Swasan ff revenge for my love (prologue)

The scene start as two couples is standing on temple for there marriage,and the couple is non other than our swasan +

Sanskar calls the Pandit,and Pandit start to recite the mantra of marriage, sanskar hold swara hand and start taking rounds with her and they promise to each other that ,they will support each other in any situation

Then Pandit JI asked to sanskar to filled swara forhead with vermilion, and makes her wear mangalsutra to her,sanskar do this

Sanskar: how,r u feeling to become Mrs SWARA SANSKAR MAHESWARI, jaan

Swara blushed

Pandit also declared as same,that they are married now

This scene was seen by durgaparsad,ramparsad and there so called society people

Durgaparsad (shouts); sanskar

Swasan see them

Sanskar; ashirwad dijiye badepapa Apne Bahu aur bete Ko

(Give your blessings uncle to your son and daughter – in- law)

Ram-sanskar Tum pagal ho Gaye ho,saadi koyi gude- gudiyo ka Khel nahi hain

(Sanskar u became mad,the marriage is not game of toys)

Sanskar- yahi toh main keh Raha hu saddi koi baccho ka Khel nahi hain

(I also saying that the marriage,is not a game of children)

Durgaparsad; main ish saadi Ko nahi manta 2

(I will not accept this marriage)

Sanskar- koi fark nahi padhta AAP kya maante hain

(It not affect whether u accept this marriage or not)

Dp; mere saath behas mat karo Sanskar

(Don’t argue with me sanskar)

Ram see swara disgust and say

Ram; ae, chori (Hey, girl) how much money u wants tell me,I will give u blank cheque, u just wrote a money and leave our son

Dp came towards swara angrily to slap her but our sanskar came in mid and hold his hand and say

Sanskar-aap saayad bhul rahe ho aab swara meri patni hain,agar Apne uske saath jabardasti Kari toh main yeh bhul jaunga ki aap mere bade Papa hain

And throw is hand in air

(U forget something that swara is my wife now and if u misbehave with her I will forget that u r my uncle)

Ram angrily came towards sanskar and say

Ram(angrily)-paagal ho Gaye ho tum

(Sanskar u become mad)

Sanskar; isse pagalpan nahi pyar kehte hain papa aur jab pyar bagawat par utar atta hain naa woh naa apna dekhta hain naa praya 2

(It’s not madness it’s love dad,and someone say that if love become revolt then lover can’t see about his family or any strange)

Dp-sanskar,aab bahut ho Chuka hain tumhari saadi sirf humari kom ki ladki se hogi,ji ki ek Marwari hogi

(Now, sanskar it’s so much u have to marry our community girl,a Marwari girl)

Sanskar-aap apni ijjat ke liye itna gir jayenge ye mujhe manjoor nahi, mujhe saram aati hai,saram aati hain aaj mujhe Apne AAP Ko aapko beta kehte huye, ijjat ke liye main itna niche nahi gir Sakta 2

(U become so disgusting for ur respect but I will never accept it,I felt same to called me as your son, for status I can’t fall so low)

Ram Prasad having tears listening this statement

And he start backwarding

Dp signals his goons to beet them

Goon start towards swasan and start beating Sanskar who save his swara

Sanskar is busy in fighting with goons

Dp – sanskar,main tumse akhri Baar keh Raha hu bhul Jaa ish larki Ko warna acha nahi hoga

(Sanskar,I was tell u a last time forget this girl, otherwise it’s not good)

Sanskar- I don’t care bade Papa,swara aab meri patni hain aur akhri dam tak rahegi,yeh sach koi nahi Badal Sakta

(I don’t care now swara is my wife and became my wife till my last breath, and this truth no one will change)

DP signals goons to fires a bullet on swara

Goon fires a bullet in swara’s stomach. She holds her belly. Blood comes out and her feet get covered by the blood. 7


Sanskar sees this and gets numb. He is hell shocked. Her face and clothes are fully soaked in blood.

Swara: Sanskar!…. I….I love you. (tears roll down her cheek and she starts becoming unconscious. Sanskar runs towards her shouting her name)

Sanskar: (teary eyes) Swara!

DP: Sanskar! beta she was not suitable for you. you…is Sanskar Maheswari and this girl can’t be our equal and she is bengali +

Sanskar: shut up just shut up! Why did you do all this? What was her mistake? What was her fault in all this? I never thought that you will do all this with her. By taking your life, you have taken my life also. (Shouts and engraged his hands)

Ram came towards sanskar

Sanskar: (struggling to free himself) leave me dad! I said leave me.

Sanskar recalls when Swara got bullet on her stomach

Sanskar;bade Papa u shot my Swara! You shot that innocent girl. (grabs his collar) how dare you? if you wanted, you could have done anything to me but why Swara dad? You knew well about how much I love her. It first time I will ask u anything and u just forget it for it so called society

Ram: I am sorry beta! But how to tell you that she was not fit for you.

Sanskar calls the ambulance

Sanskar- mera Sab kuch barbad karke AAP log Abhi bhi yahi kadhe hain,chale jayi yeh warna mujhe Bura koi nahi hoga,aur ha bade Papa agar aaj AAP ka beta yaha hota toh AAP bhi yahi karte

Ask to durgaparsad ,he didn’t say anything and go with ram and his people left our broken sanskar

Ambulance ward boy came and help sanskar and bring swara in ambulance,SANSKAR seeting back seat and swara head on his lap and talk swara as madly

Sanskar: ye,jaan open your eyes,we r going to hospital, I didn’t let happen to you anything, u trust me naa jann

They reach hospital and swara is being admitted

Doctor: Mr MAHESWARI please leave her hand she need to treatment to be fine

SANSKAR: (holds his collar): do anything to save her and if not I will kill u at the stop and then he learn about swara so he ask sorry from doctor

He insist to see swara but doctor not allow to it

Doctor inform that swara r many less chance to survive her or even she survive,its not possible her for living normal life,due to she also go in coma

Sanskar is broken

Doctor take swara in ICU and after many hours doctor come and sanskar run to him

Sanskar; doctor how is my wife

Doctor-:mr Maheswari we save it wife but,mrs Maheswari sleeps into coma and we can’t say anything when she wakes up from coma 7

And doctor go from there living broken sanskar

Sanskar (shouts)- swara..

Swara,Jaan main tumse waada karta hu jisne hamare satth yeh Kiya hain,main unko chodu ga nahi,Kasam humare pyar ki

(My love ,I promise u that the person who will do this to us,I will not leave them, promise to our love)

And Mr Durgaparsad Maheswari now it’s your time to face the devil,and I will surely take revenge for my love just wait and watch Mr Durgaparsad Maheswari,ur death is coming for u

How it guys, please support me like always

The prologue is 1260 words

Hope you guys like it,I will start this story after getting good response

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