When u rmine ur dreams r also mine…[part 17] [Swara’s first day at college]

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Maheshwari mansion……….

The weather was pleasant, the early rays of the sun reaching the earth warming it.

The chirping of birds… all in all it was a really perfect and pleasant weather.

Swasan room………

Sanskaar woke up on his usual time, he sighed remembering what today is…….

Today is SWARA’S FIRST DAY AT COLLEGE……. Omg!!! It seems that he is much more excited than swara is.

He smiles at his own thoughts and his gaze shifted towards swara who was sleeping showing her back to him while he was sleeping back hugging her…….

He got up gently and sat on the bed. He got up, went to her side of bed and sat on its edge caressing her face and hair gently while swara smiled in her sleep…..

He sat there admiring her…. Not just admiring her for her beautiful face but for her golden and soft heart, for her innocence, for her intelligence, for her courage, for everything she has which is hidden from the world but very much seen by his eyes.

He knows that her journey till now has been difficult and he knows that her journey ahead is going to be difficult too. She has to become a lot stronger and bolder and he knows that she’s still not ready for it but he is there with her ALWAYS…….

He will train her, teach her in a perfect way and make her stronger.

His gaze shifted towards the clock and his eyes widened seeing the time.

Oh god!!! He definitely didn’t want her to be late on the first day itself.

Sanskaar : [gently shaking her] shona….. wake up bacha…. [caressing her hairs] shona……

Swara sleepily opens her eyes slightly and smiles seeing Sanskaar.

Well this was one thing she loved the most. The way he woke her up with so much love……..

Swara was smiling seeing him still lying on the bed and that’s when Sanskaar smiled naughtily and winked at her.

It was then that it strikes her what today was.

Oh god!! Was she late on her first day of college?

She woke up with a jerk when Sanskaar caught her hand.

Sanskaar : [teasingly] arre arre my dear express train, where are you running now haa?? I guess it was you only right who told that I will wake up before you get up and will be ready for college hmm… and yeah where is your that alarm clock?? Didn’t it ring it haa??

Swara : [irritataed] sanskaarrrrrr.. huh!! How mean of you… am already late and you……

Sanskaar : achaa okay just chill now.. you are not late I woke you up at right time. Now go and fresh up fast.

Swara went away sticking her tongue out to him……

While Sanskaar just chuckled lightly and went to other room for freshening up.

After some time:

Sanskaar came in his room already in his black and grey formals looking so handsome and dashing.

As soon as he entered the room, he stood there frozen, mesmerised by an angel standing infront of him.

Oops a correction, not an angel she was HIS ANGEL…

He just stood there admiring her…..

While swara turned towards him and smiled at him widely.

Oh god!!! Even he doesn’t know how many heart beats he skipped seeing her mesmerising smile.

He hardly forced a smile to her and entered in the room.

She was looking sooooooooooooooo cute and angelic in her dark blue kurti with black jeans.

She was wearing no make-up or jewellery even Sanskaar advised her to not wear mangalsutra but she did hide her sindoor in her hair.

A sports watch in her left hand and the religious thread in her right hand.

Her long hair were tied in a long, tight pony tail with a hairband on her head.

She wore simple white coloured white coloured shoes in her foot.

All in all only word was there to describe her and that was ‘ANGELIC’

[what do you think about it guys?? Do imagine our cutie in this look… she looks a really angel… am I right or am I right guys??]

Sanskaar took her hand in his, took her to the bed and made her sit on it.

He himself sat on the ground on his one knee and looked at her with his usual love and concern filled eyes.

Sanskaar : swara listen to me carefully. From today your new life is going to begin. It might not be easy, it might not be relaxing, sometimes you will feel tired, you will feel confused, you will feel frustrated thinking that why you….. why you have to sacrifice so much, why you have to let go off so many things, why you have to work so much hard??

But just remember one thing there’s no other option then hard work. Keep your passion within you, be calm, be bold, be passionate about the thing you want to do, be strong and be patient. You have to do this thing not only for yourself but for me, for your mama, for the betterment of our country our people. I have full trust on you and whatever the situation may be just remember one thing I AM ALWAYS THERE WITH YOU.

Swara just nodded her head with a beautiful smile playing on her lips. She was overwhelmed with his care and concern.

Sanskaar : [teasing way] and yeah don’t try to become a Jhansi ki rani there okay, if someone says something or rags you tell me or your teachers don’t try to become a fighter there okay.

