Sukor tension wala muhaabat episode 13

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recap sukor learn that thier marriage has been fixed with vivaan and tina suraj comes to visit chakor sukor romance and suraj decides to stay the night with chakor…

kaustri imli and bhavan return from sitapur after shopping…kaustri;chakoria? i bet this larkhi is still sleeping…chakoria!!! chakor;mai? let me sleep…kaustri:chakor dont make me come up thier you know today is ur engagment me ur baapu and imlu are tried from all that shopping and ur still sleeping…chakor;mai please chakor turns around and opens her eyes she sees herself wrapped in suraj arms…chakor kisses suraj forehead and hugs him back..chakor;mai why do u wanna ruin my beautiful sleep? chakor opens her eyes wide again…chakor;oh no mai is bk and suraj is right here what am i gonna do? kaustri;thats it chakor im coming and this time im gonna make sure you wake up!! chakor;oh no suraj suraj!!!! wake up mai is coming suraj grabs chakor and hugs her…(suraj still sleepy) chakor! your worrying for nothing relax now go back to sleep..kaustri this larkhi…chakor gets up and locks her room door chakor quickly wears her clothes on…and tries waking suraj…

chakor:suraj if u dont wake up il never come to meet u again wake up! mai is coming…suraj wakes up..suraj:why dont u just tell her im ur husband im sure you mai would then accept me with open eyes..chakor throws suraj clothes on him…chakor;please get dressed and leave..suraj gets dressed kaustri knocks on the door suraj smiles and signals chakor to open the door…chakor signals suraj to go..suraj;fine but before i go i need a kiss to tolerate today…chakor;you were with me all night what else do you want..suraj;fine its ur choice ur mai wont leave and i wont leave to leave either ur husband and mai are both stubborn..chakor;fine!! suraj hugs chakor…suraj;do you how hard it is saying goodbye…i dont wanna leave you..chakor pushes suraj and kisses his cheek…chakor;now go suraj peaks out through the window and leaves chakor opens the door..chakor;,mai i was awake…kaustri runs in…kaustri;i heard whispering chakor;i was er talking to ria and adi…chakor spots suraj watch and closes her eyes chakor slowly walks towards the bed and hides the watch under her pillow…chakor olv today i got saved…suraj sees his watch missing…kaustri;get ready imlu made breakfast we need to leave for the haveli… chakor gets dressed and is worried about the engagment…chakor calls ria…ria;oh so today u remember ur friend ria and i wanna know about that guy! chakor;fine i tell you everything the guy i liked is suraj rajvanshi ik dont scream we fell in love and got married secretly but everything went bad my rishta is fixed with vivaan rajvnahi whilst suraj rishta has been fixed with tina what am i gonna do? ria;what u got married!!! woah chakor! ur mai invited me and adi we are gonna be here for the engagment dont worry chakor we will help…suraj sneaks up the balcony and searches for his watch he checks under the pillow and finds it…

chakor spots suraj and kisses her…chakor turns around but suraj runs of she gets a text…suraj;i forgot my watch and forgot to kiss u goodbye chakor smiles and laughs… munna and sikki group call suraj…munna;suraj we are at the haveli ur mom n dad invited us for ur engagment and ur not even here what is this why r u marrying tina…sikki;yh what about chakor bahbi she was a nice girl ul never find one like her i cant beleive u betrayed he not cool suraj..suraj;u idiot i married her..munna;what when how!? suraj;the night u guys were getting drunk i made a commitment graduation night and now me and chakor are stuck in this mess! munna,sikki;dont worry now we are here this engagement will never happen…vivaan gets dressed and is tensed…vivaan olv i should atleast try to be happy if chakor is my going to be wife then i accept her and this alliance il try my best to be a good husband suraj sneaks up the window and into his room suraj texts sikki and munna to come up to his room…tejswani olv suraj has been missing all night and the guests are even here where is he…sikki;there u r suraj and where were u..suraj;by ur bhabi jee..munna;what do u want to get caught no now follow our plan rub ur eyes so they turn red and eat all of this icecream tub do it fast and take ur clothes of and have a shower in cold water i repeat cold water…suraj;what r u mad il turn really ill..sikki opens suraj mouth and feeds him the whole ice-cream tub they throw suraj in the shower and throw cold water…

