one.

All elders are sitting in the lawn and talking.

Swara comes there .she goes to Devyani and sat beside her.

Devyani asks her what happened.

Swara keeps her head on devyani shoulder and tells her that she is leaving to canada tomorrow.

Devyani says but tomorrow is anjali marriage.

Swara says she will go immediately after marriage as she has some important work.

Devyani says that she came few days back and now she is talking about leaving.

Swara says that she has to go now but when she comes next time she will stay more days.

Devyani asks swara to promise her that she will stay more days when she comes next time.

Swara says pinky promise nani and hugs her.She tells you are the best nani.

Devyani says swara to not to butter her and asks her did she told it to Arnav.

Swara says she will inform now.She says one task is completed you have agreed but the biggest task is to make sid and arnav agree for this.

Devyani says they both love and care for you.So they are extra protective towards you.

Swara says she knows that and say to devyani that she will miss everyone after she goes from here.

Devyani says her not to go then. Swara sees her.

While devyani says they all miss her so much and hugs swara. After that they both talk for some time and swara goes from there.

After she left devyani becomes sad.

DP,AP and shemish sees this.

DP asks her why she has given permission for swara to go when she doesn’t want her to go.

Devyani says if it is not important shona will not go like this.That’s why she gave her permission.

She tells them that even though she is far from them she will call her daily and asks about her health.

Devyani tells them that there is no chance to escape from shona because being a doctor she will take care of her medicines and health.

She will inform to arnav everything related to her health.

While all elders smile hearing this.

On other side all youngsters are still in garden except swara gang.

Sid,sam,viren and arnav are talking with each other.

Meera,anjali and kushi are talking with each other.

Sanky and his gang are opposite to them.

Sanky is thinking about his dance with swara before mehendi and smiling.

Lucky sees this and asks him what hapenned to him why he is giving close-up ad.

Sanky says nothing.

Bhavi comes there and tells sam that she has to talk to him and takes him from there.

Adi comes to kushi and takes her from there by saying same excuse.

After few minutes sid asks them what will be the matter that they are taking this much time.

Anjali says it is something important for sure as they are taking much time.She says she will check them and goes from there.

On sam side after lot of convincing sam says ok to bhavi.Same goes with adi.

After anjali left swara comes there she sat between sid and arnav.

Arnav asks swara does she want to ask something from them.

Swara looks at them and asks how they know.

Sid tells them that bhavi and adi came before her.Sid asks her what’s the matter.

She sees both of them and says that they are going to canada tomorrow.

Arnav asks her why she is going this much early.

Sid asks is it important to go tomorrow.

Swara says yes.

Arnav says that anjali will leave tomorrow.If you also leave then this house will become dull.

Sid asks her why are you informing this much late then.

Rohan comes there and tells them that it is not swara’s mistake.

In the meantime adi and bhavi comes there and informs them that they came suddenly due to this marriage by leaving many pending works.So they have to go now for completing the remaining works.

Swara looks pleasingly towards arnav and sid.

Arnav says to swara they can go if it is much important.

Swara look towards sid.

Sid says ok.

Swara smiles and hugs both.

Listening this news sanky becomes upset.

He does not want swara to go from here.

He goes to his room and thinks that why is he feeling like this.

He thinks does he love her.Why he doesn’t like swara being close to rohan and adi.

He closes his eyes he sees swara face.He immediately opens his eyes and thinks what is happening to him.

Again he close his eyes he sees swara face he remember each and every moment they both spend together.

A smile came on his face and tells yes i love her.

He opens his eyes and says i love you swara loudly.

He reminisces all their moments and thinks that how happy they both are with each other.

Laksh comes to his room and sees him happy.

Lucky asks him what’s the matter.

While sanky hugs him and says he loves swara.

Lucky says finally you have realized.

Sanky says yes and tells lucky that he is thinking to propose swara.

lucky asks him to do it fast.

Sanky tells he will do it before they leaves from here.

Screen freezes on smiling faces of swara and sanskar.

Precap : Anjali is shocked seeing something.

Will swara agrees sanky’s proposal???

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