My Savior My love – Savitri Devi epi 13

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Good morning lovely readers
wish u all a very happy Ganesha Chaturti may lord Ganesha remove all obstacles from ur way n lead u all to new auspicious beginning
sorry cdnt post yesterday as I was involved in Ganesha Chaturti celebrations
Thanks dear all for ur support
Good to know u liked Sanchi’s past there is lots more to that

Recap-Sanchi gives her diary to veer n ask him to read about her past n help her out,
Fb is shown Vikrant is vry rude to Sanchi n tells her about his gf riya he says he married her just for business purposes
Sanchi is made to wrk like servant Sanchi doesn’t reveal anything to Kabir as she doesn’t want to hurt him

Flashback continues
At Airport
Kabir hugs Sanchi
Kabir-Sanchi take care of urself
Vikrant (smiles)-Dnt wry she is now my responsibility.

Vikrant holds Sanchi by waist n guides her inside airport while others wave them
As soon as they get away from everybody
Vikrant removes his hand from Sanchi’s waist n sanitizes his hand
Sanchi is shocked

Sanchi n Vikrant reach Australia Airport
Riya sees Vikrant n comes running to him
They hug tight
Sanchi gets teareyed

Riya-Ohh god Vikrant how could u marry her? I never thought ur taste could be so bad

Vikrant-Riya she isn’t my choice just treat her like our servant

Sanchi is dumbstruck

Riya-ok so Sanchi u please come in another car I n my baby need privacy

Vikrant n Riya leave hand in hand

Sanchi is weeping in car

Sanchi reaches hotel,
She is asked to occupy a room
Sanchi is alone in room
Riya comes
Riya (Lots of attitude)-Hey u always remember Vikrant is only mine so dnt disturb us this is ur room just be confined to this place n btw take our clothes n wash y spend money on laundry when we have u n mind u my dress is very expensive wash it with car n please stop crying n all just enjoy ur stay in this hotel n in this country

Sanchi is shown washing clothes
A boy comes n gives her food
Sanchi-Is this nonveg?
Sanchi-I dnt eat nonveg
boy-we dnt serve veg

Sanchi is shown moving about in room she is feeling giddy

Sanchi’s pov-What do I do where do I go I have n’t had food since 2 days I shd go to Vikrant I have no choice

Sanchi [email protected] door
Vikrant-come in
Sanchi is stunned to see Vikrant n riya in intimate position under one bedsheet
Vikrant-What do u want
Sanchi (finds difficult to spk)-Am hungry here only non veg food is available I dnt eat it

Riya-Baby give her money n ask her to leave

Vikrant throws some dollars-Go out u will find veg food

Vikrant closes door on Sanchi’s face

Sanchi is in her room Vikrant enters he is drunk n fuming in anger Sanchi is getting scared he takes off his belt n starts beating Sanchi

Vikrant-How cd Riya do this to me How could she dance with that foreigner how could she

Sanchi (in unbearable pain)- ooouchhhhh Y r u beating me then? Amnot riya ooucchhh

Vikrant-but u r my wife u r my wife

Sanchi tries to run Vikrant holds her n slaps her

Sanchi-Bachooo bachaaooo

Some Hotel staff comes
Vikrant is about to burn Sanchi’s hand staff save her

Sanchi is deported to India
Vikrant is shown to be surrounded by foreign policeman

Gayathri hugs Sanchi
Gayathri-I just cannot believe Chawlas could stoop so low for business now u never need to go back to Vikrant
Anand-Sanchi dnt wry beta we r there na now u r safe please stop crying lets go to ur room

Precap-Sanchi has made jaya sit on wheelchair n is shown running from Malhotra house

so friends Sanchi got saved from Vikrant she was at her house then what happened y did she run from there? how she landed in veer’s hospital what happened with her? Gayathri n Anand appear to be positive do u think they have any negative role just let me know ur opinions

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  1. Rehmat

    i don’t think malhotras is positive superb soooo feel bad for saanchi keep writing

  2. I think anand and gayathri are having negative role but this was awesome update soon now I can’t wait

  3. Dharani


  4. So sad flashback

  5. As always awesome suspense is like amazing gayathri and Anand must be having negative role do write soon

  6. Moonlight25

    I don’t think Malhotras are positive….Sanchi past was really crying…plz post your next epi ASAP

  7. omg rushi………nice but was equally unbearable at the same time………unbearable coz, i couldn’t imagine the physical & mental turmoil sanchi had to face through all this time………. but i think this isn’t gonna end so easily as she has got morons like anand & gayatri in her life, who r alwz ready to torture her………. happy that now she has got kabir, veer & pragya’s support now………… eagerly waiting for the nxt update…….

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