While swara just nodded her head pouting.

Sanskaar : come now let’s take god and elder’s blessings and then I will drop you at college.

Swara :okay……

They went down and did Aarti… Prayed for her good college life and then Swara took everyone’s blessings while some people did bless her whole heartedly some gave blessings with a fake smile.

Annapurna : beta Swara eat this. It’s good to have something sweet before starting any new work.

Saying this she made eat swara’s favorite moti chur ka lazio while Swara sticker out her tongue to sandbar while he made faces at first and then chuckled lightly.

SWASAN in car.

Swara : (excited) sanskaar you know what am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited for today…… and you know what i have heard that ragging is done on the first day of college…

sanskaar : [confused] why are you so excited for ragging swara?? ragging is done by seniors and you are still a fresher…..

swara : [hitting on his head while he glared at her for it] offo sanskaar… you also naa… huh!! when do you do the job of thinking. but its okay let me explain you.

sanskaar : [raising his eyebrows] achaa.. then please mrs swara….. oops sorry in the college you are miss swara right….[interrupted by swara]

swara : [with a serious face] sanskaar i know that we have decided to unveil the truth that am married in college but it doesn’t change my identity. i will be MRS SWARA SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI ONLY. and nothing can change that fact.

while sanskaar smiled wide hearing her. even he wanted this only, his love to be known by his name, to be identified by his identity.

sanskaar : [laying stress on each words] okay so MRS SWARA SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI can you please explain how you will rag when you are a fresher??

swara unknowingly felt some happiness hearing him calling her by that special name. she smiled thinking how heavenly it sounds….

[haye even am fainting thinking how heavenly MRS SWARA SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI sounds]

she brushed off her thoughts and answered him….

swara : see sanskaar…. that you know that i am a fresher i know that i am a fresher, but the opposite person doesn’t know that am a fresher right…… so i can rag them naa…. now tell me how did you like the idea……

sanskaar just glared at her for making such stupid ideas and hit the back of her head slightly…..

swara : [pout face] idea pasand nayi aaya to sidha sidha bol do naa… usme maarne ki kya zarurat thi…[if you didn’t like the idea then you could have told it directly to me naa.. what was the need of hitting me]

but her cute face didn’t effect sanskaar, or that’s what he pretended. he continued glaring at her…..

sanskaar : [strictly] swara i told you earlier also don’t use you not-so-small brain in useless matters. don’t you dare to do all your stunts there and haa dare you do some prank there and if i got to know that you did something extra unique as you are…. then you don’t even know what am going to do with you……

swara : [i a slow voice and with a puppy face] what will you do???

sanskaar : [laughing from inside seeing her cute expressions but maintained his stern expression] 2 days karele ki sabji, apples 2 times a day for a week, all chocolates cancel for a week and……….

swara : [horrified] bas bas bas bas…. mein samajh gayi…. i understood very well.. i will not do any strange jobs pakka promise.[pinching her neck with her left hand making a cute-puppy face]

sanskaar : [glaring at her] swaraaa…. i know you very well huh!!! you are using your left hand…..

swara gave him a sheepish smile being caught….

swara : okay okay look at this now i will not do any cheating bas pakka promise won’t do any atragi things…[this time she pinched her nech with her right hand]

sanskaar : [patting her cheeks] hmm good girl…..

swara : [pouting] sanskaar you should not give such a big punishment for such a small thing…

sanskaar : [hiding his smile] hmm.. will think about it…

while swara looked at him making faces…..

meanwhile they reached the college and swara got down….

sanskaar too came down and hugged her in a friendly way…

she then went inside the college…..

after sometime…..

the entire auditorium was filled with people as today was the day of orientation.

every student had to come with his/her parents.

they would be introduced to the faculty and would be given a rough schedule for the year….

swara was sitting in a corner silently.. her eyes turning slightly moist with every passing minute.

she thought to inform about it to sanskaar. but then thought that she can handle it.. and maybe he will feel awkward as they had decided to not reveal their relationship infront of everyone.

slowly n slowly each student’s name was called and they had to introduce their parents too…

swara was pressing both her lips together in tension…..

soon swara’s turn was announced and she stood up.

when the dean asked her that who came with her someone from the back spoke up…

‘i came with her…’

swara who was looking down all the while raised her head up surprised and turned back to see who was the source of the voice.

she looked around and was surprised to see LAKSH standing there….