suraj comes out with a sore mouth and a red runny nose suraj sneezes..munna;plan successful suraj hides under his blanket…suraj;its so cold…im freezing…sikki;this was the plan suraj if u get ill then they will be no engagement sikki and munna high 5 each other..suraj;wow now were did u learn this trick suraj sneezes munna;i use to do all the time to bunk college now look this tip will save ur life…vivaan comes down chakor imli bhavan and kaustri come in chakor is tensed and depressed she tries looking out for suraj but fails to find him…chakor olv were is he ranjana hugs chakor..ranjana;wow my bahu is looking so pretty in the pink lengha with u bright shiny curly hair i pray u dont get the evil eye…kuastri imli and bhavan greet rest of the guests ranjana makes vivaan and chakor sit together…ranjana;wow they make the perfect jori…chakor hesitates..richand and tina come kamal and tejswani greet them…kamal;wow today both of my bahu’s look amazing seriously my sons are lucky…kamal;tejswani go and get suraj…tejswani nods and goes to suraj room..sikki and munna start to act…munna;how bad is fate suraj is so ill he cant even stand…tejswani;what tejswani sees suraj and is shocked…tejswani;beta r u fine ur in no state to get engaged!

i have to inform kamal jee…tejswani runs of..sikki;told u we would help…suraj;now go stop chakor engagment sikki and munna run down…tejswani;suraj cant get engaged today as he is to ill..richand;kamal jee tejswani jee it dosent matter as long as u hand the ring we will consider the engagment done…munna;look at this buda how eager is he…sikki and munna spot chakor and go by her..ria texts chakor ria text;sorry chakor me n adi couldnt make it our car broke down im so sorry…munna sikki;bhabhi jee!!! munna;oh shit we mean going to be right vivaan is also our bhai(not really we were reffering to suraj) sikki feeds chakor the juice…tina greets chakor..chakor;u r looking so pretty…chakor;thank u so r u…sikki takes chakor hand and makes tina sit with vivaan imli stares at vivaan vimli have an eyelock…chakor;what r u guys doing and how r u where is suraj…sikki;chakor we r fine and we know about ur marrige with suraj and see we stopped suraj engagment we will also stop urs…chakor;how…munna;sorry forgive us we had no other way we mixed sleeping tablets in ur juice…chakor;u what! kaustri grabs chakor and makes her sit with vivaan…ranjana;its time for the engagment…vivaan holds the ring chakor feels dizzy and faints…everyone;chakor! ioh my god is she ok! suraj peaks through the staris he smiles suraj olv mission accomplished chakor as long as im alive i myself wont marry any1 else and wont let u get married to! suraj runs of to his room…ranjana;vivaan lift chakor to the sofa vivaan lifts chakor..and kamal calls the doctor…doctor;looks like chakor fainted due to stress she needs some space and rest ranjana;

oh no the engagment…kamal;it dosent matter we will give the ring to chakor and the cermony will be complete bhavan and kaustri hold chakor and make her sit in the car…vivaan hands the ring to imli they stare at one another…the laal family leaves….kaustri and bhavan drive off…ricand;me and tina should go we shall see u tommrow in the sangeet and mendhi function…sikki;olv not another function! richand and tina leave..tina olv what was the point of all this wen the groom clearly has no interest well nither do i!…ranjana tejswani and kamal greet all the guests goodbye and head to bed munna and sikki smile..bhavan and kaustri tuck chakor in bed and leave…imli stares at the ring and falls asleep holding it… chakor slowly wakes up…with a dizzy head…chakor olv what happned?chakor looks at her hand and smiles…chakor;suraj fulfilled his promise he stopped the wedding! chakor phones suraj…suraj picks up and sneezes chakor laughs mahiya plays…

precap sangeet and mendhi chakor and suraj exchange rings…

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  1. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Suraj is so naughty. Loved munna & sikki’s plan to stop engagement. Waiting for next

    1. Thank u

  2. Highly entertaining episode. Loved Sukor scene and how Suraj stole a kiss. Suraj’s friends are so funny. Looking forward to the next part.

    1. Thank u☺

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