[a biggggggg dingooooo to people who thought that it was sanskaar.. bolo bolo how many of you thought that it’s sanskaar???]

dean : okay so who are you to her??

laksh : sir am her big brother.

swara was again surprised hearing this. the orientation continued while they did a lot of fun and enjoyed a lot…..

but swara was again n again repeating his lines in her mind…

‘i am a brother’

how heavenly it did sound to her…… getting a big brother who loves you, would protect you..all this was just a dream for her…

a long lost dream.. but now she was getting love… a mother’s love, a brother’s love… a family’s love…. a best friend in the form of sanskaar her husband…….

she was getting a sense of belonging.. belonging to someone… to have a FAMILY……

[guys sorry i forgot to clear one thing that raglak have already returned from their honeymoon]

the rest of the day went smoothly as both laksh and swara returned home at evening around 5 pm enjoying the day fully…..

they had came to know soooooooooooo many things about each other.. they were becoming that cute jiju-saali pair…..

laksh : waise swara did you see the last series of tom and jerry which was last released.

swara : no bhai i missed it…..

as they were talking their not-so-important stuff, someone from the back cleared his throught.

i know you people must have guessed it but still let me tell you that it’s our dear hero sanskaar only.

sanskaar : ahem ahem seems like jiju-saali are too much busy in their talks that they are ignoring me since last 15 mins [looks towards swara raising his one eyebrow] hmmmmm….

while swara looked down at this and laksh smiled sheepishly…

laksh: oops sorry bro but we were talking some important things….

sanskaar : yeah i know very well about your oh-so-important-talks….. and bhai now if your important talks are over then let me tell you bhabhi must be waiting for you….

laksh : oh yeah i totally forgot about it. while laksh just went away from there hurriedly…..

sanskaar : so how was your first day at college??

swara : [jumped on him holding his upper arms in her hands started spinning him off] sanskaar… sanskaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr… sanskaaaaaaarrrrrr.. it was awesome…..

while she left him suddenly and he just jerked off away…

he was going to fall down but caught the table nearby…

he stood up with great difficulty holding the table nearby….

his head was spinning badly.

he literally glared towards swara that she bit her tongue seeing him and ran towards him holding him with his forearm supporting him…..

swara : sorry. sorry sorrry.. actually na i was so excited to tell you that’s why…

sanskaar : [unbelievably] this is your way to show excitement……

while swara just smiled sheepishly and took him to their room with great care…….

swasan room……

they were sitting in the room after having their dinner.

sanskaar was just sitting on his place calmly listening to his wife’s chatters. while swara was walking here and there and telling him the whole story of the day with actions so that he gets full entertainment.

both of them were feeling sleepy due to the tiring day and were going to sleep when swara spoke up something.

swara : [slowly and fidgeting with her fingers] sanskaar.. thank you…

though sanskaar knew that why she is thanking him but he still acted to be confused to know what’s going on in her mind.

sanskaar : why thank you swara???

swara : thank you and am sorry.. i know that you know that why am thanking you.. am sorry sanskaar i know that it hurts you thinking that there are still some things that i don’t share with you….. but believe me i thought that i will be able to handle it and that you might feel awkward coming there as my husband… because you know we can’t reveal it that you are my husband and……

sanskaar : it’s okay swara.. i know that… but still i did expect you to trust me enough and to share it with me.. but if you don’t then….[he said in a hurt voice]

swara : [almost crying] no sanskaar.. please don’t say like that.. i trust you i really do.. it’s just that….[sighing] okay i know that am wrong and i won’t give any excuses for that.. am sorry…[holding her ears] pleaseeeeee……..

sanskaar : [hugging her closely] shhhhshhh.. don’t cry.. but swara always remember one thing.. however small or big your problem is you should share it with me.. never hesitate in it okay…

swara nodded her head still crying…. while sanskaar slowly parted her from him and gently wiped her tears…

sanskaar : now no more crying…… come lets sleep….

precap : umm the journey becoming harder…..

so guys how was the epi..

hope you people enjoyed reading it.. many people had quite high expectations for swara’s first day in college even i thought o make it special…

but now writing it i think it’s not that good….

am sorry if it bored you people….

will meet you all in the next part till then bubye…

love you all..


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